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Report: Elneny linked with Trabzonspor

Mohamed Elneny could join Turkish side Trabzonspor, according to reports from the Turkish press (via Sport Witness).

The Egyptian international spent last season with Besiktas, but relations soured over unpaid wages, although he did make 36 appearances as the Istanbul side finished third in the Super Lig.

With a contract at Arsenal that runs until 2022, he is someone who could raise some funds if he were to be sold, but chances are the Gunners would have to take a loss on the £8m paid for him in 2016.

The 28 year is likely to remain surplus to requirements, with Mikel Arteta targetting a creative midfielder during this transfer window, as well as attempting to bring back Dani Ceballos for another season from Real Madrid – a deal which will probably involve some kind of purchase clause if it goes through.

Meanwhile, young midfielder Ben Sheaf is set to join Coventry City after Arsenal accepted a bid from the Championship side, and our youth correspondent Jeorge Bird reports that FA Cup medal winner Matt Smith could join Swindon Town on loan.

The 19 year old has never made a first team appearance for the club, but has more medals to his name than Harry Kane.

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More winners medals than Harry Kane *


How much will we get from the mighty Trouble-zone-spa?


A shipment of turkish delight and a friendly match?


Sounds fair, as long as it’s those ones with the nougat in the middle.


A friendly with nougat in the middle kinda sounds like a euphemism for something slightly kinky 😀 (sorry, rough day at work 😉


Good deal for Elneny imo. Beautiful city and one of the biggest clubs in Turkey.


His number 4 has also been reported to be given to Saliba. He is def out the door. Never did anything wrong but never set the world alight either, was always professional at Arsenal. Wish you all the best wherever you go Moh!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I think he can be quite useful for teams at the bottom or even middle of the PL table. His agent needs to try and place him. Problem is that he was rarely seen playing in the PL.

Non-flying dutchman

Could see him doing a decent job for a Palace or a Brighton, and accruing us more money then we’d be getting from Turkey in the process


Scored at the Nou Camp I think. How many can say that? I mean we got beaten but still. Was a sweet strike too. I wouldn’t mind having that in my memory banks along side that last minute winner I scored in a 5-aside league game in 2003 and the towering back post header from a corner in a park game in the early 90s which definitely was inside the jumper for goalpost.

Artetas Assistant

Imagine AMN all grown mentally and physically filled out in two years, strolling through a midfield like it’s the wings. Modern day Viera monster coming back to us soon buddies ?


I completely forgot about Elneny! I suspect Arteta has too. Poor guy. No issues with him but just not good enough for what Arteta wants to build.


Having slept on it, I may have been a bit harsh on Elneny. To be honest, the way Arteta has inspired other players to perform well, who’s to say he wouldn’t do the same for Elneny. Who knows? I don’t know if I am being too charitable here.

Cygans Parting

Matt Smith has more medals to his name than some fella called Harry Kane ???
I love this ?


My take on transfer spending-
There is no evidence that Arsenal have “no money” for transfers, only that everybody says so!
In the last few years, Lacazette, Tierney, Aubameyang and Pepe have been big money buys. We just have to allocate resources well.
And the German transfer guru’s buys(except Leno), are basically flops. Glad he’s gone.

Group Captain Mandrake

So now Aubameyang is considered a flop? He was only at Arsenal for 14 months so that’s a little hard to judge his abilities since he can only buy twice a year to build a team. And that time was spent plugging holes, so you can’t really rate his job over that small amount of time. And now we are stuck buying players strictly based on who their agent is. Not sure that’s any better.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Any player who has grown up in France wants to play for Wenger and listens carefully when he calls.
Sven knew Auba at Dortmund but he comes third in the criteria that bought Auba to our club. The first two:
1) Auba got really mad at Dortmund’s leadership.
2) He got the chance to play for Arsene Wenger.


Byo, you’re absolutely right.

When speaking about Arsenal, journalists, pundits, and sometimes even us Gooners parrot a lot of “accepted wisdom” that bears little relation to the truth.

Arsenal had the 3rd highest net transfer spend in the Prem last summer. A month into the season everyone immediately went back to saying Arsenal were ‘broke’.


As I keep saying, the money is there; Kroenke is a billionaire. It’s merely a matter of making him and the board cough up when we really need them to. And, as much as I love Arsene, his quibbling over a few bob meant that we lost out on quite a few big names. Hopefully, in the fullness of time, that will no longer be the case.


More medals than Harry Kane ha! Ha!



Still around. Was a mediocre player at best.

Naked Cygan

Elneny was a good player under Wenger, not amazing but a decent player and very useful squad player. He also seems like a very nice and likable guy and gets along very well with the players. We cant really judge him under Emery, I am not sure if he played much under Emery, but it would not hurt to give him till January and see how things go.


I’d not be surprised if he suddenly came back and became the next Santi. I’m not saying Mikel is a bona fide magician, but all empirical evidence point towards that conclusion at this point. No, seriously, I like him, and perhaps we need to see what miracles Mikel can pull out of all the players we’ve written off over the last year or two. Everyone underperformed seriously for a while.. It’s like test driving a car for a week, but all you do is sit in motorway traffic because some bellend didn’t use his turn signal 🙂 Seems a decent… Read more »

Artetas Assistant

Mikels mojo is obviously getting into the individual strength of a player and improving those, while reducing the events where they’re facing their weaknesses. It’s like a Business Intelligence professional. Elneny was once a monster against clubs like Prime Real Madrid and is now just 28 (??). He’d be a monster if Mikel decided to bring him back

Artetas Assistant

Pepe is curling; crosses and shots. Precision merchant
Tierny is crossing; diagonals from the back to the frontline , from the wings etc
Auba is running on to long balls
Heccy is making runs with the ball, almost ‘all heart’ wherever he gets the ball
Xhaka is effectively limiting play

Everybody doing what they’re good at. No brainer

Joey Deacon

Didn’t realise Pepe was into his winter sports too. Multi-talented chap.


I like Elneny. At £8 million, a really good squad purchase. He wasn’t a risk taker but very tidy on the ball. Under Arteta, he probably could even build on that but at 28 it’s likely not to happen. That strike against Barcelona was a great hit. He also had a great assist for Laca’s 1st Arsenal goal against Leicester. The Instagram trolling of Alexis Sanchez was 1st class banter. I wish him well in his career.


Good player, nice guy, but never tore up any trees and now surplus to requirements. I wish him well, as and when he leaves.


The fee for Balogun has been suggested as £8m so why should Arsenal not expect to get a similar fee or more for an international midfielder?


Is that one of the clubs that could knock sp*rs out of the europa qualifying by any chance?


Nope, they are banned from European competition for 2 years for breaking FFP rules. (Yeah, sounds crazy, I know) Not sure if they have an appeal running, though.


Ah, Mo. We’ll always have that goal away to Barcelona.



Nice one.
Always liked Mo. Solid squad player. Never seemed to lack for effort.
Best of luck to him.


Let’s hope that the deal goes through. Generally, we need to clear the decks financially if we’re to reduce the club’s inflated wage bill (which remains based on CL income, not Europa League) and try and sell other players to raise funds towards the purchases Arteta would like to make in the current window.


Its funny.
I recall many complaining for years under AW that Arsenal are just a bunch of bean counters.

The current owner is worth 9B. Its not like money really is a problem. They just make it one. All the supporters acting like we’re all now the Swiss Ramble…. Apparently noone else wants to see the irony.


Well, Kroenke is certainly a billionaire (his wife is even richer being an heiress to Walmart in the US) but he simply won’t put money directly into the club like the owners of City and Chelsea for example. In fairness, he has, apparently, helped to restructure the £140 million or so we owe on the stadium to a lower interest rate. When Arsenal have made a profit in recent years it’s usually been through player sales and/or property sales – but the former is a dangerous option to rely on and the latter has dried up now. We lost around… Read more »

Merlin’s Panini

Not a bad player but not quite up to what we need. I’ll always remember that belter against Barca though.

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