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Emma Mitchell Joins Spurs On Loan

Emma Mitchell has joined Tottenham Hotspur Women on loan until the end of the season. The Scottish international has rarely featured this season, with Katie McCabe and Katrine Veje preferred at left-back.

Mitchell missed four months of last season after taking some time off due to issues with anxiety. She has nevertheless scored two goals in this campaign, against London City Lionesses and Bristol City.

Mitchell will not be eligible to play against Arsenal when the teams meet on February 9th, or if they draw one another in either of the domestic cups.

Mitch joined Arsenal in 2013 and has won three Conti Cups, an FA Cup and a league title at the club.

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I am not sure how I, as an Arsenal fan, feel about someone from Arsenal joining the Spurs


Seems very wrong


Just clicked the news to see from comments if this was a real thing.

The Swede

The womens team doesnt exist in the same reality as the mens team. Thats why i ignore it.

VAR will solve the problem

I guess they are so bad that we have to send our own players to make them competitive…?

Chris Humphrey

I’m amazed how many people who have no interest in Arsenal Women take the trouble to post uninteresting shite on an Arsenal Women blog.


And you’re demonstrating your commitment to ignoring them, by commenting on them on an article about the team.


Just curiosity, have we ever sent anyone on Loan from first team to sp*rs?

Harish P

Can’t think of a loan but we have sold to them. Before we were a Derby, Bill Julian was the first player to so by joining Royal Arsenal in 1889 and eventually went over to the Spuds in 1894. Jimmy Brain was the first to do it since the rivalry I think in the 1920s-30s. Gallas was the first in the PL era to do so, back in 2010. Fun fact, they loaned us their ground during WW2, as ours was being used as an air raid centre. It’s why we keep a shade of blue in our kits if… Read more »

Burn Baby Burn

Joe taking tactical lessons from Wenger. All part of the plan to implode sp*rs women’s team.

Billy Bob



was that picture taken the moment she was told she was going there , bless you emma




I think this is a case of a player already with no future at Arsenal, hence the move.

Chris Humphrey

Good luck Mitch. Go and make sure those Spuds take some points of Chelski & MankC.

Peter Story Teller

Yeah she’s going to score her trademark rocketbastard from outside the box against both of them so we win WSL!
Sorry to see her go regardless of the destination but it seems like Katie, Katrine and Vicki are all in front of her for her favoured position so from Mitch’s point of view it makes sense if she is in the mood to play again.


I don’t agree that there isn’t a rivalry between Spurs and Arsenal in womens game, I just think in women’s context rivalry doesn’t have to mean the same thing as in men’s game. It doesn’t matter how strong or weak Spurs are. It still means more to beat them than it means to beat Reading or Brighton. And for me thats a good thing, that means we care. We should want to have that rivalry, just without extra hatred. It is still important to have bragging rights and to get one over them. Arsenals tweet about Mitch joining Spurs on… Read more »

Peter Story Teller

They are improving though; they have got 10:0 defeats down to 2:0 in under two seasons and the addition of Mitch will not do them any harm!


Yes certainly. As wrong as it sounds we are not paying these women nearly enough to have the right to be mad at them for not making choices about their wellbeing and livelyhood based on football rivalry.

Christopher Humphrey

Yes, the timing of this certainly puzzled me. I understand the “whys” & “wheretos” from Mitch’s perspective. Not so from the Arse side with squad numbers of fit players lower than this stage last year and, even then, we had Kat Veje & Janni Arnth about to debut and the likes of Ava Kuyken, Ruby Grant & Mel Filis ready for action. Including the latter two and sub goalie it looks possible that the only others on the bench tomorrow will be Louise Quinn & Silvana Flores.
Perhaps nothing to alarming to cope with Brum but the likes of Chelski?

Rectum Spectrum

OR it’s all man made male bullshit that the women don’t subscribe too.


Is she or her family member close friend of Raul?


We should loan them Mustafi

Merlin’s Panini

You know that Spurs are shit when we’ll actually loan them players.

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