Saturday, April 13, 2024

Arsenal duo pictured leaving Arteta’s house

Arsenal’s managing director, Vinai Venkatesham, and chief contract negotiator, Huss Fahmy, have been pictured leaving Mikel Arteta’s home in Manchester; the clearest indication yet that the 37-year-old Spaniard is being lined up for the vacant head coach role.

The duo were snapped by tabloid press late last night after reportedly holding talks with the ex-Gunner for a couple of hours.

We’re not going to link to the original pictures because of the source, but you’ll no doubt find them yourself via your favourite search engine.

Earlier in the day, Arteta, Manchester City’s assistant coach, had been alongside Pep Guardiola in the visitors’ dugout as the reigning champions eased past Arsenal with a 3-0 win at the Emirates. It appears he’s not been put off by what he saw from the players in red.

Arteta came very close to becoming Arsenal’s head coach in the aftermath of Arsene Wenger’s departure. On that occasion, he was overlooked in favour of Unai Emery but it looks likely he’ll get the gig at the second time of asking.

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Wanted him over Emery.

Ironically I’d favour the more experienced options now given the mess we’re in. But maybe – hopefully – a fresh start is what we need.

SB Still

Fully agree, that we are in a bigger mess now than when he was passed over.

If it was an experienced hand, I guess Freddie would have reverted to the No. 2 role. If its Arteta, I wonder what would happen to Freddie, I hope he stays. Arteta is going to need all the help he can get.


Remember that marshmallow test they did on kids to measure impulsivity whereby the tester put a marshmallow in front of the child and said you can eat this now or have two in ten minutes?

Well Arteta is basically doing a grown up version of this.

Reality check

Thanks for directing to that interesting test Mr Hughes..

Dave M

I actually hope Freddie goes and gets a managerial gig somewhere and kicks off his career. Then he can potentially come back in the future. He needs experience at the top, same goes for Arteta. Not sure how he just strolls into this gig without even leading a team…anywhere. Maybe he works (seems like the right personality that might give this bunch of clowns the hair-dryer treatment which they need from time-to-time, but seems another big risk. Advantage over Freddie is that he isn’t already a part of this complete bollocks at the moment. Which is why Freddie needs to… Read more »




You have a point with Freddie, the issue is that it will be the same for Arteta, same squad issues, all the way up to summer at minimum. I don’t expect our equally lazy as well paid özil to move until summer, other clubs Unfortunately don’t hand big contracts out as carelessly as we keep doing.


I totally understand the romanticism behind the idea of appointing Arteta. But I personally have huge concerns over giving him the Arsenal job with the way things are currently. Firstly, take into consideration that when Pep first turned up at City. He was only able to take a team that had won the Premier League fairly recently to a 4th place finish that season. He then spent the best part of a billion pounds morphing that squad into something that was able to deliver 1st place playing under his managerial philosophy. How much funding do we really think KSE are… Read more »


It’s time for Arsenal to be bold again, and I think, as I did 18 months ago, Arteta is a bold choice. I think he’s got a lot going for him, too, and the fact that he’s still interested in this job after we’ve sunk another few thousand leagues in the sea since we last gave him the shaft, is perhaps the most telling sign that he has a few ideas about how to make Arsenal a success again. I don’t think we should underestimate his persistent desire to put himself in the spotlight here with one of the most… Read more »


Why would Arteta not be interested in managing arsenal as his first ever job??? What low expectations that is


It was always going to be Arteta i think(who could pass up that Arteta’s Arsenal?)
Anyway, somehow i am still waiting(i’m still waiting…) for it to be both of them, Pep and Arteta, as that seemed to me to have been the original plan to get Pep here, but it did not work out then and he went to City.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Arteta can’t be all that different to Freddie right? If Freddie is not an option for whatever reason (experience?), Arteta shouldn’t be the front-runner for that same reason (experience).

Personally I would stick with Freddie if a top drawer experienced coach isn’t available.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

The guy was the assistant coach for a squad that cost more than one billion. They give the required money to get the best players in each position. Any tactics is perfectly executed. How would he fare with a squad where any player in the chain can fail the tactics?


Intact its not only money but skills make part of the modern football we see arsenal lacks funs to support such talents


*ahem* Ancelotti? *ahem*


Arteta looks a tough cookie, just look at his eyes, he will take no shit from players methinks. He has that “look” that needs no words.
I remember that look well, when that look came on my face my wife and children just used to disappear for a little while.
The “no messing” look.



Dave M

There are definitely a few players in this squad I’d like to see disappear…

Reality check

Wenger leaving has hit us harder than it did to United when SAF left. It proves how much of a work he was actually doing now that we’ve lost all identity, direction and leadership. We desperately need some of that back. It was between Arteta and Viera for me.. we definitely need some representation from one of our own and two former captains fit that perfectly. We need someone who can command respect and remind players what it is to play for this club. Viera seems perfect for it but he doesn’t seem to have that sekci football Wenger has… Read more »


The reality is we would have been in much better shape had Wenger left 3-4 years earlier given pep, Klopp and others were available while the squad was much stronger than the one he left


I think given the current “reality” it would have been better if Wenger hadn’t “left”. But then since he did, can he held responsible for what has happened to the Arsenal since? It is a shambles.


Sure.. And the board will give pep all the money he needs.. Let’s be real for once


Thats the plan!!!!!!!

Dave M

I think you are spot on Atom, but as always the Wenger Romantics cannot fathom that. We’ve discussed before the nostalgia around how people think if Wenger had of stayed in charge all would be grand now, but we were falling apart in Wenger’s late tenure and many of the issues we are dealing with now are still a result of that. Especially restructuring the club to be more modern with a football director and a more active management and recruiting team that Wenger did not want a part of. It would have been much easier if Wenger had of… Read more »


The moment Arsene Wenger said publicly that “he felt like he has awoken from a deep sleep”(or something to that effect) we should have rehired him.?

Anyway, he may help Arsenal more in his new position, making sure that FA and PL and REFS are contained and managed properly.

The Charma

If these management upstarts think Arteta is the answer to Arsenal’s challenges, they are deluded . It’s going to get worse. He may be as clueless as Freddie. If they want cheap, it will turn up to be too expensive. Let them bite the bullet and hire a top grade proven manager who will command respect, attract talent and be tactically astute . Looking at tactically naive cheap options like Freddie and Arteta is a recipe for disaster.


Who? Remembering they’ve got to want to join us too.


It’ll be great when Arteta leads us to Premier League and Champions League glory proving that it was all him at City, and Pep’s a fraud…

At least that’s what I’m telling myself

Sheffield Gooner

Tough gig. Even jokes make everyone angry now apparently 😉


These truly are the end times my friend


Everyone has a personal “end time” me thinks, hence it is always “end time”




Lol, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many votes on just one post…


An appointment made purely on hope, either no one proven wants to come to arsenal, or kronkes don’t want to pay for them. If spurs can pay 15m a year to get mourinho, why can’t we match that and get a safe pair of hands.

Arteta has no experience
The one game he managed for city he lost
Shadowed pep for 2 seasons, so why not hire peps wife instead?
Arteta was a functional midfielder not a legend by any stretch of imagination.
Arteta never awarded a single cap for Spain.


Emery was the safe pair of hands and it turned out disastrous. Maybe new ideas are required.
The only available person I will have over Arteta is Poch. Ancelloti looks done out there. Sacked 3 consecutive times and he usually takes over seasoned teams anyway.


Emery wasn’t a safe pair of hands. He was a loser with PSG in a one team League, and only won Europa League because he crashed out of champions League every time. Yes because you know so much about Arteta lol i wanting Arteta is purely on sentiment and nothing on fact, proven track record or credibility.


Pep was a junior team coach before he took Barca to glory land consecutively. Don’t underestimate/underrate Ateta.


All managers get sacked.

Dave M

TBF has Wenger ever been sacked? He was probably prodded, but he technically did walk through the door himself.


@dave m. Wenger was sacked – otherwise we wouldn’t have paid out almost 16 m pounds last year to Wenger and his staff. Had they resigned then we wouldn’t have owed the money

Limpar from the halfway line

Envious of Sp*rz? With that eye gouging venereal disease at the helm?

Have a fucking word with yourself mate.


Envious that they got someone proven, not of the narcissist managing them now.


Rob, Maureen is a huge gamble for them, possibly Levy wants to sell the club before he puts the whole club in flames in 2/3rd season.

And he hasn’t been ”proven” for years now, since Real his star was waning and is today a has been.


@ rob
To be fair to Arteta he was trying to get into one of the greatest midfields the world has ever seen as it was pretty much the great Barcelona trio of Iniesta/xavi/ busquets plus xabi Alonso. Even Cesc in his prime had a hard time cracking the starting line up

We’re hiring a manager not a player – different skill sets which is why some of the most successful managers the PL had seen (Ferguson, Wenger, Maureen ) we’re completely average players

House of Goons

Josie? Mediocre? He sucked balls as a player. That’s an insult to mediocre players everywhere. My moms could take him


How many mothers do you have?


Cazorla and fabregas managed it, Arteta was average at arsenal

Maul Person

How was that midfield mentioned faring when Cazorla and Fabregas respectively got into it…?

Billy's coat

Arteta was past his prime when he joined Arsenal as a player. Always thought Wenger should’ve signed him 2/3 years earlier, was class with Everton in his hayday.


Consistent. Always wrong.
But consistently wrong.



El Hombre

Mourinho never even played football and he won the champions league so you never know


Are those your lips, Rob? They’re luscious.


I believe Pep allowed Arteta to mamage a game vs Wenger’s Arsenal and won it.

3223 WM

You are correct and won it convincingly.


Convincingly yeah, with £200m+ defence? Imagine wht wenger could’ve done wth city’s squad.


“Imagine wht wenger could’ve done wth city’s squad.”
Replace them with no-names and teenagers?


Exactly. Great comment.
The wishful thinkers and plastics don’t want to hear it though.

Get an Arsenal legend says Blogs. But WTF for? Some bloke with no experience at the highest level, no experience steadying a foundering ship, no experience rebuilding? Arteta walked into a newly, billion-pound rebuilt city. He had nothing to do with the Pre-Sheik days.

Arteta is my absolute last choice.


I’m kinda in agreement with you homer. Arteta ship sailed when they hired emery instead. Now we’re an even bigger mess and we go to someone with zero experience of being the main guy?! And not only that he’s going to be faced with managing a shower of shite player-wise. Not a situation for a novice. If was Arteta I’d run a mile…


It was always going to be Arteta, we should know that by now eh? Emery was a stop gap and Freddie will prepare the ground for Arteta landing.
I dont care at the moment, just want some stability for the players and deadwood gone, which will/should happen by end of this season.

Runcorn Gooner

If it’s true it will be a positive move and then he can try and sort things out in the January window. Starting with another fire sale.

dr Strange

I would turn it down if I was Arteta. He probably won’t get any backing with transfers and the team is really unbalanced.

It could be the end of his career before it begins and Arsenal needs experience. Not a gamble.


You would turn down one of the biggest jobs in world football? He might never get the chance to manage a big team and now he has one that will be willing to give him a lot of rope. There is no down side for Arteta – he has a club at rock bottom, with a fan base that are keen to get behind someone. He has the upper hand with the board as they are desperate to stop the bleeding and silence the crowds. If he negotiates a January and Summer transfer fund that will allow us to buy… Read more »


5 new players in todays market?

we arent man city


we’ll be offloading at least 3, probably 5. And I’m betting a few of those will be current starters, possibly one or two uncomfortable ones. But we certainly won’t break even on Replacing all of that unless we take a cheaper grade of player.

I think We’re headed back to project youth, v3.0 (or maybe 7.0).


KSE wants project youth to succeed or at least be accepted by the fan base for the time being. Believe they are much more willing to sit and wait on that project than we are, so maybe that means Arteta. Just maybe Arteta is the only guy that wants the job under certain criteria.


He’s still stuck with this squad for about 30 games. He’d get more rope than most but if the team doesn’t improve in that time people will get restless. Then come August he could already be under big pressure.


Arteta would have Raul by the short hairs.
I would like nothing more.


You referring to the fans that have a 180 degree change in attitude to Freddie after WHU and Man City?


We know that fans always have a percentage of “willow trees” (bending with the wind.)

Jack Action

He’s in a no-lose situation. Everyone who knows anything can see that the team is a shambles. He only has to stabilize the situation to be hailed a success. Plus I think the club will be forced to give him time – if he fails then it’s Raul and company that are going to get the sack.


(Oddly, posted below just above your comment– before reading yours. Fully agree.)

Arteta would have Raul by the short hairs.
I would like nothing more.

Proud Arse

Seems the useless board only will act if got cornered and nowhere to run.

Arteta it is, and whatever happens with his forward results, we must support our head coach.

Magic City Gooner

That’s no way to run a business, much less a football club.

He should at least know what the expected summer transfer budget will be before he accepts; otherwise, this job will weigh him down too. There’s as much a personnel issue here as there is an attitude/effort issue. He can’t make chicken salad out of chicken Sokratis.

(Chicken Saliba, maybe?)

Matt Watkins

aint this the truth, only act when cornered and then they’re in a way shitter position.

Probably shoulda let wenger go with his FA cup, probably shoulda let emery go after his end of season failure….


Welcome back, Mikel

You’ve been missed

PS can you bring, De Bruyne, Silva & Laporte, with you


Matt Stone

Even Otamendi would be an upgrade, that’s how bad things are.

A Different George

No. Otamendi is not bad most of the time, but always has a disastrous mistake in him. We already have one or two that fit that description.


Wasn’t he in London?
I think the Fuckers have just gone and robbed his house ?


Probably went through his drawers looking for a decent midfielder.

El Hombre

hahahahahahaaa… that’s funny


They walked past the one sitting on the mantle, right?


Josh told them their jobs were on the line unless they came up with innovative new ways to increase club income

Ashish Mann

Sign da ting!

Bob's Mexican Cousin

He probably owns a house in London


I’m not a fan of this appointment. That said, if/when he’s appointed, I’m not going to say anything negative about him until he’s had at least 2 years in the role.

Just my small contribution as a fan, based on how difficult his job is going to be with this organisation and this group of players. I wish Emery had been given that margin, but no reason to make the next guy’s life impossible on that basis.

santi's thigh grab

TBF any coach will need 3 to 4 years with this lot.


In 3 or 4 years, I can’t see much of this lot still playing for this club if this downward spiral continues…


Could lift up the championship title in his second year at this rate. Or even win the play offs.


I agree. I believe we need far more experience at this stage and a much stronger manager. One who will stand up to the board. My fear with a 1st time manager is he needs to build a reputation and i know that could work for us but my worry is he may not be strong enough to make the demands of the board that he clearly must to move us forward. A proven manager who is not afraid of the sack will in my opinion make those demands. That said i will back whoever, as much of this is… Read more »


when i was young i took up a senior management job in an organisation which thought they needed experience. every one thought i was not strong enough to push the committee to act but now i know its not abt age. its always in an individual. i strongly believe arteta has it in him to lead a big dream. if pep speaks of him the way he does, there is something in him. the worst thing will be when arsenal fail to give him a chance and another team takes him on and he becomes the next pep or kloop.


Mikel Arteta is quite a spiky character and was apparently very demanding as our captain. I don’t think he’s afraid of anyone.

Viva la prof

Me either bud, absolutely the wrong appointment, no experience, and I’ve also heard he’s kind of a dick to people can’t see how he’d magically bring balance and unity to the club, I’ll also not say anything negative after this comment, I’ll always support this club even if we play in the Hertfordshire Sunday league. But I’m 100 percent withdrawing my financial support until they at least play with some passion. Nobody is getting anything Arsenal related from me this Christmas until I see some bollock busting effort from this squad.


We don’t need unity, that’s not been an obvious problem. We need players to work hard and pay attention. Having a nice manager hasn’t worked well, so far….


It was impossible to give Emery that margin. Here´s few of the thing that happened on his watch. Ramsey´s contract withdrawn – Koscielny played to the ground resulting in him leaving – Özil in then out then in and out again – letting the team vote 5 captains including Özil that he´s trying to “manage” – Emery just had made too many mistakes and had lost the necessary respect


You seem to think the next few years are going to be an uncomplicated tale of competence extinguishing a dumpster fire. My sympathies.


Runzac – emery had nothing to do with Ramsey leaving. That’s all on the kroenkes…they would
Not meet his contract demands. Emery played Ramsey every chance he could. Why? Because he’s twice the player Ozil is. We kept the wrong one mate.


Emery is incompetent. Get over it.


You can blame him for poor team performances but you can’t blame him for Ramsey leaving. That’s on Kroenke.


Emery had 18 months and we were getting worse and worse…he had his chance and spunked it up the wall.



People seem to forget that the last Pep assistant to become a full time manager did pretty fucking well – the late great tito vilanova


Fair few decent managers were assistants. Got to learn the trade somehow. Jose. Tito. Even Joachim Low was Klinnsmanns assistant for Germany.

Emery came as a proven winner and coach yet I found his tactics and game plan to be absolutely mind boggling. Which leaves us where we are.

We arent making champions league next season. So I dont really think it matters if we finish 5th or 12th. The season is a right off. Why not see what someone like Arteta can do.


I wouldn’t mention Löw here. Yes, he was the assistant of Klinsmann for 2 years. But before he was a proven head coach with 8 years of experience, during this time he coached Stuttgart in a european final and won national titles in Germany (cup) and Austria (league). So it’s not like he learned the job from Klinsmann, who by the way was a rookie coach when he took over Germany in 2004.


how about pep, how much experience did he have before taking over at bacca

A Different George

I think, like Zidane, he coached the B team–Spanish equivalent maybe of League 1 in England.

Andre Santos' car keys

Guardiola also won promotion to the Spanish Championship in that single season before taking over at Bacca.

Frank Lampard didn’t meet his objective as Derby boss but after completing one full season he was quite highly regarded so I guess he got some goodwill tailwind into the Chelsea job.

Arteta was caretaker for a single game when Pep was sick or something. At this moment even Sol Campbell has more managerial experience having kept Macclesfield Town in League One.

I’m sure Arteta has plenty of bright ideas but let him start somewhere else for everyone’s sake.


That was the same argument with emery – give him the first season, doesn’t matter where we finish. Except
It did matter in the end. 5th was not good enough and when going thru the bad patch last 2 months that was it. We wouldn’t give Arteta anything more than that but he’s arguably less equipped to handle the expectations than emery was.

Trey Stone

so you’d rather be out of Europe altogether next year?


If it true, he needs to get in a defensive coach, why not Keown ? he did a great job for the CL run……

Olivije Žirod

Defending nowadays is totally different than 20-30 years ago. We want to play the high line and today these types of defenders are more similiar to defensive midfielders than classic centerbacks. That is why we need to be so much better at keeping the ball and preventing the counter attacks. City defenders look pretty lost when defending deep. The same as ours (though better) but the main difference is they are minimizing those situations.


This team couldn’t defend in the style of 20 years ago OR nowadays. I’d rather they just defend, I don’t care how or where or why, just that they defend.


We need someone who has managed to achieve more wins against Pepe and Klopp.


I’d rather a manager that can beat the likes of Silva, Solskaer, Howe and Dyche. Let’s start off realistic eh!


The problem Emery had was originally people said it was a 2-3 year project, but then half way through that transition, people panicked and got frustrated, because the majority of people in society, and particularly Londoners, have absolutely no idea how success is won and earned over time, they think the world owes them something, and that’s why London is full of Corbynites….. He also wasn’t backed hard enough in moving certain players on, in addressing clear squad deficiencies, or investment in medium to long term defensive and midfield options. Transitions are always painful, and if you’re not strong enough… Read more »


downvote for the following reasons; – Criticising londoners for being corbynites, but you support a london based team. – ‘how success is won and earned over time’ – contradictory sentence, if success is earned over time, then its not won is it. – you sound like your bemoaning the fact emery was not given more time given his 2-3 year projection. I think the reason for this is, it didnt look like he actually was implementing any defined style of play and based on his history, the end result of his project is likely being no more than a sevilla… Read more »


Emery was never going to rescue it, should have replaced him ages ago


I wasn’t criticising Londoners for being Corbynites, I was making the point that the problems the club faces with regard to its fan base, are largely societal ones. You have to earn success to win, if you don’t win then you’re not successful…. Left wing politics tells kids that if they finish 9th, then they didn’t really lose, so I can understand how you were confused as a lefty Londoner over my initial comment… He didn’t implement a style because…. Last season he didn’t have any wingers, Iwobi, Ozil, Mkhitaryan are all inverted no10 types, and Welbeck and Aubameyang were… Read more »


I don’t think hard work and success should be punished but not a fan of the cold heartless dog eat dog economics that we seem to favour in this country at the moment either I read in the papers this morning that Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter just had her £50m jewelry collection stolen. She has a car lift and a dog spa amongst other things. Then people are having to go to food banks because they don’t have enough money to eat. This is a very rich country, there’s really no excuse for that. Just go outside and look at all… Read more »


Countries that have tried implementing equality, have ended up with neither liberty or equality, the only people who benefit from big centralised bureaucracies, are the bureaucrats themselves….. Countries that have put freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility at the core of their politics, always have the highest standard of living. Bureaucracies are notoriously wasteful, and the idea that nationalising infrastructure is an effective way to increase standards of living, has been proven to be false, and countries that have tried it, have suffered with devistating consequences, also if you think Corbyn can run the national broadband? Or that the Government should… Read more »


Not advocating Corbynism necessarily but at present the balance is much too far the other way.

A lot of people are where they are more by accident of birth than anything else.

Plenty of people work two jobs and get paid minimum wage. Often so the likes of Mike Ashley can be a bit richer.

Doesn’t seem like a very deserving bloke to me, just a greedy cunt.


Mike Ashley is a self made billionaire, he worked hard, has created thousands of jobs, and SportsDirect pay tens of millions in taxes each year. I don’t understand why people are against hard work and success? And see wealth creators as a negative thing? I agree though on wages, we need a high wage, low tax economy, there needs to be money in the economy, for the economy to function. The idea that you can tax your populace into prosperity, is fanciful at best, and the left continue to make the mistake of believing lower tax, equals a lower overall… Read more »


Never has lowering taxes resulted in higher tax take, that is a fantasy of conservatives. Fact is that the super wealthy pay less in taxes because capital gains are taxed less and money is hidden offshore. People get super rich in part from a high functioning society, paying higher taxes ensures that the society remains a healthy and innovative marketplace. Don’t point at Venezuela and make straw man arguments about the government nationalizing industries, nobody wants to do that. Liberals in western countries want to be more like Denmark, where living standards are ridiculously high, trust me. That said Corbyn… Read more »

David Hillier's luggage

Mike Ashley has £600m tax bill hanging over his head, is making thousands of hard working people redundant to pay for it and those he does still employe are suffering the worst working conditions of any retailer and are effectively being paid less than minimum wage. As for you comments on Londoners and their voting habits, the country is in a pretty bad shape as it is, but it would be on it’s knees if it wasn’t for Londoners. At least a quarter of the UK’s GDP comes from London (some estimate it’s nearer a third). Why do you even… Read more »


Ashley is on the verge of settling his VAT bill with the Belgians, and SportsDirect do as a fact pay tens of millions in tax each year, and he’s created thousands of jobs. I don’t have a problem with Londoners, I just think they’ve had their minds poisoned by the likes of Corbyn and McDonnell, who are self confessed Marxists. 45% of people under 35 in this country think communism could work, which is a huge worry, if would be cheaper to send them on holiday to Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, China, Laos or Vietnam to see the devastation and… Read more »


Your simplification of equality (to be “implemented?) is so simple, it undermines your arguments about taking time to fix things. The Scandinavian countries and Germany have higher degrees of equality and do very well. France is pilloried for their socialist state, but score higher on productivity than the UK regularly. The reason why folk who earn more money (and frankly, that includes me to a certain extent) get taxed more is because we can also make income from wealth and capital, not just labour. When you have a thousand pounds, making the next thousand is hard. When you have a… Read more »


When we lowered corporation tax from 30% to 20% our tax take went up by 44% we made our economy more competitive, we invited more FDI, we lifted our country out of a recession, that led to the current job numbers, that are the best in almost half a century. It’s better to invite two companies to invest at 20% who may have gone elsewhere, than to attract one company who pays 30%…… Same when the Tories took the top bracket up from 45% to 50%, our tax take went down, we put it back to 45% and it went… Read more »


Better than right wing politics whose method is to lie about everything and blame brown people


It’s the only way you can sell something so obviously shit


That post is an absolute shed load of revisionist history. (Though I applaude your industry!) One or two examples, as I don’t have the time to unpack this entire comment: Lichtsteiner. He was terrible every time he played. Did he bring some sort of “unity” or grit to the dressing room? No, not on the evidence of an historic late season collapse and getting dominated by chelsea in the EL final. Maybe Saliba, but he’s an unknown quantity at this point in the Prem. So as far as we know, he’s another Mustafi. Saka is what, 18? He’s totally a… Read more »

A Different George

At least Satori isn’t a fucking Thatcherite.


@rich, left wing politics aside, you make some valid points about the current mess we find ourselves in…


Rich, emery failed because he sucks, he us just an average coach. See what Rodgers did at Leicester. No justification for emery anywhere, nowhere to hide.


Rodgers is a top experienced coach who plays attractive football, and is from what I read, a fantastic man manager. But Leicester are a very well run club, and without a back room team who know what they’re doing, you’ll never go anywhere….. Rodgers inherited a group of players peaking at the right time. Chilwell is 22 with 100+ PL games Evans for £3 million was a snip, remember Arsene being skewered for sniffing around him? Maddison is 22-23, who’s coming out the other side of his learning curve, after loans, and a season each in the championship and PL.… Read more »

Gooner Ed

“Girly tantrums”? You obviously haven’t watched our women’s team.


Rich, are you Santori in disguise? Same level of arrogance…

A Different George

Dom47, see my post above.


Posted before I saw your comment, diff George. Guess great minds think alike 🙂


Corbyn advocated some very painful and fundamental transitions, and Johnson peddled quick solutions to complicated problems, and will spend whatever extra headroom the finances of the last chancellor left him (a man Mr. Johnson sacked from the party).

I don’t think you quite understand policy, here. Nor do I think you actually understand hard work.


A truly moronic comment, the likes of which sum up the poster perfectly.


Reportedly, bookmarkers don’t take bets on Arteta any more.

I still think the reports of a personal meeting is not necessarily the smoking gun. They had personal meetings with all prospects the last time around.


Vinai: Would like to become Arsenal’s head coach?
Arteta: With the current set of players? No.
Vinai: Okay bye.
Arteta: Adios.


I hope the reported impact he has made to City is more than just creative writing and exageration as we could do with that. I really liked him as a player and his hair too and surely he is a hungry manager looking to prove a point too.

We need to back him in Jan to give him something to work with to boost this team and enforce his philosophy. As I don’t think certain areas of our squad can be coached to be better – no matter who we bring in.

Viva la prof

Honestly I only remember his magnificent hair


That press conference he gave before the final in…2015 (?) was a landmark in retrospect. I don’t know what it says about his ability to manage, but I think most people who saw that could sense that he’d end up in the dugout somewhere. Ordinary players just don’t talk like that.

Apangu Iddi Amin

He is the right person i wanted Arsenal to try and test and without fail he will deliver unless the purchasing team will be the one to let him down by not giving him the money he needed for rejuvenating the team and the team also needs an overhaul other wise its going to be the same thing that will happen to the team especially no DM to protect the defense plus the weak defense that we currently have the board members should not sleep as they try to solve the tactician issue.


woooow… Use some commas buddy! 🙂


They came uninvited, jumped over the fence and were thrown out, as Mikel is not interested in our mess now… Squires could make a funny cartoon from that…

Gavin Binding

Let’s get it done and see what happens. We’re no longer one good season away from being a champions League team. We’ve lost our way drastically. We’re now a long term project with a load of youth players, who would be more open to learning new ideas than the more ‘experienced’ players who, let’s be honest, have been absymal over last 2-3 years. I’m more than happy to see us shift the old guard out and go hard on an identity that fits more with Arsene’s values. Arteta’s a handsome, hard bastard, who wants to play attractive football. It may… Read more »


I suppose Arteta would be cheap…

This is a massive gamble considering the position we find ourselves. A rookie boss walking into a club in full-blown crisis. Crazy.

But who knows? Maybe it’ll work. Arteta will have to be a genius to do anything with this squad of average players.

Dan Nichols

i’ve seen Arsenal under Mee, Neill, Howe, Graham, Rioch, Wenger and Emery and anyoe saying they know how good a guy’s gonna be is just makig it up basically. You never can tell.sometimes your hunch will be right, sometimes wrong. But i do think Arteta actually has a decent hand in terms of expectation, all he has to do is steady the ship, right now we are mid table, for the first time in a while he can replace big names with more obscure (and cheap or homegrown) players as Graham did with a dysfunctional bunch of former stars, he… Read more »


give Arteta the job and let him go out and buy 2 world class center backs in Jan – I strongly believe if we had two quick/mobile center backs WHO CAN DEFEND and drive forwards with the ball we can at least be competitive this season.. the most recent CB who had this in his locker was Koscienly in his day! we have enough good options in other positions to at least be competitive this season.. start from the front and work forwards.. it’s so obvious how bad we are back there in the center. FIX IT!


Yeah, well the said 2 world class center backs (WTF that means) gotta want to play for Arsenal now. Objectively speaking, who would to right now? And for a rookie manager with a club in chaotic transition? Get a freaking grip.

Wenger could attract top talent because he was revered globally as a revolutionary, a genius. Despite the lack of titles, his presence brought great players. Arteta is a nobody.

Fireman Sam

We don’t actually need “world class” Center backs.

We just need some vaguely decent ones who (1) understand basic defensive discipline and technique and (2) have the will and drive not to concede goals.

We need a return of aggression and spirit. This can’t be all on the manager. We need players that are naturally inclined to be steely.

Ya gooner

Does arteta even have his own coaching staff?


Maybe he’ll pinch Pep so that he can put his cones out

Andre Santos' car keys

Joan Capdevila and Almunia to be his nos. 2.


Honestly, is there a manager who can organize, attack and who can get instructions to the players. It seems that the players do not take instruction for full 90 minutes. And looks like the scare factor is in the team.

When there is no right players to defence then Wenger’s attack is the best defence might be the best for the remaining season.


Let’s just get this done


I do hope they agreed a suitable transfer budget….


Personally, I believe him to be the ideal choice or a mid to long term project.
If we have patience I feel he will develop his managerial skills alongside developing the team.
If we expect a complete upsurge in performance in a fortnight I think we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment no matter the coach selected.

Jack Action

We know nothing about Arteta as a manager, but I’m 99% sure he’s not a tactical pragmatist. We need a stylist, someone with a vision that can in turn bleed through the club and give purpose to recruitment, purpose to youth coaching and purpose to financial management. Let’s give it a shot.

Pépé Le Pew.

Big mistake! He has the charisma of a sloth.


He’s not put off by the team because the idiots Vinai and Huss will probably give him Wenger-like wages just for the fuck of it.


Arsenal is not special and does not need to be special to win my support. We do not have some sheik who has a thousand wives. We do not have some Oligarch trying to destroy democracy across the world. We do not have so many Spanish and other fans worldwide we ignore FFP rules. We are a quite well funded team with too many spoiled fans that faces the same future almost all other EPL teams face. Expect about a 80-95% chance of turnover in managers every 2-3 years at least for the next 10-20 years. That is what EPL… Read more »


If you think Liverpool is some shining beacon of hope…it is. It is also a place with more loyal and supportive fans than ours and simply look around at how many other teams without sheiks, oligarchs and bottomless budgets accomplish what Liverpool has…just basic mathematic probabilities and truth.


The thing I hope everyone realizes with whichever manager is chosen (I do like Arteta as a choice) is there will be no quick fixes. The problems are so much more than a manager can impact in the short term. The best we can hope for is an improvement in the effort and attitude of the players and some tactical consistency. I would love to see us play the way Liverpool plays, but know that our personnel isn’t anywhere near capable of playing that style. There are so many holes in the squad that need to be filled with new… Read more »


Let’s do it, and I would love for Freddie to stay in the setup.


The sooner the better.