Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Wolves, Leicester and Sp*rs games rescheduled

Arsenal’s upcoming fixtures against Wolves, Leicester and Sp*rs have all been rescheduled for TV.

Sky Sports will broadcast all three games, and we have YET another Monday night fixture when we travel to Molineux on April 13th (Easter Monday). It’s an 8pm kick off.

Our home game against Leicester which was supposed to take place at 3pm on Saturday April 18th will now be played at 5.30pm.

And finally, the North London derby at the new White Hart Lane will be played on Sunday April 26th with a kick off time of 4.30pm.

Hopefully people have waited to book travel/accommodation for these games as we’re always at the whim of the TV companies.

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Feel bad for the match going fans, but as an armchair plastic fan it’s nice to know the games will be televised.

Relatedly, and I know this may be heresy, but I love Monday night football. Helps me get through the worst day of the week.


On the bright side, people want to watch us again, and not because we’re so bad at football. 😉


Arteta = serious

Know premier league …play/fight in every stadium in england
Not many titles as player = Hungry as manager
Wenger = maxima influence ..grande respect
Bukayo Saka = 300M release clause pronto!!!
Stronzo Gazidi….35m Mustafi and 40m Xhaka = Gazidi + kronke jnr = stat DNA = stupid idiota

Edu = martineli shhhhhhhhhhhhhgazidi kronke idiota..go away


Wow, what an insightful response to Futsboller unlike the majority who respond to early posts to have their posts visible to the visiting crowd.

A refreshing change.

Lee Barnes

The Leicester game could change yet again if we progress in Europe (moved to the Sunday, you’d assume) or FA Cup (postponed)


At this point, why do the television companies even allow for a fixture list to be announced? Imagine the shock when we could be drawn against any opponent at any time in any place!


Sake. MNF is the football equivalent
of Nigel Farage.


Annoying, tiny penis and no mates.
Didn’t really think that analogy through

David Hillier's luggage

Do Sky/The Premier League not realise there’s potentially a Europa League quarter final the week of 13th April for both sides? Hardly fair on either side (players & fans) to have to play on a Monday night, then possibly travel to somewhere as far as Turkey or Ukraine for the Thursday. Other leagues help their teams in Europe, why don’t we here? Also, it’s not he same as a Sat-Tues Champions League fixture – our players won’t get bak home until 2-3am on Tuesday at the earliest. You’re knocking 3-4 hours of sleep/rest time, something Arteta was was saying is… Read more »

For Gods Sake

You forget, Sky, BT Sport etc and the Premier league only care about ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ and nothing else.


Monday night games suck balls.


Gilbertu Shilva yer cunts


El Capitan

and Patrick Vieira mucho grande spectacular futebol carga …fick raijkard..

le racist de chelski THINK..makelele (aqua carrier) besser als patrick sind? ahahahah es gibt keine moglichkeit..No.1 Viera = Boss. Arsene Wenger genius grazie Arsene!!!


FFS, Where’s the banhammer?

Naked Cygan

I guess Martin can’t watch the games.


Yes, it’s a bit shit for match going fans. But you don’t hear clubs complaining about the money. Football chose to dance with the devil, so we just have to suck it up when it comes to the fixtures constantly moving.

Teryima Adi

He who pays the Piper dictates the tune.

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