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Xhaka: Abusing me weakens the team

Granit Xhaka says he is targeting a return for club and country and reiterated his call for players and supporters to return to a place of mutual respect claiming the team’s spirit has been weakened by the abuse he received.

Since reacting angrily to being jeered off by his own fans against Crystal Palace, the 27-year-old has been left out of four consecutive matchday squads by Unai Emery and, earlier this week, was stripped of the club’s captaincy. He’s since been tipped to leave the club in January.

In an interview with Swiss publication Blick, granted ahead of his country’s European Championship qualifiers with Georgia and Gibraltar, the midfielder reflected on the abuse he received before, during and after the game with Crystal Palace both from match-going supporters and his followers on social media.

“You could say things have been a bit frantic,” he said. “Last week, in particular, was a very special emotional experience for me. But I’m doing very well again, I’ve trained well this week and am looking forward to my next assignments. In the club and of course on the national team.

“When my shirt number lit up on the fourth official’s panel and our own fans broke into gleeful jubilation, that hit me very hard and really upset me. It was very hurtful and frustrating. I can’t understand a reaction like that even now, especially the vehemence of it and the extreme hostility directed against me.

He went on: “As far back as I can remember, fans have always been part of my sport. And right from the start, I’ve had a lot of respect for the fans’ enthusiasm and the hardships they endure to support us players.

“Their criticism, when it’s fair, makes you grow as an athlete. And the power and energy that they contribute to the game makes every athlete love football even more. I feel like I’m part of a big football family. But at a time you are already experiencing a lot of hostility and your own football family insults you, it hurts a lot.

“I don’t mean to say that I can’t take criticism. If the team and I don’t play well, we have to listen and work on it. But insulting and swearing at your own captain will cause upset and a bad atmosphere for the team you are actually supposed to be supporting. That makes no sense to me and weakens the team’s spirit.”

Xhaka also touched on the abuse he receives on social media, a theme he highlighted in a statement he released this time last week.

“For me, my platforms offer the chance to let my fans be a part of my athletic career and my private life, to ‘follow’ me in the truest sense. What used to be fan mail is now much more up-to-date and closer to life due to Instagram and all the rest.

“I think that’s really great. But this opportunity is also a double-edged sword, as I have now learned. There really are people who make a hobby out of insulting people every day. This even goes so far as to be criticised for things you haven’t even done. People are abusing me because of the way I played last weekend, but I wasn’t even on the pitch. It’s insane!”

On the reaction he had to his statement, he added: “I got a lot of positive feedback, especially from the sports scene, both from players and coaches. And also from a lot of Arsenal fans from all over the world.

“This shows me that I have addressed an important point here and that it was the right decision to show my emotions as well. This has been well received and understood by the footballing community. I’m very glad about that.”

For all the negativity of the last few weeks, Xhaka insists that he’s enjoyed his time in London and continues to do so.

“For me, looking back it’s been very positive for a long time,” he said. “After a difficult start, I played a lot and overall I’ve had a great time at Arsenal. My family and I also feel very well in the city of London. The events of the last week don’t change that at all. I’ll continue to stay positive, give my all to an even greater extent and prove that I’m an important part of this great team.”

It’s worth pointing out that at no point in this interview does Xhaka address his own reaction to supporters, which included cupping his ear to the crowd, mouthing obscenities and then traipsing straight down the tunnel with his shirt off.


You can read the full interview (you might need Google Translate), here.

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I think we’re all happy to get behind you once you all stop playing so poorly. Admittedly this might be down to the managers ineptness, but maybe you should take that up with him directly?


Exactly, what he fails to grasp is that a large part of the fan ire was directed at Emery, not him. A sarcastic cheer that for the second time in a week he has to take his CM captain off on the hour mark because his tactical setup is completely wrong. This repeated mis-management undermines both the club and Xhaka himself. In both delaying his captaincy and insisting on deploying him in a system that completely negates his strengths he is destroying this season before it has even got off the ground. Not to mention recent comments that point to… Read more »


I think Xhaka deserves an equal share of blame. Two managers have given him 30 plus starts a season. That’s a lot of faith. Ask AMN (with all his own flaws) what he’d do for that kind of consistent play time.

He’s repaid that by remaining the same player that he was at 24. At the time, it offered something to build on. Now, it’s just not good enough. He should’ve been moved in the summer, and Raul’s failure to move him and Mustafi was inexplicable.

Get rid ASAP.

Prince Gunneralaysia

Xhaka has been the punching bag whenever Arsenal played poorly and the expression of dissent from the Arsenal fan was because of Emery’s tactics, which one of them is he kept playing Xhaka regardless of his performance. Arsenal fans wanted Emery to drop Xhaka, and being jubilant when Xhaka was taken off. To make things worse, Xhaka felt offended and reacted with the thought they are the same fans who wished terrible things to his family and his personal life. Emery should take the blame and apologize to Xhaka for all that happened.

Sagebrush Farm

Yes, Emery shouldn’t have insisted on playing him even at his poorest

tanned arse

I think the fans really turned on him for the mindless penalty he gave away. It was a continuation of what he’d done before. No learning. No sense. Just basic careless stupidity. That on top of slow predictable play at a time when guendouzi willock and ceballos were looking confident and playing well. And torreirer denied any chances. The manager should’ve taken him out at that point on merit. It didn’t happen. Mismanagement of the situation and a perceived casualness in fouling opponents in places that hurt us led to the anger. I think he’s ignoring the context in which… Read more »

Prince Gunneralaysia

Yes.. Yes.. And yes


@tanned arse – nailed it.


I completely agree. He’s also acting as if social media is a new platform for which public criticism mounts pressure upon players. Any professional athlete has had to deal with public hostility or pressure throughout history. Social media may have intensified matters but sportsmen and women have pretty much always had to deal with abuse or criticism from all angles. You’re completely right. He needs to mature and learn how to cope with it… not just because he was captain of Arsenal but because he is a professional footballer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen behaviour of this kind from… Read more »

Winston Guess

I do not agree with the way that Xhaka handled this but would Liverpool supporters boo their own captain ever…!? I think not. It makes me sick thinking that I am part of a fan base that ridicules and abuses its own captain. I understand that we’re angry about the teams performances lately, and with the board and club in general. However, we should never be booing our own players, especially our captain. Would you want to play your heart out for supporters that are so fickle!?


I think, as club Captain, he probably already has and this is a huge part of him feeling betrayed. The issue with the fans was essentially the result of the poor form of the team, the dithering over the Captaincy and the poor tactics and set up. We’re not any better without Granit in the team.

Martin Dufosse

Take stock for a moment. If you have any ambition as to winning the Premier league again you don’t want Xhaka anywhere near the club. He’s a liability. He would not make the bench at Liverpool and Manchester city. At the moment the Club is in freefall. Urgently needed are a new Manager and get rid of the dead wood. The current situation cannot continue.

Mick Poole

Xhaka has the brains of a rocking horse , giving away needless freekicks again and again Leaving yawning gaps in midfield, can’t be bothered to chase back, sadly like most of the present Arsenal team I have supported since 69 they are lazy and full of their own unimportance


Martin, your statement pretty much sums the situation up, indirectly. Regardless of ambition, Xhaka is here. That’s the club’s decision. He won’t go anywhere at least until January. And Vonnie’s statement holds water from what We have seen. We’re no better without him. If he’s a liability, the entire stock of midfielders is, so that’s pretty much moot. Damned if you do, and all that. Whether or not he would make the bench at Liverpool or a Man City is irrelevant to our current situation. We’re neither Liverpool nor City. Club may be in freefall. But that’s not because of… Read more »

Not Emery

We’re not better without him in the team.

Tellingly we’re not worse either.

This is the captain we’re talking about.


The same goes for many captains


No doubts that Xhaka is Emery’s favourite. But Emery told people that the selection of Xhaka as captain is because the other players voted for Xhaka. But after the meltdown, it seems that Emery abandoned Xhaka all alone. It more like a political drama than sports. Emery is such a politician who doesn’t want his hands dirty….

God is a Gooner

He washed his hands of the decision in the summer and passed it on to the players. It’s hard to get more craven than that.


How many on here actually believe a word Emery says? He’s always been slippery, second language or not, but now forget it. So our board is okay with most of the fan base thinking the head of the squad is a shit talker? I don’t understand the vote of confidence for someone that is so unbelievable. Bite the bullet. Pay him off. Admit the mistake (that you didn’t make anyway) and let’s move on from this guy. His support from the fan base will not come back.


I get how upsetting some of the abuse is and, to be fair, some of it is way over the top. However, to claim that the fans’ reaction weakens the team is a bit much. We have been patient for ages and you and emery have weakened the team all on your own. How about also answering why you decided to take your own sweet time to get off the pitch? That was ultimately the straw that broke the camel’s back and instantly ramped up the abuse.


He’s a bit of a melt


I don’t see a way back for him at Arsenal.


A new manager and system would go a long way to resuming cordial relations. Emery has exposed Xhaka and hung him out to dry and now he’s doing it with the younger players and our record signing.


You can blame Emery if you like but Xhaka wasn’t exactly pulling up trees under Wenger either. And no one can legislate for giving away more penalties than any other premier league player since joining us. After what’s happened against Palace, I don’t see why a new manager would persist with him.


I agree that the available evidence he shouldn’t be in the starting XI week in week out, but it’s been Emery’s decision to make him almost the first name on the teamsheet and to make him (eventual) captain. That’s what I mean when I say exposed and hung out.

Martin Dufosse

Xhaka is NOT GOOD ENOUGH to be an Arsenal player. End of.!!!!!!!

Sagebrush Farm

I said this all the time, nobody believed me. Xhaka is not a good footballer

Naked Cygan

He is was average under Wenger, and the same under Emery. Some players are just not good enough, and we should be able to express that. I don’t agree with all the insults towards his family but as fans we are frusted to see a player who makes stuipd fouls, gives away silly penalties, gets stuipd yellow and red cards, barely contributes to the team winning, and the becomes our leader???? Are you kidding me?? No manager will make him a better player at Arsenal or in England.

Which ones pink.

Why would we want him back. He’s not good enough if we want to compete at higher level. If you are happy with mediocrity, then welcome him back. My personal view is he is a very deluded arrogant man who owns no part of his actions. Blames others, sounds familiar with a certain manager also completely out of his depth.


Which is exactly why he never learns from his mistakes

Martin Dufosse

At last. Someone on this site who grasps the situation.!!!


Mustafi responded well to the challenge and he showed how you can keep your head up and at least win back some of the fans.


Have to agree to your point about Mustafi. My opinion about him has mellowed


Honestly, that’s good.

La Défense

If Xhaka can’t take the heat on social media, he should shut down his accounts. Comes across as petulant, whiny and weak.


There’s a difference between criticism and abuse. Critizing poor performance must be all right, but some of the abuse of him is far beyond acceptable. Even if you’re a celebrity you must be able to be on SoMe and have a life outside your job. We cannot be apologists for abusive behaviour even though he causes frustration. Suggesting he should have no online life in 2019 is silly, but unfortunately many see that as their only way to distance them from abuse nowadays.

Dave M

No one bar a few random dickheads think online abuse is ok. It’s disgusting and weak. What do you propose to do about those dickheads that exist in Arsenal fans, in Liverpool fans, in all groups of football fans, and all walks of life? Allow governments to access IP addresses of accounts and track down these people from ISPs? I’d prefer not to live in more of a big brother state so I think this is not the approach at all. Ask people to be better? Sure, but do you think it’s going to work? We both know it won’t.… Read more »


I don’t have the answer for what to do about the few which uses the internet to abuse. And like you I don’t want it to become more of a big brother place, but if abusive behaviour continues to increase there will be changes of the openess of the web – what that means I don’t know. First of all people need to be aware that they’re responisble of their actions and what they write. Like you say I doubt telling people to be nice will make them stop, perhaps we will see juridical respones in the future which will… Read more »

Dave M

(1) “Just because they’re rich dosen’t make it acceptable.” If you need to say this then I’m not sure you understood my point at all. For the 1000 time abusive social media trolling is pathetic and no-one deserves that. What I said was he, as an incredibly rich and privileged footballer has choices available to avoid that. That alone he has zero perspective on, and is a big reason why he shouldn’t have ever been captain – a captain is surely someone that is at least aware enough of the privilege of their income and status that is so ridiculously… Read more »


What has refugees to do with this? That’s a whataboutism. We’re not discussing who in the world who deserves the most sympathy. We’re discussing if the abuse of Xhaka (and other players) are accetable or not and that Xhaka asks for the fans to support the team.


Totally, totally agree with Dave M. If more people thought like you then this world would be a rational and a place where justice is upheld

Not Emery

Did you just say SoMe for social media??

Holy fuck.


I did. Don’t you do that in English?


HoFu…for short. ?

Dave M

100%, and this: “our own fans broke into gleeful jubilation, that hit me very hard and really upset me. It was very hurtful and frustrating. I can’t understand a reaction like that even now, especially the vehemence of it and the extreme hostility directed against me.” Total BS, there was a smattering of this across the stadium, the hostility kicked in when you, Granny Xhaka, decided to thrown down the armband like a rebuked child and slowly walk off the pitch, when we need him to get off quickly and get a goal after ceding a lead. This guy (and… Read more »

Flying dutchmen

There are people on his social media wishing his newly born child gets cancer. This behavior is unacceptable and shouls be adressed as well.


Stupid and childish, yes. Addressed within the specific platforms, yes. But this increasingly rampant idea that social media should be an idyllic hand-holding haven somehow separate from the reality of the world, albeit magnified via anonymity, is bizarre. Shit, the very idea of social media is bizarre and the sand-shifting definitions of it lunatic.

A Gorilla

The disconnect grows bigger each day. It feels like the fans, players, coaches, management and owners are all on different wavelengths at the moment.

Kentish Gooner

As a sign of mutual respect, stop playing like shit and apologise for being a prick then.


Also no mention of how shit a player he actually is, how many times he has cost the team points or the fact that he isn’t fit to be captain. I say fuck off right back to him. No time for his excuses. Don’t want to see him in an Arsenal shirt again.


Xhaka actually cares Arsenal than many of our players and management….. Because of some stupid fans he could have easily chosen to leave arsenal as Arsenal will be forced to let him go free because of the present situation…..If fans behave like this most of arsenal players will leave Arsenal for free adversely affecting our capacity to buy new players….

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

It’s because of his childish and stupid actions, not the fans’. Tens of players get similar or worse but how many do you see throwing the armband and saying f**k o** to the fans whilst strolling?? Personally I wouldn’t boo him but stop blaming the fans for his actions…


The problem is, Xhaka actually cared more about the club than our makeshift board of directors ever will. A few other players care, too. Some other would get out without thinking twice – and probably will.

Martin Dufosse

Do you watch any the game’s.?. The players don’t care. Full stop. If they do then please give me some evidence.?????


I want to be delicate and deliberate here because the abuse (the genuine abuse) he receives largely on social media is abhorrent and inexcusable, but the fans in the stadium were not showing “gleeful jubilation”. It was frustration. He must understand that. Jubilation happens when we’re comfortably top four and swatting newly promoted sides away with abandon, not in the midst of a seemingly terminal decline. Anyway, these quotes on the whole are more thoughtful and constructive than the English translated statement, so obviously expressing himself in his native language allows him to convey the nuance required. It would be… Read more »


Nicely put.


I don’t agree and I probably never will because you represent the pacifist attitude that has been the downfall of this club for so long. Just accepting and inviting mediocrity like Xhaka to be a part of us when he doesn’t belong. But your opinion is yours and I respect it


Nice comment. It felt like the writing of a lawyer who became a journalist

Cultured determination

Plays poorly. Slow as a tortoise. No discipline. No positional sense. Cant tackle. Too slow. Biggest sin = strolling off slowly when he was subbed in that game when we were chasing a winner.


We had over half an hour to go, it’s not like it was the last few minutes!

Dave M



20 year old millionaire twats have no idea what it takes to reach the top, captain a team, lead by example. All they do is take selfies, celebrate mediocrity, get tattoos and shit haircuts and whine all day about how unfairly everyone treats them.


I’m interested in your personal experience and demonstrable knowledge of what it takes to reach the top, captain a team and lead by example. Citations much required.


I’m interested in your haircut


Okay boomer.




Everyone should be free to have shit haircuts, get tattoos, and whine all day if they wish, it’s called freewill…. I would argue the “millionaire twat” does know what it takes to reach the top, he’s a self made millionaire, who’s captained club and country, represented his country at three major tournaments, married and has the love of a beautiful woman, who’s recently given birth to his first child, and he’s also on record as saying he’s given a lot of money back to his parents, who he clearly respects for bringing him into this world, and helping him reach… Read more »


They are probably more hardworking and dedicated to their job than the vast majority of people, considering they are professional footballers competing at the highest level. Football is most of the time not a sport that rewards people coming from privilege, but rather those that show dedication (and talent). To suggest that they dont care about football is really nonsensical.

Eric Blair

I’m not a Xhaka fan, but he’s right here. There’s a section of the fan base which is nothing short of a disgrace. You know who you are, the ones flying Wenger Out banners when he deserved the stadium being named after him and being given a hero’s send-off. The fans should never turn on the players so long as they’re trying, and there is a lack of respect that the decent fans need to counter, to stand up and be counted, to say we are with you in this battle. The deterioration of player confidence and performance in the… Read more »


Regardless your thoughts on his final years and legacy, those Wenger Out plane banners were utterly disgraceful. I concur absolutely with your thoughts on the manner of his departure and how fans and club treated him, it all just felt so undignified.


If he still doesn’t get the difference between jeerful cheers (which is the kind of criticism that an highly paid athlete should be able to deal with) and abuse (which no person on this planet should receive) and acts as if the fans in the stadium, that led to his reaction, have abused him, he’ll never get it. You behaved badly, you still haven’t acknowledged that and you still don’t understand why parts of the fanbase have a problem with you, the way you play and the way you’ve represented this club as its captain. Get him out in January… Read more »


Of course he can take the criticism. Its not effected him at all for the past three years, his performances are still as awful as ever. The message he posted on social media and now this – he never acknowledges how bad he has been Petit called mustafi “king of blunders” that is what triggered mustafi to respond – prior to that he didnt care about how he performed and the mistakes he made , once again no apologies or in his words last year ” fan and media criticism doesnt bother me” (maybe not those exact words) These guys… Read more »


Right now a sensible formation would be like Leicester 4-1-4-1.
———————Bern Leno——————
Tierny- David Luiz – Chambers- Bellerin
Pepe- Ozil- Xhaka—Aubameyang

Replace laca with Auba and play Martinelly some games.
We need xhaka but not to play as the deepest midfielder, Guendouzi is too inexperienced to start every game.
Torreira need no move from that deep position


I agree. That lineup will bring some attratctive attacking football i’m sure, but two or three of the attacking 5 will need to track back on defense.


This may be unpopular but to some extent he is right. We as fans need to be careful how we treat players or soon we will be wondering why players do not want to come to our club. There is both constructive and destruction criticism and we should think what kind we give our own players cause let’s face it we are no longer an elite team and we don’t have a manager who would be attractive to players like our previous one was


I find myself agreeing with both this and the Safe Hands comment which follows.

I don’t think anyone has the right, nor should they have the desire, to issue personal slurs and death wishes on any player’s family.

However, Xhaka has done nothing to bridge the gap and he has to remember that it is the reasonable majority he needs to connect with, not the crazy few. Unfortunately, too many players use media as a way to project themselves and shutting it down is the only way to protect themselves.

The whole world of cyberbullying is in need of attention.

Safe Hands

Constantly chiming up does neither him or the club any favours. If he genuinely wants to stay at the club he needs to get his head down, work hard and quietly try and get back in the team on merit. All he has done in the past couple of weeks is highlight why he should never have been captain in the first place, as well as further highlight the poor leadership from the boardroom to management.


I remember a few instances when the Arsenal team under Wenger copped a fair bit of booing. But he would always say something to the effect of: Ultimately it is up to us to get the fans back on side through good performances.

I thought that was classy.


This is a level of bravado that would make Nicklas Bentner blush


I won’t speak about social media because lets face it, it’s an absolute cesspool of trolls and digital shock jocks. But it’s a bit rich to essentially blame the fans for your own poor performances. No one likes being sarcastically cheered (the boos came after the reaction), it shouldn’t have happened but you have to deal with that. You have to move on and show resilience. Instead he let himself and his teammates down. And to now make out that your belated non-apology “addressed an important point” beggars belief! That same inability to take responsibility for his own actions on… Read more »


Loose, best comment here!


Good comment. Reading others, why does Granit Xhaka thing that he should be above the cruelties and vagaries of modern life? Set aside the social media posts about his child and wife. Those are reprehensible. This interview, though, smacks of someone either naive or believes they have some sense of entitlement. Either way, he was our captain, a face of the club, and supported by the other players. We know who his is now, I am just hoping that most of our players don’t think the same way that he does.


I’m gonna stay in this corner, with these comments. Well said!


Well, Xhaka is the least of our problems now. Emery is the big problem we should be thinking of. Then the board/ directors,a bigger problem, if they fail to do the job of giving Emery the sack.

Midfield Corporal

Repeated brain farts weaken then team.


Fans are earned, they are not a right. My job doesn’t include any fans at all.


It would be wrong to suggest that he has to face up to this and expect abuse at work. On the other hand, it is clear to me whether at the ground or watching almost any game on TV that a football ground is a harsh and unforgiving environment. Did he just crawl out from under a rock?

Also, I can’t see how he is going to survive this at Arsenal. Booing his every touch won’t last long – he’ll probably walk off the pitch. What will they do? Fire the fans?


Thus guy needs to leave, no more chances. Arrogant and stubborn.

Red Arrow

I can’t really argue with what he says. It’s up to the coach to drop underperforming players.


A letter from Saint Helena by a fallen warrior who used to defend with interest.

Grammar Nasty

Bilge. Proves beyond doubt he was never worthy of the armband.


We’re a classy club. Let’s get behind the players and the manager, because positive fans give the club a real boost.


What exactly has Emery given you in the last 18 months that you can get behind?
I’ve seen no discernible system, no statistical positivity and no definable progression in the table. This club is going backwards, and I won’t get behind that.


Still deflection, no responsibility. Poor.


How about you separate abuse from.deserved criticism?

Interviews like this and the general lack of self awareness are why fans are unable to take you seriously Mr xhaka


He’s still carrying that massive and very heavy chip on his shoulder… lol


Time to take the pay cut you deserve Granit


Xhaka playing or being any where near the team weakens the team.


Arseblog: “It’s worth pointing out that at no point in this interview does Xhaka address his own reaction to supporters,”

xhaka: “it was the right decision to show my emotions as well”


Could be just me but Arsenal fans of today seem to have some kind of beef with less-pacey players…..I read through these comments and most of you absolutely hate Xhaka with excuses like “slow” “shit player”……its no surprise that players like Ozil (not pacey) or Mustafi (not pacey) have been on the receiving end of the same level of abuse, let’s not forget Giroud, who in my opinion was absolutely outstanding for Arsenal but somehow it was never enough, he was constantly abused and his efforts played down, simply because he was born with no pace! And yet, you see… Read more »

Martinellis belly

Maybe because we play in the fastest most physical league in the world where pace js absolutely vital.
Also neither Ozil nor Mustafi are slow. They are both quite fast.


“it was the right decision to show my emotions”
No. Just NO.


It was the right decision??? What in the actual fuck?! Can someone at the club please just gag this moron already, every time he opens his goddamn mouth it’s stupid ass shit like this that comes pouring out.

Emery’s going to stay, this Swiss Charlie Adam is going to work his way back into the XI and probably get the armband back and a 10 year contract extension and Torreira Auba and Laca are going to leave while we cement ourselves as the world’s most expensively assembled midtable team (yes United will and Spurs will both finish above us).


Fans ire is directed at the club. Dumbasses who attack individual players are not fans and I won’t be associated with them. The issue is that Xhaka is a good player but not at the level we need. Especially not a captain of Arsenal. Wenger really let the Club down the last 4-5 years in terms of scouting and player recruitment. He also had really strong players who went elsewhere due to his man management. Emery’s demise at Arsenal is inevitable. What needs to happen is the increasing of talent at all positions. The structure of the Club is what… Read more »

dr Strange

You are a great character Xhaka and you were right to tell the fans to fuck off. We have to unite behind the team and players instead of insulting them, threaten them or abuse them. Who in their right mind would want to play for Arsenal if the fans are the ones hounding the players?

Whenever we get out of line again, tell us to fuck off. We can take it.


Sorry, misread the sarcasm font


The toxicity around the club certainly doesn’t help us. Free speech works both ways, I don’t understand those who jeer Xhaka, and are then offended when he tells them to f*ck off and cups him ears…. Don’t dish it out, if you can’t take it….. Who hasn’t said things, or done things in the heat of the moment, that in the cold light of day they’ve later regretted? It’s called being human. When you hold grudges, bitterness and resentment, the only person you end up punishing is yourself. I’m pretty sure the majority of people who go to football, no… Read more »

Martinellis belly

People go in the hope that they will see exciting football and then become frustrated when they dont see it. That frustration gets compounded when the same patterns repeat themselves over years and the board seem to have little interest in changing them. Peoples reason for watching football (entertainment, sense of kinship) hasn’t changed over the last 15 years. Arsenal have.


Simply said, Arsenal FC is a stronger club with ownership that stands behind the manager and players. AFC is a weaker club with fans who routinely boo, insult and exert too much influence based on emotional reactions. All the rest is smoke and distraction.

Martinellis belly

You could be making the exact same argument about an authoritarian government regime. In fact that is usually the reason they use to justify their actions.


Authoritarian regimes will also target people to blame for various misfortunes. Like some fans have and continue to do with Xhaka.

Bai Blagoi

Me, me, me….

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

A narcissistic comment from a player that believes he’s a much better player than he actually is. He will not be remembered for his footballing contribution to Arsenal. We had and will have much better minds than him…


Yeah thats right, Xhaka, you’re the victim. Not us mugs paying small fortunes to see you make the same stupid errors week after week, month after month.

Dwaine Harris

Arsene Wenger took tremendous abuse from the fans and yet he never retaliated against the Arsenal supporters. He always maintained his stoicism. Even now that he has moved on he continues to be stoic when addressing Arsenal supporters. I never heard Xhaka address any of the negative abuse Arsene faced. In the end Xhaka crossed a line that should not be crossed. No amount of explaining or attempt at justification of reprehensible behavior can ever assuage the damage he has done. In the end Arsenal fans are very passionate. That passion can push people to display a less than desired… Read more »


Get this **** out ASAP


While reading this post, it looks to me like he wanted us to loose this game so that he could put out this statement. We are weak with or without Graint, he doesnt make our team strong, it weakens it more. He needs to evaluate his performances objectively to understand that. Its like he thinks he is this great player who makes our team performs better, which to me is the laughing matter.

Ashburton Red

I blame Emery for half heartedly making him captain then overplaying him through poor form and against growing frustrated fan sentiment that went on for weeks in the build up to this incident, and then not backing his captain after the incident itself.

The whole thing casts a dark cloud and the fans are as culpable as Xhaka. Not very Arsenal.

Sort it out us Gooners.

Hope Xhaka can concentrate on just his own game and finding some form again.

Martinellis belly

I think Xhaka could do with some cognitive behavioural therapy! He has a persecution complex and absolutely refuses to admit he might have any complicity in the situation. He aggressively shuts down any criticism and usually seeks to bame others. He seems to view reality through a very distorted filter. Id take £10m for him in Jan in a heartbeat. Use the money to pay off Emery and hopefully save our season. We could have done with him as backup in an injury crisis but with an attitude that bad he needs to go. To contrast, check out Jorginho’s reaction… Read more »


Weaken the team?
This team is utterly spineless.
The fan’s don’t weaken anything – you play well, you win games they suppport you, you have a bad run but try your best they support you but when you play like this fucking team plays they tear you to pieces and Xhaka is a whining foreign mercenary – sooner he is gone the better…

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