Thursday, June 1, 2023

Arteta ‘pretty positive’ on Gabriel, but deal not yet finalised

Mikel Arteta says that Gabriel Magalhaes is a player that Arsenal are interested in, but says they still cannot make an announcement on his deal as the details are not yet finalised.

The Brazilian was in London this week for a medical, but it sounds as if there is still some things to sort out before everything can be completed.

Speaking at his pre-Community Shield press conference, the Arsenal boss was asked about the arrival of the Lille defender, and said, “We cannot announce anything yet, the deal is not finalised.

“You all know he’s a player we’ve been following for a long time and we hope we can get it done.”

Pressed if everything was ok with the deal, the manager continued, “Well everything is ok when both parties sign, the clubs and the players agree terms, and he goes through the medical!

“Sometimes that in the final stages is not as easy as it looks, but again we’re pretty positive that we can do the deal.

“When we get it [the deal done] I will be very pleased. He’s a player we’ve followed and we were determined that he was the right profile for us to improve our squad.

“If we are able to finalise it, we will be delighted.”

So, it sounds mostly positive, but like any transfer, until everything is just you just can’t be 100% sure.

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I, for one, will be outraged if we miss out on a player I knew nothing about before the window opened. Get the pitchforks ready!

…But seriously let’s hope this one gets over the line without any issue. He looks a good signing.

Charles MMM

Again, strange times we are in..


Like I said, still seeing more eggs than chickens. I’m waiting until the announcement.


I feel your pain, mate, I feel your pain. What a joke this club has become.


why – because a complicated transfer takes longer in real life than in Fifa?


No you’re right, totally understand. These things can take a while.

For me, sorting the defence out in this window is imperative to our chances of trying to crack top four, that’s all – if I have to suffer just one more season of pitiful central defending and tragi-comedic Mustafiness, then I shall fear greatly for my sanity.


Come on mate. We don’t know 99% of the things that actually happen or do not happen behind the scenes. Pretty sure we’re not the only club that is taking time to complete things.


Yes, perhaps you’re right.

It’s just the propensity that this club has for shooting itself in the foot. We are the masters of making life difficult for ourselves. If there’s a club who can Arsenal it right up at this late stage – it’s Arsenal.

So, for now, I shall pour myself a large scotch and trust your intuition with an Arteta-like conviction. Cheers.

Teryima Adi

If they say he’s good then he’s good. Bring him on board.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Why do Arsenal always do this to me when it comes to signings. Just get it done


The twitter rumour mill may be a curse rather than a blessing. Oh, the joys of only finding out about a transfer possibility after the signing is already done, by reading it on teletext.

I feel old.

Yolo Toure

Haha reminds me of the Wenger days of ‘No I’ve never heard of this player’ and then 3 hours later we announce the signing


Well said.

Honestly, this club make my fucking teeth itch at times. We take being crap at transfers to Olympic levels, no matter who’s conducting them.

A make A great A

Because we don’t follow the Godfather motto when it comes to negotiations(insert Don Corleone frase and voice)


What’s the hold up…never good when the delay happens at the final stages of a transfer


I’ll give you one guess.

Arteta is probably trying to convince the lad to sign something that is a financial joke, courtesy of Kroenke.

And really bad eggs...

How do you guys intentionally come up with conspiracy theories that will only make you and potentially other people unhappy? There is literally no evidence to back what you said, but here we are. Like you just sit down and, bam! I honestly don’t get comments like this


‘Conspiracy theories’..? ??

So that’s what Stan Kroenke’s reluctance to spend has become.

A ‘conspiracy theory.’ ?

A make A great A

It’s impatience and maybe a dejavu feeling? Like at this stage it can only be some kind of deal breaking impasse, if reports were correct of an agreement.


Nailed it. Well said.


Lots of people say we pay our players to well and then if they don’t work out we cannot get rid of them.
Seems the club can’t win


Arsenal take so so so long to get anything done. Other teams announcing new players all over the shop – we however announced Willian two weeks ago and absolute silence since then


I’ll be happy with this but much happier when (hopefully) we sign a strong DM. I was really hoping for Partey but it now seems that’s not happening.


I just hope there isn’t another club involved.


just like my relationships past and present


You can bet your bet your bottom dollar – no pun intended – that there is.A club with a normal, ambitious owner, prepared to invest.

Arteta is finding out early doors what Wenger spent years taking the blame for.


For crying out fucking loud…..just get it done FFS.

What IS it with this fucking club…? Jesus…..


Apologies folks, an over-the-top post, I’ll grant you.

Just impatient.


We have no money.
That is the only sticking point for any new signings.
How is Arteta meant to compete when there is clearly no money to spend?
Arsenal need a new owner much more than it needs Gabriel or Aubameyang..


I can’t believe someone has actually down voted this post. Some people still can’t get it into their heads that until we’re rid of that cowboy, this club will struggle to get even the basics done properly.


I agree with you about the financial position (and excellent blogs on the site explain this). I fear some Gooners still don’t realise that the club is not awash with money. There is some, but not a great deal. Our income has been hit particularly hard by Covid (we get more from match day receipts than any Premiership club) and that’s likely to continue into the new season. We still owe £140 million on the stadium and have only paid off a small part of the fees for the players bought last summer! On top of that the wage bill… Read more »

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