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Report: Arsenal 1 – 2 Chelsea (inc. goals)

Result: Arsenal 1 – 2 Chelsea
Competition: Premier League
Date: 29 Dec 2019
Venue: The Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Leno, Maitland-Niles, Chambers, Luiz, Saka, Torreira, Guendouzi, Ozil, Nelson, Aubameyang, Lacazette

Subs: Martinez, Mustafi, Mavropanos, Willock, Smith Rowe, Pepe, John-Jules

Arsenal fell to a 1-2 loss to Chelsea in Mikel Arteta’s first home game in charge that showed much of the team’s new solidity in defence before old habits came back to haunt them.

The Gunners were dominant in the first half as they controlled the game and took the lead through an Aubameyang header. Chelsea soon made tactical changes and controlled the game though Arsenal held them back proficiently. However, 2 defensive lapses in the last 10 minutes allowed Chelsea to sneak in 2 goals, leaving Arteta winless in his first 2 games as Arsenal head coach.

First Half

Mikel Arteta’s  line-up was almost identical to the one against Bournemouth with a couple of exceptions. Sokratis, who suffered a concussion in the last game, was replaced by the steady Chambers and Xhaka made way for Guendouzi due to illness.

The first few minutes saw a decent spell of possession for the Gunners who played it simple but effectively from the back while evading Chelsea’s high press. However, clear cut chances were at a premium as both teams were cagey and did not want to make any mistakes due to their recent poor form.

It was Chelsea who made the first error of the game and were punished by Aubameyang’s predatory prowess on the 12th minute. Ozil’s well-weighted corner was flicked on by Chambers. His header floated towards the penalty spot and Aubameyang evaded Emerson to head the ball into the net. 1-0 Arsenal

Arsenal almost doubled their lead five minutes later as the Chelsea defence was caught high up and exposed. Maitland-Niles lofted a ball down the right wing for Nelson to run in behind Emerson. The right winger crossed the ball perfectly for Aubameyang who cushioned it into the path of an on-rushing Lacazette. The French striker’s recent poor form showed as he miscontrolled the ball and allowed Kante to recover and make a clearance.

It seemed all positive thus far until Chambers clattered into Abraham while looking to clear the ball. He seemed to have hurt his foot upon landing and he was distraught as he made way for Mustafi.

Chelsea was struggling to keep pace with Arsenal’s movement, especially with Ozil returning to his mercurial best with his feints and flicks. By the 30th minute, Kante, Mount were booked for late tackles and Lampard pondered a change in formation. It was not long after that Emerson was taken off for Jorginho and a 4-3-3 formation, providing the Gunners with a new problem to solve.

The change did spark the Blues into life and they grew into the game with a spell of possession though Arsenal kept firm and kept Chelsea at an arm’s length. It was a very positive first half for the Gunners who looked lively in attack while maintaining a solid shape during the defensive phase. For the first time in awhile, the players headed to the half-time team talk to thunderous applause.

Second Half

The game restarted the same way it ended – with Chelsea turning on the screw. Arsenal showed some steel by putting in the hard yards to cover for their defence – Aubameyang displaying a captain’s performance to cover for his inexperienced left back. Even Lacazette was deep and defended just in front of the penalty box with Nelson being the target for a quick counter.

Fifteen minutes in and Arsenal were penned deep in their half and unable to wrestle back control. The Gunners were sat too deep and couldn’t string their passes out of their half. David Luiz had to be sharp to block a shot on goal by Abraham after a clever pass from midfield. The Brazilian defender was on hand again to clear a low cross into the path of Abraham which was surely going end up as a goal.

Come the 75th minute, Arteta needed to inject some energy to the team and it was Ozil who made way for Willock. Ozil was excellent in the first half but couldn’t help the team keep possession. Willock’s powerful box-to-box play almost paid off immediately during a rare foray into the Chelsea half – he received the ball with his back to goal, swivelled and lash the ball just wide.

Chelsea’s pressure finally caused Arsenal to cave in. Despite David Luiz’s heroics, it was a rare Leno error that led to the conceding of the goal. Chelsea floated in a freekick from the right wing and Leno misjudged the path of the ball for it to land at the feet of an unmarked Jorginho who only had to tap in to an empty net. Questions have to be asked about Jorginho’s continued participation in the match as he made a foul deserving of a second yellow card which was not given just minutes before. 1-1 Chelsea

It seemed like Arsenal reverted to their old frailities just minutes later as they conceded from another swift counter attack. Luiz and Mustafi gave Abraham too much space to run at them and the striker laid off to Willian down the flank only for the former to receive Willian’s cutback to slot the ball through Leno’s legs for a second goal. 1-2 Chelsea

Arsenal couldn’t find a breakthrough during 7 minutes of stoppage time and it ended 1-2 in favour of Chelsea. Like the game against Bournemouth, Arsenal displayed improvements in their performance – with a strong defensive show led by David Luiz catching the eye. However, the late capitulation showed that Arteta still has some ways to go to ensure that the team builds on these performances and show more consistency to last the full 90.

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Yes the ref was bad (in general) but make no mistake we got what we deserved. One sub by Lampard was all it took to undo us. We got dominated, sat back and got what we deserved. We got destroyed in midfield. That’s all.


Be upbeat. Chelsea stole the.midfield because we were lightweight there. Guen is still so naive and Ozil tired out in the second half. Hopefully, the board back Mikel; get him players he wants and let’s see. The signs are looking good so far, tbf.

Greg in Seattle

Guendouzi is not part of the next good Arsenal midfield.


We said the same about Ramsey too, then he left and we cried. So all I say is careful, he’s a young chap and has potential, however youre right that he shouldn’t be first team at the moment, it’s mad how much we are relying on youngsters


Lampard probably set up like that having watched the Bournemouth game. Then saw the actual line up, smelled blood and could’t wait to make that change and exploit our weakness.


Tim, shut up …


I won’t. I also respect other people’s opinion and don’t tell then to “shut up”


Sorry Tim, it’s just you’re being particularly miserable after what was already a very painful loss…let’s be honest no one was really ‘destroyed’ out there today. I think we did a lot right and we need to focus on the positives as well because there really were some considerable improvements.


I think we suffered immensely in midfield after the change. Also, I don’t dispute the fact that there were some positives and improvements. But I can’t help it, I don’t like when we let the opposition push us back, especially at home. I think when you let that happen and you concede, it’s kind of deserved. I probably sounded a bit too negative but that was my impression from watching the game today.


Dylan was right…


‘Tim, shut up… ‘Just happened to be most succinct way of expressing that…no serious offense intended 🙂


None taken all good.


Didnt you see the second goal? Look again; Mustafi is UTTERLY DESTROYED. Piss poor defending just as you’d expect.


You should because you’re a pessimist knob…


I thought we played great today for most of the game, and Chelsea would’ve been favoured if they managed only a draw. The result does not reflect the performance, real shame


Buy Some Fucking Defenders Already. For fucks sake.


Well tbh what could Arteta do about it? We are sorely lacking in the midfield department. Torreira once again was outstanding but Guendouzi really struggled. Ozil isn’t gonna drop in and make it 3 v 3. BADLY need midfield reinforcements.
Also to touch on Lacazette, he was once again disappointing. Just not looking sharp enough. Maybe drop him?


Drop him for who? Martinelli is still injured and unfortunately we don’t have another player On the bench who can knack a goal up top.


The alternative would be pepe, auba, and nelson starting. Pepe can score, we know that. Am looking forward to the first 90 minutes he gets under Arteta. Considering Laca’s lack of pressing today and therefore lack of contribution on the defensive end, the trade-off with Pepe starts to look much more attractive.

I’ve really liked Nelson these past two games and we should continue to reward his hard work and flashes of quality.


He could have given Pepe more than the last 10 minutes + overtime. Thats a start.


I think arsenal shouldn’t have sat back after going 1 up. Also I’d like to day Lacazette was like our habdbreak through out the game. He wasn’t at the races today. I wished Martinelli had been fit. Lacazette was the only one not pressing at the same intensity as others EVEN ozil pressed better than Lacazette in this game. There’s something wrong with Laca atm. Guendouzi needs more decipline talk. Saka is such an intelligent player didn’t even notice he wasn’t a proper lb playing. He’s adapted thanks to his intelligence. Chambers was a big loss. Threw our game off… Read more »


It’s the Christmas period where games come thick and fast. Without many options for rotation it’s to be expected that teams can’t play 100 mph every minute of every game.


Did we sit back Tim? I watched the Bournemouth match and 30 mins in most of the team were puffing and blowing. Arteta’s demanding constant drive and effort and put simply we are paying for Emery’s lack of understanding of the premier league. We were knackered come the hour mark and we are weeks away from getting to the level that Arteta is demanding. Our forward players worked their butts off chasing everything down. Be honest when did that happen under Emery? Er never. I’m gutted right now, whereas most of the season I’ve been fuming. I think Mikel will… Read more »


I think we did sit back. Probably a mix of fatigue and the fact that we surrendered in the midfield area.


This is what happens in football. You’re winning the game so you have less of the ball, notice how we started to clear the ball upfield more often at 1-0… It had little to do with the quality of the midfield.


The ref was spineless common problem in the premier league.

Runcorn Gooner

On a lot of the “Have your say” forums neutral fans say we have the most toxic anti fans.

When you read some of the comments on here you can see why and I expect a mass of down votes for this comment from them.

Reality check

What are you on about.. Jorginho should’ve been in the stands instead scoring their opener.. it’s a patched up defense, playing under a new manager, give it a break..


In typical Arsenal fashion, we manage to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory. Just feels like this team can’t do anything right.


Suckered 1-2 in the last ten minutes by the Chavs. Hard to think of a more fitting and decade-encapsulating result than that for our final home game of the 2010s.


Was galling walking up the Holloway Rd after the match alongside the chav morons braying in our ears. Honestly gutted that we lost.
We do need reinforcements and Chelsea have a deep squad despite their paltry transfer embargo. Jorghino should not have been on the pitch to score that goal but we were tiring. Will take time for Mikel to get what he wants but I’m backing him all the way. Loved much of what I saw in the first half.


I am going to focus on the positives: Captain’s performance from Auba today. He did everything Matinelli does that made us fall in love with him. Luiz played like he had a point to prove against his old club. He was immense. Arteta is going to love Torreira. He is a ‘mad’ dog. I admired the effort we put in today. But there’s still lots of work to be done and we need reinforcement in midfield ASAP! P.S. From here on, now going to support every team (except the spuds) when they play Chelsea till the end of the season.… Read more »


Torreira got brushed off in their first goal just like against bournemoth. But somehow people still refuse to see this just because he looks like a nice kid and run alot.


Even the commentator said this one of Torriera’s best game in an Arsenal shirt. Some of you don’t watch and analyze a game critically. It’s as though you watch players just looking for mistakes then you feast on them.


Doesn’t stop people for criticising mustafi who has been mostly playing well in this game. But oh well.


He was fouled for the first goal. You can tell because he was pushed, Jorginho’s arms stretch out in the direction of which Torriera then falls.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

@Henkamp, what about 7 point lost in three games? Do you think this is not important? What do you think, happens to relegated or bottom teams other than cumulated points lost?


I agree. The positives are there for all to see but this team is still so fragile that if it doesn’t start winning some matches the atmosphere could get toxic again.


My smouldering hate for every player in that Chelsea team is blistering right now… And fxxx those muggy fans, and that wankity wank stain of a referee. Honestly they did not deserve the win, not at all.


Totally agree. All i want and expect as a fan is as a minimum the players work their proverbials off and play for the shirt. We done that today. No lack of effort or desire. We are not as good as liverpool or city we know that, but we are better than we have been showing. If we show this much effort we will win more than we lose and with some good buys we could be a decent team. Most fans will except a period of transition if we play with this much passion. The fans were great again… Read more »


Amen to that!


24 points from 60..

Christ, we really, really need to win games. United next. Scared.

Paul Roberts

We will beat united with this new set up and also beat them in the final of the Europa League. You heard it here first COYG!!

Wilsheres Middle Finger

By which time we will hopefully have a shiny new midfielder and CB.


You can comment pure facts on this and dimwits who probably backed Emery right til the end will finger down


Yep. It’s very congested in mid table. But we desperately need a couple of wins or we are going to get sucked into the relegation scrap. It’s no good saying it can’t happen. It will if we don’t accumulate some 3 point results.


I mean…we’re 6 points off the relegation zone. If we’re not in a relegation scrap now then I don’t know what to say. Could be worse after the United match.


From the BBC – “It is the first time they have lost four consecutive home matches in all competitions since December 1959.”

Very, very worrying. This game against an unexceptional Utd., side is now crucial for both points and morale.


Jai, may as well be calm. More chance of winning the lottery than a top four finish but I fancy a much better second half to the season.


We will of course avoid relegation just by sheer quality.
Top four is out of question.
The second half is gonna be a long preseason.


Ref changed the game for sure. Jorginho should have been off.
But Arsenal decided the outcome.
Once again we lost because of lapses in concentration and not doing the basics

Hiiiii guys

We done the hard bit but not the easy bit. Good effort for most of the game. Wish Pepe had come on earlier.

Viva la prof

Good performance, sometimes you just have to laugh into the sky like a lunatic.


First half maybe – second half was about as supine as anything in the late Emery catalog.


No, Chelsea really didn’t make Leno make a save. The organisation was much, much better. Given the manager has only been in Situ for a week I think the performances are encouraging.


I’m guessing that didn’t come through in my “first half maybe”, but yes, I’m massively encouraged by the performances so far and I recognize that this will not be instant. I can hold that opinion and the opinion that the shot ratio in the second half was embarrassing – they don’t cancel each other out.


I do miss winning


Might be missing the top flight at current rate.

SB Still


So many times the saviour for Arsenal this season, Leno had a typical gunners GK moment!

We couldn’t respond to Lampard’s tactical changes towards the end of first half. Did we have the personal to?


ugh. I am writing off this season. Done. One of the worst Arsenal seasons I have ever experienced (if not the worst) and can’t wait for it to be over


This is what to expect for a long time to come. Believe me.


Willock should’ve been busting a gut when he came on, not jogging around casually. I thought the whole point of him coming on was to add freshness and press. Didn’t see any of that. Bringing on Pepe at 86 mins isn’t going to give him enough time to do anything either


well I am quite aware that this won’t get liked but our youth system seems to produce complacent pussies. as if it is too easy for them to get into the first team and very quickly after couple of games they don’t feel the urge to prove themselfes or put a shift in while running hard. just have a look at Martinely and compare it to any of the arsenal youth products (smith-rowe, saka, willock, nelson, AMN, bellerin). I know Saka is not left back but just for that second goal halfhearted running atempt I wouldn’t let him near the… Read more »


Saka ran his socks off and did well, Nelson was much, much better and looked more confident, Willock is a strange one, some fans love him but he seems a bit ineffectual to me, he’s still young so hopefully he improves.


Finally someone who really saw the second goal. Saka was absolutely no help there. He reached the penalty area when Willian pushed the ball too far out. At that point Saka should have been positioning himself to stop cut back, but looked like he was just satisfied to reach back and nothing else is needed anymore. Even after cutback should have tried to go goal side of Abraham. Was pure spectator there. Apart from that I must say for 18 year old, Saka was veryy good as LB! He is a real talent and definitely Arsenal’s future. Hopefully Arteta would… Read more »


You all know saka was nursing some kind of leg injury? SMH

Wilsheres Middle Finger

Willock looked like he drank 20 pints lastnight when he came on. Jogging around the place and fluffing a good shot. Not to be too critical as he is young but he needs to start making an impact again when he’s playing. He’s been very passive anytime he’s played lately.

Greg in Seattle

Two games running where the Willock-for-Ozil move has made us worse. I understand the thinking but I have no idea what Willock does well. I really thought in this case Arteta’d pull Guendouzi instead of Ozil to get another tactical yellow onto the field. Lampard essentially marked Ozil out of the game, because he was the best player on the field in the first half. We couldn’t do anything to punish them for that move, and we have no other means of creating from open play. Nelson was better than last week, but still a low-ceiling worker bee. I assume… Read more »


He’s not ready for top flight football. He needs to be loaned. Under norlam circumstances he shouldn’t even be in the first team yet. But because arsenal weakened the team in the summer when we thought actually strengthened we actually got weaker if you Compare the caliber of players that left and the caliber of players we have now and you’d realize we actually weakened our team. Iwobi is still miles better than Pepe willock is worse than Elneny, and Koscielny is miles better than luiz defensively and on top of that we lost nacho etc so basically we started… Read more »

Ray Middleton

How did Jorginho stay on the pitch when Pawson had booked Torreira for a similar foul and why were we not given a penalty and where was VAR for both decisions. IT’s a joke


Not sure what penalty you are talking about and nit sure VAR is to blame for the red card either. The ref just bottled it as per usual. I really don’t know how the players don’t completely lose their shit when basic decisions like that are bottled, I’d struggle to not choke him to the ground.


The play was right in front of him. He just “choose” not to card him. The inconsistent and almost capricious officiating in the PL is amazing. Greatest league in the world with the most below par officiating.


VAR unfortunately couldn’t have interfered with the Jorghinho decision, because VAR is not allowed to notify the ref in case he missed to give a yellow in the opinion of the VAR refs, even if it would be a second yellow and a send-off. VAR can interfere only if a yellow card is given to a wrong player or if the ref missed to give a clear straight red. In the case of Jorghinho it was obviously not a straight red, but it was still a shocking decision to not give him the second yellow and book Laca instead.


I know we lost, but this was more like the Arsenal I want to watch.


Officiating was terrible.


I guess he did well for those who paid him. And no, I don’t necessarily mean the FA or Premier League. (or whoever officially pays the ref’s salary there)


Really don’t see the second goal as anyone but Mustafi and Saka’s fault. Look at the replay. I don’t want to call out Saka because he’s young and being thrust into the spotlight for an inexperienced player being played out of position is unfortunate, but it goes to show how much we lack in squad depth


Would’ve been a different game if Chambers had managed the full 90. He was killing it up until his injury

Olivije Žirod

Mustafi was killing it too.


Well he sure killed the win with the way he allowed the player to turn and put the defence in a test of pace that was never going to end well. This isn’t my analysis it’s Lee Dixon’s who knows a thing or two about defending. Not entirely his fault absolutely. The mentality is still fragile, as soon as they started to second guess themselves the performance dropped off. But we do have something to build on. We need a top class defender, unlikely any will be available in January so we will have to tough it out until the… Read more »


Mustafi killed it at the end.

"Thierry Bergkamp

As soon as Willian ran past Saka, I knew what was coming.

Olivije Žirod

Saka and Mustafi at least tried. Look at Guendouzi.


So the truth is out…Olivije isn’t actually horrified by criticism of Arsenal players. He is horrified by criticism of Arsenal players when the criticism disagrees with his (doubtless perfect) opinion.
Guendouzi can be shockingly naive at times but lacking effort ? You’re an embarrassment mate.

Olivije Žirod

What Guendouzi did does constantly. It is not the lack of effort but the lack of awareness.


Well you should have said that then instead of saying he didn’t try


Did we watch the same game? Did you watch the second goal? Guendouzi was terrible. He gets beat for the header at the top of their box and then jogs back and throws his hands in the air at his defenders as they are being run at. Zero effort to try and get back to influence anything. You roast Ozil for this and Guendouzi does the same thing and it’s “he’s naive” ” he needs awareness”. He needs to not play for us again until he learns to not be shit. It’s no coincidence that our midfield is disjointed since… Read more »


Absolutely spot on!! As soon as I saw guendozi in the lineup I knew we’d lose this game.We have no control in the midfield when he starts.No positional awareness just runs around like a headless chicken.We desperately need a Cm in the transfer window.

Runcorn Gooner

To be fair they were exposed as we did our old trick of not covering properly when we mount an attack and get caught on the counter.

What a time for our best player of the season to drop a clanger.
We really didn’t deserve to lose unlike someone other matches.

By the way Xhaka thanks for all the bookings,sendings off and penalties conceded over the years now clear off.


Saka at his age should be able to run at least. As well as in Bournemouth he didn’t seem bothered. I am sure anyone, even a corner flag, would do a better job on.the left than Saka.


Really don’t understand why you’re turning on Saka. Look at yourself in the mirror, blaming 18 year olds doing an unfamiliar job is just cowardice.


The kid had pulled a muscle, pay close attention, he is a speedster unable to run.


Did anyone see saka injure his leg minutes before?

He obvious showed him limping runnin fb back when Willian got that separation from him


Mustaffi (or Luiz) should have been up Abrahams arse so he could foul him and stop the break. Naivety again from us on the break.


Call out Saka and then realize what almost certainly happened. He seemed to injure hamstring?? early in the game. He is one of our fastest players yet he was holding back and let Willian run away. You can see Saka limping at the end just as the shot is taken. The team played their asses off for manager and fans, full commitments all over the pitch. Things will improve, COYG!


What really is the expectation here when we are down to a third string CB and RB? We let those assholes back into the game with our own mistakes, but I think we need a bit of perspective considering who was out there, and the overall performance.


I’m really struggling to understand how that happened. We didnt deserve that at all.


We sat back. Invited pressure. Let them tear past our mid. Sounds familiar?

Olivije Žirod

We were in control. We did worse under Emery last season against them and you said it was masterclass. The difference is we had luck, today we didn’t.


Shit happens, just that with us it happens more regularly. A win would have lifted the morale of the players but that was another encouraging performance. If only the board grew a pair of balls earlier and didnt delay Arteta’s appointment we would have seen a much better side today. But these performance are encouraging.


We played Guendouzi. Enough said.


The team worked their hole off today and it still wasn’t enough against a poor Chelsea team at home who never even got out of second gear. We are in big trouble, and the Championship beckons.


Well done team! I am excited again to see you all play. Loosing is alright. Loved the intent. Onwards n upwards! Coyg


Finally a comment I can get behind! It sucks to lose but fuck me that was better. Instead of apathy from the previous regime, I’m heartbroken from the late loss, but actually feel something when watching games now!

We all said this would take a long time to improve, so don’t feel too downhearted! The green shoots are there and with time in training and a transfer window or two we can definitely be consistent over the 90 and start to get the positive, winning mentality back.

Good effort today, take positives, and onwards and upwards ?


And its Arsenal, Arsenal FC
Arteta is gonna make us the greatest team,
The world.has ever seen.



I’m right with you. In this case context is everything. Not too long ago Laca scored a goal that earned us a last minute draw. I felt miserable because i perceived it as earning Emery an undeserved reprieve to continue his Arsenal – destroying project. Today, although disappointed with the loss I am upbeat about the Arteta approach.


I agree with the general sentiment here, although right now watching them lose that game, that way, feels like a kick to the nuts. Actually two–one for each goal conceded.

Paul Roberts

Unlucky chaps, loads of improvement in all areas apart from the attack. Onwards and upwards…


The energy, passion, and structure was there. But how long will it last if we don’t get any results? There is nothing more demotivating than doing well and not getting results. Hope arteta still can up them. Also i hope arteta don’t become wenger-like in substitutions and be more proactive instead.


Shame, we should have won this, thought for a moment Willock has sealed it. Can’t blame Leno too much, he saved us many times before, it happens. Also, I think the foul by Lacazette before the goal was unnecessary.


Dammit, why can’t we be both good and lucky at least once in this horrible season?
We’ve endured so much shit this year…

Best of John Lukic

Devastating given how well we started but overall it’s hard to say we didn’t deserve to lose this. Couple of points: – Great to see how well organised we were, even defensively, and how hard we worked for each other – Saka on left back looks surprisingly good – We hardly have any players left. They’re all concussed or ramshackled or sulking wanting t leave. Almost impossible for Arteta to achieve immediate improvements under those circumstances, at Christmas of all times. – Very disappointing that Arteta had no response to Lampard’s 1st half substitution though. After they put on Jorginho… Read more »

Best of John Lukic

Oh, and forgot: Chelsea are pretty good. Let’s not forget that.

Mesut O’Neill

Hadn’t they lost 4 of their last 6?

Wilsheres Middle Finger

As if a team’s prior form every counts when they come to play Arsenal 🙁


Before the second half stated the commentator said, “Arsenal has not lost at home in nine years when leading at half time.” I thought, fuck, here it comes.

Ben Eagerbeaver

Another record broken. ?


Team dominated Chelsea till Lampard added an extra midfielder. could have seen it out but we didn’t. For me this game and the United one are a write off.

I want to see this kind of performance in the games after.


we lost the mid-field battle.Defense i have no issues.It was leno’s turn to be shit anyways.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

We lost 3 points. That’s the bottom line not defensive or midfield battle that means nothing in the end.


Really disappointing result. Think we defended far too deep and were inviting them onto us. Auba was excellent the way he constantly tracked back. Ozil was good too.


Mustafi showing his Arsenal career in a microcosm. Came in, did well, got out hopes up, then started defending like a coward, clueless backpeddling, almost always leading to a conceded goal.

OTOH, Laca looked very tired by the 80th minute, I felt Mikel should’ve subbed him off. It was his clumsy foul that led to Chelsea’s first goal. It was coming.


Guendozi was bloody jogging how many times has he done that this season when we are clearly in danger. This must be the 5th time he has done that leading directly to a goal. Mustafi made the right call if saka had the legs they could have defended that at least they tried guendozi just casually strolls back.


The second goal was a collective failure. But at the end of the day the defenders have to take responsibility and make decisive tackles. It was 2 v 2 for Chrisake, not 4 v 1. Mustafi neither took responsibility or got close enough to any of Chelsea attackers. It’s simply not good enough. And this has nothing to do with Guendouzi.


Nothing to do with Guendouzi? Are you for real? He cost us the second goal. Loses the header at their box, jogs back and yells at his defenders while doing it. Never mind the silly fouls and stupid shit he pulls every game and somehow seems to get away with. He is terrible. The sooner is out of our starting line up the better.


Nothing to do with Guendouzi. Regardless of Guendouzi’s lack of tracking back, Mustafi should’ve been more decisive. Guendouzi’s mistake does not excuse Mustafi’s. That’s my POV.


I understand your POV, but without Guendouzi having a shocker Mustafi isn’t in that position. Mustafi’s mistake stems from Guendouzi and to put blame solely on Mustafi is unfair. I honestly thought Mustafi was good until then. He was committed, made good clearances on crosses. It’s hard on him to blame him for the goal when the headless chicken in front of him puts him in that spot. I honestly have never rated Mustafi, going back to him being pulled into the German national team. This isn’t about favourites, it’s about sorting out our problems and in this game, Guendouzi… Read more »


give it up mate. guendozy is not english, hence he is to blame. no one seems ever to see any shortcomings of the british core here. And that is what makes me visit this site less and less. they seem to have a an inclination for eloquent young chaps that can talk the talk but can not walk the walk! tierney is great, kola is shit, willock.is great xhaka is shit, chambers is great luise is shit, saka is great guendozy is shit, peppe is shit nelson is great and Arsenal keeps droping more and more points while these young… Read more »


I think this is a pretty ridiculous comment to be honest. It doesn’t matter where you come from. If you can play you can play. If you’re shit you’re shit. If we look at what’s going on with the young players in our team, Willock is way off the pace and shouldn’t be coming on. Nelson had a decent game today but is unconvincing and shouldn’t be playing. Guendouzi is worse than both of them combined. Of our young players the only ones that I see having a decent future are Martinelli and Saka.

Jean Ralphio

Our best opening to a game this season? Disappointed with Lacazette and Nelsons performance. Can’t blame Arteta’s approach. He doesn’t have many options ATM. I think we had one or two breaks we should have made more of. Guen’s early yellow was silly but he did ok. I’ve written off this season but our approach is better and with no injury crisis I think we could have won this.


I hope that Chambers will be fine. I don´t want another serious injury after what happened to Holding and Bellerin. That would be such a fuckin.g bad luck. That fuckin.g referee isn´t strong enough for not pulling the red from his fuckin.g pocket when he should have, it has to be said. With 11 against 10 I felt we would have won it. I was still disappointed how we let them dominate us for long periods of the match especially after we took a lead. I hope that additions in CB and CM positions are already lined up as Arsenal… Read more »


Never ever wanted Arteta to play for us. Was really disappointed when we signed him in the first place and now we made the same mistake again. Just a mediocre player who thought that he might be a good manager. And now we are stuck with him for how long i dont know. Probably until he drags ut down into relegation. It will be hard to justify the high ticket prices from now on. Poor Leno, poor Auba and most of all poor Pepe. And Mustafi makes Pascal cygan look like Beckenbauer.


Chill, its only his 2nd game in. A lot of us have lost patience but we have no other choice really. At least for this season


Yeah i know. We have no choice. Thats it. Im not mad or angry or anything. I have just resigned. Hes not good enough for Arsenal. Never was and never will be. He should have stayed in Guardiolas shadow as long as he could. Now hes eternal mediocrity will be exposed once again.

tanned arse

You seem to be watching but not really ‘seeing’. I think we’ve struck gold with arteta


The gold has turned to sand


2 games in and you are acting like a little bitch already.


not really. just watch and then tell me im wrong. im not.


Just go away, will you. With “friends” like you…


No. just telling the truth.


He’s allowed to have an opinion, one which many Arsenal supporters shared when Arteta was being touted as a possible replacement for Emery. No doubt patience is needed, but our team need to wake the fuck up because the results are trash and we can’t wait around for our team to finally click in April when we’re in the bottom 3.


Yeah! For example, our record signing is sitting at the bench and is made to play for like 10 minutes. For me, thats redicilous. Almost an insult to him. If that was me, i would refuse to come on and hand in a transfer request the day after that. And we dont even have a first 11. Our defence is below championship standards. If we avoid relegation and Manu and Spurs finish outside top 4 its a great season for me.

tanned arse

If pepe had an attitude like that then we’d be best off without him. I’m assuming he doesn’t and will understand the first ‘non negotiable’ in order to play is also an essential requirement in order to be a top team. That being to work hard with and without the ball. I like pepe. Think he’ll be great for us but lets make sure good standards are set NOW. Then both the club and player will benefit


Problem for me is we have a lot of players in the starting line up that we would be a lot better without to 10 minutes is an insult to the player he is. I say lets have a clear out and invest heavy for next season. Just avoid relegation this year, go allin for the europa cup and reload for next season.


Did you watch the first half? Or are you a computer that generates opinions solelybased on final results? Is this a Turing test?


No i have cancelled my ppv a long time ago. Wont put my money into the pockets of the owners and out current football is not worth paying for. Just followed the live feed. Im generating opinions on the fact that im right. Im the fist to admit that i was wrong if proven so though. Which wont happen in this case.

Eboue's step over

How did Klopp do in the league in his first season?


Absolute fucking injustice. A point would have flattered Chelsea; instead they’ve gone and taken all three. And to just rub salt in the wounds, the man who scored the equaliser shouldn’t have been on the pitch. I usually try to be sympathetic to referees as it’s a much harder job than it looks, but Craig Pawson saw exactly what Jorginho did and simply bottled sending him off. There’s simply no defending that kind of officiating. From our side, it was a great performance. First 30 minutes were the best I’ve seen this season, but unfortunately it’s going to take time… Read more »


How would a point have flattered Chelsea? They were the better team over the 90 minutes.

"Thierry Bergkamp

Definitely some improvement from Arteta in a short space of time. Give him time, a few windows and we’ll be alright.

Up North

We did a lot of good today and lot of promises for the future with a team full of youngsters. On the downside, cowardly referee and a team not well trained physically


Yeah. Youngsters who might be good players in a good championship team.


Much as I acknowledge the improvements, the result compels me to seek counselling and a support group…


Can’t blame Leno for the goal, he’s been our best player by far this season. Btw, wasn’t it Nelson who gave a speech to the guys before the whistle? I didn’t see Auba’s lips moving… Isn’t he supposed to be our captain? And please, no more Guendouzi… he should be ashamed to have jogged back for the second goal! No pace, no envy, nothing, just let his teammates do the work! Now some can blame Mustafi, of course, Mustafi… but Guendouzi didn’t do one single thing to track back and help! And DO NOT tell me he is young !… Read more »


Couldn’t agree more. He was shocking and has been shocking since he became the heir apparent to our midfield. He lost the header at their box and then jogged back and threw his hands in the air at our defenders while they were trying to defend. He is terrible.


One win in fifteen games. Our only hope this year is to try & avoid relegation & somehow win the Europa.

I really want to see some investment in January if possible & some bad eggs like Xhaka sold.

No one is too good to go down.

Glen Helders left foot

We’re certainly not too good to go down because we’re not any good, we are shit


100% everything you said. It’s fine to take positives away from this match, but again this is a match that we lost that we really needed to win. And make no mistake, like you said we’re literally trying to avoid relegation at this point and have some really tough matches coming up.


I know we will blame the referee to a certain extent. But we lost the game because we lost the initiative after Chelsea switched the formation. Add to that, missing out on chances to score when Chelsea were vulnerable meant that we were always one goal away from trouble. We really have a very poor midfield. Ozil got nullified after Jorginho came on. Torreira runs a lot but gets bumped of so easily. Look at the first goal. What kind of marking was he doing on Jorginho? We really need an overhaul here. Loss of Chambers and Mustafi’s injury didn’t… Read more »


While the signs were encouraging from the intense pressing at the start. I think this was more to do with the Chelsea’s shape because immediately after changing it, they pretty much controlled the match. This was an illustration of Arteta’s inexperience because his half time team talk contributed to us sitting back scared to build play. It was a desperate 45 minutes of boot the ball long and hope. Not good. I know Ozil was tiring, but Willock does nothing for me, he isn’t very quick, roams about in the wrong positions, isn’t a great passer and his wonder strike… Read more »

Wright Wright wright

Disappointing result again… promising signs… it is worth remembering that Bellerín, tierney, holding and from this game are all out… that’s at least 3 of 4 of our starters.
We don’t have our main defence yet… maybe after that we can get some solidity


Can’t fault the players performance today. Unfortunately it as to be for 90 mins. And we need to learn to kill off the opposition. Arteta is driving us in the direction. We will get our old Arsenal back.


Where is VAR for the second yellow by jorginho?


Not allowed to be used for yellow cards, even if it’s a second.


Keeping up the early intensity was always going to be an impossible task.

If Willock takes his chance? Or the ref does his job?…
The game swings in a different direction.

Losing always hurts, but it hurts a little less when I feel the players have given everything.

It’s no secret we lack quality and balance, but when players put that level of effort in, you’re in with a punchers chance.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this group threw Arteta under a bus at some point though.


We lost our shape after Chambers went off. Similar to last season, relying on defenders who don’t communicate is asking for trouble.

Let’s hope Holding is back for the next game!


Nah… we were still good through first half with Mustafi-Luiz super combination. BUt we lost it second half as we dropped pressing higher up and got panicky, did not connect enough between midfield and forward line, got wasteful with opportunities.

Mr. Gordon. Phillips

No one seems to have made the point that we don’t have enough players who can score. No goals from the midfield ever and Willock had the easy chance to become a hero and blew it.


Again we lack options at the moment.

Pepe is a dud.

Nelson hardworking and started bc of off ball effort but lacks experience. Saka also could have gone down the line more for Auba, we could have done with a Kolasinac.

Martinelli seems to be carrying a knock. We did not have Granit to ping in accurate long balls (Those from Mustafi and Luiz were wanton)

Its what we get. a struggling team carrying a bit too much inexperience leads to lack of sharpness up top.