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Arteta: I saw two different Arsenal teams out there tonight

Mikel Arteta says he saw two different Arsenal teams on the Emirates pitch tonight, insisting he’s learned a lot about his players this week.

The manager was clearly unhappy with the first half performance, making sure he let them know at half-time he wanted more from them.

It worked, the Gunners were much improved in the second 45, and he spoke to the BBC afterwards to give his reaction to the 1-0 win.

Mikel, we’ve heard from your players, they said you shouted a lot at half-time, but what’s your emotion at full-time?

Now I’m really pleased but I think we’ve seen two different teams. One in the first 30 minutes, and another 30 minutes in the first half. I tried to give them advice to tell them exactly what they were gonna face, and after 32 minutes we won one duel, I think.

Against this team it’s impossible, they make you look like a small team. When we changed our attitude and our desire, and we changed a few things at half-time in organisation, we were completely different.

Why didn’t they carry out the game plan?

I think sometimes on the pitch they have to experience it themselves. How tough and how difficult it’s gonna be. I’ve watched a lot of games of Leeds and they battle every team every three days. It’s good for us to learn at that level to look how you suffer on the pitch, and when it you do it together and with that intensity it’s completely different. 

How much have you learned about the players this week?

It’s good because I saw them react when they lost against Chelsea, and I saw them react when they won just one game.

I have to be on them. 

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“I saw them react when they won just one game.”

Loved this so much! He was not happy at all.


Early quote of the year candidate.


Anybody notice how we slowly are becoming a cynical side. Xhaka leads in this regard. Fouling n drawing fouls. Abit intelligent imo

Reality check

I think he was trying to disrupt their rhythm, their build-up was quite impressive tbf. Papa and Luiz are also masters of shithousrey and Guendouzi is coming on nicely too..


Xhaka always had it in him was just not being utilized properly. He’s very much in the mould of Ramires and Fernandinho.

Fireman Sam

I like this new Lego Movie so far


Everything is AWESOME!!


Guy’s gone nuts. The other one’s Leeds, mate.


That last answer is gold.

“I have to be on them.”

We were RIGHT to be excited in the summer. We do have quality players who can compete and challenge.

When they’re coached well…

Arteta is going to be a great Manager and this team is going places.

Manu petits left peg

He’s the one…


The prophets told of one to come raised in the heart of the Alsatian, returned from the mind of the Catalan to lead the people broken by the lies and impotence of the Bald snake to the promised land of milk and honey and silverware.

The Arsenal

You would think Arteta has been a manager for over 20 years from the way he speaks. It’s still early but he has not put a foot or word wrong yet.

I did see a hilarious joke on twitter stating that Arteta looks like Captain Black when he is angry. ( Captain Scarlett and the mysterons). Wow I’m getting old.


I guess the Wenger, Pep, Pochettino and his team mates over the years wasn’t lying when they said he was built to be a manager as early as his teens.


Now we will seem from these guys. It was easy when the boss was talking about a clean slate and positive energy. The boss just said you were shit in the first half. Are you going to own it, or are you going to start to grumble and let up?


Quick question to all you guys out there. Just a few weeks ago there was a lot of places it felt eminent to strengthen in the squad in order for us to move significantly. Now with Arteta so many players seem so transformed. So in what positions (if any) do people see it necessary to improve with transfers in order to really complete. Let’s say for a place in the top four?


we need a cover for torreira


Or we need guendouzi and xhaka to man up like they did in the second half last night.


-A CB now that Chambers is out for the season. There’s even talk of a Mustafi exit.
-A pure ball winning DM as cover / competition for Torreira, except if Guendouzi can do that.
-Someone who will be able to hit the ground running.

Nathan Ake would be a very fine singning, IMO. A left footed CB option can’t be a bad thing. He can also play DM and LB if needed (kinda like Chambers but left-sided).


They showed desire, the right mentality and a little bit extra quality in the second half.


Maybe a little bit handbrakey in the first half

Granit(e) hard!

lol…yeah, well played, and am sure if Arsene was there tonight, and he was interviewed, that’s exactly what he would say…the handbrakes definitely came off in the second half

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