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Arteta confirms Aubameyang three game ban

Despite efforts to have his ban reduced, Arsenal will be without Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for three games.

The striker was sent off for a foul on Crystal Palace midfielder Max Meyer in the 1-1 draw at Selhurst Park, and while the Gunners didn’t appeal the issuing of the card, they did make an attempt to see if the suspension could be shorter.

However, that was not successful and today Mikel Arteta confirmed the captain would miss our next three matches.

“It has been confirmed that he is going to be suspended for three games,” he said.

“It’s a big shame and a big loss for us, because as well we know Auba’s intention when he plays.

“But unfortunately he mistimed the tackle, he made a decision and we have to accept it.”

As for how we cope without the leading scorer, the Spaniard continued, ” Auba … was very sad after the game.

“He was disappointed that he left the team with 10 men. It’s an action that is completely accidental in my opinion.

“He’s been superb under me, he’s trained really well, he’s working so hard. He’s scoring goals and has probably been the most important player on the team.

“So to lose him, obviously, is really bad news for us.”

Aubameyang’s three game ban

Jan 18th: Sheffield Utd (H)

Jan 21st: Chelsea (A)

Jan 27th: Bournemouth (A – FA Cup)

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Will be tough without him, hope Laca, Pepe and Martinelli can step up.


Good. It was a dreadful foul and embarrassing to have appealed the ban.


I think it was worth it to draw attention to how wildly inconsistent the PL is in deciding what’s a red card, particularly when VAR is used


Spot on. I hope this is the start of the club being more on the front foot in regard to these issues. The foul was unquestionably red, but it gives the opportunity to present video evidence of similar fouls not treated in the same way such that a body of evidence can pile up. All the big clubs do it, with us as the exception, probably due to the blue blooded element formerly in charge. Frankly it didn’t help us at all – viz. the ridiculous situation in 91 of us getting a two point deduction when United only got… Read more »


Spot on. Auba was a stupid cnut for getting sent off making a tackle like that.


Do you really think he meant it? Just badly timed and can happen to any player


Yes it is true but it is still dangerous. In the old days it was about intent, and I think everyone knows he did not mean it, but for years now that has been a red card – and it is dangerous play so therefore a 3 game ban. I agree it is not always implemented consistently – but that should be an argument for punishing those who deserve it (e.g. Robertson), not giving a lighter punishment to challenges like Aubameyang’s. I think we have seen a big increase in forwards making challenges under Arteta’s short reign thus far, so… Read more »


Yes, nobody is asking for preferential treatment. Just equal and consistent treatment.


He’s a Central Striker playing out of position and is being asked to play in a way that doesn’t suit his qualities and has worked his ass off for Arteta, it was a strikers challenge, so your assertion he’s a stupid cnut is wide of the mark in my opinion.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Fat cnut

Naked Cygan

Abu is not the cunt. The FA and VAR are the biggest cunts for being inconsistent all season. They let Robertson off, but Abu is banned for 3 games? This VAR system is a total fk up. The bastard who run VAR are Spurs and Man Utd Fans.

King 14enry

It’s 2020 – maybe time to grow up and move on from name calling? (Especially when you do it hiding behind a computer screen).. just saying!

In more relevant news, it’s time for us to back Laca more than ever before. He’s clearly struggling for confidence and could use the support right now.


They didn’t appeal against the ban but purely the number of matches.

Ordnance Dave

Agreed. Auba of course didn’t mean to hurt the guy, but we have had players on the receiving end of challenges like that for decades now. The club didn’t really have a leg to stand on, luckily Meyer still does.


A 3 game ban is definitely what is required for the tackle. Maybe it will help to kickstart the other players they HAVE to step up without him.

Teryima Adi

There’s a blessing in the storm.

A Different George

I agree with Blog’s comment’s today; it was a dangerous tackle that endangered an opponent. The fact that Aubameyang is “not that kind of player” is quite true and irrelevant. I would add one point to others who have mentioned the inconsistency in the way referees give red cards: My impression, though I don’t have statistics, is that it is much easier to get away with a forearm across the face while jumping for a challenge, or a badly mistimed “striker’s tackle,” if you are English, and especially if you play, or used to play, for England. (Certainly it is… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

As it has ever been. You can get away with booting someone in the face when they’re lying on the floor if you’re England captain.


Don’t agree at all.

Law is being meted out too dogmatically.

It was a dangerous mistimed tackle but no serious injury ensued (like Diaby or Ramsey case). A strong yellow and harsh words for a first offense would have suffice.

Plus the player had zero history in the game of any offenses.

It wasn’t as if Aubameyang was like Ayew trying to kick Torreira out of the game.

And then the consistency of the decision making. Two footed uncontrolled sliding challenge by Tomkins on Martinelli late in game not punished.


The idea that a red card for this kind of challenge should only be given if it causes serious injury is dangerous and, to me, pretty crazy. Whether Meyer was seriously injured or not is besides the point, the point is that he very well could have been thanks to Auba’s mistiming. What is also besides the point, in this specific case, is the terrible challenges we’ve had against our players that went unpunished. Those were poorly officiated decisions, this is a correctly officiated decision; the previous wrongs we’ve faced at the hands of crap refs don’t then give us… Read more »


Especially if you threaten not to play in an upcoming world cup. Allegedly.


It was a poor tackle, unfortunate but worthy of 3 game ban. Though some of the unpunished examples arsenal were said to rely on were also worth bans.

Really hoping the squad pick up the slack, could be just what Laca needs being the main man for a few games

Me from Here

It’s a big loss but it might end up being a blessing in disguise. Most people don’t know how dangerous Martinelli could be. That might give him more room to operate than Auba. Apart from goalscoring (which is a big deal), Martinelli is more effective than Auba on the left side given his work rate which we will need with Kola injured. I am predicting that we will get 50+ points this season and win Europa league. This is a sacrifice season for us to become a better team in the future and winning Europa league will heal all the… Read more »


I like the way you think! You forgot that we win the FA Cup too.

Yeah, terrible challenge far from either goal, and Auba didn’t appear to pull out of it. Three game ban is justified. Did he apologize to Meyer? I hope so.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I would like to see Martinelli unleashed now, but can we rely on him and Saka to keep that left side tight. That’s a big risk.

Venga bus

Absolute Bollox.
The FA are consistent with Arsenal, Consistently biased.


Indeed but we should be used to it by now.


The days of bowing down and accepting these decisions while others get away with it are, hopefully, over. New broom at the club, I hope.


Harsh decision. Mistimed tackle no worse than the one dished out by Tomkins on Martinelli later in game which was sliding uncontrolled and two footed.

Ref could have let it go with a harsh warning and a strong yellow. BUT he had no recourse to review it himself on VAR which to me is ridiculous in this day and age. Have 4 monitors one on either half on each end side of pitch, surely the PL can afford that.

And now we pay the consequence over not one but a critical 3 matches.


Looks like Martinelli and Saka on the left side which could be a bit of a challenge. Like the Brazilian, he has been sharp and bright and definitely goals in him. Still don’t think Edu is was the right person to bring in (and his role somewhat nebulous) but at very least he came bearing a good gift. Saka has done really well in an unfamiliar position but will need to be extra diligent and take less risk going forward. Thus far, Arteta has made noticeable change when playing against deep ranked defenses by dropping Granit out left in line… Read more »

Teryima Adi

He’ll come back stronger.


i know crystal palace are wankers but i hope that dude didn’t suffer a broken foot


bullshit — Son gets his reduced and this decision stands?

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