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Freddie: Ozil was injured, but I wouldn’t have picked him anyway

Mesut Ozil missed another away game up north with an injury, but had he been fit he would not have been included in the squad according to Freddie Ljungberg.

Speaking after the 0-0 draw with Everton at Goodison Park, the interim head coach revealed that the German’s behaviour when substituted against Man City last weekend would have seen him disciplined had he been available for selection.

Ozil reacted poorly to being taken off, kicked his gloves away in an open show of dissent, and to Ljungberg that behaviour was unacceptable.

“For me, I got asked after the game about Mesut,” said Freddie.

“He walked off the pitch and then kicked his gloves. The fans were not happy.

“I got asked about it and said, ‘At Arsenal, that’s not how we behave and not what we do’.

“I stand by that. Mesut was injured but I would not have picked him for the squad because I want to make a stance that it’s not what I accept from an Arsenal football player.

“That’s my decision. I won’t make the decisions again but that’s what I think.”

The ball is now very much in Mikel Arteta’s court, this will be an issue for him to deal with going forward, and at his introductory press conference on Friday he said it was one of the challenges he faces.

“He’s a massive player for this football club,” said the new head coach.

“I work with him and I know when he clicks, what he can bring to the team. It’s my job to get the best out of him, of course.”

Ozil has been linked strongly with a move to Turkish side Fenerbahce in recent days, but we’ll have to see what role Arteta envisions for him in his squad.

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Just get rid of him ASAP by any means possible. Need the money from his wages distributed into other areas of the pitch.

Bould's Eyeliner

I really disagree with this current dissatisfaction of Ozil’s play for Arsenal. I think he needs to stay, and his best form came when he had Arteta and Ramsey alongside him. Right now, Gendouzi and Xhaka/Torreira more or less fulfill the same conditions as 2013-14, Ozil is a slightly better player since then imo (range/variability, a little more consistent/resilient through challenges), and Arteta is probably in the best position to know Ozil’s needs from behind on the pitch out of any manager right now.

If Arteta was appointed, it means, imo, that Ozil’s staying.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Let the cleansing begin…


I’d call it a purge


It’s time to part ways with mesut.

Hiiiii guys

It’s time for fans like you to part ways with Arsenal. Mesut Ozil is a lot better then SMITH ROWE NELSON WILLOCK. Some fans wish they could blame him for today but he didn’t play. It was one of the worst Arsenal performances attacking wise. I nearly fell asleep on multiple occasions.


When Ozil has left Arsenal, I’ll be supporting the players that remain like the ones you mention Smith-Rowe, Nelson and Willock.
Maybe you support Ozil more that Arsenal. In that case, you might be following Fenerbahce soon.


Correct. It is about time Ozil was called out for his petulance. Any professional should know better than to behave in that manner; particularly one of his experience and standing.

Reality check

“When Ozil has left Arsenal, I’ll be supporting the players that remain like the ones you mention Smith-Rowe, Nelson and Willock.”

Haha who are you kidding, you’ll find someone else to complain about, complainers can’t help it..


Very true. Guys like Spinner will ask for new signings to reflect that Arsenal is a big club because Smith-Rowe, Nelson and Willock are not good enough.


I will too. But lets face it. None of the players you mentioned will ever be 50 % of the player Ozil is. They are just some youngsters with a bit of talent that might get them into a starting line up for a midtable team. Which we have become thanks to a plot of bad moves regarding managers and signings. Too bad he has the attitude he seems to have.

Mo mo mo

“50% of the player Ozil was”.

There. Corrected it for you. And I still disagree.


Ozil has 10 years on those players and is a World Cup winner. It is fair to hold him to a higher standard. When senior players throw temper tantrums, it affects the whole team. I didn’t like it when Alexis did it either and was glad to see him go as a result.


Yeah, fan of Ozil, but I’m fed up with this ‘you should be angry’ when you’re subbed bullshit. The commentators are the worst for that. How about you act professionally, take a seat, and realise you had your chance when on the actual pitch?

Bould's Eyeliner

There’s nothing wrong with both sides of this, and it’s just soundbyte to keep us all wondering too much about the real issue concerning him: Can he make use of Aubameyang and Lacazette at the same time? If he can do that, starting Boxing Day on, I would bet money that nobody will remember he’s on 350,000 wages with such negativity…

Bould's Eyeliner

my point being is that every starter is pissed at being subbed against the force of play at 62″. People in the UK are just more stoic than the average nation–it’s an attractive quality there. “Quite.”

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Don’t feed the troll


I think it’s harsh to suggest that Özils mom looks like a troll, although she is probably quite hairy. Just let her post. She will be gone together with her boy. Hopefully very soon.


you disgust me


No player is bigger than a club!
No employee is bigger than the organization that employs them.

Pépé Le Pew

I liked the game today. There was a lot of heart and stubbornness and some terrific passage of play at times.


Mesut is a senior pro on 350k a week and the fact your argument is he is better than two kids, one of which was making his PL debut is pretty weak stuff. He has had a run in the side and contributed as much as ESR did in todays game. Equally, this post is about his attitude. Freddie 100% correct to call him out on his behaviour and make sure he didnt just protect his image with his PR machine by being ‘injured’ again when he would have been dropped. Better for everyone if he leave as soon as… Read more »


That’s our Freddie a true club LEGEND, doing us one last good deed before he moves to somewhere else: calling out the senior players, not for their lack of quality per say, but their shitty attitude. Our club, any club, needs these kind of players to step up, lead by example when things turn tough, and not a single one of ours has had the personality to do so. Shame on Ozil, xhaka, auba (off late), Laca. When the going got tough, they’ve all, every single one of them, behaved in a piss poor manner. None of them as they… Read more »


God bless you man…. this is by far d most intelligent replied I’ve read all day as regards d situation. Others can fuck off with Ozil. We have too many luxury players…. get them off and get hungry players.




Seriously wtf is it with Ozil fan boys?

Reality check

You don’t have to hate or boo your own players you know.. it really depends from person to person..


reality check. i never booed him. nothing in my comment suggested i did. calm down.

Arsenal 12

Ozil is the worst player in premier league now! wake up and move on


That’s ridiculous.

He’s not what the club needs, but that’s just a false statement.

For fucks sake, people throw around stupidity like ‘fanboy’ and then put up fantasies like this.

That’s a perspective way out of whack.


Ozil is a spoilt brat who doesn’t give a sh1t about AFC

Dave cee

It is not only about performance, altho he hasn.t done anything to shout about in years. He is however a petulant, spoiled, selfish player and not the type of character we need around the club. Martin Samuel had it right with his nicking a living comment years ago

Hiiiii guys

I hope Freddie goes to Malmo. I don’t want him to have anything to do with Arsenal. Glad Arteta has come.

Hiiiii guys

I reckon Freddie is jealous of players like Ozil and Pepe who play in a similar position to Ozil did. I promise you Ozil and Pepe have already been better then Freddie ever was. Freddie looked that amazing because the players alongside him were amazing. Freddie I hope you leav the club in all capacities.


Have you started watching football this year by any chance?

Hiiiii guys

Nope. I was watching it when the invincbles were around. I’m 27. I remember when Rooney dived against us at Old Trafford and we lost 2-0. I remember the good old days when Henry would tear teams about like Leeds in particular. Our current number 14 is nothing like Hebert in terms of talent.

Petit's Handbag

Hebert, Lounge Parlour, Bagpipe and pirates. How I miss these players


Technically Henry was our number 12 when he tore Leeds apart. He was back from America on loan. Kind of a weird example to pick given he spent a good few seasons tearing all manner of teams apart.

Crash Fistfight

Bit weird to remember a game where he came on as a sub and scored 1 to help us scrape past Leeds instead of the time he scored 4 against them (when he was still the number 14).

Not sure how the OP thinks Freddie wasn’t as good as Pepe or Ozil though, considering the importance of some of his goals (and his goal-scoring run in 2002 in particular).

Yolo Toure

I heard Danny Mills spends his days still looking for Henry

Hiiiii guys

@helder Hughes fistfight
Henry*** and I’m talking about Henry 1st stint when he destroyed Leeds at Highbury. Not when Song played an amazing through ball. Are some Arsenal fans just plain stupid. Here is a link to the many confused. This is the Arsenal I LOVE

Paul Roberts

27 eh? Just a pup then.


I’m 57 – and have supported Arsenal for 50 of those years. Way better, and worse, than these past few seasons. It’s all – always – about perspective, and the bigger picture.
You’re 27… and it shows. Watch, think, learn.

House of goons

I’m 53 and 1/4 and I’m all growds up and I’m all growds up. Oh! I’m the asshole? I’m the asshole?? pPEACE

Goon Squad

Ha! Swingers! I love that movie.


What an idiot!


Yeah. You are correct. First Bergkamp carried Freddie into the right position before making the killer pass. He would never ever have to do those darting runs into the box. I dont rate arteta at all, not as a player who would carry us and probably not as a manager too but saying Ozil has been better than Freddie is just dumb.


Freddie was a great player but at his peak Ozil was a superior player.


Maybe he was Martin……..but the obvious point you are missing is that Freddie made himself absolutely the best player he could have been during his career…and he thinks standards at Arsenal should be such that every player does the same. Has Ozil done so? Not even close.


This is d most stupid comment of the year. Freddie jealous of who???? Freddie is an invicible.

Dave cee are in contention for the most dickish comment ever posted on arseblog news!


You’re hilarious


Hi Sp*rs fan.. gonna suck mourinho’s dick tonight?

Hiiiii guys

Nothing like Henry. As I live in Manchester was going to go to the game in the Everton stand but I’m glad I didn’t pay £45 to watch this drivel.


I’m sure other Arsenal fans were glad you didn’t attend the game too.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Don’t feed the troll


That on the other hand i agree with. Wouldnt pay a penny to watch this shit and put money in the owners pockets.

Hiiiii guys

Listen I’m one of few Arsenal fans who always says it how it is. I refuse to accept this level of mediocracy. I REFUSE. I refuse to accept 3 out of our top 5 players Laca Ozil Pepe not starting because Freddie worked his socks off as a footballer but still an 80% effort Ozil is more effective.


Sounds a bit petty from FL. Özil was disappointed and basta, nothing to shout about and many fans applauded him when he left. I wonder how long Xhaka would have been sidelined… 3 months? And is it the behaviour of an Arsenal player to shout at the ref (Xhaka)? To engage a dangerous tackle (Musti, luiz…)? To write F*** Boris (Bellerin)? To like comments against his coach and partner (Auba)? To show off in luxurious car or to interact with Arsenal fan TV ?(Auba again)… Poor Freddie… I’m sure he never over-reacted after being substituted or?


If Bellerin wrote ‘Fuck Boris’ as you say, then I fucking love that dude even more!

I fully back Freddie on his would he stance btw. I’d like to think Mr Arteta would have done the same.

Hiiiii guys

Freddie is full of favouristm and wants to stay in the headlines. Ozil and Pepe are better then Freddie ever was. He was the weakest link in the invincible s season. He wasn’t a great dribbler of the ball like Pepe. He wasn’t a great at putting in killer through balls like Ozil. I really don’t think he will be a top manager at any league team.


Not remotely petty. Standards have not been high enough at Arsenal for a long time & Freddie is making clear that as long as he is involved that will be addressed. 100% the right decision. It’s ridiculous that this is even being debated.


Yo mr with no nick, stop spamming. We heard your opinion, you don’t have to jump on everyone. You love Ozil we get that, we like him too, but we love Arsenal more and so does Freddie.
Respect your coach and the Club you play for.

Hiiiii guys

I really think Ozil is being targeted he is definetly one of our best players. He needs some love and support from fans and manager. I think Arteta will get him playing a lot lot better and you fans will eventually get off his back well most of use.


No, he wasnt great at putting in killer passes. He was great ad being at the other end of them, not caring if someone mauled him in the process. And he was great at finishing. Do you get how hard it is to find someone like that?


Ozil is a link player , Freddie was actually at the business end scoring goals and burning the flanks with his incredible runs. Lee dixon said his career was extended by 2 years because the defensive work Freddie put in.
His performance in a 10 man arsenal in the champions league final nearly had me in tears, though he was being fouled dirty by soem barca fucker. Imagine ozil ever putting on that kind of effort in a big game. As for pepe being better than freddie, at this stage, you have to be joking. Your comment is absurd.


This is a side point, but we had no weak links in our invincible season.


Martin, A Different George….

Where are you lads?

Are you not going to coming out and defend your inconsistent, lightweight and disinterested hero?

Or are we past that point already?

Ozil is finished at the top level, suck it up snowflakes ?


’snowflakes’??! Oh FFS. Just no.
I hope blogs bans that word.


To the “fans” defending Özil shame on you. Shame on you indeed! Sure, behave like a spoilt brat once, maybe even twice, but Özil does it consistently and the toxic behaviour is, in my opinion, classless, immature and importantly, unprofessional. It’s not the Arsenal Way. Freddie has been like a relief teacher walking into a classroom of unruly shitty Year 9 boys and what a splendid job he did. I tip my hat 🙂 .

Reality check

Consistently bad behaviour? Like when? Care to give a few examples? When fans don’t like a player everything he does is seen as negitive.. Xhaka and Ozil get booed for walking off, not a single word for Laca when he did it.


“I’m sorry for Mesut Özil’s behaviour’ – Wenger, 2017. Google his antics and get with “Reality”. All the best.


When he kicked a door at Spurs after we lost? Back when Chamberlain was still an Arsenal player? every 2 and a half years is consistent? If a player has two bad games in that space, would you say they are consistently terrible? Ozil has his many flaws but he isn’t a trouble maker. Its probably the annoying part of him that he doesn’t show anger or aggression enough. For me he should be that angry after every loss and show the young players that losing isn’t acceptable. Its a shame that his personality has to be questioned just to… Read more »


Lol, you don’t tell your own team Doctor to f-off as well that’s beyond immature, however, I am not going to walk you through it Devlin, you are obviously an insightful individual and one can merely search on this site alone to see the many indescretions. Fact: Wenger ended up defending him, Emery did not want to play him and Freddie justified that in his honest statements regarding him. Why? Not because he is not a fantastic player, but because his attitude is below par of what Arsenal expect and accept. Oh, you may like to read what Real Madrid… Read more »


What tf are you talking about? Apart from the dissent towards Lujnburg he clearly mouthed “you’re not a coach” to Emery only a few months ago. He was clearly caught on camera dissing Emery to his face in training. He never, ever sprints when pressing, he’s a lazy fuck with a weak mentality. it’s the reason Real Madrid let him go in the first place.


You either leave on a free transfer as a Hero or sign a contract extension to see yourself become a Villain ?
He was one of the best cams in the world but sadly this team can’t rely upon him. It does look like his exit is the only best way for all parties.

Venga Bus


Hiiiii guys

Goodbye to Freddie not Ozil. Freddie is desperate to stay in headlines as long as he can. Some Arsenal fans are like sheep. Who shall We hate this week to keep us busy. AFTV make more valid points then some of the gibberish I’ve seen here.


All the “gibberish” youve seen on here are your own comments. Freddie is a legend and any true Arsenal fan knows that

Reality check

Freddie is an invincible so he’s a legend by default but he jumped ship when the going got tough. His exact reason was “lack of ambition” when he joined West Ham. Some people have weak memories..


Or we remember very well. Some could say he was proved correct


Jog on troll


Freddie is desperate to stay in the headlines but AFTV are making valid points. What the fuck are you smoking, dude? Freddie was, is and will always be a legend. AFTV is nothing but embarrassing.

Petit's Handbag

If we can’t get rid of this lad let him sit at home and play playstation. Chap had the world at his feet, we loved him to bits but he is, to quote a famous poet, a geebag.


Geebag – my favourite insult, hadn’t heard it in years ! Thanking you sir.

Petit's Handbag

Also, on a side note, can we keep up the AFTV chants for upcoming games. Let’s get some positivity back around the place by eradicating that plague of vermin

Reality check

There was negitivity before AFTV and there will still be negitivity if they are no more. Just scroll up this comment section, Arsenal fans love hating their players and knocking them down.

The Kolkata Gooner

I don’t see anything wrong with AFTV. They are technically doing the same thing as Arseblog News. A forum for fans expressing their opinion.

Reality check

Exactly, there is definitely more negitivity at Arseblog than AFTV


How come the only “opinion” I hear on AFTV is toxic, non-constructive kind?

The Kolkata Gooner

There is constructive criticism. They have a whole tactical segment. They have a segment with a former player (Kevin Campbell). Fans are passionate, just like the they are over here, and everywhere else. When the team plays well, people say good things. Just like here. When the team is shit, people criticise. Just like here. Frankly I do not see the difference between Arseblog News and AFTV that people are so perceptive of over here. I just think they’ve been antagonised because they’ve become more popular than some of the traditional media channels. Fan channels have really started to hit… Read more »

Right across Sunderland!

Agreed. The only reason I dislike Aftv is because Robbie interviews the same clowns every week. For clicks (money). Let’s have it right.

What makes DT some kind of fucking expert, for example? He’s on the podcasts they do and on loads of their videos. Can’t be doing with him. I don’t t mind Graham, Lee Judges and Kenny Ken though. All older boys. The rest of them are mostly attention seeking gobshites.

Btw, what anti AFTV songs were being sung?


How tf can you hear anything but that considering the last decade we have just had after all the BS, lies and fake promises!?
The club is toxic mate, not AFTV!


I think Freddy was correct to pick younger players for off ball work. Ozil, Pepe all liabilities when it comes to that. As is, thought Auba could have done better too. He needs to create his own opportunities. No point saying he is starved of service. Watching City-Leicester, Vardy peels wide to create his own opportunities. Also takes on players with pace. I’m not sure I am seeing this legendary pace of Auba and his control can many times be rather atrocious or passing slack. BUT felt Freddy should have started Guendouzi instead of Smith-Rowe. The youngster did OK but… Read more »


I agree with you mostly but Auba made so many intelligent runs that were never rewarded with a pass. That’s his forte, old dogs and new tricks and all that. Nobody could make those intelligent passes.


If we want to play a pressing style (like it appeared today) then Ozil on the pitch will not work that with that style. We obviously need a rebuild and I would prefer to see the cleaning house begin ASAP.


Why is Ozil not able to press? I remember us pressing successfully under Arsene with Ozil in the side. Emery cant say shit because he never even set his team up to press, he just wanted headless chickens to chase the ball in front areas and exposed our defence. So never having set up Arsenal as a consistent pressing side, why is it generally accepted that Ozil cant press? Whenever we tried it he was able to press, so why cant he do it now? Blogs likes this narrative a lot and it has no basis in reality, just how… Read more »

Olivije Žirod

For everyone who disagree with you should just watch a few games in the first half of the 2016/17 season when we were counter pressing and pressing.


Anyone who can’t see that Özil is enjoying his retirement at our expense is deluded.

Yes, he was a mercurial playmaker and a World Cup winner, but it’s no coincidence every Head Coach we’ve had has found him to be a prima-donna. The last time he played to his potential in an Arsenal shirt was last season against Leicester at home. That’s not good enough for someone we’re so heavily invested in. It’s sad, but it’s time to cut our losses and move on.

Olivije Žirod

Fans always need a scapegoat but as long as they will then they will never see the true problems. Not so long ago we had a midfield of Xhaka, Cazorla, Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Chamberlain, Oxlade, Iwobi and a forward of Sanchez, Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott… All of them could play and hold up the ball in the final 3rd. We sold everyone of them apart from Ozil and Xhaka. Now he have a midfield that can’t create neither defend, a striker who is a world class finisher but useless when it comes to holding up the ball and linking the play,… Read more »

Olivije Žirod

Maybe you will understand me that I am criticizing everybody apart from Ozil here. I am not criticizing anybody. I want to say we need players who will connect all together and help where we lack the quality.

Adam Guillette

We love you Freddie,
Because you bench the whiners,
We love you Freddie,
Because you coach the minors…


Arteta might well bring us back to the big time! what he won’t do is change Ozil workrate/attitude, so as we don’t have the spine, ball possession or off the ball defensive structure to afford for Ozil to play, he gone! Time to goooozil!!! Welcome to the future!


He’s right. Players like Ozil, Auba and Pepe are far too casual and lack off ball work ethic. In Auba’s case he does chase the ball down but he does not move for the ball enough or protect the ball well enough. Which is why the selection was mainly on hard working younger players willing to execute plan to the T. But we over did it. I thought we could have had Guendouzi on in a higher role instead of the raw Smith-Rowe to better provide support to Auba. And I thought Laca should have come on minute 60 in… Read more »


As mentioned as well, Emre can surplus to requirement at Juve. Bayern one of the teams with a nose for him (swap deal) If we want to give Arteta a fighting chance (BC Sanlehi did not give Emery the Cback and CM we needed), we should be looking at him seriously regardless of whether Granit or Torreira stay. Thought Granit was decent today (Does the Arteta thing when the Spaniard was with us). But both Torreira and him were tighter defensively at expense to a bit more adventure going forward. Torreira had that one good break toward the end I… Read more »


With Freddie on that. When a player like Ljungberg whose done one hundred times more for the club than Ozil has says that, I hink you have to listen. Ozil might think he is above it, but Ljungberg is a bigger player and profile at this club and he’s telling him. Drop the attitude or leave, Mesut.


I loved Freddie as a player but at his peak Ozil was a class above him. His creativity when he joined helped us to start winning trophies again.

Right across Sunderland!

If Freddie and Ozil were both in their primes, I think Freddie would cost more.

Would be an interesting poll. Who would you prefer in your team, a peak Freddie or Ozil?

I’d predict a landslide win for Freddie tbh, but I could be wrong.

I'm 14 Again

Interesting. I think peak Ozil is a steal. I mean, we’re talking Ozil here. Did you see him at Bremen? Madrid with Di Maria and CR7? Insane!

Freddie is an invincible so it’ll be close. By no means a landslide win


what i said was that freddie was a bigger player for us and gace us more than ozil did. thats different from saying that he was better than ozil. im not even sure how you would even approach tackling a question like that. but freddie was more imortant for us by a country mile.

Right across Sunderland!

He’ll get a chance under Arteta. However, if he doesn’t adapt (Aguero did at a similar age so what’s Ozil’s excuse going to be?) then I’m going to hold Arteta to his ‘ruthless’ comments (and reputation). I will say that it’s easier to be ruthless at City. If a player shows petulance/lack of effort, then benching/ releasing him and then replacing him with another world class player is easy. We can’t really do that in most cases. I just wonder what would happen if he got ruthless with our bigger names and the players revolted? Would the board back him… Read more »


I wouldn’t have any problem with Ozil’s behaviour if he was making the difference in games. However, even if he was the lowest earner, there have been so few contributions since Alexis left and it is sometimes like having 10 players on the pitch.


Arsenal has carried Ozil as much as he has carried us. I would like us to be a football team again. not a bloody PR machine.

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