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Report: Arsenal eyeing Rabiot loan in January

According to a report in the The Times (£), Arsenal are interested in taking midfielder Adrian Rabiot on loan from Juventus when the January transfer window opens.

The 24 year old signed for the Italian champions on a free transfer during the summer, and since then has made 12 appearances in all competitions.

The report suggests Juve are reluctant to let him leave and would be more willing to discuss a deal for former Liverpool player Emre Can, but apparently Mikel Arteta wants the French international to bolster his midfield.

It’s thought that Arsenal are looking to bring in a midfield player and a central defender when the window opens to help the new head coach provide some defensive stability to a team which has found that hard to come by this season.

Meanwhile, Arteta has made moves to calm the Granit Xhaka situation, as the Swiss international continues to be strongly linked with a move to Hertha Berlin.

Having insisted that everyone would start with a clean slate under his watch, he appears to see the 27 year old as a valuable part of the squad – until the summer at least – and wants to help build bridges between him and a fanbase who have been somewhat at odds with each other since his substitution against Crystal Palace.

Revealing he was a player on Man City’s radar before making the move to North London, Arteta said, “I told him how much I like him, what I expect from him and how important he is for the team.

“I am here to help him, I want him to feel that we are right behind him. Not just myself but the whole club.

“If we can get the fans on his side I think it will be helpful for the team, which is where it matters.”

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Would prefer Ramsey back

Divianshu Bansal

That would be a dream ?


Hasn’t had that many minutes for Juve yet, just as Rabiot, but when he played he played well (Rabiot, not so much).

Tasmanian God

Um, from what Ive seen, Rabiot has played very well when given the chance. Ramsey not so much.


I think Ramsey has been good, but similar to how he was at Arsenal during the last 2 seasons. Pretty decent, but injuries are hampering him getting into any sort of groove and the end-product is lacking.


Ramsey has spent most of the season injured, nothing new there. We don’t need Ramsey back.


Sad but true.

Cultured determination

Yup. Loan ramsey instead


Would prefer Axel Witsel


Exactly the type of player we need. Strong, can carry the ball from deep, technically secure. However, isn’t he on 400k a week or something crazy?

Tankard Gunner

He did sign for free. Same as Ramsey, that frees up all the extra money for the wages.


In a parallel universe somewhere we are playing Rambo and Santi with Ozil in front and it’s working a fucking treat. I mean, how could it not?

Ah well, at least we can relish all the money we made binning off two international midfielders and signing Ozil up for a bumper size deal.


Cash Reserves deserves a clean slate too, excuse you.


Hardly surprising, as he as struggled so far at Juve and knowing Arsenal was looking at him before.
The problem I have with this is that it would be a straight loan, which would only make sense if we’re really still hoping to chase top 4.
Otherwise, why give time on the pitch to a player whose future is at another club?
The same goes for Ceballos, BTW.


Probably a replacement for Xhaka if he leaves?


Would make sense. Arteta seems to want to keep Granit though…

Mentally Drained Gooner

Get him and koulibaly to save our season


I believe all the Koulibaly rumours making the rounds is just his agent putting it out there. This is not to say that we do not need a Koulibaly, but I doubt we are interested in signing him.

Tankard Gunner

I bet we’re interested, just immensely priced out of any moves for Koulibaly.


I wasn’t impressed with Koulibaly against Napoli in the quarter finals of the Europa last season.

Thought he looked slow and ponderous.

2 games is a small sample, but he certainly didn’t look like a player who came anywhere near matching his reputation.

Make Arsenal Great Again

I like this move. I’ve seen a lot of arsenal fans on Twitter shit on this move though. I will also take Emre Can on loan for the rest of the season. I’d take Ramsey back as well.

Ya gooner

It’s sad how shit our mf has become to the point xhaka is our best amd let’s face it he’s pretty limited.


Silly season is near, will take every rumour from the times? with a ‘spoon’ of Salt.

Eventhough it is very early in his reign, I am very excited to see what formation and players Arteta uses today.


I’ve not seen him play that much but he seems very similar to Guendouzi.


Exactly. He’s a more mature Gend. A little upgraded version of him.


A deep lying playmaker who can dribble and distribute. He would be a good deal on loan.

One beat off

Santi, anyone named Santi, or resembling Santi but preferably exactly like Santi. ‘Tis the season… I’ll get get my little red coat.

Artetas assistant

Player manager Santi ?


Would rather we moved for Can. More competitive player and doesn’t come with the attitude problems that Rabiot clearly does. Also, if Juve want to ship Can out, surely that makes far more sense.


Spot on. Many heredon’t seem to know Rabiot and the diva he is. He behaved very badly at PSG (ask yourselves why he wasn’t playing and why he doesn’t m play at Juve…) and also towards Deschamps. Bring him on and problems will follow. He thinks he is a superstar but he is nothing but a mediocre player.


Rabiot is Guendouzi with more experience, but if the flaws can be ironed out, G will be much bettering


True, but I doubt those can be ironed out. Change must start from within and I doubt if his Diva mindset will change anytime soon.

Matt P

Sounds like just the sort of player we DON’T need…

Dr. kNOw

Although Rabiot is better than much of our midfield options, he still leaves us with much of a richness in that department. I’d prefer a sturdier option unless, of course, Arteta is convinced the change in spirit will make the team harder to beat. As for Xhaka, “Not without an apology, Mikel.” He was not only disrespectful to those MATCH-GOING fans with every right to CORRECTLY criticise his underperformances largely over the 3.5 years he’s been here, but by lumping them with the online cretins which exist online irrespective of club allegiance, he also put a target on the backs… Read more »


For fucks sake move on, can’t you. If your sad little ego so desperately needs an apology then you need to get over yourself.

Ordnance Dave

Not until he apologizes

Dr. kNOw

@Vonnie We should move on?? Tell me something: has Xhaka moved on?? He still holds a grudge against the match-going fanbase, after all he did, said, and caused. Nah. Nah, bruh. In his mind, they are one and the same as the faceless ones online. If he can’t make the distinction, or see his role in all of it, then he is well and truly lost. Play well, and the match-going fan will cheer. It’s what they want. It’s what we all want. The faceless cretins will creep back into their dark caves and find someone else to abuse behind… Read more »


Would be nice to get Rabiot in even on loan. As for the Xhaka news, the guy must hold a magical hoodoo over any Arsenal manager/coach he plays for (wenger, emery, freddie and now seemingly arteta). He is without doubt the slowest ineffectual cm I have seen represent Arsenal in over 40yrs of attending games and that includes denilson who was actually quicker!! The notion that this guy is a great footballer is laughable as is the oft use of passing stats to reinforce this misguided belief (most of us can stand on a pitch under no pressure and pass… Read more »


Wasn’t short passing a common complaint of some commenters here when we were saying Arteta had a high pass completion rate years ago?


Nothing wrong with short passing tika taka style but has to be quick to be effective, xhaka is a snail so unfortunately he cannot play a passing game at a quick tempo either physically or mentally, arteta wasn’t a speed merchant by any means but he was a cheetah compared to xhaka. The complaints about passing backwards and sideways during arteta’s time at club was more to do with wenger using him as top of a triangle with mert and kos behind him which saw us often continuously see the ball move between these three players or a tendancy to… Read more »

Gavin Binding

I actually think Emre Can would be a very smart move for us in this moment.


With every new coach I hope that it’s the end of Xhaka at Arsenal, and every time I am disappointed


Lol. Couldn’t have put it better myself. It’s like getting all excited on christmas eve and then waking up christmas morning an no presents. When will it end with this guy ffs.


A late comment of the year candidate. 100 thumbs up if I could.


Probably prefer to stick to Guendouzi.

Rabiot feels like a Guendouzi that has developed alot more. Similar kind of players.


Does this mean Torreira wants to leave in January? Maybe those reports from his agent were real and the interest from Napoli or Milan was real. Or Xhaka. But you’d assume if Rabiot comes in, someone is going and its not Guendouzi.


Please don’t. Rabiot is not the answer to our midfield problems. If anything he will create more issues than we already have.
We need humble and hungry players a la Martinelli not primadonas.


How many years ago was it we were chasing Rabiot – 5 or so?

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