Arsenal have a one goal lead going into tonight’s second leg Round of 32 Europa League clash with Olympiacos.

Can we finish the job tonight? Here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Luiz, Saka, Xhaka, Ceballos, Ozil, Pepe, Aubameyang, Lacazette

Subs: Martinez, Sokratis, Torreira, Maitland-Niles, Willock, Guendouzi, Martinelli

Olympiacos: Sa, Camara, Bouchalakis, Guilherme, El Arabi, Elabdellaoui, Tsimikas, Ba, Valbuena, Cisse, Randjelovic

Subs: Karargyris, Masouras, Lovera, Papadopoulos, Torosidis, Bullari

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what a lineup.

Scott P

No travel to contend with, as well. Allows us some more leeway to start the big guns. Let’s do the job!

Kyle brown

That midfield looks… penetrable!!


Hey, phrasing!


Woah! Looks like we now know what Arteta’s first team looks like!

Billy Bob

Strong team, here is hoping we do the job, I think it will either be really tight (nerve jangling) or arsenal will go a few goals up quickly to end the tie as a contest


Oh… Oh poor Olympiacos… Oh lord..


Love it ?


My exact thoughts immediately I saw the line up……


This did not age well


Not at all, still devastated lads take it easy on me


No messing.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Mikel not holding back, is he?

Dan Nichols

joke club! Joke fans! joke manager! Where the fucks Quincy Bazooka?????? #artetaout


Oh god even our own fans dont get sarcasm it seems now. Those were made up names !!! ?


no shit sherlock

David C

Wait, are you being sarcastic? There’s some inception level sarcasm going on here.

Dan Nichols

i’m giving him benefit of doubt…


Where’s Mason Greenwood?


43 upvotes to 1 downvote says “our own fans” are not as dumb as you claim.


Read the first three sentences, was ready to vote down. Read the fourth, tried to vote up more than allowed to

Lee Barnes

Think that’s our strongest XI available. With a break until Monday, in which I assume there’ll be rotation anyway it makes sense to give everything we’ve got

GeoffRey Hurstmaker

Strongest 11 and strongest squad. Love it!

Pastor Simon

Roll out your full armour….
No messing around
No guess work


Strong lineup.

Really fancy some goals here, this could be a blood bath.


Man Manny

All guns blazing!

Man Manny

I hope and pray we come out unscathed in the injury front.




Well said mate

Paul Roberts

Is it just me being over excited with Mik and everything or do we have a lot of very good players in the squad right now!? 🙂

The Gooner

Looks like Arteta now has his preferred XI

Paul Roberts

Hmmmm…but what about Martinelli?


Goddamn! Arteta’s not playing around. Squad so strong, even Eddie and Reiss don’t make the bench.


If Emery was choosing the team tonight it would’ve had Guendouzi in the starting 11 at least twice with Torreira at number 10

Scott P

Unai’s Lineup:


Something tells me tonight’s will gel better…


By the looks of that team sheet I think he’s trying to defeat them with pen and paper.

This is a good start.

Paul Roberts

Like a confident Man City team going into a home game with an away goal?? In Mik I trust. 🙂


Lets do this!

The Arsenal

I love Torreira but I think Arteta has already identified his lack of forward passing and penetrative through the lines


Olympiacos have just 6 subs?

Jean Ralphio

Starting Saka worth the injury risk?

Billy Bob

Anyone know when the draw for the next round is being made?


God help my bowels..


Harsh Nkethia can’t make the bench after his goal but so was dropping Martinelli from the squad in the first place.

Most of that lineups played some part in every game last week, a bit worried about fatigue

Only one goal in this tie, let’s get back to keeping clean sheets again please!


Jonathan Pearce is ruining this game, not only is his voice irritating as fuck, he talks utter bollocks aswell. You would think Olympiacos were humping us the way he’s talking


Perhaps you should turn the volume off then…
I cannot stand the fat bastard myself but we are a shower of shite today…


Which channel is Jonathan Pearce on? BT Sports have Peter Drury with a woman.


Ceballos needs to come off. Not working for him tonight


Not come off for Ceballos since he arrived to be honest…

Billy Bob

Well I said we’d either win handsomely or it’d be tight – looks like the latter unfortunately


shit show


This is our only real chance for CL football next season.
And we have done nothing so far.
Olympiacos are not a great team and we are at home…
We should be doing better than this….


This is beyond handbrake


A woeful performance.




why No Martinelli


David Luiz.
The worst signing for years…


Are you seriously telling me he is a GOOD signing?
That makes me laugh….

Billy Bob

Why is Martinelli not on the pitch? Auba has been quiet most of the match and Laca has spurned a couple of good chances!!! Not looking good at the moment, its almost like the guys thought they would only have to turn up to win!!! Here is hoping the next thirty minutes are a serious improvement!!! Any idea if the away goals rule applies in extra time?


What A Goal!!!

Where would we be without that man!!!


Arsenal never turned up.
Deserved to go out.
I just want to hear from those who believe that David Luiz is a good signing as his error knocked us out..
Season over…


Not just Luis. Leno is just as culpable. It’s becoming a pattern now that Leno’s errors are costlier than any other player


Nonsense. The man stopped at least one clear goal tonight.


Luiz is a useless donkey…
We would be better served putting a traffic cone on instead of him.
Who in their fucking right mind would see the signing of a poor player passed his “best” as a good bit of business?
Would Liverpool have signed him?
Or City?
Or anyone with ambition?
Luiz is a total liability – how many points has his mistakes cost us?????


And I still don’t rate Arteta.
Its one thing to win league games where there is not much riding on them – another to win games where a result is crucial.
This was our best and only chance…


What we are now – shit.


All eggs in the Premier League basket now then


I think our eggs are broken already.


Simple as that…


We got what we deserved. Nothing.


Struggling to see how away goals count in ET. It just does my head in. Too big of an advantage to the visiting team if it gets to ET. Fair enough in 2 x regulation games but in ET it just seems really dumb.
Ah well, should of beaten them in normal time.


If we’d shown up, the away goals rule wouldn’t have mattered.

The rule is there to benefit the underdogs. No excuses for a team with Arsenal’s budget at home.


For its cost, this is the easily worst Arsenal squad in the club’s history.
Watching Xhaka, Leno, Luiz and co. bottle that in the last minute… I want my two hours back.


What a quality quality signing.
I wonder if he still wears his Chelsea shirt.
They are certainly getting their money’s worth aren’t they?
Season over…