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Arteta looking for strength of character from new recruits

It’s no secret that Arsenal’s transfer business this summer will be dictated by a number of issues that are currently unresolved.

The uncertainty over captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s contract is one, whether we qualify for Europe is another. The club is also waiting, like everybody else, to find out when fans might be allowed into stadia in numbers that might generate half-decent matchday revenue.

While we wait for clarity, we’re having to map out recruitment strategies based on various scenarios, affecting every area of the pitch except between the sticks.

From the outside, it looks like the type of pressure that could keep a man up all night but Mikel Arteta is pleased with the work being done behind the scenes by the football executive committee.

“I am encouraged that we are on the same page, and that we are going to try to do our best to evolve the team,” Arteta told Sky Sports ahead of Sunday’s final Premier League game of the season with Watford.

“First of all the players we already have here, if there is anything extra to help them more and give them a better environment, and then, if we go into the market and we have to do things, to decide which ones to do and how quickly we can do them.

“We are completely ready for that, and I also have a really good understanding with [technical director] Edu. We have been working together very closely to put together a plan that we are convinced can be successful.”

Well aware that his side have been lacking a midfield spark since he took over, the Spaniard admits he needs more creativity in his team. However, he’s also looking for recruits with grit and longevity.

“For me, it’s the number one question when we bring someone to the club,” he said.

“What is he like? How is he going to react in difficult moments? Is he a leader? Is he someone who is going to push his team-mates? Is he hungry for himself, or does he have collective ambitions? Is he someone who can be stable and consistent in the long-term?

“For me, those are always the first questions when we try to sign a player.”

We can’t argue with that, it certainly sound like a better line of questioning than, “Is Kia your agent?”

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We know that Kia will be the agent…

Johnny 4 Hats

I hate to continue to use Liverpool as an example but they don’t have a tonne of creativity in their midfield. In fact, work ethic and commitment seem far more up Klopp’s street for these positions. And given that Bellerin and Tierney are both creative fullbacks we don’t necessarily need uber creative midfielders.

I’d rather not have Ozil esque floaters if we can get a few athletic destroyers. Luxury players do not get us out of the mess we are in. Hard working, earnest and passionate players do.

Lucas Sam

To further your point. Their creativity comes from the front 3 and the two full backs. The rest of the midfield is mainly designed to recover possession, find and recycle the ball to those 5.
I don’t know if its luck on their part or bad luck on ours but they have escaped two seasons of major injury to those 5 plus VVD.

Johnny 4 Hats

It was interesting that performances did dip towards the end of the season. This will be partly due to already “being on the beach” but I feel it’s also due to Klopp’s heavy metal style of football. His Dortmund teams and early Liverpool teams did tend to fade away from February on.

I don’t think we should try to mirror any football club. We are Arsenal. But there is a lot to be admired of both Klopp’s Liverpool and Pep’s City.

Giuseppe Hovno

Creative doesn’t mean not hard working


I think a player like Doucouré would be a great addition. A hard working physical presence in midfield. Let’s relegate Watford on sunday, and get him in cheap.




I do have to point out that their full backs are far more creative than either of Bellerin or Tierney, Tierney has the potential to get there but Bellerin has never been a prolific crosser of the ball, instead using his pace to get to the byline most of the times. Liverpool’s system works as well as it does because the fullbacks put up incredible numbers, but it’s also because they overload the box whenever they get the chance. It’s why they always seem to get lucky deflections in the box, but it’s for good reason that happens. Also it’s… Read more »


Great comment mate!! Just to add here: First thing we need to decide is which direction do we need to take.. going heavy metal or possession oriented or no non-sense defending or new era Heavy metal counter attacking suits us the most as per the players available. Two inside forwards (Pepe, Auba) Hard working Forward (Laca) Grafters in midfield (Xhaka, Ceba, Toreira) Wide Creaters (Saka, Tierney, Soares, Bellerin) CB (Any three) Solid Keeper (Leno, Martinez) Our left side is quite strong while right is not that good in attacking because WB is not really good at crossing. But unless we… Read more »


You summed it up broth… Man city also have players in their mildfield who have a wonderful work rate. Now you making me miss Ramsey and Chamberlain… Imagine them in this Arteta team. Ceballois is putting a great work rate too likewise Xhaka


Bellerin…. Look at what trent is doing, bellerin not creative and decisive infront of goal. He got pase than trent yet trent got goal contribution than him. If he wants to be the best number 2 as he said earlier in an interview. He should be practicing shooting all summer. Look at the big names in Liverpool attacks, yet still trent taking awesome free kicks.


Johnny, you’ve got your wish.

One thing this club certainly won’t have on the pitch this season is Ozil-esque midfielders……..


‘If’ you go into the market?? Don’t you mean when?


Damn man I cracked up hard at that “is kia your agent line” hahahaha


The best strength of character he can get right now IMO without breaking the bank is to get tried and tested veterans in for at least 2 of 3 positions on loan or limited contract. don’t go chasing for risky potential which looks like what they are about to embark on again… I’d bring in Khedira at 34yrs (surely surplus to Juve) to bolster deep midfield and back up Xhaka. also one of Ilicic or Cavani or Kalinic to provide insurance up top should Auba (likely) be sold. All these players are past 32 yrs and will likely not be… Read more »


what about emre can and fekir??????

Bamzee Blaze

?? Savage you are, no chill you got.


Yup we already tried this with lichsteiner, mhiki, Sokratis etc… And it failed. We need good young players that Arteta can make better. Simple as.


I love arteta. But he banging out a bag of pr tropes.

That shit works with pep cause he got financial backing.

Let’s hope kreonke steps up loool

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