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Report: Arsenal sign triallist George Lewis

According to reports in Norway, Arsenal have completed the signing of 19-year-old free agent George Lewis.’s Charles Watts reported earlier this month that the Rwandan-born winger had impressed the Gunners while on trial in March and that a deal for him to join the under-23s was on the cards.

News of the transfer comes from his former club Fram Larvik, whose sporting director Jostein Jensen, told “Yes, we can confirm that. I have been told that he has signed for Arsenal.”

Quite why a club that let him go would have the inside track is unclear.

The youngster’s agent, Cheikh Diaw, has also played up the move, although he seemed sketchy about whether it was done or not.

“He’s ready for Arsenal, yes. The club has not made it official yet, but he has signed for the club. They are really looking forward to getting George, who they see as an exciting player.”

Before getting too excited about a player who seemingly failed to make the grade in the Norwegian third tier, we’ll wait for official confirmation from the club.

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Naked Cygan

Let’s hope its true and he turns out to be a great player. We cant deal with another Yaya Sonogo hype.

Artetas Assistant

With the raw material he had, Yaya Sanogo had no right to not be a success. I lay that blame largely on Wenger. Joel Campbell wasn’t half bad as the amount of Slur Blogs casts on his name either. In fact I thought he was quite good and put in a hearty shift everytime.

Why didn’t blogs like that hardworking Black Costa Rican boy ? ?

Blogs maybe you need to practice more empathy and compassion than critiquing Big Stan for having the initiative and energy to be Stan. Stop the ‘comical’ negative energy, these guys read your Blog too


I didn’t dislike Joel Campbell, I just didn’t think he was quite good enough to forge a career at Arsenal. When you look at what he did before and since, that’s not unreasonable.

As for your insinuations of racism, that’s pretty grotty. And I have no idea what you’re on about re: Stan.


Joel Campbell was a strange one. Barring a decent stint at Olympiacos he didn’t much before or after. But whenever he played for Arsenal he looked good to me. He was hardworking, productive and was much better than Walcott/Chamberlain who used to come back to the team in place of him no matter their form was. Maybe he looked good just in comparison, Walcott wasn’t a high bar and Ox’s form/injury record was patchy.

Tbh, I also remember the blogs being a bit hard on him as he started to play Arsenal.

Artetas Assistant

Introspection is impossible to humans. This guy was good enough to at least not get any stick but some respect. Gave it his all everytime I saw him and his all was pretty good.


Joel was good for Arsenal, if Arsene had left him on the pitch and taken off Sanchez who was stinking the place out against Watford we might have won our third FA Cup in a row. Arsene had a habit mistreating certain players and always playing his favourites however badly they were performing, and the way he built up Sanogo after letting our best striker go made sure the kid stood no chance from day one.

It Is What It Is

Selecta automatism

Naked Cygan

Did you take your meds today?




Yes, much ado..


Sanogo actually had a tonne of youth football pedigree. If he hadn’t been injured so horrendously, before joining us, he might have been one hell of a player. Was class through various age groups.

George Lewis has none of that. From what little we’ve seen of him, it’s clear he has some genuine talent. Might just be signed for the numbers in our youth team, though.

Public Elneny

I think Sanogo is a classic case of a youth player who was taller, stranger and faster than their contemporaries to the point where they found youth success a breeze. When he made the jump to adult football he found the physical advantage wasn’t really there any longer, but also that his mental and technical skills weren’t on the same level. He just didn’t need them for his early success I’m sure the injury hindered him too, absolutely. But watching his rubbish first touch/shooting etc and weird movements, it’s was pretty clear he either wasn’t coached well enough in, or… Read more »

Artetas Assistant

He had natural technique and strength. Football isn’t complex, it’s basically about keeping the ball away from the other person, while moving the ball forward and scoring. He had natural technique, could move the ball forward excellently, give him simple instructions and make him work at it till perfection. That’s what I’d do

Public Elneny

Ok Harry Redknapp


Football club sponsored by Visit Rwanda sign player born in Rwanda. He must have the same agent as Junichi Inamoto.


living the dream, hopefully he can go one better than Cohen Bramall and get some first team appearance

Guendouzi Oueddei

Football is coming back. Thank God

The Night Elf

May be he can fulfill the potential of Arsenal’s greatest signing ever – Hingle McCringleberry of course


Hingle had the raw talent and hard working ethos to make the grade at Arsenal. I blame Wenger and Blogs in equal portions for not extracting the kind of performances that we all knew he was capable of. Essentially it comes down to a lack of empathy and compassion on behalf of someone running a blog hundreds of miles away from the football club. I don’t think the fact that the guy was covered head to toe in puss oozing blistering sores and had a mickey so long he couldn’t stop tripping over it should have had any bearing on… Read more »


I just hope the recruitment is this young player has nothing to do with the big sponsorship we got Visit Rawanda ? He is from there isn’t he ? All the same I sincerely hope I’m wrong! Looking forward to seeing him play


Has an option to play for Norway too

Dave cee

We must rate him highly, he’s got the coveted number 100 shirt

Ahmad Farid Ary Wardhana

i wish he have martinelly kind of impact

remember martinelly was MU and Barca Trial reject, came straight from Serie D Brazil (4th division, state league) and boom right now he was consider as one top player…

David Hillier's luggage

Difference with Martinelli is he was playing for a club in the 4th tier of the national league system, but the top tier of the regional Paulista league – facing clubs like Corinthians, Sao Paulo and Santos, winning young player of the year and being in the team of the year. Sort of League Cup level but not straight knock out.

Hope this lad Lewis does well, not really fair to compare him to a player people in South America were already getting excited about last year.

Mikel's Barber!

We sign a player and already some fans are wingeing! Come on! Football’s back, lets enjoy it!

Scooby doo

I actually saw him play here in Norway last year, in the lower divisjons, and it so weird that he is signing for Arsenal. He has talent, pace, dribling skills, the same type of player as Reiss Nelson. Why Lewis havent made it in Norway is more a structural problem than him being considered not to good. Youngsters from Tromsø have been scouted and signed to Manchester United and Chelsea since 2019. Why the local clubs doesn’t give these boys a chance and hone their talents is a mystery.


It’s not that much of a mystery. $$$

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