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Torreira leaves Fratton Park in leg brace

Lucas Torreira has left Fratton Park sporting a leg brace and using crutches after a bruising tackle by Portsmouth’s James Bolton forced the midfielder off in the opening stages of the first half.

The incident in the 12th minute left the midfielder in considerable pain and clutching his ankle and he was initially taken to an ambulance to be assessed.

News later reached the BT Sport commentators that he wasn’t taken to hospital and reports by ESPN in Uruguay, who appear to have contacted the player’s father, suggest he’s done nothing more than twist the ankle.

After the game, Arteta told Sky Sports: “He was in a lot of pain, he’s in a brace, he’ll be assessed tomorrow and we’ll know more after that.”

Here’s hoping it’s nothing serious.

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Didn’t watch the game but heard there was not even a yellow for that tackle?


No, the commentators gleefully described it as a ‘cup tackle’, so that was that.


I liken Mike Dean to that of a lubed up ape’s tit. His Guendouzi yellow card was of the highest level of silliness. When they showed the replay of Guendouzi setting the ball down with authority, I surely thought they didn’t show the whole replay and Guendouzi called him a lubed up ape’s tit or something. But, no, Mike Dean just has a complex where he thinks he needs to assert himself when he doesn’t. Silly.


Seemed to call the game at Premier League standards for us and League One for Pompey. Mike Dean always tries to make the game “interesting” no matter how it looks. Glad we got it done, and hope Lucas isn’t out long term.


Jermaine Jenas said it was fair as he got the ball first!!! TV sound went off immediately in my house.


Take care Lucas, hope to see you back out there very soon.

Tony Hall

Why in god’s name would anybody thumb this comment down ?


Must be spies sent to discourage our fans


Thumbs down given by Mike Dean and Jermaine Jenas I guess.


Fun fact. The guy who smashed Torreira’s ankle to bits tonight was an English clogger from Stoke. Pulis was on the commentary team. Mike Dean of course gave nothing (guarantee an Arsenal player would have seen red for the same tackle), and the Portsmouth fans channeled their inner Stoke by jeering and chanting him off the pitch as if it was somehow Torreria’s fault. It all brought back rather unsavory flashbacks to Ramsey and I just can’t understand how adult humans can think it’s ok to scream abuse at a player who is clearly in alot of pain, regardless of… Read more »


Well the fact he’s in a protective bearing some weight on it means its not too serious. Very likely a bruised and a very bad sprained ankle.

I wish him a speedy recovery and a return to the team before the end of the season to score the winner in the FA cup final.


Dirty Portsmouth cunts. And fuck you too, Mike Dean, you Super-Cunt.


Real shame. He just got a start. Like Kolasinac, desperately unlucky. As I mentioned before, we are tight in terms of assets in midfield. Ceballos came on and I thought controlled the game for us slightly better. But we could have well done with Torreira in there to provide some rotation. Again its not a zero sum game. We need two strong players per position andwe barely have that in midfield. To me, if we had more resource in deep end of midfield, I would see how Ceballos could kick on higher up (particularly with Ozil due to run down… Read more »


That’s twice now. You don’t actually understand what ‘zero-sum game’ is – among many other things to be fair.

santi's thigh grab

You barely rated Torreira in your other long scribe and he only played 12
minutes. How the fuck can you rate a player after 12 minutes.


Mike Dean – what a bell end….bet he’s distraught we scored twice and are through!
He was dying to get that red card out!
And I agree they were a dirty bloody bunch.
Hope Torreira isn’t out for too long…..


Dean is a saddlebacked moron and the PGMOL, or whoever the hell it is, a bunch of fucktards for continuing to employ the likes of him.

Who would have thought that Jermaine Jenas would be the voice of reason?!


Exactly, George – I nearly passed out haha!

Tim Langedijk

He is carrying his own bag so that’s good! No serious: get well Lucas, for me you’re the best!

Dave M

Major blow. Was hoping we might see a change and Torreira being brought back into the starting XI more frequently to allow a more dynamic midfield again. Xhaka it is again [sigh]. While he’s been solid lately, that’s about it and that is probably his best run of games since arriving at Arsenal 2.5 years ago and with the whole formation built around minimising his weaknesses and supporting his strengths. I remain firmly in the boat that we should have no future midfield built around Xhaka if we want to move up the table starting next season. We HAVE to… Read more »


I often cringe when torreira goes into these full blooded challenges.

He is often in a physical mismatch (5ft 5!) and shorter athletes get injured more easily from high impact collisions

Venga Bus

A lubed up ape tit has its place in society

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