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Premier League to go ahead as normal this weekend

Premier League fixtures will take place as normal this weekend, despite the growing threat of Coronavirus.

As football, sport, and mass gatherings are shut down in many other European countries, the British government has decided against restrictions for the time-being.

Arsenal will face Brighton this weekend at the Amex Stadium, with fans allowed into the ground, and this evening the Premier League confirmed it was business as usual in spite of the illness which is reportedly mpacting thousands across the UK.

In a statement, they said:

Following the latest update from Government issued this afternoon, all Premier League matches will go ahead as scheduled this weekend.

While the Prime Minister advised that all sporting events should take place as normal for now, he also indicated that Government is considering banning major public events, like sporting fixtures.

We are therefore continuing to work closely with our clubs, Government, The FA, EFL and other relevant stakeholders to ensure appropriate contingency plans are in place as and when circumstances change.

The welfare of players, staff and supporters is of paramount importance and we will continue to follow Public Health England guidelines thoroughly.

We will keep everyone updated as appropriate.

Earlier today, La Liga announced no games for at least two weeks; Italy is in total lockdown; and across the globe measures are being put in place to help prevent the spread of an illness which is killing a significant amount of people.

Let’s hope that the decision doesn’t see the infection spread further but it seems odd that as everyone else is trying to curb large scale public events, they’re still going ahead.

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Seems like a fucking stupid idea to me.


Apparently its much safer to travel down to the game that watch it in the pub. As there is no other option, I guess the government are looking out for us.

Naked Cygan

I am surprised. Given what happened to the Juventus team surely they have to stop the matches. Or atleast play in empty stadiums and show the game for free to the fans. They keep saying the fans are most important, but all they care about is money. They will have to cancel all the games soon, so why take the risk?


Seems like the priority of the PL is money over safety… who would have ever considered this?!?

Eric Blair

Seems like that’s the priority for a few people in power.

Peter Story Teller

Now our manager is confirmed as having succumed to the virus I guess everyone who has been at training this week shall need to be quarantined so how can we play any matches for a week or two?


Best wishes to Mikel of a speedy recovery

Eric Blair

Arsenal will not be able to play games for at least two weeks as the 1st team squad will be in self-isolation. If just one other team member tests positive forget any games for the next two months at least.


That’s what she said… Check Arsenal website.


Bbc just said Mikel Arteta tested positively on Corona virus. F&CK F&CK F&CK



ARTETA tested positive for the COVID19 virus!!!

Bloody Olympiakos…as if knocking us out of the Europa isn’t good enough, now they got our gaffer.

I guess he’ll be watching from remote.


Who said Arteta caught it from anyone from Olympiakos?

Right Across Sunderland!

Just cancel games for 3 weeks and see how we are later. I think it best we avoid ‘Italianing’ ourselves. But we need government onside to take it seriously. Ration canned goods, face masks, toilet rolls and packet food. Allow those at risk 3 weeks off on government pay if necessary (asthma sufferers, the elderly, those with diagnosed hypertension/heart problems etc). 3 weeks and back to normal. Seems better than risking ‘doing an Italy’. Am I the only one thinking the WHO/UN should be trying to organise a collaborative global effort? I’m just thinking that if everyone made sacrifices at… Read more »


Well said.


How in the world can they keep playing matches when coaches and players are testing positive for the virus? Unbelievable.

Right Across Sunderland!



Obvs the Arteta situation is going to change things. I can’t see any other outcome other than the entire European season ending tomorrow. It has got me thinking however, about what happens with European places next season. And you know what I feel is probably the most likely outcome is that they go by last seasons results. Effectively re-run this season.i think it really is the only fair way to do it. In that case what are the chances that our 5th place combined with Man City being out of Europe sees us in the Champions League next season? I… Read more »


I think the world is a little busy with corona virus to give a thought.


Lol. Get off your high-horse. We are all worried about the Coronavirus, and it is already starting to have a massive impact on my life at the moment, along with everyone else. But doesn’t mean the world is over. You might as well say that writing anything on a football blog at all is ridiculous while the crisis is going on. What are you doing here?? It is a football blog, where we talk about football. Even during this shite, while we are talking about closing workplaces and people are worried about their health, their family and their jobs it… Read more »

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