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Cazorla: I want to play for Arsenal again

Santi Cazorla says he’d love to play one last game for Arsenal having not had a chance to properly bid farewell to the fans at the end of his six-year spell at the Emirates.

The Spaniard’s final appearance for the Gunners turned out to be the 1-1 draw with Ludogorets in the Champions League in October 2016. He picked up an ankle injury in that game and when standard rehabilitation proved unsuccessful he went under the knife.

Complications, including a viral infection, led to eight surgeries and suggestions he might never kick a ball again. Thankfully, he made a recovery, but not before his Arsenal contract, extended by an extra year despite his problems, came to an end.

After leaving London he returned to Spain and has made a comeback that has been nothing short of miraculous. Former club Villarreal took a punt on him and he ended up playing most of the 2018/19 season. Last year, he even earned a recall from his country.

While life in his homeland is treating him well, Cazorla still has an itch to scratch.

“I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but I want to play one more game for Arsenal before I retire,” he told

“It was a deep regret that I could never have a proper goodbye.

“Arsenal was the biggest club I ever played for. I’m proud that I was an Arsenal player.

“I’m especially grateful for Arsenal fans who supported me even after I left the club. I wish I can be part of the Gunners family in the future again.”

The fact that old pal, Mikel Arteta is now in charge at Arsenal probably makes the idea of a return all the more enticing. Santi had warm words to say about his compatriot.

“Yes, I believed he would become a manager in the future. Even when I was playing with him, he showed great leadership in dressing room,” he said.

“Some say it’s a gamble for Arsenal to appoint him, but I believe it’s a reasonable challenge. He also worked as a coach under Pep Guardiola. I believe he can become a great coach.”

He added: “It’s not easy for any manager now to be like Wenger or Ferguson. I can’t anticipate how long he’ll stay at Arsenal, but I believe he can also make great career at Arsenal, and he’s a proper one for Arsenal.

“I hope Mikel leads Arsenal well.”

Would we like to see Santi in an Arsenal shirt again? Absolutely? Do we think it will happen? Probably not outside a Legends game. But who knows, the way things have panned out for him in the last few years, anything could happen.

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Could be a cheap summer signing to bolster the midfield


I would be ecstatic if he gets another chance to play one last match. Not sure though if it is possible. He is one of my all time fav player.


Emi Martinez has been at the club 10 years. Give the man a testimonial and give Santi the armband!

David C

Kevin De Bruyne is probably the best 2 footer in the league right now. Santi had the crown when he was with us. One of my favourite every Arsenal players as well. I remember Wenger saying we have to wait to see what foot he takes penalties with to see what foot he (slightly) favours!


Didn’t he take corners with his left foot aswell?


Midfield has an itch that needs scratching

SB Still

Emery thought Torreira was too small to play in the Arsenal midfield, he sure didn’t see Santi boss around…with a smile!


Buy him this window!

Viva la Prof

We could swap him for Dani Ceballos for the rest of the loan deal Mr I’m amazing can go and get in the Spain squad and Santi can come home for a bit.. sorted


Santi in the Xhaka position with Torreira next to him would be reminiscent of the partnership that Santi had with Song. Except shorter.
But imagine a player with his close control and range of passing doing the same job Xhaka has now. I’m in.


If it’s up to me, I’d leave the Xhaka/Torreira partnership and put in Santi in place of Ozil just behind the strikers. He can pass and if it opens up he can shoot as well.

And playing him further forward would reduce the chances of a clogger banjaxing his ankles with an ill-timed tackle.


Wouldnˋt increase the chances of him being clobbered though?


If you were a real Arsenal fan, you’d know that Song left in the same summer in which Santi arrived, meaning they never had a partnership.


He meant Le Coq.


Lol no he didn’t!


He meant Kieran Gibbs


He had a good partnership with Coq

Bulla cake

I have a good partnership with my coq


Wish we still had a Coq just to take the piss

Owen Robison

Give me Santi on the cheap and I’d not say no.


I’ve actually thought that could be a great idea because we don’t have a creative midfielder that can play box to box in front of Torriera and Xhaka other than Ozil. Competition would push him even further. Cazorla is still very mobile and a creator so why not a 6 month deal minimum to get Europa league and the FA cup to set us for next season. Get rid of Cebalos and get Cazorla


I would love to see Santi back in an Arsenal shirt – he’s one of the best players we have had here post the Invincibles. The only thing is playing in a less physical league and a warmer climate along with a proper winter break probably is much better for him at this point in his career.


Are you listening Raul?

Make it happen


Sorry…. Can’t deal. His name is not in my pals’ small books.

Tasmanian God

Mikel, pick up the phone!

Artetas assistant

We’ve been letting various legends return home. Kindly return ours to us while we most need ourselves.

Hope my prediction doesn’t make anyone skip they dinner but it’s Play. Player coach. Retire.


The FA Cup goal. So clutch.

Artetas assistant

Blogs Blogs!
While y’all are at it, can you add YouTube-like notifications to replies ?

It’ll make your server shit it’s pants though ?



OMG lets have him on loan. What a fantastic player. UP there as one of the best Arsene Wenger signings. Brilliant coup to nip in ahead of other competitors who were at that time trying to emulate us raiding for younger starlets. Instead Wenger subtly shifted towards looking at older overlooked players first with Metersecker and Arteta to steady his gone awry youth project then he raided Malaga for Santi. And the big surprise was after half a season, he converted the winger into central midfield to great effect. Its of course not the first time he has done that… Read more »



Anand Verma

I think it took a bit longer than half a season to convert him in to a centre mid and it seemed to happen by accident in that City game that we won when all other centre mids were injured. But credit to Wenger, he kept Santi in that position. You could see when he was a winger he needed to be played somewhere where he could get on the ball a lot more though. Just so I’m not talking with hindsight though I think similarly today we should move Wilock to holding mid, to do a similar role to… Read more »


“Converted the winger into a central midfielder”

Less drastic of a conversion since villarreal had played with a 4-2-2-2 using their “wingers” as interiores (see e.g. )


Let’s do it right away!


Santi as a club ambassador. Make it happen, executive committee.

Jonny Crane

Sign him for one let season


What a signing this would be. I would dearly love to see him playing for us again. Kept an eye on him last season and he still has what it takes. Get him in.


we all need you back


Get him in on loan


I think I’d tear up if I saw him being subbed on again


No one has ability to control the game for us in the middle of the park like Santi did. We have lacked this ability for some time now and it may be a critical area to look at for Arteta should he prefer to emulate his mentor. Previously we had either the strength of a Vier/Gilberto or the wizard quick feet of Santi or a combination in an injury proned Diaby. …these players could keep the ball under intense attention, play us out and move up the vertical through traffic. We do not have that capability currently. Torreira but for… Read more »

Viju Jacob

Go and get him please, we need him now! NOW.

Magic City Gooner

*ok be cool, calm down, you don’t want to come across as too desper-


Imagine a moment like the Henry goal vs Leeds, but with Santi assisting on a Martinelli winner against Liverpool.
Or NLD, either way…

We’re due for some ridiculous luck after the last 18 months.

Lucas Sam

Why not both? I want arsenal to Keep the invincible title in the prem

Magic City Gooner

+ 1 kiss of the wrists

Victor Okeke

I’ve always thought that Arsenal’s main problem is in the midfield. A midfield that is mobile and creative enough to move the attack and a resilience to wall off the defense from the opponent’s attacking onslaughts. That’s why the problem was amplified when our two players in those places were shipped out – Cazorla and very recently Ramsey. If we can get Cazorla even now to partner/alternate with Oil and bring Luis up a little from full back positions to partner with Torreira/Xhaka trust me, we would be definitely sure of the Cups and the fourth place ‘trophy’ in the… Read more »


Make it happen!!


The knowledge that it was Santi’s last match for us turned being at the 6-0 drubbing of Ludogorets from a wonderful memory of my first trip to London to a bittersweet one.

I attended my first three Arsenal matches that week, took the guided stadium tour with Charlie George leading it, and even saw an implausible Ozil hat trick in that same Ludogorets match, so the good still outweighed the bad. But I do miss Santi.


Seriously, nostalgia aside, he has value. A season and a half of Santi on the training pitch would be well worth it, even if he rarely stepped on the pitch. Help the youngsters with their game, be a calming presence in the locker room. Hell, maybe having one of the old guard back would help Ozil get out of his own head….

The Arsenal

If it wasn’t for Diaby playing a blinder Cazorla would have been man of the match in that infamous away day at Anfield. 3rd game in English football and he bossed it with his diminutive frame. Would roll out the red carpet for his return..I mean that literally.

Anand Verma

For me when he spent those two years or so in centre mid he became the greatest Arsenal player of all time. He never put a foot wrong. It was just bad luck that stopped him leading us to the league title at least once (in the Leicester year and maybe also the year after) which would have meant he would be recognised more as being at this level. Letting him go was the worst decision of the Emery era. Ignore that he might not have come back, the man is a leader and we really needed his presence. Bring… Read more »

Promise Isaiah

I would love Santo carzola to come to arsenal

thomas guneriussen

Don’t tease me with this Andrew, I want him back so bad


Cazorla, Bergkamp, Henry, and Rosicky, my favourite Arsenal players of all time in that order also

Rex Baron

Much as I would love him to come on loan next week I believe the man has too much integrity to abandon in mid-season a club who, as the article points out, took a punt on him when his Arsenal contract ran out.

This Must Be The Place

Arteta Still Hopeful of January Additions

Venga bus

Why does Santi play with my Heartstrings?❤️❤️❤️

Sane wenger

Would love for him to come join us on loan this window.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Saw it somewhere that Santi was in the so far team of the La Liga season. Gotta love him.


Santa I’ll be a good boy this year if you let Santi play for us one more time PLEASE!

CK. K?



Loan deal until the end of the season.

derek mccombie

we haven’t been the same without him, yes,that’s a long time, probably my fave player in the last ten years, be great to see him in the jersey again and say goodbye properly COYG



Teryima Adi

Never voted for a comment and Blogs tells me I already have anytime I tried to.Strange ???


I bought him back on fifa so it is going to happen


Yes, welcome back at ur home!


Of all the players that have played for Arsenal over the last 10-15 years I miss Carzola the most, not just because of the skill he had and impact on the matches, but also because of the joy with which he played.


i would take him back, just for his influence in the dressing room if nothing else. he is also a big game player so could still be very useful on the pitch and is doing great in la liga by all accounts. the perfect man to replace ozil and provide the link between midfield and attack. also could be a great mentor for the younger midfielders and work his way into the coaching setup over next couple of years. por favor regrese Santi!

I like lego

I said we should sign Santi months ago… experienced head, great character, hopefully would be a good option off the bench… and for the dressing room what a guy to have around, for the youngsters and for the rest of the squad. Win win win… also i love Santi Cazorla.

I like lego

I’m off to watch a Santi highlights video

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