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Arsenal agreement with Arteta complete, City release to be negotiated

Arsenal have reached full agreement with Mikel Arteta over the role of head coach, and all that’s left is to negotiate his release from Man City.

Club executives have held a series of talks with the former captain, and his announcement as the full-time replacement for Unai Emery is expected to be made as soon as the business is finalised with the champions.

It’s been almost three weeks since the former Valencia and Sevilla boss was relieved of his duties, and in that time Arsenal have gone back to a man who almost got the job in May 2018.

Since being overlooked back then, Arteta remained a key part of Pep Guardiola’s coaching staff at Man City, picking up two Premier League titles in 2018 and 2019.

Individual players like Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus have credited him with their improvement, but he will have a very different and much more difficult job on his hands when he returns to North London.

Arsenal are on a run which has seen them win just once in their last twelve games in all competitions; confidence is low; there are issues with players on and off the pitch; and there are significant problems in key areas of the pitch – especially midfield and defence.

For a first time job, it’s one hell of a challenge, but Arsenal are in rebuilding mode right now, and expectations regarding the rest of the season are so low that he should have time to implement his ideas between now and May.

If he can get a run in Europe or the FA Cup going too, then there might still be something left to salvage from the reason.

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Sky Sports have literally just said that he is still undecided. When did they take such a downturn in reliability?

Dave M

When were they ever reliable?


Sky is the most reliable sport news centre in the globe. Tell me a better one?

Cultured determination

The sun


Daily Sport?


My local pub.

Sebastien Squillaci



Too far!


Is this a joke? The very same media wankers that peddle stories next to their own betting odds directly related to said story is somehow rock solid in your view?

For my money, if it ain’t on the Beeb sport site then it hasn’t happened. They’re far more conservative than anyone else out there in my humble opinion.


this, beeb are rarely the first on stories, but they also rarely post fiction as fact, opinion pieces aside.


Even though we can’t afford
The sky is over,
I don’t want to see you go,
The sky is over


Are you new to the English language?
Or did autocorrect destroy your attempt at a song?


I’m not responsible for it. This song is called “Sky Is Over” by Serj Tankian. As far as I know, He’s kind of weird songwriter!


a weird songwriter!*


This one !


Talkshite radio. Stan Collymore’s Twitter account. For

watermelon farmer



When they started to work in conjunction with the major betting firms


One of the major things that really worries me is the money Pep spent at City to implement his managerial philosophy. Arteta isn’t going to get anywhere that same level of investment, if anything at all. As we know that KSE and the board aren’t ever going to do that, because had they have done that before, we wouldn’t be in this situation. So Arteta is already set up to fail. He can be the best coach or manager in the world. But that wont change the fact that large portions of this squad simply aren’t good enough to play… Read more »


We have a good squad, but they have no idea how to play together. Wenger used to have some pretty awful players, but he made them work into a team that could win games. That’s what good coaches do. We need a system and an identity, and that is something Arteta will deliver (in time). One of the things that makes Klopp’s Liverpool so devastating is that, aside from the irreplaceable VVD, everyone in that squad can slide into position and do the job just about as well as the guy before him — because they all know their roles… Read more »

Mick Malthouse

You lost me at “we have a good squad”.


We don’t have a terrible squad at all. We have some amazing attackers, some fairly good midfielders, a great goalkeeper and even some of the younger defenders are far from a lost cause.
They need their confidence rebuilding, some need 1 on 1 coaching to help them peak, and the defence needs serious drilling.


VVD isn’t irreplaceable,it’s the system which makes him stand out.


VAR isnt replacable


@Futsboller Do we really have a good squad? I think we have some good players, but I don’t agree that we have a good squad. Or a squad good enough to implement Artetas progressive ideas. There are huge question marks over lots of them In my opinion. As I mentioned in my comment above, even some of the academy lads don’t look up to it. But of course at this point it’s too early to write them off completely. Potentially there’s a core group of players, but even with that 5 or 6 there’s so much investment that needs to… Read more »


I do think we have a good squad — we’ve got excellent attackers, good full backs, a decent defensive midfielder, and a quality keeper. They just look like shit together right now. Our centrebacks and regular midfielders don’t look up to it at the moment, but I also think the way we played under Emery did them absolutely no favours, and a more possession-based system that aims to dominate the ball will help limit the kind of chances we give away so freely right now. We completely, I mean completely abandoned the midfield under Emery, as he didn’t seem to… Read more »


we’ve got the tools to beat 14 of the other 19 PL teams as it stands, we just lack the design — and we can build up to the rest. This 100% should get us in CL if we do it consistently


For me, a good squad is one that should be guaranteed CL football. That should be the bare minimum for Arsenal FC and on that basis we evidently do not have a good squad! We’re very average at CB, we have poor cover at RB, we’re in a situation where Guendouzi is arguably our best CM (Ceballos could yet be the answer but he’s only on loan). Our highest paid player is far past his best and our most expensive player is still settling into premier league football. And while we are good at CF we’re apparently not good enough… Read more »


That’s a bit of stupid comment to write off academy players who are literally just starting senior football. Kevin De Bruyne and Mo Salah were written off at Chelsea and now they’re the best players in the league. You can’t assess them properly based on less than half a season.

Ukwa obuba

Arsenal has good enough team to win the EPL; the problem is coaching. After Arsenal walloped Chelsea 3:0, Conte changed formation, Chelsea players dismissed as not good became good. This season Cane, Alli, and Son have all been dismissed as having lost form. From 14th they are now 5th, thanks to coaching. On Arteta. Arsenal is going for another cheap option. Cheap, cheap, cheap. He was an average player Lumgberg was an invincible, yet he is failing; utterly clueless. A stint with Gaudiola will not turn Arteta into a world beater overnight. City themselves are struggling this season; Gaudiola himself… Read more »

Petit's Handbag

Is this a parody?

Michael Bolton Wanderers

A cheap parody


Cause for optimism. Arteta raised through Masia, been near Wenger, Guardiola, and Moyes, understands the p.l. He was also on the outside looking in for his national squad, due to Xavi, Alonso, Iniesta. I think it created a hunger inside him to win more as a coach. I agree he wasnt a dominant player (I thought he was a particularly poor tackler), but his attitude, focus, ethic, leadership, prickliness, communication were all very good.


You act as if we haven’t spent money… we let Unai spend $100M in the last window. The problem is coaching. If Arteta can actually put a competent plan in place, that will go a long way
We obviously have issues in the way the club is run, but not much he can do in that area


We haven’t spent smartly. Ramsey, Wilshere, Santi left under Unai and we got Guendouzi, Torriera and Ceballos as replacements. Kos replaced with David Luiz in the short term.

The only arguably upgrades we got were replacing welbeck and iwobi with Martinelli and Pepe.

What I would like to know is how much influence Unai/the head coach has on our recruitment. If Raul and co dictates the transfer dealings without much of an input from the coaches then we do have an issue.


Arteta would be the first to know the level of investment at City is not possible at Arsenal. He’s got to do a job closer to what Pochettino did at Sp*rs or even more comparable closer to what Wenger did with the post invicibles project youth: take a bunch of will they won’t they talents, turn them into the real deal and support them with the right signings.

It’s exactly what a lot of the managers in the Bundesliga have done so well these last 10 years, so it’s not a ridiculous assignment.


One of the reasons why I don’t really rate Pep as a manager is that he cannot build a squad without ridiculous amounts of money.

SB Still

I know a lot have said that a lot of this squad are poor. However I’m still thinking we finished 4th last season, while other teams have improved, we had a good transfer window as well. Now, it’s more a job of undoing the 18 months of Emeryball out of these players. E.g. Even Sokratis, was he this bad when he played for Dortmund, wasn’t he one of Mislintat’s buys? Another – AMN, still an young player who won the U20 WC, can we make him a good player? Didn’t Bellerin have the same impact as Trent Alexander-Arnold when he… Read more »


Bellerin? I don’t think he has improved at all since he breakout season. It’s understandable that he is not yet back to top form, but he seems to lack the confidence that he had when he broke into the first team.

Martin Haze

Did we improve the squad though? We lost Koscielny, and most importantly Ramsey. It’s no coincidence that when Ramsey got injured, we went on our terrible run at the tail end of the season.


We don’t need to be as good as Man City, or Liverpool. Same as when Chelsea were at their peak, we knew we couldn’t match their financial firepower.
We need to be as good as Leicester, Man Utd, and better than sp*rs. Then we can compete and who knows, win things on our day.
Arteta might inherit a poorer quality of player but I’m sure there are relatively simple things he could influence to get the best out of some of them, and mitigate the weaknesses and mistakes of others


Until he’s signed then that may be true.


Big challenge for Arteta, we aren’t in a great state.

Hope he negotiates well with the board to get support and new players in the transfer window and his lack of managerial experience isn’t a problem.

Like him a lot, wish him all the best.


This is great news!

Now it’s up to us to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Let’s show those twats who have given the Arsenal fanbase grief in the last few months that we wholeheartedly support our club and our manager inside and outside the stadium.


Petit's Handbag

Those twats outside the stadium are “Arsenal fans”. AFTV, stupid fucks arent even on TV


What Is the diffrenece between AFTV and fans writing their stuff here? Nothing at the end of the day. It is A laat arguement IMHO. As for Arteta, do I agree? No. Am Iintrigued? Yes. No doubt, this guy has a pretty steep mountain to climb. I dont think Emery is a bad coach nu any means. There just are a lotta things going on that he was not able to manage. We will see if he is able to. Of he is smart, he will make of publicly known, that there a lot of changes are needed.


actually, by putting their faces on camera they also have exposed themselves to accountability.

as big as arseblog is there aren’t many commenters that have gained mass recognition.


p.s. i dont like aftv either, they have a responsibility as much as the club to keep fans positive, not suck and prey on negativity.


There’s a huge difference mate. The guys on AFTV have begun to believe their own hype. They seem to have their own agendas now and have become Arsenal celebs amongst other clubs’ fans.
No one on here does that


This is awesome news. Got a good feeling about this.

Now it’s up to us to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Let’s show those twats who have given the Arsenal fanbase grief in the last few months that we wholeheartedly support our club and our manager inside and outside the stadium.



Raul can’t ‘afford’ to let Arteta fail. Won’t be just the manager’s job on the line.
Arteta comes into a situation that may be more conducive to his vision for the team– than in May 2018.

Power to him.

Idrissa younfa

Yes let try him and wish him best of luck


A strange thing to say but I hope Mikel knows how much of an arsehole he needs to be to some of these players. This club needs a complete rebuild. Him and Freddie should have a fair crack of the whip.

Dave M

Bang on mate, no more señor buen tipo!


Really hope he keeps Freddie in his coachin team. Could benefit from his knowledge of the young guns and both of them together would make quite a pair. Excited about this. Surely a risk but that’s life. You have to take risks from time to time if you want to move forward. And from all I’ve seen from him and heard about him, he’s absolutely worth taking the risk.

Dave M

As much as I like Freddie and think he can become a great manager in his own right one day, I have to disagree with this. We need a fresh slate and that includes Freddie. He too needs it. I hope he can go get a managerial job somewhere or a really strong assistant gig (maybe with Pep…lol!!). We really need completely new ideas and as little influence from what is already there as possible. Same goes for Freddie…he needs a fresh start too after the less than brilliant role managerial role model he was under previously.

Perry Crows

From the people who brought you swag.

Dave M

From people that brought you the beating of dead horses…


Well said Dave M. As much as I like Freddie I think the team need to see a completely new management team. New ideas, new expectations

Ukwa obuba

When will you stop taking risk and go for the best. Arsenal should be inquiring about Gaudiola’s availability, not his understudy. Arsenal moves and do business like small clubs.


Would have been in with a shout of getting Guardiola some years back, and Klopp blatantly wanted to join. We are certainly not in that position now.. you go on about Arsenal being ‘cheap’ or whatever, but get real – why would Guardiola come to Arsenal right now? No sir, we have to go a different way and BACK the one who comes in.


Biggest mistake Arsenal ever made was not hiring Klopp when he was available.


I too regret Klopp a lot, really really wanted him to come at the time. But I have to say he’s even a better fit for Liverpool with his passion, sadly.

Scott P

It is an interesting balance with the current squad. I think we saw towards the end of Emery’s time that an unhappy squad won’t play like we expect them to. A certain Portuguese manager has learned this several times after his initial ‘charm’ has worn off. You want to see smiling faces and share moments like Freddie and Pepe did. But at the same time, you can’t deny that there are some in the team that are not applying themselves like they should and need a shift in mindset. Of course these two are not mutually exclusive, but again, it’s… Read more »


Arteta can succeed only if our polarising fans allow him too! Success does not come overnight, it comes with work and with belief. We fans need to back him much more than we backed emery

Ya gooner

I’m not convinced by this appointment. Does he even have his own coaching team… either way if done I will support him unless the results get shit

The Charma

People down voting think Arteta will come alone to coach Arsenal! He would be in fact a cheaper option and a useless appointment


Have you bought into the media agenda that our fans effecting our performances bs?


Lol, how is that BS? Of course there are many factors, but if you don’t believe that fans have any affect on performance I can’t imagine you’ve been to certain away games or big home games.. Why are certain away games more difficult? It’s it only the teams on the pitch.. of course it’s only one factor, but it is a factor nonetheless!


true they do affect performances, they can make a teams form wobble and fluctuate.
they can’t revitalize a dead performance or a team with 0 impetus.
they can’t make it so a team is unable to play their way out of a patch of bad form.

fans have to take responsibility in our down turn in fortunes, but the buck ends there,
now we are trying to arrest the situation.


I really hope the majority of fans keep their expectations for this season, and probably the next, extremely low. If sacking Emery has taught us anything it’s this rebuilding job goes so much deeper than tactical issues. The executives can’t paint over the mold in this team and it *should* take a lot of time to clean, even if that includes them losing their jobs as well.

Dave M

Run the youth and play a less dour style of football (and steer clear of a relegation dog-fight) and I’ll be happy as Larry. Just hope Arteta doesn’t just run with the “big names” to try and save us as many of those have proven for too long they just aren’t up for it…


This is his chance for a clean break so I have to imagine any senior players who don’t convert to his style – supposedly pressing/ hard work off the ball etc. as Pep plays will find themselves on the outside looking in. Given there’s really no hope of 4th there’s no reason to play players who don’t fit what he wants to accomplish

Dave M

100% agree. I hope we see a modern UNIFIED press from this team (instead of an occassional press engaged in by 1-2 players at a time, which is next to useless). Players that can’t hack that should be promptly shown the door – and we all know who those players will be.


Fans dont like to lose games, but if the team folds and does not put up a good fight, this is where the fans get really angry.
Fans can feel passion and determination to win, it reflects from the effort the players make on the pitch, if that is missing the fans feel empty and let down.


Definitely next season too. My expectation is for two seasons after this either in the Europa League or mid table. We need a total reboot of this squad and we will not have 100’s of millions to do that. It will be youth, possibly selling our best players to get funds, and using that to purchase more, talented youth. And having Arteta as the lynchpin and philosophy on the pitch. I am 100% on board and in support of Mikel Arteta.


I am going to back him. The only target is progress. Like what you see with good coaches (Pep, Klopp) there’s always progress game to game. Unlike with Unai where we somehow gradually went backwards after 6 months.

Gavin Binding

come on the LEGO hair !!

Kanu Believe It

Wont that ruin it?

Gavin Binding

I’m less than accurate


It will when he starts pulling it all out!

Will he get Cazorla in too?


Now wouldn’t that be a fairytale – first Mikel signing in Jan window brings Santi back!!

Eric Blair


Dave M

Lego hair has actually been modernised.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

The club is being run by idiots


Above all it’s followed by a lot of them.

The Charma

Your comment is an understatement

dr Strange

Good luck to you Arteta. I will support you all the way.

If the owners dont back Arteta. If the board keeps hiding. Then it’s time for the fans to hound them out. I will never turn on Arteta, even if we go down, but I will turn on the owners and do everything I can to get them out.


Well said, that man!!


Well to be fair this season is basically a write off already so not sure we have much to lose

Hope he does well

Pradeep Kachhala


Upamecano but downalego

Blogs has been bumping uglies with The Ornacle for a while now, just sit back and be happy that your newsgiver will go to any length to get us a scoop ?


Arseblog. Good enough for me.


Let’s get it done, and give him the time he needs. It’s got to be at least a couple of seasons. Would be great to see him blossom in this role with us and stick around for a while – because he ends up getting it right, with the backing of a united (not that one) fanbase.

Could it ever happen…?


Well it’s a step forward. As other people say, one hell of a challenge and ignores the problem that the management structure needs rearranging very quickly.


The wrong choice I fear. And I do believe there is something to play for: avoiding relegation. Our form is so poor that it is not beyond the possible for us to be dragged down further in the table. I’ll support Arteta all the way though and hope he proves me wrong.


I hope he has a place for Freddie.


If not, then I hope the club is sensible enough to put Freddie back to an U23 role. (in case he wants that)

Upamecano but downalego

Mixed emotions. I like Arteta but let’s not disguise the mess we’re in, can we really expect him to come in and fix a team like ours (this isn’t Citeh and it’s wealth of… erm, wealth)? This notion that fans should lower their expectations is admirable, but can you really ask that of fans who already pay far more in season ticket prices than the league’s best teams? Fundamental flaws exist and are perhaps made toxic by a lack of acceptance at their own short-comings in a number of our big earners, these aren’t Raheem Sterling’s who need a hand… Read more »


It’s really hard to see players like Xhaka or Ozil being key cogs given neither appears to fit the style that Arteta is likely to want to play. Add in Ozil is on the wrong side of 30 – there’s no way we’re going to build a team around him.

Upamecano but downalego

Never implied we would, or that either Ozil or Xhaka would be key cogs. It’s going to be interesting to see how Arteta uses what we have though, and if the club give him what he needs in January, or if they expect a debut manager to work with what we have. I think if this goes wrong the fans need to push Raul, Vinai and any meddling Kroenke out of the club pronto. We need owners and representatives that take football, and more importantly this club, very seriously.


At this point just build for the future. No reason to play players in pl that don’t fit what we want to do.


The chief complaint against the Kroenke Family is they don’t care -not meddling. The real value is in the land and the pl itself -not the particular club. Look at how many pl teams are owned by foreigners. There’s nothing the fans can do to push them out

Upamecano but downalego

Tell that to the once proud share holders! You’re perhaps being a tad pedantic on the use of a single word there, but whatever your view the club has definitely fallen from grace in the Kroenke years. Largely they do too little then at the last minute do too much that isn’t needed/wanted. And whilst our power as fans is limited, saying there’s nothing we can do is far too defeatist, for me at least. Right or wrong, the fans pushed Arsene out, so too Unai, up in the west Liverpool fans managed to create a change from the woeful… Read more »


The difference if I remember correctly is gillet and Hicks had debt they couldn’t refinance and the bank effectively forced them to sell. There’s nothing the fans can do to force Kroenke out

Upamecano but downalego

Yeah I’d like this approach, though to still keep a few crucial players. Perhaps it’s too dreamy to expect Aubameyang to stay past this season but I’m hoping.
If we can get Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, and one of Luiz or Sokratis out of the squad, plus sell some loanees like Mkhitaryan and Elneny we could surely get a decent CB, DM/CM (one that could compliemt Torreira) and number 10?
Upamecano, Kessie/Kondogbia and Szoboszlai please!

Upamecano but downalego

If the club finish off the Upamecano deal in Jan and replace Xhaka with a genuine, experienced option at DM we could potentially turn this season round.

Big IF right there…


I am beginning to question whether it’s the owners fault. Seem like they have hired Raul, Vinai, Edu (and the other board members) to run the club because they are footballing men unlike the Kronke’s. My only criticism is that they are slow to react when their footballing men get things wrong.


I agree, but in the talks with our officials, Arteta not only had the chance to state who he might want to add if he became the Arsenal coach, but also who he wouldn’t need or wouldn’t plan to play anymore. Then it is up to the senior officials to solve that situation. He is in full control of the discussion now, because it seems that Arsenal need him much more at the moment than he needs Arsenal. This was probably not the case in summer 2018. If Arteta says that he will join, but (for example) Özil and Xhaka… Read more »

Upamecano but downalego

If this is the case I really hope Arteta knows exactly what he wants and won’t take any Raul eyelash-flutters and is given concrete assurances. Last thing we need is a debut manager guiding a team of players he doesn’t want. I like what you’re saying, that Unai’s tenure may actually be giving Arteta a stronger position to make demands this time round. I really hope it pays off, I don’t know about you but supporting Arsenal has made me an increasingly miserable person the last few years. Desperate for a positive change.


When this is done, i hope the board back him up w staff, coach, players recruitment and those current prima donnas better put more heart n desire on the pitch otherwise they can f off.


I wanted Arteta before Emery so i’m excited if this goes through. He just needs support from the board to get his own backroom team and in the transfer windows. January and the summer are crucial if they want us back on track quickly.
If Pep doesn’t want him to leave then that’s as good as an endorsement as it gets.


Maybe Arteta did not want to leave City at that moment?


Bad decision. Arteta is a very likable guy with great hair but he doesn’t have the personality to lead and manage this Arsenal team. Full disaster incoming.


Tony from the couch knows more about Mik’s personality than Pep, Poch and Arsene together. Because he does a lot of youtube.


None of them endorsed him for the Arsenal job now, however much you stretch those endorsements. I’d have assumed the natural step up for him would have been to take over at Everton, possibly Watford. The Arsenal job is more demanding than at those clubs, however much we’ve fallen. You’re right we don’t know how he’s going to be – the most that can be said is that he’s high risk, high reward. Yet there seems to be a lot of confidence… not only that he’s the guy now, but that he should’ve been the guy 18 months ago (?!).… Read more »


Hopeful is not delusional. Mourinho at Porto, Guardiola at Barca and Zidane at Real shows that really, new coaches have success all the time. I’m well aware that it’s not because they’re new coaches but it still happens all the time.


I don’t do youtube at all but I have experience in behavioral and personality assessments. Anyway we’ll be here in a few months when everyone will be saying “he wasn’t ready”, “he’s not good enough”.


i seem to trust guys who hang out with great guys. from his speech he has big dreams now lets just watch him live his speech


You know him personally do you?


Good news. We don’t have anything to lose this season. Get in a good run in the FA-cup and Europa League, start rebuilding in January. From what I read from Sterling, Zinchenko and G.Jesus, Arteta is a magnificent coach and has extremely good understanding of football.

It was only a matter of time before he got a managerial job. Welcome back captain 🙂


Manure have had how many managers since Fergie left? They’re still struggling.

Scousers also had umpteen before getting Klopp.

Chelski managed to find several but now face the struggle too.

I wonder what reaction there was to Wenger’s arrival on blogs/twitter/media – lest we forget.

Fireman Sam

Of course we wish Mikel the best. But it might have been better to get in a more experienced manager for now and bring Mikel in later.

We will be hoping some of the City magic gets transported to London along with his Lego hair.


great choice… at least arsenal will play beautiful football again as we wait for trophies. i believe this guy has what it takes to lead arsenal


I am cautiously hopeful about this (if Mike is indeed appointed) but at this point my expectations for the rest of the season are very low. Completely off topic – Santi was #97 in The Guardian Best 100 Male footballers of 2019. What a joy! Here is what Sid Lowe said: “Santi Cazorla! See? Go on, admit it: you’re smiling already. And so, in all probability, is he. What a joy to see him here. What a joy to see him anywhere, in fact: ‘Santi’s playing’ is reason enough to watch any game. And while his inclusion fills your heart… Read more »


I was genuinely upset when Arsene left and they didn’t renew his contract even though I get why. One of the few players we’ve had since the Invincibles that could have played in that team


I’m excited ! Have decided to pretend the last 18 months didn’t happen. Arsene has just gone and a bright new future awaits !


I can’t say I’m excited, would’ve been better, IMO, if we went for Ancelotti, we need some experienced manager now to steady the ship, and isn’t the time to make weird experiments. With this said, we have to get behind Arteta now, and can only hope and wish he does well and exceed expectations.


Arsenal appointing Mikel Arteta as a Manager is finally the nail in the coffin for the club, goodbye Arsenal We have successfully been relegated. Job welldone Stan Kroenke and Sallehni you’ve succeeded in destroying the club. I hope Lacazette, Aubameyang & Ozil all leave January.


I can comfort you, unless they found some legal way of stripping his wages, Özil won’t leave in January … and neither in January 2021. So enjoy Özilball for the next 18 months.

Shitibird II

Well, if we get relegated it will be the end of Kroenke, silver linings and all that.


Seems strange for a club to release a top assistant in the middle of the season, especially to a rival, but hope it works out. I think Arteta is a solid choice and will be a good fit for Arsenal (definitely knows the club well), but he will only be successful if something can be done with the roster as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are burdened with some awful contracts, but hope we can get out from some of them with selling players (even if at a big discount) and start the rebuilding process ASAP. The longer we keep… Read more »


We are not a rival of City though. Otherwise we wouldn’t be getting him.


Mate, we are no longer a rival to city…we are a midtable club right now and I back arteta to take us to the top again.


We haven’t been a “rival” to City for a while…Just saying…


We should support who ever coaches Arsenal. That said, I feel the utter chaos displayed these last weeks called for somebody more experienced.


Arsenal needs a completely different approach and philosophy. I do not see how Arteta is the man at this juncture given his lack of managerial expertise. I would rather a Max Allegri who has won the Scudetto five times running and is equally Champions’ league material to a coach who has been an understudy to a world class manager! Get it? The task Arsenal faces is HERCULEAN to say the least and we need a WORLD CLASS MANAGER. Period! -someone who can attract world class players to the club and has the nerve to instill a winning mentality into how… Read more »

Apangu Iddi Amin

But no body is born a manager until they go through a process in order to become a manager so let him get the chance and prove him self since we dont have the power to pull the best managers in the world of football what else do we have to do? We remain like a beggar who normally has no choice but to take whats within his reach. And all these mess was caused by the club board members by letting the club to some one who has no developmental plan for the club, They only come to pick… Read more »

Da Boss

To me this feels like it has a touch of the Wenger’s about it. He was an unknown quantity when he was appointed but look what he did. I am not saying Arteta will achieve those dizzy heights, but we have been here as a club before and prospered. Let’s just support whoever gets appointed along with getting behind the team again, and get firing back up the league. Art-senal.

No. 8

“To me this feels like it has a touch of the Wenger’s about it. He was an unknown quantity when he was appointed but look what he did.” ridiculous comment Mr Wenger was already an established Manager in multiple leagues before he arrived at Highbury

Da Boss

‘Wenger who’ was the headline, and poaching him from the Japanese league with experience in the French league – nobody had heard of him and nobody knew what they were getting. His relationship with David Dein was the reason he was appointed, not a stellar management CV that opened all doors. But sure, ridiculous comment.


Wenger had actual experience with Monaco and then in Japan.

Arteta has NEVER man managed.

One thing to Sunday armchair come up with tactics and selections.

another to be able to enforce or motivate the team sufficiently to execute the orders and sustain performance/effort.

VERY different.


He had already won the League and Cup with Monaco, took them to the last 4 of the CL. I know about the Arséne who headlines, but that doesn’t prove anything, just plain ignorance.


Yeah, people in the football world knew about Arsene, but you must remember every journalist has links to agents and use their columns to push for managers and players that their matey agents want.
At the time the press was very sceptical of foreign managers and Arsene took the brunt initially. Lets not forget how David Dein had to stand on the steps of the main entrance and threaten the press with court if they didn’t stop the negative stories they were pushing

No. 8

So you think Arteta’s zero experience of Management is comparable to that of Mr Wenger’s management experience before he took over at Arsenal?


Hope they confirm it officially soon. Let’s be clear, this is just the first step of many we need to take to rebuild this club to the stature it ought to have. The board needs to follow through and back their man. With backing I think arteta CAN do a good job. He ticks a lot of the right boxes. It’s just what I believe. To those moaning at the appointment, I ask you to name me a single manager with whom we have a 100% assurance of success. This is football, not math, and such a thing does not… Read more »


Just heard TGSTEL is a free agent in January. Let’s get him back!



Paul Roberts

Well it’s going to be interesting if nothing else.


Good luck to him, if this report is accurate. Agree, this feels like the wrong appointment. Hope I’m wrong. Though one must admit this is shambolic treatment of FL, an Invincible. No staff, no support, no time. He’s a pro, so he says the right things and will be a stand-up guy. But this is terrible from the club. And I’m beginning to think Edu is, like Raul and the rest of them, a total @#nt. More evidence of no planning, no sophistication, and no strategy. Execs who manage companies like this don’t keep their jobs very long – or… Read more »


You just know Raul would pick a Spanish speaking coach. All the best to you Arteta. Liked you as a player, now show us what you can do as a head coach.


I don’t Think Arteta would leave the comforts of City and the chance to take over from Pep without driving a hard bargain with the board and the owners! He needs all fans to support him!


Having previously expressed skepticism on his (potential) appointment, I am still not convinced he is what we need. I have to admit, albeit grudgingly, Brendan Rogers and Hodgson, made an immediate impact on the clubs play. (I don’t recall how Poch did at Spuds, ‘cos I don’t watch them). While Klopp didn’t make an immediate impact, one could see the confidence he was building in the team. I would’ve preferred someone who could do something similar for us. That is not to say Arteta can’t do that for us, but there is no track record of him doing so. Yet,… Read more »


I cannot wait to see how he and Ozil get on. Popcorn ready!


Benched by Wenger. Benched by Emery. Benched by Freddie. Benched by Arteta.


How can anyone with eyes disagree with the above? Ozil has underperformed consistently. His ‘performance’ at the weekend was an embarrassment culminating in the slow walk off – hardly supporting Freddie. Should never play for us again. ESR did more in 5 minutes than Ozil did in the previous 60.


And Pepe. Lazy bugger. Each time he fails with a take on, he throws his hands up, looks to Ref like they did something wrong, ambles back. 72m spent by Sanlehi satiated his hunger. We could have gone for cheaper options with things to prove like Ziyech or Fekir. Motivating him is an issue but enforcing it and carrying a certain fear factor be it out of respect for accomplishments (Pep) or simply some people you don’t fuck with Simeone, Sir Alex), I don’t see Arteta as being able to. He may be too chummy with a number of players… Read more »

Mark Adams

Massively excited about this appointment. Schooled at La Masia. Has played in Spain, France, Scotland and England. Knows the Premier League through playing for two PL clubs.
Former Arsenal captain and trophy-winner. Has worked under Wenger and has had three years of intense education alongside the best manager in world football today. BRING IT ON!


Absolutely – and those in the know (Pep, Poch etc) have been singing his praises consistently. I remember Cascarino highlighting Arteta 6 months before Wenger left and I’d rather take a chance on a coach with huge upside than the supposedly safe options (and in any case we need a head coach rather than the traditional manager). And then there’s Mikel’s statement, “I will have everyone 120% committed, that’s the first thing. If not, you don’t play for me.” – love it, will really make a change to see effort across the pitch. Martinelli puts so many of the current… Read more »


If Arteta is the new manager, we’re in for some rough times ahead. I don’t say that because I think he’s a bad choice, mind, but he is entering his first job as head coach in a very difficult situation (largely because of KSE’s incompetence). We have no defensive or midfield organization, we have established players visibly frustrated on the pitch, and we’re currently fighting for mid-table mediocrity.
Appointing a permanent manager is the first step in a long process of rebuilding an entire team that KSE have allowed to crumble.


Afraid to say agree.

A lot of demented fans here.

I hope for the best but we are not managing risk for a supposedly ‘big club’.


Let’s hope Arteta’s experience leading less than ideal deep midfields and shielding a dodgy defense left him with some tricks up his sleeve.

He and Per were about the best patching tape “make do” combo I’ve seen there for us, especially for a couple of ageing players not naturally gifted in the speed department. They had their shortcomings but they knew their jobs, knew their positional roles and responsibilities, and stuck to them well and organized us back there.

That’s a big part of what’s missing right now.

Aside from skill and natural talent, that is.


His experience at what it is to be a holding midfielder and what your defence should be like behind he could in the long run make us a harder team to beat which is the foundations of a successful side, this has been our achilles heal for some time, if he gets the job and I hope he does Rome wasn’t built in a day and it might take a couple of seasons before we see progression, as we are a shambles at the moment like an old oasis song little by little..


Utter drivel.

Tony Adams was a successful defender.

Steve Bould, Pat Rice.

Gary Neville. Viera struggling in a far easier French league at the moment.

Put theory to practise and they come up short.


Dang, if i’d taken 3 seconds to read the next comment down..

Well then, “I agree” should suffice.

Wilsheres Middle Finger