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Arteta: I’m back home…it’s time to change the energy

Mikel Arteta says he feels like he’s returned home after he was appointed Arsenal’s head coach three-and-a-half years after he retired as a player at the club.

Arteta has been handed a four-year deal and will watch the Gunners against Everton from the stands tomorrow before formally taking over on Sunday. 

In his first press conference, the  37-year-old explained why he believes he’s the right man to lead Arsenal at a time when the club is struggling on the pitch. 

“I feel back home, I’m extremely happy and proud to be given the opportunity to be the manager of this football club,” he said. 

“I’ve been preparing for a few years for this challenge, I know the expectations, I know the level, I know the stature of this club and what it deserves. I’m ready for that challenge. 

“I can’t wait to start working with the players and everybody at the club. I’ve got a good vibe. I sense a good energy since I walked in at London Colney. It’s giving me more energy. I feel so happy. I can’t say anything else.” 

Arsenal have won just two of their last 13 games in all competitions and currently sit in 10th place in the Premier League, seven points off the Champions League places. Arteta knows he needs to make an instant impact and to boost the confidence of a squad playing well below the standards expected. 

“The first thing is to change the energy,” he explained. “Last week, I was here with Manchester City and I was a little bit down after the game when I felt what was going on. 

“We have to try and engage everyone. I have to try and convince the players of what I want to do and how I want to do it. They have to start accepting a different process, a different way of thinking. I want to get the staff and everyone at the club with the same mindset. 

“We have to build a culture that has to sustain the rest. If we don’t have the right culture…in difficult moments, the tree is going to shake, my job is to convince everybody this is how we’re going to live. If you’re going to be part of this organisation it has to be on these terms and in this way. After that, we can talk about other things. 

“Obviously now, we need an immediate impact, we need to start winning games to raise the level of confidence of the players. 

Finally, we need the fans. We need to engage with them, we need to transmit our behaviours and our intentions and what we want to bring to this football club. That’s the only way. If we give them, they’ll give us a little bit back. Then we’ll start to feel the connection. 

“We need these two things together. When they are together it’s so powerful. I’ve been outside this football club and when you’re outside, you realise how massive it is. This is how I feel. I’m excited, I feel we have the right team, I’ve had many conversations with the senior people at the club. I feel we’re on the same path. I have a good feeling.” 

Put to him that Arsenal have lost their way in recent years – the club haven’t qualified for the Champions League since finishing runners-up to Leicester in 2015/16 – Arteta agreed.  

“That’s what I’m sensing from the outside. I’d like to start making some steps to understand the reasons why, what the reasons are behind it. 

“There will be a history behind it. I have to try and understand quickly why this is to implement certain things that will be quick wins for the players and staff and everybody. That’s the challenge now. I don’t have much time to train, much time talk about other things. 

“There are some important games coming up and we need to create the right vibe and energy. Everybody at the organisation has to feel so privileged to be here. There’s no other way.”

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And freddie is staying too.
Can we have both of them in suits.


Or underwear


One’s got no hair the other has perfect hair!!


Saw it live. Loved it, great energy. The guy simply gets it.

Big part of the excitement around Arteta is that we don’t know what his ceiling is. Let’s all hope it’s very, very high. To the new beginnings!

Reality check

Intelligence, charisma, the self-belief..


Nailed it! A very impressive first conference. And much like the way Freddie spoke – I really enjoyed the honesty and clear hunger and passion to not only fix things but a genuine desire to get this club back to the top.

Yes, there were other candidates that have great CV’s but none of them could have spoken with the same passion about this club (except Vieira of course) and that gets me excited.

Big Dave

Not everybody’s first choice but he’s had a great mentor in recent years and he’s someone who knows and loves the club. Let’s all get behind him fully and try and salvage something from this season. Come on Mikel!!! COYG


That is a great first interview. He is bold, he clearly knows what he has to do. Let us all get behind him and the team. COYG

Which ones pink

If it goes wrong so be it, if it goes right we strike gold.


I remember being xcited about emery’s 1st press not so long ago. Come on arteta,You have also said all the right words. COYG


I barely understood what Emery said in his 1st press conference.


‘..there’s less pressure to succed at arsenal than PSG..! You can remember now? Keep recalling, go on??


Or any of the others


Arteta still got that dope personality…


Increasing the energy of the older players is precisely what is needed together with getting shot of Ozil who will never be willing up his energy levels and is, I understand, a devisive figure in the dressing room.


Who has told you that Ozil is a divisive figure in the dressing room?


Arsenal fan TV is very reliable.


Is this any less reliable than the sources telling you Ozil is not divisive figure in the dressing room ?

DB10s Air Miles

Did you go for a pint with Freddie to find that out?


His hair still looks perfect!

Greg in Seattle

Those are the words of a leader. I’ve obviously never been around the man, but if he has the interpersonal charisma to match those words, and he brings his own mix of Wenger/Pep acumen to the pitch, we have a worthy long term project on our hands.

everton away


(or a bit more defensively (with a more compact front three) and no actual or factual striker (three firmino-esque forwards :-)):


maybe to put in Maitland-Niles instead of Bella if latter is not ready. tried counting in the injuries here. hopefully i got the foot of Luiz and Musti right. perhaps Willock for Guendo after 70 minutes? giving Chambers a rest on the bench. tell me if Marti and Auba should change positions

Obi One

Thanks Emery.


I would give you a thumbs up just for the effort but I’m pissed and a bit of prick.

Paul Roberts

^ ^ ^ that line will be in a film one day! Well played! 🙂

Paul Roberts

I hope you aren’t Freddie joining in on here!? 🙂

lewis jeffrey ("alphabet" and "to be objectified")

Late at night cloudy white will creep over my old house And the chair where I once sat Someone new is there and he’ll stare at that wall And we’re all parts of an alphabet We spell new words in new spots we’re at And the big, round, blue boat drifts around in the dark When you feel like a jerk does it make you confused Like how could you become as awesome as you are And still feel like a loser When you feel ugly and petty Awkward and unsteady Just try not to forget there’s so many people… Read more »

jeffrey lewis

that was. just kinda like these songs and the lyrics that go with them

sorry for the long quote i-)

lewy jeffries

should ´av had a bigger space in between. makes it a bit heavy and thrown at now. soory- ..sorrry 🙂


Maybe the spaces aren’t the problem. It might just be a bit shite.


There was a time Arteta tackled Auba on the pitch, now he’ll coach him! Funny how things work! All the best, Arteta!


The first thing is to change the energy,” he explained. “Last week, I was here with Manchester City and I was a little bit down after the game when I felt what was going on.

Reassuring to know he was on the City bench, but his heart was in the opposing dugout ❤️


Just saw his first interview and I’m soooooo FCKIN pumped. He seems like he’s not taking any crap and you either play for the badge or you can go somewhere else. I love it!!!! Gonna take time and patience will be needed but we just have to back Arteta. COYG!!!!


Another example of fan effects. Another class manager trying to make the team better. Yes, a manager must weather the tough times, so also must the fans. I can say with 100% confidence, had Santi stayed fit we would have Wenger as manager and be in a much better place. Had Holding stayed fit we would likely still have a stronger team with Unai. Say what you wish,,,blah blah blah. When the fans shrink the window of patience…the room gets darker more quickly. Arteta…what a studley dudly, may the fleas of a thousand camels reside within the mouths of the… Read more »


messed up, supposed to be posted in the Unai discussion

Paul Roberts

You may have messed up a bit, but we will always have “Arteta…what a studley dudly, may the fleas of a thousand camels reside within the mouths of the naysayers!”
You are a poet Sir! 🙂


Still works in the end

Paul Roberts

I’m feeling a bit emotional. What a bloody nice bloke with charisma in abundance! I can see his passion and excitement and what he says about managing people is spot on…I am really excited! 🙂

gooner jay

I must admit, seeing Arteta wearing the Arsenal badge again gave me a good feeling. He knows the club and what we’re about.
Let’s all get behind him and look forward to a bright and successful future.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

First thing will be to show some love to Laca. He is the player who can play Man City style football, the best. After that, David Luiz left out of the team. Ozil told he is not part of the plan, What else?


Midfield, midfield, midfield.
Fix that fucking midfield!

Paul Roberts

He is going to fix the mentality of the team first. I’m really on board with that and how he is going to do it. COYG!


Yea. Thought I heard Mikel say, “Your either on the bus or off the bus, and I’m driving.”


Why would Ozil not being part of his plan please you? He still has that ability to find that killer pass and maybe Arteta can bring the best out of him

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Ozil has become way too much of distractions on and off the field. The way he reacts when he is substituted, all these China issues, has known for years that coaches wanted him to fight on the pitch and never did anything about it. All these dividing fans.


Have you read Arteta press conf? No? Then go. But you won’t like the part about Özil.

tanned arse

I think it’s clear; if any player, be it ozil, auba or anyone else, does not play in the way arteta sees and directs, they won’t play. On that basis they can all have a chance and none of them can complain when they don’t follow what he deems essential. If that means putting in meaningful effort then that’s exactly what they need to do


What else? Xhaka. Our ex captain. Wonder what Arteta thinks of it all.

Man Manny

The rot is deep; the rebuild job is massive. Arteta needs time; but I am confident the club have made the right choice. It had to be a young, hungry manager.


Great first interview with a very bold and inspiring message, that’s refreshing!

I am a bit worried about the last part though. Most of our downfall comes from a lack of investment / involvement from KSE. I hope he will be convincing enough for it to change when he discovers that’s the “story behind it”. Otherwise he will follow the route of many, unfortunately.

tanned arse

I think there’s been investment. For the very elite player (the one who makes the difference) it’s huge bucks. For the rest it’s about clever investment. Identifying real talent that’s suits your game and compliments what you have. There’s plenty of players out there who can improve this team in a big way. There are even players in this squad who may add far more to this team given different guidance.


So much sense said in one interview. I found ‘Everybody at the organisation has to feel so privileged to be here. There’s no other way’ particularly telling and a nod to some particular senior players. I’m excited that’s for sure.


Talking like a manager, not only a coach. I like that. I hope the board gives him the space to implement his ideas.

Me from here

I have said it and will say it again. I fully agree that this appointment is a risk but I am willing to accept the risk. Many people attach too much importance to experience at times. While experience is good, some people are too experienced for their own good because they are not willing to change. One thing that I really want him to change is the mentality and attitude at the club. Mentality does not necessarily have to do with experience, it has to do with personality and I see Arteta as a guy with strong personality and mentality.… Read more »


I have to admit, I was a bit on the fence about Arteta taking over, but after watching this interview I am feeling very confident. I am kinda getting the feeling he is going to be ruthless with some players if they do not follow what he plans. Very much the same way Pep has done… you play my way and we win. If you don’t you are out. Yes it is not going to happen over night, and we have a couple of hard games coming up straight away in which we might not get the results we want,… Read more »

tanned arse

I think we’ve got yo the point where we need to stop thinking too much about turning a season around and recognise we need to turn the club around first. Rediscover a proper style of creative attacking football. Alter the mentality whereby half hearted displays are acceptable. Change the culture around the club where winning is truely expected within the players but comes from characters who understand what that really takes to achieve.


As a player he helped steady a club in a crisis hopefully he can do the same as a manager.


That interview was gold, exactly what I wanted to hear. He knows exactly what our issues are, he’s speaking like a supporter, and very wise words, with a side of steely determination and no nonsense you do what I say attitude. I really like it, he’s way or the highway. Exactly what we need…. Get the energy and attitude right – and the rest follows. I can compare it to my company, they’re flying , expanding while everyone else in the industry struggles. It’s 90% a culture thing, and it’s exactly the same here. I am really excited about mikel… Read more »


fuck yes!

wanted him last time, obvs still wanted him this time (pochetinno revenge fantasies aside;))


Tony Hall

I get the impression he will not put up with any shit and may ruffle a few feathers, I like that because a few of them need a kick up the arse. And it would be in the players best interest to give 110% against Everton with Mikael watching!

Tony Hall

And his hair is still *perfecto*


fifteen trophy laden years before he goes to Barca!
18 month’s we’ll be toppling scousers!


It sounds as if he does know the type of football he wants the team to play, which is great to hear. This has a couple of implications in terms of the coming transfer windows. The first is that Raul and company need to make sure they’re not only acquiring talent, but talent that meshes with what Arteta is trying to implement. The second is that we, the supporters, will need to look at any acquisitions through that prism instead of just focusing on whether we got the biggest name available at a given position before we reacting negatively. Given… Read more »

Johnny Gooner

He seems so confident, and I absolutely love that.

Der Kaiser

Wow, just watched first interview Arteta as Manager has done on official Arsenal website. Absolutely everything he said was spot on. I love this guy. Let’s hope the supporters ( who he totally respects) help him in lifting the Club.

Dave cee

If you are going to be part of this organization it has to be on these terms!
I like this line. Get the malcontents and malingerers and under performers out
Welcome back Mikel


We should get a response tomorrow.

I’m expecting a win. anything less unacceptable even if Freddy was in charge.

…those players have got to work off ball simple. And then thereafter its a question of sustaining it.

Bit concern attack has been mentioned but nothing about working hard.

Hopefully its a tactical ploy for media and words have been said in background by Arteta.

I’m gunning for him now that he is gaffer (even if I have reservations)


Cultured determination

First order. Everyone behind the opponent’s defence when we dont have the ball, except auba who should be the first presser and prepare for potential counter attack. No more bullshit of 3-4 players staying up top and not putting in their defensive shift. That’s you mesut, and pepe



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