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Ceballos: Arsenal team have all tested negative

Dani Ceballos has told TVE that the entire Arsenal team have tested negative for Covid-19 as the players return for individual training sessions.

This is part of a phased process, which will ultimately lead to the recommencement of the 2019-20 Premier League season.

The Spanish international has even revealed a time frame for that, suggesting that they’ve been told the games will resume a week later than the original date of June 12th.

Speaking this week, the 24 year old said, “48 hours ago we passed the tests, and the truth is that the whole team has tested negative.

“We are going to start a week late with respect to what is being talked about in Spain, which is June 12th, and we are going to start the league on the 20th.”

His is a situation Arsenal will have to clarify as he is on loan from Real Madrid and would need to sign an extension to that deal – assuming agreement can be found between the clubs as well.

However, it seems clear that he’s looking at a future in Spain rather than England, saying, “I am a Real Madrid player, and any player in the world would like to play for Real Madrid.

“I have a contract with them for three more years and they are the ideal team to succeed. The best of Dani Ceballos is yet to come, settling in a team, feeling important … feeling like a leader, which is what I really like.”

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Good news. Although there was a positive result for helium among the ranks


Let’s not balloon it out of proportion.


It certainly is no laughing matter

Cygans Parting

Your collective wit really (hippy)cracks me up people?!!

Naked Cygan

He is a good player, but his head and hearth is not at Arsenal. We should avoid wasting money and time on these kind of deals, and invest in players who love to play for Arsenal.


I am keeping my fingers crossed. Going foward? I can only hope that Aterta works some magic on the teamto get out of the black hole we are in


This group of players have failed many tests in the last few years.
This is the first time I’m happy about it.

David Curran

Bang average player that we would have to pay for. I only remember Ceballos playing one really good for us, Burnley maybe? He’s been a bit better under Arteta, but Madrid will probably want 30-40 million….

I’d rather see a younger player given more time to develop.

Naija Gooner

He is not an old player fqm


Theres really no point using him if everyone is fit, long term it would be more advantageous to use our own young players in the remaining games, his head and heart are elsewhere anyway.


Head back, rarely play, new marquee signing, no place in squad, loss of confidence, move around leagues and clubs. 10 years down the road, I regretted,
should have join them on a permanent basis.


Money talks, and.. being close to home does too. This is something we’ve seen many times over the years. People leaving, and not getting the success they had envisioned. And we mull over how it’s better to be a pretty big fish in a slightly smaller pond, than a small fish in a very big and shiny pond. But in reality we never know what could have been, had this-or-that player stayed with us. But let’s just say that when someone starts talking about home and Spain, I get all nervous (and slightly punchy-at-random-objects too) I like Ceballos. Like so… Read more »


Ceballos is only 23, we’ve seen plenty of players take a year or so to settle, and he’s had an injury. Fabinho took a good while to settle, as did Kovacic. If Ceballos was 25, with an extra 80 games behind him? He’d probably already be playing for Real Madrid. I think he should try and sign him, I really like him, he’s brave, always wants the ball, plays in tight spaces, always looks to get the ball forward early, and he’s not afraid to get stuck in, he’s decent in the challenge. He looks like he has a really… Read more »


Yeah this is always interesting. I think certain players have left and had good careers too.
Picked up trophies but could have gone down as absolute legends at Arsenal while getting paid less and achieving less.

Fabregas and RVP are obvious examples but someone like Nasri was really stepping up before he left, could maybe have turned out to boss the midfield for years to come. Who knows, not me, I thought Fran Merida would be a world beater. I also thought Gnabry was good but not great.


Problem with Nasri – hes a bit of a knob. Nothing was going to fix that.


Yea, know what you are saying. Nothing against him on that. On the other hand, he could end up being a legend at Real, successor of Zidane. Just having a fun go at Real, as that’s what happens to most of their players. ?


Tested negative for what….Arsenals DNA….

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