Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Mikel Arteta ‘feeling better’

Mikel Arteta’s coronavirus diagnosis came as something of a shock when it was confirmed last night but thankfully he’s already on the mend.

The Gunners were quick to shut down both the London Colney and Hale End training facilities and staff and players who had contact with the Spaniard have gone into self-isolation.

Only 37, Arteta falls in an age bracket with a very low fatality rate. He was always expected to make a swift and full recovery and it sounds as though he’s well on his way.

“Thanks for your words and support,” Arteta wrote on Twitter. “We’re all facing a huge and unprecedented challenge.

“Everyone’s health is all that matters right now. Protect each other by following the guidelines,” he added.

“We’ll come through this together. Well done [the] Premier League for making the right decisions.”

The Premier League, EFL and WSL decided this morning that their respective campaigns will be suspended until 4 April at the earliest. It remains to be seen whether any room is made in the football calendar for them to be completed, a topic discussed on today’s bonus Arsecast. 

In the meantime, remember to do your bit to minimise the spread of germs. All the info you need is here.

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If the government had any sense they’d take this opportunity to quarantine Arteta in a top research facility until they can find out the secret behind his perfecto hair.


lol it’s called genetics

Bai Blagoi

Plus a healthy dose of geletics.


I don’t care what it’s called, genetics, phonetics, synthesize it, bottle it up and sell it so that we may all be handsomely quaffed Gods.


A friend of mine knows Mikel’s aunt’s butcher. Apparently he woke up around 4:30am as usual, walked to the bathroom, glanced in the mirror and noticed a strand of hair perpendicular to its requisite position. There was no need for a test, he knew he had the virus. Friend’s expect him to emerge with a vaccine for all in 14 days.

Dr Zebra

I think Flamini has already concocted a vaccine!

Ashish Mann

Very very under rated comment this about flamini. Its all set up for him. Come on flam get it done.


Wouldn’t that be nice? He’s actually busy producing and refining the process for producing Levulinic acid. This can be used as a replacement for many products that use oil as a base.

He’ll make a fortune fairly quickly if he’s got his head screwed on right and if he isn’t massaged out of the market.


Another Wenger 4D chess masterclass:

leaving Arsenal in order to not be manager during Coronavirus


Could do with the virus having a little bit the handbrake on.


But would he sell it to Man Utd?

Micky Tayrian

Get well soon boss we’ve got work to do

Ya Gooner

I wish the media would report how many people have recovered, oh wait, falling stock prices benefits the rich and oh wait, the bad virus updates brings news stations lots of dollar. The government also doing nothing as to benefit their rich mates to hoover up stocks once the price is low and earn when it’s bacl to normal. They’re forgetting their voter base are the most at risk. Fools

Ya Gooner

Great news arteta is getting better also, hopefully everyone recovers as he has. Sorry for the rant.


Every decent virus tracker site has recovery numbers…. looking at it recovery takes a long time. 20-25 days in hospital. So maybe in the next few weeks you’ll see them going up.


You’d better be quick. I hear the supermarkets are running out of tin foil…


I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that this is overly subtle satire, lest my faith in humanity fall even further than it did during my latest trip to Morrisons.


Falling stock prices benefits the rich

What? Who do you think own stocks in the first place? Sure one or two wizards will work the numbers and algorithms to their benefit in this chaos, but the blue bloods are hating every minute of this.

Ya Gooner

The rich are more able to ride out not going to work whereas average people will have to pull their investments out to pay rent etc selling them low. The rich will then buy up all those stocks while low as they will still have the capital to do so. Once they return to normal they profit. Our government know this and are hoping the virus sweeps through the population quickly, of course it’s a risk as if it continues long term it will heavily damage the economy fucking everyone over (disproportionately the poor of course).

Ya Gooner

Basically the long and short of it is our government are yet again putting profit ahead of human lives.


The vast majority have not yet recovered, in Italy only about 1500 out of 17000 have recovered.

The incubation period can can be up to 14 days, the onset of serious symptoms up to 10 days later. Mortality occurs between 2 to 8 weeks after the onset of serious symptoms. In other words, Arteta might be feeling better, but he is not out of the woods yet.

Ya Gooner

The infection has only just started in Italy though so you’d expect low numbers. How many of those recovered showed severe symptoms. Also Italy os a much smaller sample size, don’t forget also the stats are heavily skewed as those who show no/mild symptoms are much less likely to be tested so it’s likely way more people have recovered than whatis reported. Arteta will be fine

The Far Post

Compared to his recent photos on this site, Arteta looks in that tweet like he’s aged 10 years.


That’s not the coronavirus, that’s the stress of managing Arsenal.

Naked Cygan

I am glad all games are canceled and hopefully less people will be exposed to the virus. On a football perspective, fking spurs are the biggest beneficiaries of the pause in games. They were going through an injury crisis upfront and a big dip in form, and I was really enjoying it. Now once the games resume they might get their injured players fit and ready.


But they’ll still have Mourinho and they’ll still be sp*rs


Exactly my thoughts


Harsh, but fair.


Harsh is what I was going for


What makes you think the games will continue any time soon??

Naked Cygan

Did I say soon?

Right Across Sunderland!

Very little chance of games resuming in April according to most reports. Season is almost certainly off. Rumours are the euros will be put back to 2021. My prediction is that they’ll give any team that had guaranteed promotion a promotion (even perhaps adding a team to a league but relegating an extra one at the end). Liverpool might just be given the title to shut them up. I’m not really against that, they’d got it if we’re being honest. Not sure how they’ll do the CL/Europa? A proper mess. But a full season needs to start if we’re waiting… Read more »


I was thinking about it too. I think whatever they choose, someone is going to lose something. The top 4 spots & relegation have big financial implications. Hand liverpool the title and Man City might dish out their legal team. The other teams currently holding CL spots would argue that means they should also be guarantied their spots. So teams from 11th?-5th can say they all have a chance to finish in the European qualifying spots. The only way I see this being solved is if Euros are canceled and we try to finish the league in the summer that’s… Read more »

Essex Gooner

When I heard Arteta had the virus, I was more worried about the virus than I was for Arteta…


Hopefully this will motivate the players. If our gaffer can overcome this then we can finish in the top4

Naked Cygan

Lmao are you still thinking of top 4?????????


Arsenal 1-0 Coronavirus


Another win for Mikel Arteta

Right Across Sunderland!

At last, some positive news!
Speedy recovery, Mikel and to anyone who’s been infected.


Tis but a flesh wound…


Good news Mikel

You may be interested there is a precedent for league being postponed. It was before in 1930s Blackpool. Where top and clear with three games to play , they did not get trophy. Source John robb music and culture journalist and Blackpool fan.

Paul Roberts

I just looked at the list of winners through the years and your post seems to be absolute bollocks.

Naked Cygan

A lot worse things happened in 1930s. We have come a long way.


Sometimes I think not as far as we’d like


The 1939-40 season was abandoned in September 1939 when only 3 games had been played. Blackpool were top of the league after 3 games played, not with 3 games remaining.

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