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Arteta: We are responsible for everything we did wrong

Mikel Arteta says he was pleased with certain aspects of Arsenal’s performance against Chelsea but having led the game for so long he was disappointed with the way his players conceded two late goals. 

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s header on 13 minutes was a just reward for a dominant first half an hour but Frank Lampard’s introduction of Jorginho changed the game. 

The Blues dominated possession with the Italian in midfield although he should have been sent off for a second yellow card before he took advantage of a Leno howler to equalise with seven minutes remaining. 

To compound matters, Tammy Abraham finished off a counter-attack late in the day as Arteta’s dream return to the Emirates was left in tatters. 

“I’m really disappointed with the result and the way we conceded the goals, and the timing of them as well,” the Spaniard told his post-game press conference. 

“I’m pleased with a lot of things that I’ve seen. I’m pleased with a lot of things we worked on in training that actually happened in the game, and how they bought into this. But I’m disappointed to lose the game obviously. 

“We had to sustain that level for longer periods against a very, very physical team like Chelsea. We have to move on.” 

Reflecting on the way his side conceded, Arteta added: “I don’t think [it’s a lack of concentration]. We’re 1-0 up, pretty comfortable even if we were defending much deeper than I like. 

“I cannot think about any clear chances for Chelsea before that. The decision-making happens and it will happen again for sure, but when it happens against this type of opposition you get punished.” 

Arsenal fans were incensed by the officiating as Chelsea broke this season’s record for the most fouls in a first half (13*) with a series of cynical tugs, pulls and trips. While Arteta seemed to agree that Jorginho should have been given his marching orders, he made clear that his players have to take responsibility for the defeat. 

“I blame my team,” he said. “We are responsible for everything we did wrong on that football pitch. The decisions we didn’t get right, obviously. The other things we cannot control or change them now.

On the winning goal, he added: “I think we had the structure really well, we had more numbers than the opponent and were completely in control. 

“I think it’s a five against three situation. It’s the structure where we need to control those sorts of situations. Then we just stepped back. They are really good in transitions.”

1959 was the last time we lost four games in a row at home in all competitions**. We have to regroup quickly because next up it’s Manchester United on New Year’s Day.


*stat via Orbinho
** stat via Opta

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Bould's Eyeliner

Definitely a bad way to lose, but I also agree–felt a lot like the 2013-14 shape we had while Arteta was still playing. Torreira also looks a lot better under Arteta than he did under Emery, and we still have Ozil with Gendouzi (Ramsey-like all-rounder), and now we have Lacazette to post up front (he could take a leaf out of Giroud’s book), with Nelson, Pepe, and of course, Aubameyang. Liking the way this team is setting itself up on offense, but we’re clearly feeling the lack of a strong cb duo, like we had with Koscielny-Mertesacker. Once the spine… Read more »

Mesut O’Neill

People will be saying that when we are playing in the championship.

Over the last 12 games we would sit 17th with West Ham having a game in hand.

Remember when Leeds were too good to go down. We are in a battle royale to stay up.

Only positive is that we won’t have to play Europa league next year if we stay up.

Kran stoenke

Guendozi is a Ramsey like all rounder? The lad isn’t all that good. Let’s not be deluded. He’s still young and has a long ways to go, right now he’s nowhere near arsenal quality.

Limpar from the halfway line

Again Arteta’s stock rises despite the result. No moaning, no deflection, just an honest appraisal of what we need to do.

Wasn’t enamoured with him as a player. Starting to love him as a manager.

The Peter Simpsons

Well said sir, no hiding, no denial and no blaming officials, just a short, honest and accurate appraisal of what went wrong – which pleasingly wasn’t all that much.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Nothing against Arteta and not really having a go at him, but Arsenal’s defense towards the end of Wenger’s reign and then under Unai, became clownish to say the least.

To fix this mess Arsenal need someone who is known to get things tight defensively, someone like a Simeone or even a Benitez.

However still, Arteta has the full backing and must be backed into the summer as what really is the alternative.

All the best to him and lets hope he sorts out the defense.


Not having a go at him but you’re having a go at him.

Bould's Eyeliner

Arteta was definitely defensively minded-enough as a player… Today looked much better in midfield organization–I think it’s down to the personnel in front of the keeper to organize better. Unfortunate injury to Chambers.


In fact Arteta was a brilliant attacking midfielder when he played at Everton. Wenger played him as a DM where he performed very well but he certainly wasn’t defensive minded.

Frank Bascombe

Too Drunk To Be Posting
Lay off the bevy son, you’re chatting shit.

Chipper 49

Well, the results aren’t what we’d have hoped for so far are they? But, the rigorous response and lack of excuses still make me optimistic for the future. Use this season as an extended training session for the next, perhaps things will be on the up. Ever optimistic, us football fans. ?


Blogs, no offense meant, but what’s the point in taking his press conference and making 3 articles out of it? I feel like I’ve started to use other news sources more and more given they provide full context as opposed to spaced out information to get more articles written.

Anyways always appreciate your content and I apologize if this is taken the wrong way.

Ashish Mann

Blogs and james love a bit of controversy and out of context quotes these days too much. Wond£r why.


But you’re still reading on this site. You don’t have to…….


Probably because of more ads space. And by no means is my comment a negative one – he makes a living this way & we get to have all this stuff for free.

Btw yeah, could read it elsewhere & even in a single article, but I come to Arseblog for mostly sensible comments as well


I love that Arteta blamed the team, and not other uncontrollable forces like the ref etc

Arsenal have had so many years of a manager that refused to blame the players but always other factors, we need accountability and Arteta’s doing all the right things.

He needs to be ruthless and I think he will be


He also explained why the players fell short, which stopped it from being a moanrinio Chuck under the parked bus.


Got me a good feeling about our Mik(without the h)


Arteta needs time. Flashes of improvement today but as even Wenger said recently, you ultimately need good players to win and we just don’t have enough good players in midfield or defense. Simple as that! Midfield is non existent. Kroenkes need to let him bring in a couple of players at least in January. And they need to be his choices not Raul or Edu’s.


Let’s hope they do let Arteta have more input choosing new players because our recruitment has been pretty poor for a number of years barring Auba (and an in form Laca). I fear the Kroenkes will keep making the case that we’re into project youth and will use that as an excuse not to invest in sometimes needed experience and physical maturity. I’m all for developing from our academy but some of these kids have been well and truly thrown in at the deep end. Chelsea have been applauded for playing youngsters this season but that’s only happened because of… Read more »


Gahhh why does it have to be Man Utd next?! Literally our bogey team. Lingard will probably choose to end his drought then

Reality check

I rather fancy playing Ole’s United tbh

Mesut O’Neill

They definitely fancy playing us. We are one of the worst teams over the last 3 months.

Der Kaiser

Arteta is honest, insightful and takes responsibility. I see improvement. However, he is in a really difficult situation re: injuries including Holding, Chambers, and Tierney ( a really promising left back).

We need to give Arteta and the team full support . I’m sure the fans will as ling as the team give 100 per cent and continue to accept responsibility.



Arguably we have our first choice back 4 all out injured.




I like what I’m seeing from Arteta so far. You can’t expect a broken engine to suddenly be firing on all cylinders in the short amount of time he’s had to work on it. I think given time and the right support he’ll do well, and it was very frustrating today to see us play so well and still lose out to 2 minutes of lost concentration.

The Arsenal

Manager taking responsibility. Asking the players to do the same. Artists has made more progress in 2 games then Emery did in nearly 2 years. Already got the shots faced well down and got our own shots up. Visible improvement everywhere. also he has managed to get really good performances out of Luiz, Niles. Nelson and Ozil. Lucas looks good again. Hopefully he can fix Lacazette.

Mesut O’Neill

Didn’t emery’s Arsenal beat Chelsea last year 2-0 @emirates?

The Arsenal

Also lost 4 1 in a cup final to the same team and lost out on a champions League spot with a far easier run in…….to the same team


I was really gutted by those late goals, but then should man and chin up. Most of them did well. I appreciate what Arteta is doing with this team and I believe once again.. Bring it on come Wednesday.


The main issue is we did not match them for second half. we did good things first half. But we got disassociated between midfield and the attack particularly as we dropped output and sat too deep for too long. The pairing of Mustafi-Luiz did well longer than expected, Luiz with a number of good last ditch clearances and Mustafi put his head on the line. But inevitably, under constant duress, something would inevitably give. I thought Arteta would have profited from granit on but he apparently was ill. Willock was willing and carved a decent chance for himself but inevitably… Read more »


Don’t expect to much from transfer window. We have outstanding 20m a year for misfiring Pepe and non existent (this season) Saliba. Maybe we can explore getting Emre Can in or an early release for Saliba (not sure about his injury status but he hasn’t exactly played much this season let alone the last one) BUT I don’t think we will find much in market willing to come to us in terms of top end product at the moment until Arteta proves himself. Add to that we are not on course for even europa let alone CL. Its a bit… Read more »


Just shows you how wasteful the last wenger era years really were…we’re about 5 years out from clearing the decks of the deadwood.


A decent showing in the first half but Laca’s form is worrisome.
On a side note: Personally, I find Torreira and Guendouzi both go to ground a little too easily hoping for a foul.


Shame Martinelli is injured. If he’d been on the pitch rather than Laca we might have scored more…..


What I have noticed a lot yesterday and over recent weeks is that the Arsenal front line cannot hold up the ball or win a header from goal kicks. Must have been a.dozen yesterday. Leaving us with two options, pass out from the back and invite pressure on a defence not quite good enough to cope or boot it long and lose possession. I know it’s not fashionable to have a brut up front, but we could really use a plan B sometimes as an out ball when we are under pressure to get us up the pitch. I know… Read more »

Ukwa obuba

Arteta looks like he’ll continue playing very well and losing very well as well. Football is a game of winning no matter how well you play. Talking of playing well, Chelsea had more ball possession and more shots on goal; Arsenal had more fouls committed. Stats do not lie. The problem is that we hyped Arteta so much and are going to continue lying to ourselves. Nobody talked about giving Luymberg the same opportunities we are ready to give Arteta. We are 12 on the table, how much time can we afford to give a rookie? We must stop celebrating… Read more »

Tony Hall

He has been manager for two games!
Bar the very obvious signs of improvement in both games even though we did not win either of them how much difference do you expect him to make in two games when the team has been deteriorating for years?


Mate – Chelsea (you know, the blokes in the blue kit?) broke the Prem record for most fouls in one half… 13 in the first 45 alone! So not sure what match you were watching?
And the bane of our fan base isn’t ‘celebrating failure’ as you put it, it’s the kind of grinding negativity you’ve just shown. Arteta has had little more than 10 days with a squad that is broken mentally and physically… give him 2 months ffs!

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