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Report: Malmo want Ljungberg to be new head coach

According to, Malmo are lining up Freddie Ljungberg to become their next head coach.

The Swedish club parted ways with Uwe Rosler last week and have apparently made contact with the 42-year-old in the hope of luring him back home.

Freddie has been holding down the head coach position at the Emirates since Unai Emery was sacked a few weeks ago but if this is true – and it’s hard to verify at this point – it looks as might be opting against being part of Mikel Arteta’s staff in favour of going solo.

Ljungberg previously coached Arsenal’s under-15s and under-23s and was assistant to Andries Jonker during a short spell with Bundesliga side Wolfsburg. He moved up to the Gunners first team in the summer.

We’d obviously be very sad to see Freddie leave the club given he only returned 18 months ago, but we can understand why he’d make that decision. He obviously backs himself. We’ll keep you updated if we hear more.

Arsenal are expected to confirm Arteta’s appointment imminently.

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Kanu Believe It



In my opinion moving to malmo might be beneficial in the long run. I still believe Freddie should have been given the arsenal job till the end of the season and judged by then. Let Freddie take the top job somewhere with less pressure, hone his craft and who knows…

One thing that I noticed with the current squad is that Freddie management style already created rifts with some players. Why force Arteta to start his tenure hamstrung by Freddie’s baggage?

Freddie leaving to be manager at Malmo is win win for everybody

Scott P

If only we could make loans in the managerial market, that would be great haha.


Southampton loaned their u-23 manager, Radhi Jaidi, to a second-tier US club


Wasn’t even Ole at ManU a loan deal while he was their interim coach, because it was off season for his club Molde in Norway? I think if ManU hadn’t taken him on a permanent deal, he would have gone back to Norway and into the next season with Molde.


Shame, would have helped Arteta with the young players we have.


I really like Freddie but this might be best for everyone as he’s able to go off and get experience running the show while it might be best for the current players to have to deal with a new voice. Freddie has done some great work with the younger players but this also appears to be a team in need of some discipline as well.

SB Still

Hmm…to me the attitude of the youngsters who played for Freddie last season and playing in the senior squad this season like Saka, Willock seem absolutely fine. The usually the elder statesmen particularly ones dealth by Emery that seem to be the problem. Although Arteta returns to familiar surroundings, the squad attitude, balance seems to be at the lowest since Wenger’s times. I hoped Freddie would have stayed because as a 1st time head coach, Arteta is going to need all the help he can get. Obviously, with Freddie being from the Invincible era, it was another sentiment, legacy to… Read more »


The guys Arteta is rumored to be bringing in are extremely experienced – one helped nurture Messi. Keep in mind whole the fans love Freddie – he and Arteta likely have had very little if any contact up until now. There’s no real reason for Arteta to make Freddie a senior member of the staff – especially as Arteta knows Arsenal very well and has been in the PL the past several years which means he’ll be very familiar with the squad.

Teryima Adi

Sometimes a rookie in the business needs the experience. On that note, Malmo is not a bad idea.


Don’t you think that Arteta is using us as a stepping stone also.


Maybe, but if he does, I wouldn’t blame him. If he leads us back into the top4 and makes Arsenal a title contender again or if he wins 2 or 3 cups during his contract time, I would be more than happy. And if in such a case Barca, Juve, PSG, etc. come knocking on our door, I wouldn’t be mad at him to make the next step. One thing I am very sure about, though. If we finish 6th or 7th with Mikel as well, then you need not be afraid, because no big club will try to poach… Read more »

Upamecano but downalego

Supporting Arsenal at present is a lot like suffering a migraine during a tornado in a glass factory. My brains frazzled, I’m going into hibernation.
Have a great Christmas/holiday everyone.
Hopefully 2020 will see us all smiling again!



Although, anyone who thought it was going to be any different was kidding themself. My best hope is that the transition and suffering period are short lived.


Wish we could send him on loan! This is likely the best thing for Freddie. I hope there is no bad taste over the lack of short term support he’s experienced but the call back to Arsenal will always be strong for him.


Stay here, help Arteta bed in until the end of the season – Because things have changed… Drastically.

Then go to Malmo or wherever, build that experience, win, lose, draw, get some trophies. Perfect technique, training, ideals, systems. Build a name, come back in 5 years (or whenever the time is right) and win us a title.

If he isn’t good enough to win us a title and is a Europa League level manager at best then good on him; he has a career but he will only ever be legendary Arsenal alumni and that’s okay too.

Henn Glelder

Anyone else get the feeling we’re going to stuff up the Arteta deal at the last minute?

Henn Glelder



Understandable if it happens, having got taste for being in charge, it is Only natural to want more of it, prove yourself. He may also feel a bit consumed by our board


What I’ve enjoyed about Freddie? The straight shooting. No mincing of words. Calling things as they are. Such a shame the set up was not to the required standard for him to thrive. I’m pretty sure there’s a killer manager in there.

Whatever he decides moving forward, he’ll always have our love


Despite my name, im not swedish therefore im not watching svensk telly very often but i guess its same in all european countries under 10m inhabitants. If u have been a star that famous u are a) a controversial figure b) everyone’s darling. I don’t think neither is helping him to develop even tho he is clearly b) and he should start somewhere where he is more like a unwritten page, if that makes sense. Mislinitat said it well when he said he doesn’t feel like going to Vfb Stuttgart is a step back. In the coaching/managing game there a… Read more »


He had to take up a poisoned chalice. Didn’t have much of a chance. Did ok, considering everything. But never looked like he had it in him to become Arsenal manager.
Hopes he is better for the experience.


Whatever he chooses, all the best to ya Freddie!

Merlin's Panini

Good for him. I think he should take the job and extend his experience. Malmo is a big club in Sweden. If he does well he could be a future option for us somewhere down the line. A clean break and completely fresh approach might knock some of our players out of their comfort zone/malaise and garner more effort from them.


He should go and garner experience maybe next season unless Arteta has another assistant in mind.


Judging by Freddie’s most recent tweet, it looks like he’s very much part of Arteta’s staff


He has done well with what he got. Atleast he stuck to his gun on playing the 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 with overlapping fullbacks and DM, CM, CAM and wingers. If he had proper staff, time (like an and not have an avalanche injury from fullbacks he could have done better.

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