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Confirmed: Arsenal to play Manchester City next week

It has been confirmed that Arsenal will face Manchester City at the Etihad on Wednesday, 11 March.

The game has been rearranged at short notice after the Gunners exit from the Europa League opened a slot in the calendar.

We were originally supposed to play the reigning champions on the weekend just past but that game was postponed when Pep Guardiola’s side qualified for the League Cup final.

The Gunners face West Ham United on Saturday and will have 24 hours longer to prepare for the game than City who face Manchester United on Sunday.

It will be the first time that Mikel Arteta has come up against City since joining the Gunners in December.

As soon as we lost to Olympiakos last Thursday the Premier League knew we were free. Why has it taken five days to make this decision?

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The protégé to get one over his master. Rest assured the dress code would be similar.

Make Arsenal Great Again

You get a thumbs up for that handle alone. You don’t even need to post a single word to het a thumbs up from me

Lee Barnes

Still being shown on Sky?!

SB Still

Yes, its updated on

SB Still

Arteta vs Pep, let’s see

tanned arse

Hard to be confident even about a victory against West ham this weekend but would be very interesting if come Wednesday evening we’ve picked up 6 points.


Absolutely. I was being a typically over optimistic fan the other day and looking over the upcoming fixtures. If we get our shit together I think our next 4 EPL fixtures (with the exception of this game against city) are very winnable. Across that same period a good number of teams around us meet each other. If we can win those games we could go into our own more difficult period in a good position. Of course at that point the pessimistic side of me will kick in and I’ll fully expect that having clawed our way back into contention… Read more »


It is clear Arsenal are improving under Arteta. I just really hope city dont spank us though, we can’t afford to lose morale at this stage of the season with everyone playing the top 4 is lava game again


Damn – was hoping we’d get this game more towards the end of the season, when we’ve really regained our form and hunger, and have a sniff of something not meant for us on the counter.


Also damn. I’ll be on a ferry across to France that evening: not sure if it’ll be shown on ship let alone reaction from wife and friends if I duck out to watch it?.

You carefully plan things but fate takes over. Home game and it would have been Tuesday.

Travis Bickle

It’ll be my birthday that day. And although I don’t really expect us to win, a surprise would indeed be a nice gift. ?


It would be my birthday too. Optimistically looking forward to a win..✌! Have a remarkable one, Travis!


Five days, that’s incredibly slow

Norfolk gooner

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Mike Dean who made the decision and sarcastically slammed the paperwork on a table.


“Why has it taken five days to make this decision?”

All you ever do is moan about the schedule and its makers. It gets a bit tiresome tbh.


I agree, it’s very English of you. 1st world problems and all that


Normally, as with Cup replays, the minimum is 10 days so as to agree with Council, Police, travel companies etc. So next week is about right.


Read the blog today to see exactly why. Farcical.


Completely agree with that observation.

Arseblog’s tone in general has become very negative and agenda driven in the last couple of years.


And very abusive whenever anyone disagrees with him too.


Usually when they change the schedules and it’s not super short notice I agree that it is a bit sad how blogs complains about it like a broken record. Especially when it’s moving it from 3pm to a more accessible time for the others to watch. However in this case blogs is bang on. It’s way too short notice to arrange travel and time off work and generally is very disruptive. The only way it will change, however, is if people boycott the games. The decision makers don’t care a jot about an Arsenal blog. Even if it is fuckin’… Read more »


I’m surprised how many people agree with this sentiment that Blogs is moaning unnecessarily. If any of you had booked a train a little way in advance so as to avoid the exorbitant fees that our entirely sub-par railway systems charge, then had the game move and render your ticket totally useless, you’d think very differently. It’s only happened to me once too- people that go away regularly are forced to sit and wait until the point at which tickets are significantly higher than previously, due to Sky and BT satisfying those watching at home. I very rarely go away… Read more »


You know the games are likely to be changed, though.

I do agree it’s not ideal the way things are, but if you’re booking tickets well in advance (before the fixture changes are announced) then do so at your own peril.

In this case, however, it’s way too short notice.


If you don’t do that though you pay £80 to stand on a train that smells of piss for two hours after a dismal 1-1 draw up in Grimsinghamsby. I know that you’ve gotta accept some neglect, but it feels like fans are getting it from all angles. The TV stations screw us and then the rail/ bus companies screw us even further. I don’t buy into the ‘but you know that’s the case so why do it’ argument. Surely we should all be pushing in the same direction to help fans?! Anyway, I don’t go away anymore, so will… Read more »


Would be great if there were more chartered buses and trains specifically for fans to be honest.

If festivals can organise it, so can the club.

In this case, I’m somewhat a beneficiary of the change – I’ve managed to bag a ticket from Twitter.

I really doubt there’s going to be a lack of supporters in the ground.


oh yey… can’t wait…


If this fixture date was confirmed before the Portsmouth game, then I suspect Saka wouldn’t have started that game. But other than that, it shouldn’t disrupt Arteta’s plans too much.


Yes I would love to watch more Arsenal at a convenient hour but i can see the down fall here. Matchdays for me is mostly made by fans, fans in the ground can not just lift the mood and atmosphere of a match but also inject the spirit in places to entertain their supporters more. Without fans or less fans in the stadium the games to me almost appear like training days. I miss the connection. Think even the leagues should realise this, the world today is mostly dependent on digital services, for all the terms dished out there saying… Read more »

Man Manny

Upset on the cards.

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