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Sokratis plays down captaincy issues

The Arsenal captaincy has been something of a poisoned chalice in recent years, and of late it’s been in sharp focus because of what happened with Granit Xhaka.

The Swiss international was stripped of the armband this week after what happened against Crystal Palace, making him the shortest-lived captain in recent memory.

However, in an attempt to show togetherness, Sokratis has played down the importance of the role, saying that the players are united in the dressing room.

“The captaincy or who has this on the pitch, I don’t think it’s very important,” he told Sky Sports.

“It’s important that all the team is good in the dressing room. We are like a family.

“In the end who brings the pitch the captaincy is the last thing.”

We’re not sure which family he’s referring too, but have narrowed it to down one of Addams or Manson (we kid!).

The Greek international’s former Borussia Dortmund teammate, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, has taken over the captaincy, but the defender wasn’t particularly forthcoming on what he might be like in that position.

“I don’t know, I think it’s the first time he is a captain,” he said.

“For me it’s more important that Auba first has to score, he has to do his work.

“He’s a very good guy. But I already said something – who has the captaincy is not very important.”

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Naked Cygan

Would he say that if they had made him capitan?
Probably not!!!


He’s right. It isn’t really that important to players who the captain is these days. That’s becoming obvious not just at Arsenal, but elsewhere as well over the last few years. Which is (just one of the many reasons) why the player vote was absolutely ridiculous. However it’s very important to the fans of the club, as the captain is seen to be a connection between the club, the fans, the media and the players. The focal point of what the team is meant to stand for. It is therefore very important that the captain conducts himself in a professional… Read more »


So Gunnersaurus for captain then?

Tasmanian Jesus

Wow, you write so much stuff that no one (me included) will ever read.

Kentish Gooner

The Arsenal PR train at the moment in terms of players statements is horrendous. It’s becoming boring now, with a different player making a bullsh*t statement every single day. This whole debacle is making me lose my love for a team I’ve supported for 30 years. When will it end?


He looks more and more like Jeffrey Dean Morgan every day


Negan for captain !


As long as he can bring Lucille with him to smash the likes of Atkinson and the VAR, sign me in


I’m not sure what these comments achieve, to be honest. Is it an attempt to reassure the fans? The club’s PR is almost as much of a mess as the football.

Dr. Phil

I think it is important. We need an on pitch leader who has in game intelligence and the ability to direct his team mates when necessary. The “not important” argument just feeds into the other issues we have as a club and that is the lack of clarity and accountability imo. Of course the actual management needs to be sorted out first before it can work this way..


Xavi, Iniesta, pirlo, Lahm, they wouldn’t be considered captain material in England. If or when man city start losing trophies people will question the wisdom of appointing David Silva. They are not big lumps shputing and waving hands in the air all the time.
Doesn’t matter who the players view as their leader, the fans imagine who should be so in a way I get what Papa is preaching


See, all this talk about it being irrelevant just makes Emery look worse. Either he just didn’t communicate well with the players or just didn’t communicate well with the media.

Having 5 senior internationals leave in the summer was difficult of course but you have to make smart decisions and live by them at a club this size.

Tankard Gooner

Barring Kos, all the other departures were pretty obvious/planned out for at least 6 months. If anything, we were expecting a few more departures (mustafi, elneny). It’s hard to point at one spot now and say Emery didn’t mess this up. Everything starting from out gameplan to our best XI to the shambolic democratic captain election thing. And those interviews with the process and the protagonists and the moments..


Can they all just shut up for a week, instead of this virtuous super hero like wisdom they seem to spout everyday. Please just let the football do the talking because I cant believe what you say anymore when you cant back it up, one way or the other


Sambo – Well said mate, top post. They all need to shut the fuck up and learn how to fucking defend a lead. Sick and tired of meaningless lip service bullshit. Do your talking on the pitch, if you’re that bothered about it.


This is part of the problem. Emery has poor options but when he bit the bullet and appointed Granit, the fans effed it up. Instead of getting some semblance of leadership, we are again rudderless in the wind. I mentioned many times Granit or Sokratis should be captain if anything to provide some form of organization/execution when in defensive phase. Neither are perfect but as close to leadership as we can get. Now we have all sorts of candidate ranging from Auba, to Ozil to Bellerin to Holding. None are any better if not worse options and adds to a… Read more »


We love you too Santori


*shrugs* The club is required to do press conferences and the media are asking questions about these things. The players and coach are answering in a way to keep things from becoming more of a blown out mess than they already are. If they ask how important it is in a situation like this, they’re going to play it down. If they make a big deal of it next thing you know is the press is filled with bullshit hyperbole like “Devastation for Xhaka! Arsenal Captaincy Crisis Critical Tipping Point!! Skipper Crisis has Rudderless Gunners on the Brink!!!” -hmm, that… Read more »

Tasmanian Jesus

Bernd Leno as second captain!….or first if it was my pick.
I think he can give whoever a smack on the head and a stern talking to when they need to sharpen up.

Thierry Oro

So now, Auba will be the next to fall in disgrace with Arsenal fans. I can’t wait to see this toxic and poisonous atmosphere among Arsenal fans deteriorate Auba performance.

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