Thursday, December 1, 2022

Report: Arsenal 2-2 Southampton (inc goals)

Arsenal: Leno, Bellerin, Sokratis, Chambers, Luiz, Tierney, Torreira, Guendouzi, Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette

Subs: Martinez, Mustafi, Maitland-Niles, Willock, Nelson, Pepe, Martinelli

Arsenal had Alexandre Lacazette to thank after the Frenchman’s second goal of the game late in in second half injury time grabbed us a point in a 2-2 draw with Southampton at the Emirates today. In truth, it was a game we were fortunate to get anything from.

Unai Emery deployed a back three at home against the league’s bottom team, starting Hector Bellerin and Kieran Tierney together for the first time this season.

The under pressure visitors had the first attempt on goal inside the opening 60 seconds, Armstrong firing wide having caught Tierney on the ball. It was a warming because in the 8th minute, Southampton took the lead. Chambers committed a foul, the Arsenal players stopped, they took it quickly, Ings ran through on goal and finished in off the near post. 0-1.

The goalscorer had another pop a few minutes later, but pulled his shot over the bar after being set up by Obafemi, before Ward-Prowse had an effort saved.

It wasn’t looking great, but in the 18th minute we pulled level. Ozil worked it down the left to Tierney, his cross found Aubameyang unmarked in the middle, his shot was blocked, but Lacazette picked it up, turned and fired home the equaliser. 1-1.

Hojberg headed into the side netting from a corner, Torreira picked up a 23rd minute booking for a foul on Redmond to stop a Southampton break, Hojberg again had a go but shot wide, Sokratis picked up a yellow for dissent, and Ings also went into the book for a foul on Guendouzi.

It was a low quality game in which each side offered little in terms of attacking threat or control. Luiz headed well wide from a free kick, Lacazette got booked in first half injury time, and the teams went in level at the break.

Unai Emery made a change at the break, bringing on Nicolas Pepe for Calum Chambers and reverting to a back four. Leno had to save from Torreira’s good defensive work, while at the other end McCarthy made a superb save to deny Aubameyang from close range in the 50th minute.

Pepe had a chance to shoot or play in Ozil after a break, but his attempt to find the German was cut out, before Redmond forced Leno into a good save with a stinging drive. The Ivorian was involved again shortly afterwards, volleying a Tierney cross into the ground and off the crossbar as he looked for his first goal from open play for the Gunners.

It was better from Arsenal, but as the game went on frustration in the stands began to build. Pepe was booked in the 65th minute for a foul on Bertrand, and Southampton should have gone ahead a minute later. Sokratis got caught on the ball in our box, Cedric just had to square it Obafemi for a tap in but he chipped his cross and the young Irishman couldn’t get there. A huge escape.

It didn’t augur well though, and a few minutes later Southampton were awarded a penalty when Tierney fouled Ings. VAR checked for offside, but there was no changing the decision. Leno saved the initial penalty, but it squirmed back into the path of Ward-Prowse who was there to tuck home the rebound. 1-2.

Shane Long came on for Ings, Djenepo replaced Obafemi, and Arsenal struggled to get near their goal to find another equaliser. Armstrong shot not far wide, and with 7 minutes to go Emery brought on Joe Willock and Gabriel Martinelli for Bellerin and Torreira.

Ozil forced McCarthy into a fairly easy save, Willock got a header on target but the keeper was again equal to it. Boufal replaced Armstrong with five minutes to go, and only for Willock clearing off the line, it would have been game over. It was great defending by the youngster, but Arsenal had been cut wide open.

Due to various stoppages and time wasting, there were 7 minutes of additional time at the end of the game for Arsenal to salvage something. However, the visitors looked more like scoring with Tierney doing well to block a Boufal shot after we’d been sliced apart again at the back.

Djenepo somehow put it wide from 7 yards after Boufal tore us to ribbons again, but remarkably we got another equaliser. Martinelli did well down the left, crossed it, it fell for Lacazette who got his second of the game. 2-2. The celebrations from the players were as muted as you’d expect.

Even then Southampton had chances to score a winner, and all in all it was another dismal day, more points dropped and our season continues to go down the pan.

At this point it’s not even about Emery, it’s about a hierarchy that are letting this rot set in and the ire should be directed at them – not a manager who has already shown us he’s not up for the job.

Sort it out Raul, Edu, Josh and Vinai. This is your mess.

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Atmosphere at the Emirates is completely toxic now. Performances get worse and worse every week. It’s not going to get better under Emery and it’s absolutely not healthy. Sack him now before any more damage is done.


Emery can’t sack himself under any circumstance. Raul, Edu, Kroenke need to act, the two points dropped are on them in my opinion.


Time for a 1/3rd of the season assessment:
We are behind Burnley with a negative goal difference.


Technically he can, he could quit.

Martinellis belly

He of course won’t because he won’t get the payout though. Like Poch didn’t because he wanted the money even though he wanted out for ages.

Dispossesed by Torreira

Two points dropped? We are in a relegation battle folks. I see it as a point gained in our march towards the 40 points to remain in prem this season.

Ennui ball

Too little, too late Emery. Yet another half wasted.


We know what to expect from him by now though. He’s probably satisfied with a point at home. The fans need to collectivize against Raul and Vinai now. As long as Emery is in the job they are the problem. This isn’t getting better.

SB Still

Wonder what sequence of results would force the hierarchy to put everyone out of this misery!


Agreed. They have to bite the. bullet. This is getting worse not better. The defensive ‘set’ for their first goal was appalling. They all turned their back on the ball. You just don’t do that – ever. Emery is not getting any sort of positive message through to the players. Whatever he is saying, is not registering – and the team are floundering. This is now down to Raul and Edu and if the Kronke’s are hesitating, they have to force the necessity of change on them. There’s no point in hiding. They have to force the issue. Allegri is… Read more »


Allegri is quality.
He will go to Madrid.
Arsenal are not a top club anymore hence why we got an idiot like Emery in the first place.
Arsenal will end up with another manager who will do no better – Arsenal are a side that needs to totally rebuild – at least ten top quality players to compete for top four…

Martin Dufosse

These year’s on here hate hearing the truth.


Me2, no, we need a next Klopp, someone on the up who can make our team more than a sum of its parts, not less. Klopp came to pool and made all players better, i.e. Lovren.

I’d go with Arteta, Nagelsmann, Poch. Have interviews and see their vision. Then it’s up to the board.


We are a top club, but we are not a top team. There’s a huge difference between the two…


Allegri is poor man Mourinho. I wish to attacking football not this sissy defensive game from our team

Kampala goober ?



We made Southampton looked like a CL team.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

NOT getting sacked in the morning!

The Spoon

That would be a quality chant. Maybe the reverse physcology might work!

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Please expand on the atmosphere. It’s hard to get a good idea from the TV. Are there Emery out chants or banners?

Belfast Gooner

No chants or banners but as people were leaving there were shouts from individuals of sack him now. I agree he has to go.


I heard chants of “we want Emery out” in stoppage time

Belfast Gooner

I’d gone by that stage. Flight to catch and I wasn’t missing it after watching that shower of shite!


Relax. Deep breaths. He will be gone by Monday. Not even our board could allow this farce to continue.


Ya think???


Were some of the players actually celebrating an equalising goal against Southampton at home in the 96th min?! Pretty much silence from the fans


The Guardian sez no:
“The lack of celebration said almost everything. Alexandre Lacazette’s second equaliser of the game, deep into injury time, had rescued Arsenal from a calamitous outcome but the forward stood virtually motionless after jabbing in Gabriel Martinelli’s cross. It did nothing to stem the boos at the end of a match in which Southampton should have put Arsenal to bed and left Unai Emery’s tenure on the brink.”


From tv, it looked like fans cheering?, Pepe arms above his head, Alex.l. Looked like we wished he did not score….

Can someone at the match say whether fans cheered the goal, ?


I was there. Yes there was a loud roar from a hugely relieved crowd -and the people around me were shouting for us to go on and nick a winner in the last couple of minutes.

I want Emery gone as much as anyone but fake news to suit a narrative isn’t needed. We can all see the issues with our own eyes


The atmosphere at the game was muted. No persistent booing and no celebration for the goal. I am innured to it all now. We are just waiting for the axe to fall, as we all know it must.


I have been an Arsenal fan since 1971. I have seen many low times. But the lowest times, when there were relegation issues, those were poor, poor teams. There is here the basis of a good team. That is why we must get a new manager. I was desperate for Southampton to hold on or get the third. I fear because we got a point a we may have to carry on with this. It is going nowhere and must stop now.


Exactly right. You look at some teams and realise that shit recruitment have completely fucked the team, but this is a group of players that is seriously underperforming, and it’s not much of a stretch to think that someone even slightly more competent than Emery could get a lot more out of them.

But since sacking Emery would be the sensible option, I expect the board to announce he’s signed a three year contract extension first thing tomorrow morning.


I’ve been a diehard supporter since that amazing Charlie George strike too and I never felt as low as I do now. Even in the mid 1970’s when we briefly flirted with relegation, the team still fought. This team has excellent players but non organization and their spirit is completely shot. It’s ALL on the manager. Even the greedy owners should now see that keeping him will affect their profits?


Sorry Danny but aside from Aubameyang who would you class as a player good enough to drive Arsenal forward?
I just see dross and average players myself – perhaps Tierney, Lacazette and Martinelli no one alse is worth a toss..


Danny, I’m in my 50’s and remember the difficult times mid 70’s before Terry took over and with a blend of youth, Brady O’Leary Rix….and of course SuperMac……wonderful days….as an Irish lad I made the decision to go to uni in London so I could worship on the North Bank….under George so, so many happy days and incredible evenings….then came Wenger and our football lives were transformed, truthfully even spoilt…..However, I never agreed with the plan to leave the hallowed marble halls of Highbury….that was our Temple and our Home… is unpalatable to say but the move has changed everything,… Read more »


The only way forward could be emty seats or relagation….the latest could be true come may.


Yes, I to remember the days of Simpson, Ian Ure, Storey etc. Can’t believe Spurs sacked a boss almost universally respected & we are stuck with this guy.


What a pile of shit .

Emery needs to go and the club needs a leader


Why Laca ..why…?

Arsene's Coat

Tragic that this is some fans feelings right now (my own included) that when that equalizer is scored its tinged with the dissapoining thought that it’s bought the Emery-shit-show more time


Whatever Emery is doing or trying to do, is not working. I think we need fresh air meaning he should be replaced.


This is the final straw. I’m done. I’m not watching another game until Emery leaves my beloved club.
Can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually felt sad that Southampton couldn’t take all 3 points in the end.

Group captain mandrake

It does feel more like an obligation than entertainment at the moment, doesn’t it? I keep saying I’m done and then I find myself watching every game. Much like Emery, I apparently don’t learn.


While swearing at the feed, my wife reminded me of a definition of insanity; watching the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Hate to use a train wreck analogy, but I can’t think of anything better.


My wife who’s a Barca fan and used to gored and laugh at me during recent matches actually took pity on my misery during today’s match. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Still shaking my head in disbelief.


What is it going to take to replace Emery?


Ozil Being Played As CB And Torreria As A Striker


Towards the end I thought I saw Ozil deep today and Torreira has played as a false nine a couple times this season. Safe to say that’s not enough. Seriously though, I’m at my wits end. It’s fucking unbelievable.


‪Chelsea going toe to toe away to City and Emery claims he’s made us more competitive cos we manage to draw the likes of Watford Palace and Southampton. Sad times to be a fan of @Arsenal. ‬


Like seriously.. It’s heart wrenching and gut melting to watch…


Total anarchy inside the stadium.


This has to end right f*ckin now. I’m disgusted. Desecration of the badge, again.
Demolishing the values and philosophy brought by Wenger during his tenure.
It’ll take long years to recover from this season for this club.


Bah! Emery should get lost from Arsenal ASAP! Emery apologists like John C(untoman) and Mintoes should be very happy with the way we are going!
If Emery is not removed soon, we should have the Edu and Raul out banners too!


Emery is sick.

The board are all a disease, and I think Raul is going to be very dangerous for this club, now.

If Emery isn’t sacked tonight, there is genuinely no point in Arsenal anymore.


Wisdom mate, pure wisdom there. So true.


We managed to make Southampton look good today (to be precise we managed to make every away team looked like the home team). Emery will probably think a point gained is better than none at all.

Lets sing “Let it be” to Emery!

And in my hour of darkness he is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, Emery
Let it be, Emery, let it be, Emery
Whisper words of wisdom, Emery


Whisper words of leaving……


Scream loud words of leaving!

Danger Mouse

Whispering words of wisdom? More like slabbering words of nonsense.


The board continue to stall, blame the fans, and have supposed trust in a fraud. Meanwhile, we now trail Leciester by 11 points and the spuds have climbed over us.

If Emery isn’t gone by the next game, then we truly have no ambition as a club!

Corona X

Tottenham are still 1 point behind us. Doesn’t matter though, as it won’t last long with this clown in charge.


Spurs will get the usual bump when a new coach arrives, it happened at Utd last season. Leicester seemed to have found the perfect fit in Rogers for there purposes. Don’t know what we can do with this Raul guy in charge.


Emery needs to go. I’ll keep watching until that happens, but I won’t enjoy it


If that Laca equaliser becomes the reason Unai keeps his job for another week it will be the last straw for me. We were seconds away from losing to a team that hadn’t won since September. At home. Also, Unai said in the last interview that we are “drawing, not losing.” Im sorry but in a 3 points per win world drawing IS losing. Three draws equal two losses. Drawing games is how you finish in the bottom half go the table… it certainly doesn’t get you top four.


We also haven’t won since 6th October in the league

Thierry Bergkamp

Who against? I forgot


Bournemouth, at home. And we were somewhat fortunate to win even that.


Holy fuck balls. I hope we get mullered now I’m every game until that clueless sack of shit get fired.


I’m so angry I can’t construct a proper sentence!


You’re so angry that you can’t afford another person basic human decency.

Thierry Bergkamp



What? Hoping a sports team loses is hardly infringing on human decency. Perhaps a dictionary is what you need for Christmas.


I’d guess he’s referring to the ‘clueless sack of shit’ bit


Again hardly infringement of human decency.


I’m so angry that my head is starting to thrub and it actually hurts for real.


Absolutely pathetic and the worst part is it’s totally expected now


For the first time in 30 years of supporting the club, I actually felt disappointment when we scored at the end. The performance was so poor, the footballing philosophy so feeble and stupid, I didn’t want to celebrate. I want the club to feel embarrassed in the hope there is a prompt change of manager. Pitiful.


Unfortunately true. So sad that it came down to this..


He should be fired tonight and Ljungberg take over for the next few games. If we couldn’t beat a poor Saints team, how are we going to beat anyone else in this league. After the next 3 games we have a nightmare run. We could end up in the lower half around Christmas.

Also the players barely celebrated either goals or the fans. That is very telling, they are not playing for Emery and probably want him gone to.


Dear Board,
Step 1: Grab your balls.
Step 2: Sack Emery.


Time for Boycotts now…


So lucky to get a draw. We should have lost at home to the team second bottom. Absolutely shocking once again.

I was expecting Arsenal to be in the race for the top 4 this season. But somehow after just 13 games we are 7 points behind the top 4, and just 8 above the relegation zone. It is simply not good enough.

Arsene's Coat

We were outplayed. At home. By a team that started the day bottom of the league. This rests on Raul, Edu and Vinai now, surely they don’t think this is right?


We can’t fire 25 players but we can fire one coach. It is time. Let’s get it done.


Next month,

Holding: We are not in a crisis yet. If we win the next 16 games, we will be in touch with the top 4.


“we still believe in our moment. we can be disappointed we didn’t win but we can be proud we didn’t lose. we can be proud they didn’t convert their moment in the final minutes at 1-2 down. they are a strong team on the road and their moment”

Edu, Raul, Josh “yes. we see your point ”

Every fan ” Fuck off Monento!”


Maybe we take Poch?


But I doubt (for loyalty sake) if he will pitch his tent with us.


Should have lost and lucky to draw at home against one of the worst teams in the league. Says it all.


Every week it seems Emery touched the bottom but then he magically can put it lower and lower every in the next game.

Get out.

Paul Roberts

I thought the players put a shift in and battled (6 yellows). I think the players are ready for a new manager. COYG!

dr Strange

The 2-2 goal felt like a consolation goal. That’s mad. I should be over the moon by a late equalizer but I almost cursed as there’s a chance the clown wont get sacked.

We are a relegation side right now we will be in that dog fight if the board don’t sack Emery. We are in real trouble.


Ohh F*ck.. are we going to make spurs-mourhino look match made in heaven in a good way now? Sack Emery Asap!


I am absolutely speechless. This was the worst oerformance in 30 years I’ve wstched thr club at the home turf. Soton, from all the team the worst crisis team, should have smacked 5 to 8 if they would have even distantly decent players. Well lets see, we followed the plan right?


The campaign against Xhaka started in his first season by people who didnt like his playingstyle. Arseblog and Elliot at Arsenal vision podcaster soon became regular critics. Gradually the critisism became negativity. Tim Stillman described Xhaka as having the speed of an Oil tanker when turning with the ball. Funny to ridicule an Arsenal player ha? It’s just a podcast, no harm done. The commentary section responded, and turned against Xhaka, gradually becomming negative along with the bloggers, until supporters like me (who dont live on social media, and think that Twitter is the truth) stopped commenting. It’s not becuause… Read more »


What a piece of crap


Jht. If the players act like human beings I’m gonna treat them like human beings.

If you act like a troll I’m gonna treat you like a troll. Use your words to prove me wrong.


If you talk about U-10 kids or sunday league side you would may have my support. But you talk about team of grown up well paid professionals assembled for millions in one of the biggest stadiums in the world that come, spending high on tickets, to enjoy top notch performances.
So. What the hell are you talking about?

joanne Jeffery

Your spelling is as poor as the point you are making.


Yes it’s the fans to blame. We’re the ones who can’t pass 10 yards up the field, we’re the ones who have given up 10 penalties in the last year, gotten stupid red cards, can’t defend worth a shit and generally play like a bunch of clueless fucks. But poor bitches on Twitter can’t stand the mean words. Give me a fucking break. Fuck the manager. Fuck the board and fuck anyone who try’s to defend this shit stain of a team.


yeah but xhaka’s shit


I Will admit that for a periode of 8 games I shared your sentiment. I could only see the negative aspects of his game. Then I realised that my view was influenced by this blog and it’s fans. After that I took a more balanced view of Xhakas game. I saw what he did good. And I don’t see any improvement in Arsenals play when this blog and the fans finally has got rid of him.


This is honestly the worst take I’ve seen all season. Fans and bloggers have no impact on what’s going on inside the club. Bloggers are literally paid to report and react to performances and have their own opinions, those of which do not necessarily have to agree or disagree with anyone else’s opinion. Xhaka imploded because he isn’t capable of acting in the role he was given by Emery. Fans at the Emirates who booed him and fans who watch on tv from home that can’t stand the sight of him literally handing games away to the opposition are entitled… Read more »

Gervinho's Forehead

This is such a bad take

A Fleeting Glimpse

What a complete John Terry ??


Mate, fuck off


Paul Roberts



Espen – With logic like that, you should be on the board of Directors. You’d fit in well. Stan Kroenke would love you.


Was at the game and late in the second half Emery was trying to give Laca instructions, who basically told him to fuck off and did what he wanted. Emeryvso out of his depth. I joined in the chants of Emery our. No pleasure in it, but he needs to go. Tactically inept. This was Saints at home. Second bottom team in the PL – we only managed a draw against the bottom team as well. Emery finding his level. Don’t think I’m going again until he’s out. I’ve better things to do with my time. And normally I’d let… Read more »


Good ebening everyone. We need to continue to work in our way, to be protagonists, to impose our game. Also with the fans to show commitment. Also we are not playing well because of young players and Ozil doesn’t make 20 tackles per game, and Torreira isn’t creating enough chances, and Leno isn’t taking free kicks well.

Also, if we had scored more goals than Southampton, we would have won the game. Also, we have improved since last season because last season we lost against them

Good ebening


All I feel is deflation. I don’t think it’s even fair to judge the players on their performances anymore. They look completely clueless on the pitch. They look on edge for the entire match. They aren’t being coached efficiently. I can’t count how many times our play broke down on the counter. It was so unbearable to watch.


No matter how much I wanted us not to loose I couldn’t help thinking that a loss would have been the end of Emery. This draws feels like a stay of execution for a head coach who hasn’t an effing clue.

We were totally outplayed, at home, by the second worst team in the league. Just let that sink in for a moment.

What an utter shambles it is.


Arsenal vs Southampton

Goal attempts: 12 – 21
Shots on target: 5 – 6
Shots off target: 3 – 11

Seriously, we’re talking about a side sitting 19th in the league pre kick-off, playing away from home. I don’t know what else to say really. Just, sad ?


At least we beat them for yellow cards. In fact we had more yellow cards than shots on target.


For the first time in years, or even ever, I was bothered with watching this Arsenal match, went off and played Golf without any consideration for keeping an eye on the score. Delighted I didnt have to watch any of that, but right now at this moment football is ruined for me.


It’s sad that until the last couple of minutes I was looking forward to writing “You’ll be sacked in the morning”, because I genuinely think the board would have had no option.

Now we have drawn the game, it’s also sad that I don’t think Emery will be sacked and we’ll continue in this sorry state waiting for the decision to be made.

Glad Laca is back scoring goals though.


The situation has reached a point now where if the Board doesn’t remove the manager the fans will take matters into their own hands and this is never good when people feel so angry. I know we always say that the owners care for nothing except the profit margin. Well, if the supporters are so angry this will certainly affect profits. Even from their very narrow selfish perspective surely they must now realize that Emery’s time is up? Or do they?


What is the board waiting for before they can fire this clueless twat Unus Emery?


Said we would struggle to beat Southampton! Just wait until Norwich turn us over. By the time the board wakes up and realise how clueless Emery is, it will be too late.


That must be Emery’s last game, absolutely has to be. Now that the danger of hiring Mourinho has passed, must be time to make a change. We’re now behind Spurs and tomorrow we’ll be 10th behind Man U too


FYI Arsene Wenger managed to get into UCL knock out stage with a team that had fabianski, djourou, squilacci, André Santos, Frimpong, Benayoun, Chamack….

Imagine if Unai had this team. LOL….and people thought Arsene was a fraud!


Yes. Rob67 and Fats comes to mind. Hope they got their Arsenal back.


There’s only one Arsene Wenger.

Thierry Bergkamp

Any club with high ambitions would sack the manager with a record of 4 wins out of 13 games. Enough said

Martin Elliott

They had a plan . We didn’t.


Thought Tierney was really good today. Southampton players and fans will probably feel aggrieved (quite rightly in my opinion) at not getting all three points, they were the better team. Surely, surely Emery has to go now?


I feel sorry for him. He was crying after the penalty. He should tougher under normal circumstances but he looked so lost just like the rest of team.

I mean I can accept Arsenal playing like mid-table team but how come they are worse than a relegated team.

This is all on the manager. He is out of ideas and point of no return. The board has to act before it gets far worse.

Make Arsenal Great Again

Games like these used to be automatic 3 points at home. Now, we’re struggling for a draw


Just lol. Rescued a point at home against Southampton in a game in which they could’ve scored 5 or 6.
Man, I’m so grateful that he made us competitive again. Over these boring days when we smashed teams like this. Games are competitive against anyone. So enjoyable. So grateful.

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