Thursday, October 6, 2022

Arteta: Martinez to start FA Cup final

Mikel Arteta has confirmed that Emi Martinez will start the FA Cup final next weekend with Bernd Leno still continuing his recovering from injury.

The German could still make the bench for the trip to Wembley having returned to full training this week, but it sounds like there’s no rush to press our number one into action with his back-up in such fine fettle.

Martinez produced three terrific stops to preserve a 3-2 win for the Gunners against Watford on the final day of the season as Mikel Arteta’s squad finished in eighth place.

After the game, the boss confirmed the Argentine would retain his place.

“Emi has earned his place with another brilliant performance today again when the team needed him,” he said. 

“He made some fantastic saves, Bernd is still recovering from his injury, so Emi is the one now.”

For all the praise, the boss was coy on whether the 27-year-old will remain his preferred choice when next season starts on 12 September. Instead, he pointed out that anything can happen in the space of a week, let alone seven.

“In football a week is too much, so let’s hope he is available for the game, and if that’s the case he will start.”

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Too Drunk To Be Offside

Guys what is the position of the Europa League?

With Chelsea now secured UCL spot, is winning the FA Cup still the only way to qualify for Europa League or is the Europa League spot already sealed.

I mean I remember in the past if one of the finalists was already guaranteed a UCL spot through league position, then the other finalist automatically got the Europa League spot reserved from the FA Cup.

Have they changed that?


I think it goes to wolves in 7th if we dont win the cup

VAR will solve the problem

Not if Wolves win the Europa cup this season. That’s another way for us to get in to Europe I believe. Thats why i was hoping Leicester thrashed Man u today. Thay way 2 english teams would be still playing in Europe and if one of them had won the cup then we would go through on league position as Eurpa cup winners will play in the Champions league.

Malc Page

Sadly not, a maximum of seven clubs are allowed to play in Europe.
However, if Wolves win it then they qualify for next season’s CL and a Europa league spot is lost, and if we win the FA Cup then the Spuds miss out on Europa League 🙂


I am afraid we need to win the FA Cup. The following was posted on ESPN today. “If Wolves win the Europa League and Arsenal win the FA Cup (meaning Wolves do not qualify domestically), England would have a total of EIGHT teams in Europe — five in the Champions League with the Europa League allocation of three unaffected. This is because the place for the European titleholder does not affect places earned domestically. Champions League: Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Chelsea, Wolves (Europa League winners) Europa League group stage: Leicester, Arsenal Europa League second qualifying round: Tottenham” “If Wolves… Read more »

Mustafi’s knee slide

We have to win the cup to play in Europe.

If *shudder* those pig-fellating-crooked-toothed-shit tattoo toting-beer bellied-celery inserting-no history-sell out wankers win, the extra place goes to the next highest league position


To be honest do people really care about the Europa League pay off for winning the FA Cup? I am all about winning the silverware. I could not give a shit about the Europa. And yes — I totally get the financial implications that come with us failing to be in it. But as a fan, and not a bean counter, I absolutely hate that competition. Just being associated with that competition has hugely caused our stock to plummet. Also lets get real here — that money isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference to us either. They’re… Read more »

Ray Parlour's ice cream van

I’m sure Stan could invest a little bit of that £8.3 billion into the club….

You’d like to think so…. but he’s not done it so far, and he’s only been at the club for about 15 years…

Here’s to hoping though!


Don’t forget that it is a way into the CL and sometimes I think that it might be the easier way back into the CL for now than being in the top 4. “Just being associated with that competition has hugely caused our stock to plummet.” That is absolutely correct, but I don’t think our stock will rise when instead of “Europa League team” we are the team that doesn’t even qualify for a European competition at all. I agree that the group stage is extremely tedious, but so is an FA Cup 3rd round away game to Rochdale or… Read more »


We can’t forget how good Leno has been, but Emi does seem more of a premier league presence.
I don’t think there’s been a cross he hasn’t claimed

Dr. kNOw

Emi has been great and deserves to be the keeper in Sarurday but, long term, the jury is still out. To sell Leno and keep him based on recent games would be too big a gamble. The key here is his performance without crowds. Emi always struck me as very nervous in games prior to lockdown. His shot stopping was not very good, with him flapping a lot. We have all been pleasantly surprised by the opposite being the case, but these are in special circumstances. I say keep them both, have them competing and see how things fare when… Read more »


I agree, I’m not advocating selling anyone. But a large part of the premier league whether we like it or not is crosses into the box.
Small sample size it may be, but Martinez edges Leno in this area for me.

Dr. kNOw

Definitely edges Leno on claiming crosses, as well as holding shots rather than parrying them. The latter is such a crucial aspect of elite-level goalkeeping: it sanitises the defence by reducing follow-up shots and corners, and starting possession. Reminds me of Petr Cech at Chelsea before the Stephen Hunt injury.

But, like I was saying, he strikes me as possibly one of the biggest beneficiaries of crowdless games. I may be wrong, but it wouldn’t hurt to hold fire on talk of selling Leno.

Dr. kNOw

P.S. @myrtle No, the talk of selling anyone isn’t by yourself, but by other Gooners.


It will be great to have two good goalkeepers competing against each other. It augurs well for the club. The worst is having one good goalkeeper without any competition.


I agree wit you completely. Opportunity presented itself and Emi took it excellently and I have more confidence in him.


I say rotate them when both fit same as everybody else. No more cup keeper and league keeper.


Having a consistent presence between the sticks is vital for the defence. Swapping them around for each league game won’t do us any good. Ultimately, one of them will end up having to play second fiddle next season.


They’re both really good though

Public Elneny

You risk ruining both’s confidence and form that way

Honestly, looking at the rest of the squad and our funds available, I don’t think we can justify having 2 top class keepers of the same age.

Very difficult to choose between the 2 though. Leno has demonstrated he can be consistent over a whole season, but would generate a bigger fee (~£40m?). Martinez is better aerially and with ball at feet, but might not be able to sustain this form. Personally I would keep Martinez, but I wouldn’t blame the club whatever they decide

Mustafi’s knee slide

Great post. Spot on

Teryima Adi

Rotate and destroy the rhythm/understanding of the team.


If we had to sell one I’d rather sell Leno, Emi has been incredible.

Artetas Assistant

Plus Emi is slime ??

Public Elneny


What do you mean by that?

Public Elneny

Ahh, though you were calling him a snake and was confused

I’m old

Artetas Assistant

No problem Sir. Live and Learn

But yeah, Emi is our slime, he’s been with us longest, loyal (for whatever reasons), one of us through and through and is a great goalie most importantly . He’s hard as nails. He was almost saving the penalty yesterday too, another feather on his cap.


Emi has earned all his praise this season, waited patiently for 10 years for a chance, one finally came and he has grasped it with both hands. Leno has got a serious challenger next season

Naked Cygan

Is Saka injured? He should play over Pepe. I like Pepe, but it seems like we dont get much out of him under the current system.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Pepe always has his head down when on the ball not seeing the position of his teammates and where they are running, not even all the opponents trying to take the ball from him. Arteta needs to explain to him that run, attempt dribbles and fall amounts to nothing. But he put in the cross that led to Tierney’s goal.


i dont think he could have that many assists in his previous seasons if he does not see the position of his teammates, even if it was the french league.

A Different George

Here’s one of those odd statistics that may have some bearing on this discussion: he led Arsenal in assists this year.


It’s actually kolasinac he should be playing instead of.


Emi is a big unit and commands his box well he is much better suited to support our poor quality defenders. If we fans get confidence from him then so must the players. He is also very good with the ball at his feet and knows when to speed it up and slow it down. I can only see him improving if he gets more games. I can’t say the same for bernd, who is a fantastic shot stopper but is weak in commanding his box and ball distribution. For me Emi has the shirt and leno must work his… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Emi has a big shortcoming in medium and long range distribution. He can fix that, I guess. It is the only area where he is not even close to Leno.


His distribution is far superior to Martinez just as every facet of his goalkeeping is. I’m surprised you cannot see that


Leno has the better short to medium distribution by far. That is clear, his shorter frame helps with that. However Martinez’s long range kicks are decent, not Ederson level, but decent.
I feel for the premier league Leno is just not big enough, there have been many crosses he’s missed and flapped at. I see Martinez being a prem goalkeeper for years to come, if not with us, someone else.

Pepe's Right Foot

Not disputing any points you’ve made except that Leno is 6’3, he’s not a short keeper by any means.


Leno is 6’2 Emi is 6’5

Teryima Adi

Martinez has been awesome between the sticks. Kudos to him.

Tanned arse

Got a sad feeling that emi will be relegated to the bench next season. Never really been given a real chance when worse keepers were ahead of him but stuck with his ambition to be OUR no.1. Has proved how good he is in every aspect of a goalkeepers role. I’d really like to see him rewarded as I think he utterly deserves his chance. Not just for his quality or even his personality (which is also exactly what you’d want) but because of his attitude in staying with the club as well as keeping his head down and not… Read more »

Red Fred

Not always as clear cut as saying he finished the season brilliantly so should be no. 1
Remember Alex Manninger. Came on as replacement for seaman with about 9 games to go he was immense and was the main reason we won the league. But was never the same after.
Having said that I have faith in Martinez. Any one determined enough to stay 10 years and fight for his chance with so few appearances shows his commitment to the club. For me that along with his undoubted talent makes it a no brainer.


I’d try to keep both and really make clear to them that they both start from zero. Doesn’t matter who was the No. 1 keeper previously, who earns how much, whose market value is higher, etc. The one impressing the coaches more during pre season will be the keeper in the first eleven. You are right about the rise and decline of Alex Manninger, but Emi has earned at least the right to be in fair and honest competition for that place next season. And of course he should start the FA Cup final, there is no need to remove… Read more »

Zet Yeo

Overall accessment, I think Emi is a better keeper. Just my view.


Overall assessment, v 2.0:
Leno is a superior shot stopper, better on the ball, better distribution, and commands his area with authority. Concusion: better goal keeper.

Assessment v 2.1:
Short term memories in football are an odd thing.

Leno kept us in contention for EL football all season. Emi is flavor of the month, and a good keeper surely. The No. 1 is his now and for Leno to earn back. But talk of selling Leno is krazy.


Even if Leno wa fit now, Martinez starts. What a game he had yesterday.
Luiz on the other hand was having a “day off”. We have signed him and he wil play in the Final.
And Mike Dean, you didn’t disappoint me. The best was when your man cynically took out a rampaging AMN…….Yellow. When Xhaka does that , it’s red every time.


We may have two 35-40 million goalkeepers, which is crazy to think of!
I do think its a big MAY, because although Leno has proved himself, Emi has a full season ahead to test his mettle as possibly a rotating No.1.
Too many players have recently been touted as the real deal only to drop off in form.


Keep both of them and give both a fair shout in games

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