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Report: Ceballos disappointment on the cards as Madrid want him to stay

According to a report in AS this afternoon, Real Madrid have changed their minds about Dani Ceballos, and now want the midfielder to stay with them for the new season.

The Madrid-based daily says that the Champions League exit to Man City has provoked something of a rethink in terms of their squad building for next season, and coupled with financial restrictions, it means they’re looking to maximise their current squad.

Not only that, the fine form displayed by the 24 year old in the final part of the season has gone a long way to convince Madrid chiefs that he is ready to, as they put it, ‘play at the highest level’.

His impressive performances in the FA Cup semi against City and in the final against Chelsea have demonstrated his progression as a player, and on that basis it seems as if our chances of getting him on loan again are now very slim.

Where there might be some hope, however, is the relationship between coach Zinedine Zidane and Ceballos. Theirs is an infamously difficult one, and last year the French World Cup winner was more than happy to let Dani join Arsenal.

The player’s desire to be part of the Spain squad for next summer’s Euros will play a part too. He will want regular football, and if he feels he won’t get that under Zidane, then he may seek to depart if he’s just going to be a peripheral member of the squad and not someone considered for first team action week in, week out.

It might also be a tactic to see if Arsenal will attempt a permanent deal for a player who became very important under Mikel Arteta.

Let’s see what happens.

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Guess they want a few extra quid.

Johnny 4 Hats

The crap thing about loan deals – If they actually go well the parent club price you out of the purchase or demand him back.

Why couldn’t you just have been shit Dani?


And also crap about loans – a lot of players take a while to bed in (especially if moving leagues), so don’t produce for the first half of the loan.

So Dani has improved to become a vital part of the team, just at the point we lose him back to Real!

But unfortunately I think loans are going to be a reality for us for a while, given our drop down the league table and comparative lack of finances.


this is what ruins some promising players.

they go back to their parent club, take a while to bed into THAT team and either get dropped or the tiniest of minutes.
and the club who wanted him go and get someone else instead.

so said player just sits there not playing, being wasted.


Don’t make me cry Dani Onions


Offer them +1

Wilshere’s Middle Finger

.. and Guendouzi


… and Ozil, Kolasinac, Sokratis… plus 1 pound…

VAR will solve the problem

Perhaps we can get Ismael Bennacer back. Milan wants Torreira..lets give them Torreira and Guendouzi. I only say this because I trust Ivan to do shit deals for whomever he is working for. Bennacer has the same abilities as Dani. I would absolutely try to get him even if we keep Dani. He js better than Partey and only 23. Imagine if we have both of Dani and Bennacer in the team…that’s like having a 3 man midfield for the price of 2..the amount of work they put in addition to the vision, technique, passing, possession and ball retention. I’m… Read more »

VAR will solve the problem

Lol i hope the down votes are for me personally and not for dreaming about winning the league and cup!…?

Rising Dough

Well, we’ll have to make it +2 then.


That would be a blow, I think he really likes us now too….


He’s said it time and again his preference is Madrid. He did a good job. Whatever happens …thank you Dani!

Burn Baby Burn

Yet another reason to hate Real M adrid


And Manchester city

Cultured Determination

yup. my hate level for them has gone up a slight notch. i quite like Madrid for being the arch rivals of barca, cos i really cant stand barca. at. all.


Can’t stand either of them. Or Bayern. Arrogant twats the lot of them. And never forget – Real are the team that wanted all league games across Europe to not take place for a week to mark their 100 year anniversary. Tells you everything





Without them Dani Ceballos wouldn’t have come to Arsenal at all.


You should be ashamed to say this. Is he an Arsenal player?

Johnny 4 Hats

Quick, someone retweet his old tweets…!


Cebellous was good enough for us

Mick Malthouse

Disappointing if true, but fair play to Dani for going from lightweight battler to box to box performer this year.


Now everyone knows why Wenger never did loans for young players, without option to buy. Only older guys like Benayoun, were loaned for temp purpose.


Dani didn’t want an option to buy included (per his words). I suspect this is just Madrid trying to up the price on him as he’s only going to be a squad player there and I can’t imagine he wants to return to sit on the bench. I think we’ve got a decent chance of getting this deal done but it’s going to have to be a permanent switch vs. a loan with option to buy.


Not interested in a player who demands to play at least 35 games per season to grant Arsenal the greatest privilege to have him in their squad…


In other words you don’t want players with ambition ???

mr conner r peden

Why shouldn’t he demand that, all players want same,

Wiltoooooooooord !!!

sadly Ozil isn’t 🙁


If he is worth 20-30 million, we should sign him permanently. Him on permanent, Partey, Willian and Gabriel will be a very good window for us. That will roughly cost us abt 100 million in total before wages. If we can offload some of (out of favour) players we can raise something close to that figure.


I’m likening where Arsenal stand– to Pool in 2015. What Klopp spent from his start (until he bought AOC in 2017) were approx €120M. In that spend came Sane, Salah, and Robertson. All prior to the big spend on VVD.
If Mikel can begin his build for a similar amount this Summer? Very much like to see the club pull off those deals for Willian, Partey, and Gabriel. There’s a spine down the middle of the pitch. This threesome brought aboard? Creates a much deeper squad. Making our cup teams abundantly stronger.


Absolutely. Partey will be a massive signing if he comes, William he is an experienced premier League proven and Gabriel looks like the next big thing centre back. I don’t need to say much abt Ceballos (he’s only going to get better).


Mane, not Sane

Cultured Determination

we should just give Guendouzi to madrid in exchange for ceballos. zidane can link up with his fellow frenchman.


Zidane has better pickings than Guendo.

Young Gunner

I know people will say “that’s the problem with a loan player” but Dani exemplified everything that you would want in a potential “rental”. He truly cared about the team and embraced what it means to be a gunner (see his celebration during the cup final and/or his social media posts throughout the year and before the north London derby) in the time he was with us. I told plenty of my friends when we signed him on loan that if the loan spell goes well, there’s no reason a player of his caliber will immediately go back to his… Read more »


Good analysis, and I would add that if we make a couple of big, ambitious signings, he could well feel that we have a good chance of being back in the Champions League next year, with him in a key role.


Yeah, kind of suspected this might happen. The out-of-nowhere rumours about Marseille’s Sanson also pointed in this direction.

Think Dani has to introspect a bit. I don’t think I can handle subsidising Madrid’s myopia, especially after Ozil.

Kent Wagenschutz

In his place, could we not maximize our own squad, keep AMN and play him in his preferred midfield position?



Artetas Assistant

You’ll lose other things he brings to the team besides his budding Spanish technique eg His Pregame tunnelcam clapping and slapping of the wall


As much as I love AMN, his skills aren’t overlapping Dani’s.

That said – selling AMN would be a mistake.


People are being way too reactionary on AMN. He had a couple of really good games for us, but he’s still never shown himself to be much more than a hard-working utility player. He’s obviously still young, so he could well come good, but trying to replace Dani with him would be a huge risk given what he’s shown so far.

Charlie Georgious

Makes the potential exits of Guendouzi and Torreira at same time slightly concerning


What’s this issue?
Xhaka is a one man midfield


One man one leg one speed.
But I love him really.


we need an improvement on those two players. Ceballos is better than them but if we can’t resign him then we need to source better players than Guendouzi and Torreira – both would generate valuable fees. If Real want a permanent deal then they should just loan him back with a requirement to buy at the end of next season.


I’m sorry Torriera has been playing as if he misses Italy. The experiment didn’t work out.


As long as he’s not so highly rated by Zidane, I’m not really bothered. Dani has seen what it means to be loved by his manager and the overwhelming support he has enjoyed from Arsenal fans online.

It’s all just brinksmanship from Madrid to raise a few more quid from us or engineer a bidding war


Three words…..Emile Smith Rowe….

ashish mann

Three words. Ainsley Maitland Niles


Three words. Dani is better.

Merlin’s Panini

Three words… I like pie

Arson Wengerer

C’mon, man. Je played 18 games for a team that survived the drop in the Championship. He’s supoosed to be ready to take Ceballos’s place? Think a moment on that…


Do you think they figured out we were trying to run down his contract and nick him on a free?

The Far Post

Sorry for being off topic, but what do you guys think of players joining on a free? It feels to me like this distorts the wage structure massively, to the detriment of the team and possibly the player. For example, Ramsey, who has supposedly fallen out of favour, is on £400k. Probably very few teams if any can afford to pay this salary and the transfer fee at the same time. If Juventus cannot shift him, Ramsey would be mostly sitting on the bench, a far cry from his role with us only a year ago.


I believe a lot of clubs structure it as normal wages plus a signing on bonus to keep the wage structure in check. I would assume that Ramsey isn’t actually making 400k a week but prob 150-200k plus a signing on fee that equates to 200k a week. That makes it easier to shift him as his “wages” are more manageable for the buying club & Juventus can simply offset the bonus via whatever fee they receive. I like Ramsey but he’s also really highly paid with a serious and long history of injuries – believe he only started 11… Read more »

The Far Post

Thanks for the explanation on the 400k-a-week number. Foolishly accepted what I read in news reports at face value.


If what atom says is accurate, then Ramsey’s signing on fee could have been as high as 41.6m (if it was equivalent to 200k p/week over 4 years). If that was paid up front, Ramsey just earned 52m (10.4m in wages + the signing on fee) for a season in which he managed 4 goals and 1 assist in 35 appearances. Not bad (or I totally misunderstood atom’s claim).


I think 400k a week was probably media exaggeration to be fair.


We were always in a potential Catch-22 with him. If he played poorly, we wouldn’t try and extend his loan but if he played well there was always a risk Madrid would want him back. I guess, as the article speculates, that it could be a tactic to pressure us to make a bid. We’ll see.


well its different to what hear, seems media got nothing to write so write fairy tale news….I have it Ceballos is not wanted at REAL but Arsenal don’t want to buy this season and have asked for another year loan with option to buy at the end.To free up money for the Partey deal. Arsenal risk the price wanted by Real for Ceballos to rise in a years time but are willing to take the risk !! but Real want cash now to spend on their squad !! we will have to wait and see if a loan deal can… Read more »

mr conner r peden

Can I ask, have it from, who, what or where
. Bold statement without giving us source aye, yet where ment to just believe it.???


This feels very much like RM are playing hardball to get us to sign him. Zidane never struck me as the type of bloke who changes him mind about anything – just ask Gareth Bale. I think we should sign Dani up, as long as the price is right. He’s not a superstar but he’s a decent squad player. This situation highlights just how important it is to bring in at least one quality creative midfielder: this is our Achilles Heel at the moment. And I can’t see Willian doing much to solve that problem, even playing central midfield. And… Read more »

Artetas Assistant

Superstar is made, not birthed.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

There is no top-quality centre-half available on the market. We cannot compete with other top teams to get the rare one who would be available. We can only afford a Koscielny-to-be from somewhere and already have Saliba.


Rubbish. I’m sure Kia Joorabchian doesn’t have any available quality centre-halves to sell us, but that doesn’t mean there’s none out there. we should be scouring the world for a top-notch central defender, who could make all the difference next season.

As for Saliba, remember: he’s just a kid. He shouldn’t be expected to be our saviour in defence.


True, but let’s not forget the person who makes the decisions, ultimately, at RM is not Zidane (or any other coach there), it’s Club President Peres. Coaches come and go – as Zidane already has, of course – but that wily old fox Peres remains, pulling all the strings. If he wants Dani back, that’s it.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

If a president doesn’t want a player because of extra football issues, the decision is his. For football issues, who in or who out, it is the manager. Cost being extra football of course.


No, sorry you’re wrong – not at Real Madrid. He runs that club and is totally ruthless. Anybody who has worked in Spain and in Madrid in particular (I worked there for just over a year) will confirm that. Coaches come and go, and Zidane has gone before of course, players come and go not matter how big, but Florentino Perez keeps getting re-elected, and keeps pulling all the strings.


Zizou has targets that haven’t materialised. But if anything he has shown that he can work with what he has. He changes his mind when he thinks it is right. This might be a bluff from RM, or might not be.

Plenty of players have left on loan or with clause, come back, failed/succeeded and been sold again for RM. Morata, Morientes, etc. all come to mind.

canon fodder

Okay Real Madrid may want Dani back and Juventus seem willing to offload Ramsey; should we take Ramsey back? He is a box to box midfielder, although quite injury prone these days. It might be worth a shout though!

Lonty mark



Sure, based on a pay per game contract. To think he could be on what, $200,000 per week with us if he would have signed?


Lol @ “these days”


I’d definitely take him back, though we’d have to find a way to manage his injuries better.


Ramsey? I say let’s bring back Santi, Gilberto Silva, Lauren and Sol. And if Auba doesn’t sign, then Titi also.


*cough* Ramsey *cough*


Juve are paying him 400,000 a week. All we have is a billionaire owner, two buttons and a two pound coin found under the sofa.


It would be a massive disappointment if we dont get him back in any sort of deal. I was thinking when was the last time a loan player for arsenal became so integral to our team? Hopefully we can get him back, he seems like he’s become a gooner through and through!


Julio Baptista? The Beast was the heartbeat of the team, surely?

Mentally Drained Gooner

They’re just playing hardball so that we sign him on permanent and not on loan


Hope so… not confident. I reckon at 23 he’s only going to get better and they *probably* have been watching him.


It’s simple – we had Ceballos in the team, we eliminated City. They did not have Ceballos in the team, they got eliminated by City.


Oh Dani! I hope we can keep him. Impressed with the way he upped his game. 100% effort. He gets on with Arteta, Zidane not so much. He has become a gooner. Let’s pay up, he’ll do a job and can be sold later, if needs must.

Cultured Determination

can we soak a bunch of grapes in vinegar and send it over to zidane to sour his relationship with ceballos?


I’d be really sad to see him go. Rated him from day 1, and he much more creative and brave and plays the ball so much faster than Xhaka. Lets hope it is some sort of transfer gambit, but if I was Real I’d want to keep him too.


Ultimately, it will be Club President Peres who decides what happens to Dani. Zidane won’t. Old Florentino is one of the shrewdest operators in football and he’s been pulling the strings at that mega-club for years.


Pre-corona, I recall Dani bossing the midfield against some cloggers playing for a mid table team in his first match. Since then, nothing significant has come from him. But Arteta likes him, so…

Scott P

Did you watch the FA Cup at all?

Teryima Adi

And let the dark art of negotiations begin.?


Hopefully just a negotiation tactic, really impressed with him this season overall. Could become a star wherever he ends up!


Arsenal lucky to had him on loan anyway.check his need waiting/guessing about his potentials. In the end its 50-50 for arsenal but it should’ve being 40-70 if arsenal buy him options was activated at initials.

Roger Wheeler

I’d like to see maitland -niles have a go at central midfield he’s only 22 he could grow into that position he’s to promising to allow him to leave and omg that Tottenham scrum want him !!!!


Great point about Maitland-NIles. With out options at CM becoming increasingly limited, it seems sensible to keep him and see how he would grow into that role.

PS: No swearing, please…think of the kids!
(I refer of course, to your use of the ‘T’ word)


Terrible news, but just having to jot him down as a semi-successful (first half nay, second half yay!) loan player was probably always on the cards. That’s why reliance on loans for core players is a shit transfer strategy even for the short term.

Laca new signing

Liverpool teenager winning against Hector Bellerin in a Twitter poll on best RB in the just concluded FA Cup which we won, with HB doing the solo run through the defence from which the winning goal came. WTF! Let’s go there and vote for our boy!


Could mean AMN stay! yay!


There’s just so much uncertainty at the moment. We are not in the driver’s seat in most cases : 1) Aubameyang. Sure we can offer him what we want but he will likely decide on his ‘fate’ on offers coming in from clubs that can win him the big prizes considering his age. To me then it seems foolish if we are trying to hawk off Lacazette. What signals this would send the Frenchman and should the Auba deal NOT go through for us, we will be in a spot of bother of our own making. 2) Sure bring in… Read more »


With regard the DM position, again I feel we need to be pragmatic. Its an area where experience is preferable as oppose to the wing.

Banega again with a great performance to send Sevilla past Wolves in Europa.

Or maybe if we want to do a deal with Juventus, Khedira is likely surplus. A limited 1+1 deal will suit us and free money for better more versatile player higher up the pitch. I would not be selling Lacazette so soon though as mentioned particularly if Auba’s commitment less than certain (This would be absolutely foolish)


I said to a mate during the Cup Final that Ceballos has been impressive and important to us and, in light of that, Real will now probably want to keep him.

Ok Arsenal. Buy him. Make Real an offer. Simple.
Oh, wait…….?

Ayebare Herbert

For sure Why can’t R-Madrid leave the Man with the Gunners coz they won’t give him Regular Football at S-Bernabo

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