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Transcript: Martinelli on living a dream, his goals and learning English

Gabriel Martinelli’s star is shining. Having enjoyed a low-key arrival at Arsenal, his 10 goals this season have now made him the talk of the town. Not just here, but back in his homeland.

After his solo-effort against Chelsea, Andreza Galdeano of Brazilian publication Estadão was despatched to London for an interview.

Here’s a translation of his chat with Gabi who reflected on a whirlwind start to life at Arsenal, his hopes for the future and his mastery of English.


You played for Corinthians, went to Ituano and today you are known all over the world. How does it feel to go through this?

When I turned six, my father took to Corinthians and since then I have not stopped. I never thought of giving up. When you get here, you start to remember everything that happened. Going by bus to training at Corinthians, everything you had to go through with your family. I end up giving more value and I’m ever grateful for everything that happened and that life has taught me. All of this gives me the strength to continue to achieve even more.

You are the first player under-20 to score ten goals in a single season for Arsenal. How do you evaluate your current phase?

It’s hard to think that until recently I was playing for Ituano and now I’m here. It’s great to see these people talking about me, but I have to focus and keep working hard to achieve even greater things.

Do you think you are living a dream?

Yes, it is a dream. Not only mine but for my whole family, who have always had dreams for me. I just have to say thanks for the moment I’m living. I know I have to keep going the same way I did before I got here. My father and mother talk to me a lot and always keep me grounded and tell me to keep fighting.

Do you already think about wearing the shirt of Brazil?

Of course, I do. But I’m still young. My main focus now is Arsenal. If I get a call-up it’s a consequence of what I do here.

Do you think about wearing Italy’s colours?

I have the option to play for either Brazil or Italy. I haven’t decided anything yet. I’m doing my job here for Arsenal. And as I said, this talk is a consequence of what I’m doing here.

The English media have said you might soon triple your salary. Do you have contact with any other clubs?

Nobody has spoken to me about that. I’m very focused on Arsenal and doing my best. I intend to help Arsenal with more goals and victories.

Arsenal fans have created a song for you. What’s it like to earn this affection?

I’m very grateful for everything they have done since I arrived at Arsenal. They always send lots of messages, when I’m at the games they encourage and applaud me. After the game, some wait for pictures at the stadium. It’s a very good relationship with them. In Brazil, I played for Ituano and there was some of this, but it’s different here.

Do you speak much with Edu?

We have a lot of contact. He’s a really good guy who tries to talk to me a lot and shares advice. He always ensures I keep my feet on the ground. I intend to make my story in this [Arsenal] shirt. I want to repay everything the fans are doing for me and I want to give joy with goals and titles.

How was your arrival at Arsenal?

The first day I arrived was very interesting. I had photos taken by the club and went to have lunch at this big table. The players came to talk to me and I didn’t even know how to reply. Then I got changed, went to the gym and all the players were there. I thought, “My God, I’m in heaven, it’s a dream to be here with such football stars.” These things inspire me. It’s a dream come true.

Have you mastered English yet?

I’m learning, in order to speak with teammates. Most of them can speak Spanish and I’ve learnt some English. But to give interviews, it’s more difficult. I study inside the club, they provide classes. I always try to do it when I’m not travelling to the games. It’s undoubtedly one of the most difficult parts because I had never done any English until I got here.

How are you taking to the other customs, the training, schedule, food…?

I’m taking it all in my stride. The food, for example, my mum is here with me and she cooks what I like. I miss the rest of my family and friends very much. I have three sisters, two are married and one is still small, only 8-years-old, she could not come because she is at school. I miss here. I used to see her every day, pick her up from school, things like that. But we still always talk on the phone.

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Nice chap, humble too. I hope he stays grounded. So glad he’s with the red and white army. Wish you many successes, goals, titles with the Arsenal.

Ricky Martinelli

Lifetime contract plz


Player mindset is as important as talent. He seems to have it right. What a family focused guy as well. Top professional.

A Different George

When he mentions missing his 8 year old sister, who he picked up from school, I remembered–right, he’s a kid himself, a teenager.

Dave M

Actually seems like such a genuine guy! So refreshing in football. Hope he stays grounded and is an epic success with the gunners for the rest of his career.


Don’t rate him personally. Bring back Chuba Akpom I say.

Heavy Gunner

Yes, Mr Hughes- bring ’em all back home!! Do I denote a slight taste of irony in your utterance, or is it for real?


Of course I’m joking. It’s Benik Afobe I want back.


Hahshshahaha LMFAO hahaha!!!!!!


This man is the product of an incredibly wholesome family and personal dedication and desire to excel. His responses are so mature and it’s cute that his mom is with him to cook for him!

Dave M

I think a big part of it is that he’s always had to work hard and was rarely seen a child prodigy like some other players which it all went straight to their head at too young an age (I’m looking at you Jack Wilshere, among others).


You are the first player under-20 to score ten goals in a single season for Arsenal.”
I thought Anelka did that.


Kanu scored 12 goals in the league in the 1999-2000 season when he was 14 years old.

Ted E.

Anelka scored 17 goals in the league 1998-99, the year he turned 20, only 9 the year before. Martinelli will turn 20 in 2021. It’s splitting hairs though, Anelka scored 13 of the 98-99 goals before he turned 20… Hopefully he’ll break coooler records soon!


Anelka was the first u-20 player to score more than 10, surely? Aside, interesting interview. Excellent that his Mum is there to feed him feijoada and keep him on the straight and narrow. Unthinkable in Brazil that someone might go at that age and live without family.


His tenacity, hard pressing, constant hassling of opp defenders and tracking back are so impressive. Along with his intelligent forward play, electric pace, eye for goal we really seem to have found a gem here. Kudos to Edu as well considering this was his first signing.


It’s true that Edu signed him but let’s give credit to Francis Cagigao who unearthed him


I love the South Americans. Humble, grounded, a true perspective on life, and nuggety on the field. Sanchez Torreira, Gilberto to mention just a few….well some were nuggety, some were silky and some were dynamite


Awesomeness! Like the guy even more after reading that.

Is it just me or does his all round play remind you of a younger Saurez minus the teeth and the nastiness.


Great to have a young man, a rising star, with his values in place in a club like ours.

Evang. Simon

Dont jinx it pls..

This guy will ground Real Ronaldo’s record…

I pray we should be able to hold onto him for life?‍♂️


Really excited about this guy, his work rate is exemplary. We must nurture & treasure his talent.


Hi arseblog, would you please remove the moderation flag on me. I am sorry I wrote swear words in relation to Kroenkes and Mike Riley. I promise not to write any swear words again.


I don’t mind swears, and I doubt that’s why your comments are being held!


Try reading through your comment again. If it has any swearing at Mike Riley, calm down. Blogs will pin it at the top of the comments section


Man, you really forget what these young kids give up to make it in Brazil, then to come over here at such a young age and with no English. Not sure I could have done it. Really glad he’s got his mum here ?


A gifted player, a brilliant attitude *and* comes across “well trained in media contact” – It’s hard not to have almost inappropriately high expectations. Have to keep telling myself that he’s still very young, and historically we’ve had a hard time keeping our very very best players when the really big clubs start waving around money. At least he’s not no *censored* Barca DNA 🙂


Love the guy. We’ve had lots of great young players down the years but this guy really has the X factor. That said, the question he was asked about tripling his salary and other clubs is everything that is wrong with football. He deflected this stupid question pretty well.


Exactly! I cringed when I read that part.


“I intend to make my story in this [Arsenal] shirt. I want to repay everything the fans are doing for me and I want to give joy with goals and titles.”

i have tears in my eyes. Yes, God please.


The young players have been all that’s got me through this season. Martinelli is the very definition of what a PL forward should be, very quick, very direct, relentless work rate, and clinical. It was nice to hear Arteta say he loved Willock in attacking midfield, we desperately need a more direct, energetic, ball carrying midfielder , who regularly gets into the box, and carries a goal threat, our midfield is generally flat, one paced, and not very productive. This season looks like a write off in the league, may as well give as many opportunities as possible to young… Read more »

A Different George

In a story about Martinelli, Rich, as always, finds a way to argue we need to get rid of Ozil.


A different George
Nice to read I’ve got somewhere to be living rent free ?

Cliff Bastin

Come on mum let little sister have a few days off to visit


These young lads under Arteta’s tutelage are beginning to rekindle the love for Arsenal that I lost over recent years.


Legend in the making…Aguero watch your back…keenly!!! Lol. Love the boy though


New deal – Minimum release clause 350 Mil,Do it

Teryima Adi

What a lad and he is playing for us forever.


Massive contrast to 72m quid signing Pepe. So much more effective in first season and for so much less. Night and day. Pepe loses the ball too often, his ball retention last game was SHOCKING. PLUS he doesn’t win too many take ons either contrary to what they prefer to show on ‘youtube’. BUT the critical thing for me is when Pepe loses his take ons more often than not, he tends to flail his arms have a moan with the officials rather than hunt it back ala Lacazette or Martinelli or for that matter Alexis of old. Thus far,… Read more »

Joey Deacon

Not sure if Fuckir is the right fit for us.


Francis Cagigao can take a bow.

Edu is one for one with him. Hopefully Mari turns out to be a gem as well on loan.

BUT great scouting.


I love martenelli

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