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Man City v Arsenal POSTPONED, players in self-isolation

Arsenal’s game with Man City this evening has been postponed due to fears of the spread of the Coronavirus.

Yesterday, the Olympiacos owner (and also the owner of Nottingham Forest), Evangelos Marinakis, revealed he had contracted the virus.

He was present at the Europa League game between the two sides at the Emirates Stadium on February 27th, and had contact with players and staff at that time.

Although none have reportedly shown symptoms, this evening’s game has been called off as a precautionary measure.

In a statement announcing the news, Arsenal also revealed that the players would remain at home in self-isolation until the 14 day period associated with the disease expired.

They say:

As a result, the players are unavailable for tonight’s match against Manchester City and the Premier League has decided the game should be postponed.

The players will remain at their homes until the 14-day period expires. Four Arsenal staff – who were sitting close to Mr Marinakis during the match – will also remain at home until the 14 days are complete.

We fully understand how disappointing this is for our supporters, in particular those who were travelling to Manchester for tonight’s match. Tickets will be valid for the match when it’s rearranged.

As a further precautionary measure, whilst we do not believe there was any close contact with any other Arsenal guests or staff in the directors box restaurant, we are contacting them to advise they should follow the relevant advice if there has been any such contact.

Everyone at Arsenal Football Club wishes Mr Marinakis a swift recovery and we look forward to the players and staff returning to work on Friday in preparation for our match at Brighton.

Work is expected to continue as normal on Friday as we prepare for our clash with Brighton on Saturday.

It’s not ideal preparation, but this is something that has to be taken seriously by everyone. Let’s hope that there’s nothing more serious for anyone concerned as a result and that everybody affected recovers.

Read Arseblog: The Premier League/English football will not be immune from Covid-19

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I dont understand how we will play on saturday if 14days quarantine is in-effect.

High gooner

13 days has gone since our players and staff members met with marinakis. So the 14 days will end tomorrow


Exactly. Today it’s 13 days, tomorrow it’ll be 14 days. But until then, it’s 13 days, that’s how it works


Well, that’s only required if our players show symptoms or are indeed infected. If tomorrow’s results show negative, Arsenal players would have infected no one and our contact post-Olympiakos should be safe to say the least, FOR BOW.


you’re right, about the logic, but it’s a kind of triage i guess. as you said in your blog, with all the close contacts of the close contacts etc, probably 99% of the population of the uk would need quarantining. at this stage, that is considered the worse option. in italy (and china etc.), the number of infections and the spread has made that the necessary option. quarantining the highest probability cases allows you to monitor and test them. if one of them is found infected, you then go to the next level and quarantine all of their close contacts.… Read more »


this is also why it is so important to not be in close contact with people unnecessarily, even to shake hands etc. (and if so, to wash hands). every single close contact avoided also cuts off a potential branch of the tree of potentially infected, saving valuable time and resources. the super infectors are the opposite of that. don’t be a super infector. carry tissues, be hygienic, wash your hands 🙂

Gervinho is Driving

Curious: some players are quarantined because they may have been “within two meters of Marinakis for 15 minutes or more,” (Guardian) and yet “we do not believe there was any close contact with any other Arsenal guests or staff in the directors box restaurant.”

Doesn’t it seem like there would be plenty of staff and hospitality workers who would have been exposed to a visiting owner, indoors, for as long some players were after the match on the pitch? In the restaurant or wherever else the big shots mingle?

Ashish Mann

Mike dean.

Ashley Harvey

14 days from the Olympiacos game.


It could be 14 days from Olympiacos game


Saw this news on a live update feed on CNN’s website and was floored thinking to myself: what are the odds our club would be the first in England to get mixed up in this? Meanwhile, clear across the Atlantic and in my home state there is speculation over whether a confirmed COVID-19 case had spread the disease at a sporting event he attended a day before becoming symptomatic. And then of course there is Italy, Iran, and South Korea. It’s staggering to witness such a global event unfold in so short a time while still having little idea where… Read more »


So overall the Olympiacos game has been a huge hit.

Viva la prof

Haha, emoji police be damned, that was hilarious ???

Jack but

The reason why we lost

djourou's nutmeg

it’s obvious this was gonna happen to us considering how bad is our defensive system…


Good call on so many levels, including my selfish personal ones!

I do feel very sorry for those who have rearranged lives to make the journey though.

I hope that the virus was not contracted by anyone, as they were not isolated up until now and have been in contact with all the others. If any of them tests positive, that’s a whole new bag of worms that opens up.

Man Manny

All things work for good…
When we finally play them, the league, hopefully, would have been won…and lost, and they’ll still be in the CL.
That could work in our favour if CL places are still up for grabs though.


I was thinking the same, even if it is very cynical, given the circumstances. But with Liverpool the champions and City secured in second place and maybe still involved in the CL somehow when we replay that game, it would surely increase our chances of getting some points up north. So while I am a bit pissed to not see Arsenal today and of course sad for all the travelling supporters with arrangements, this is certainly the positive side of it. After defeat in the Manchester derby on Sunday, I immediately thought that now would definitely not be a good… Read more »


Along with the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, Mesut Ozil is definitely high-risk and should be quarantined for his own safety.


However funny, how his is NOT the time. So please….


This is NOT the time.

F U Autocorrect


It’s always the time for a little humour, Aaron.


It’s not at all funny, especially as his wife is expecting a baby any day soon. Grow up you sad idiot.

Flavoured Rice

The last time a baby got Corona virus was…. um, never. Do you even know what the virus actually entails ? It’s not gonna mess up anybody young and healthy. Get a grip you panic merchant

Viva la prof

Was funny take it easy zero children have died this virus has almost no effect in children and really if we can’t laugh at all of life’s lemons then what’s the point in it all

Flavoured Rice

Hear hear. Don’t know when it was but people have become awful drips these days. I always thought in a bad situation laugh a little and shine a little light on it. I mean, I LIVE in Asia and encounter the Corona virus fear every day but still get on with my life.

Seems Arsenal has sapped the humor out of people along with their souls


Flavored rice not from Asia, that would’ve been some surprise

Flavoured Rice

Almost. I’m not an Asian but from London working abroad. I make it back to England 3x a year and Arsenal are no longer bringing any flavour to my visit that’s for certain. Might change it to bland rice


Lol, sticky rice it is then.


I’m also British living in Asia. I guess we have a different perspective.

Right Across Sunderland!

Agree. I live and work in Thailand at the moment and everything is normal, barring a few sensible precautions. No runs on bog roll, canned food etc. Shortages of face masks and hand sanitizer though. Government is ‘distributing’ these items (ahem). And you can’t find these items for love nor money since they took control of said items. Interesting that… And yes, humour in the face of adversity is a normal trait for many. ‘Gallows humour’, I think they call it. Yes, they do it here too. I’ve heard a few good gags from the locals. I’d risk arrest repeating… Read more »

Teryima Adi

The only thing to fear is fear itself. Fear kills faster than any virus or disease. Be safe?



Laca New Signing

Mesut Özil’s name comes up again even in such a sad situation. No worry, it’s from a con anyway.


Tres drole mon amis.


It’s not even funny.

Flavoured Rice

You must be fun at parties


And some say Özil is not a scapegoat.


It is kinda funny. If we can’t get value for our 350k p/w from Ozil, we can at least use him for some jokes, even if they’re borderline a bit. No bad intentions here ofc.


Douchiest comment by Arsenal “supporter” ever.
Take a bow, son.



Cultured Determination

For safety reasons we should consider this epl season null and void. All results dont count. For eu qqalification we either do a cup style knock out tournament or we revert to last year’s clubs. – with a replay for europa final that is. And no unai as manager.

Viva la prof

I think it’s only fair the final standings are done Alphabetically!

Right Across Sunderland!

AFC Bournemouth will be happy.

Sneaky buggers, changing their name like that. Our traditional top of the table starting position was taken from us 🙁

Still, will be worth it to see the scousers go nuts.


I think a lesson in this is never end a blog post with the phrase “Football again tomorrow I promise”.

Not that I am blaming you entirely for the postponement of this game, I assume James has fallen down some stairs or something similar and thus added his own jinx to the mix.

I am really disappointed to be honest, for such a last minute fixture I was starting to get quite excited about waking up tomorrow morning for a big game.

This is certainly one season we are not going to forget In a hurry.

Le prof esional

A magpie no doubt crapped on him.


A bout of corona may propel us into the Champion’s League.

Flavoured Rice

Damn, how will they cope having to wile away 14 days in their mansions with their stay at home supermodel wives? I mean, these guys have such passion to play the game I’d imagine they chomping at the bit at the chance to return and get that coveted 8th place


Hope you get well soon mate

Flavoured Rice

Soppy git

Bai Blagoi

If the players needed to self-isolated for longer period, the biggest problem will not be the postponement of the game, the biggest problem would be the lack of training time.

And I really hope that this Evangelos dude didn’t contaminate anyone from the club — including staff and directors, because if even one person is diagnosed, then the WHOLE TEAM would need to stay locked up for 14 days, and that would be counting from yesterday.

It Is What It Is

Even Stan, via Josh?

Red Fred

a little confused here. So some players have been in isolation for two weeks. That’s fine, but we had a strong team out against West Ham 5 days ago, they obviously weren’t affected and didn’t go into isolation. So they should all be available tonight as they haven’t been in isolation and all available for our next match one week after West Ham.


The Olympiakos owner only announced he had contracted the virus yesterday, the match took place a while back and those that he had came into close contact with during this period will need to be on self-quarantine from the day contact was made. The West Ham match took place before him declaring he caught the virus.


Yes but the day count is from when they encountered the Greek so 14 day period expires Friday.

IF any show symptoms and test positive then we have a new count period affecting many more players no doubt.


Exactly. Basic math is beyond some.

And there’s only one species that needs serious culling anyway.

Petit's Handbag

I really hope it didn’t get in David Luiz or Guendouzi’s hair

Flavoured Rice

Sorry seems this is a no humor zone mate. We must all be deathly serious and sombre here. Millennials have ordered it so


…or maybe your jokes are just a bit shit?

“What’s that? No-one likes my shit jokes? It must be the fault of those humourless millenials! An entire generation has no funny bone!”

Sure mate, sure.


you think too highly of yourself and your crap jokes.

Viva la prof

Hair that glorious washes and conditions itself.


Hopefully nobody gets infected by the interaction with the chairman.
/fingers crossed


I’m an english teacher living in Monza, lombardy, I can tell you there really is a problem here. everyone seems to know someone who’s died from the virus, people are being forced to stay at home under all circumstances, I have now been off work unpaid for two and a half weeks and by the time I can potentially return it will be six weeks, they are reassessing the situation on April the 3rd. They made massive restrictions and it didn’t stop the spread, now they have applied those restrictions to the whole country, if it continues to spread like… Read more »


really wouldn’t be smoking at this point, cos it weakens the lungs and makes one more vulnerable if they contract 2019-nCov.


I haven’t heard that here. But it does make total sense. I should probably take note, I have asthma and have been chain smoking joints while off work. But it is my birthday today and the third week of staying home has taken its toll!


Hope you have a happy birthday sir, stay safe.


Just curious: Will the Europa League game Olympiakos vs Wolves tomorrow be played?
Has the president not been in contact with his own players? Maybe congratulated them at a dinner after going through to the next round? Or maybe he was in the same plane on the way back? That would have been after the game in Emirates, so tomorrow at 9 CET when the Wolves game is supposed to start, it wouldn’t have been 2 weeks yet.

Viva la prof

Maybe old news now, but last I heard they were playing, but are absolutely livid about it.


Thanks mate. I am watching that game currently and can now basically answer my own question. 😉 But for others interested in that: The commentator on the German DAZN feed said, that all Olympiakos players were actually tested and all came out negative. They still wanted to have the game postponed, but Wolves declined that and insisted that the game has to be played today. Raises the question now, why Arsenal players were not tested and in case of a negative result, the City game could have been played? (Don’t get me wrong though, I am not unhappy at all… Read more »


This Corona nonsense is getting out of hand. All the believers can do whatever they want but do not oppress others. I had plans to watch game and now it’s ruined just because someone may sneeze. What a load of bo3. Just another fad like flat earth, global warming and Liverpool being greatest team ever. It will pass. Stop panicking!

karl groom

Very sorry for the travelling fans, who are often bottom of the list of priorities. It might just work well for Arsenal to get into better form tough. There is also the possibility of an empty stadium by them lessening the home advantage.


Maybe no need for replay we split points 50/50? ?

Anders Limpar

And beat the spuds to 4th place by the half point we gain from that split 🙂

Right Across Sunderland!

50 points each? I’m up for that, sure.


Maybe a good thing for us. We aren’t entirely ready to face City yet.

Gives Arteta a bit of time to continue to work the team up to scratch.

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