Sunday, April 21, 2024

Pepe starts, Runarsson on the bench: Leicester v Arsenal team news

Arsenal take on Leicester City in the Carabao Cup 3rd round this evening.

Here are the official line-ups.

Leicester: To follow


Arsenal: Leno, Holding, Luiz, Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Willock, Saka, Pepe, Nelson, Nketiah

Subs: Runarsson, Bellerin, Saliba, Ceballos, Xhaka, Willian, Lacazette

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Ozil just leave. COYG

Johnny 4 Hats

Ozil – “So what I’m getting from this is you want to keep me fit for the Liverpool game”


He will – if any club is prepared to match his reported wages of £350,000 a week. And even if they did, what kind of performance could they realistically expect for that ridiculous salary? Enough said.

Johnny 4 Hats

Mesut Ozil – Now only £350,000 a week.

Comes with delusional fan base.

Willingness to improve sold separately.

Political views are his own… And the Turkish prime ministers.


A bit of a cheap shot there. Funny you didn’t mention his rebuke of China for their abhorrent treatment of their Uighur population

Johnny 4 Hats

And sometimes you’re allowed to just have a laugh.


Except it wasn’t funny, quite hacky to be honest. The “doesn’t include batteries” trope was tired in 1992, the only person I know still trotting it out is my drunken uncle. Oh and Johnny here who unfunnily and incorrectly pointed out that one of OUR players political beliefs are in lockstep with a dictator.


What on earth are you talking about?


So tired of this now. I’d take another team paying £1 a week and us picking up the rest


It’s a shame Ozil isn’t, or he may have left by now. We could pay off his contract but unfortunately I doubt we could afford the £18million it would cost.


So no Ozil, Torreira or Guendouzi. That’s all you need to know regards their prospects at Arsenal this season. Let’s get them off the books and cash in!


We can only wish

Timorous Me

Two of three seems fairly likely.

I’m thinking now the best course of action with Guendouzi might be to send him on loan for a year to someplace where he’ll play and hopefully do well. Purchase option not even necessary since whatever number put on him now might look like an underpay in a year if he does well enough and his insubordination is forgotten (and, please god, we’ve got a vaccine and fans packing the stands).


I’d say only one – Torreira – seems a possibility at present and that’s as part of a cash + player move for Partey. As for Ozil – pure pie-in-the-sky, as far as I can see. On Guendouzi, we can just “… send him on loan for a year to someplace…” can we? Who wants to take him? Arsenal have been trying to offload Mr G – one way or another, or any way frankly, since the window opened. The result so far: zero interest. Never say never I guess, but if only it were that simple.

Timorous Me

Emery wants him. And I think the issue is that nobody wants to buy Guendouzi at the prices we’ve been asking. I imagine that would change with a straight loan. He’s on £40,000 a week, which seems manageable for a lot of clubs.


Ozil is not a footballer anymore and hasn’t been for a while. He’s a PR bag full of sh1te and excuses, if he’d have any decency he’d either leave to prove his worth somewhere else or adapt and give back to Arsenal. Our return on investment on him is abysmal and he should be one of the worst transfers in English football ever.

And I was super excited when he joined and was a huge fan of his.


He signed a contract- if the club dont wish to play him thats upto them–but they gotta pay as he is fulfilling the terms of his contract and attending work as per the employers requirements

Dont begrudge him his salary

I bet he would love to play but the hierarchy have decided to try and force him out—–thats extremely shitty behaviour and would go down as work place harassment in some places.

hope he spends this weeks 350 thousand pounds well and has a good time


I know they got to pay him, that is not a question. But in every job you have certain demands and expectations, and in his case he is clearly not fulfilling them. I am sure that him not being selected by Arteta is not something as sneaky as you say, but him seeing ozil’s application in training and not wanting to play him. He played him all the time before the covid situation. So how do you explain that then? Neither me nor you know the whole story, I’m just saying how he is not giving back in proportion to… Read more »

Firas Khatib

I’ll give Arsenal 3.50 for all three of them!

Wenger's Coq

Come an Arsenal
Saliba probably isnt still ready yet, Guendouzi and Ozil probably will have to be moved on for the sake of both their careers and Arsenal


Hopefully Saliba will come on. Nothing against Holding but I was looking forward to seeing Saliba make his debut for us.


Would rather see Kola dropped for Saliba if we’re still doing the back three thing


And have Saliba Gabriel and David Luiz I would think Tierney like him at LB

Timorous Me

This is the real unfortunate nature of such a tough draw. I’m sure Arteta wants to give him his first action, but he also doesn’t want his confidence to be hurt right away.




I think Kola needs to be rested for his new role als captain at schalke


Yellow Ribbon

Would have loved to see Saliba start!

Mayor McCheese

I was salibating at the thought!


No one can step in for Kola? Does he really have to play?


Alternatives maybe worse. Count yourself lucky he’s still around.


Decent lineup


I’m rather excited abt the front 6 plus AMN. Curious especially abt what the midfielders might do with a couple players who can carry the ball at pace. COYG

Billy bob

Does this look like a back four in the offing?


4-2-3-1? Saka as attacking midfielder in the centre.?


I hope am wrong but i do not rate Willock as an 8 or a 10. Perfect game for him to prove he can cut it at the top. Fingers crossed.

The Arsenal

Someone just come and put Kola out of his misery. Willock and Nelson need to step up now too. Saka and Nketiah are leaving them behind in terms of producing on the pitch


If we could find the money to sign a midfielder without selling, I would be on board with loans for both Guendouzi and Torreira…play well and value increases for sale next year when the market improves.


Too early for Runarsson not realistic to start. Saliba may get feature later in match. careful intro. Meanwhile, Holding-Luiz-Kola in back 3 not ideal either against fast tricky opponents, I won’t hold too high a line and left side I feel may be slightly vulnerable for us given maybe nelson could be playing inverted plus Willock may be over adventurous. Kolasinac will need more protection he is not ideal on left of back 3. (which isn’t his bets position to be fair to him) On the right AMN and Pepe hopefully can strike some semblance of understanding. Otherwise we may… Read more »

Corona X

That bench! 😀


Would love to see a 3 man midfield…Aouar has no role really in Arteta’s current line up…


Farewell to Özil then? Whatever is going on, it’s clear he’s not going to make the squad anymore. I wish they would figure out some kind of settlement so all parties could move on.


To me, squad management-wise, we are in a mess so far.

Naked Cygan

Leicester resting bunch of key players, should be a good game for us to take advantage of.


Let’s hope so. I don’t fancy this lineup half as much as our best.


Uk now I think see
Mustafi sorkrtis Ozil guendouzi (sign aour or parted ) this season Pepe will be so gooddddd

Ray Parlour's ice cream van

It’s quite a strong bench. I remember when 3rd round of League Cup was all the kids….

Paul Roberts

I remember when the kids would smash the first few rounds…


I remember when the kids could win league cup by a long margin

Toure Motors

You’d miss Vela and those beautiful chips

Timothy Foden

Everyone else finding the carabao stream terrible?

Paul Roberts

Paid ten quid it’s fine


This is so tragically self defeating. The team is STILL in dire need of creativity and Ozil is not even on the bench. I know this is a tired subject but it is still a valid subject, we still need creativity, if even just as a sub. Even at his worst Ozil is vastly superior to anyone else we have in midfield. And to deny ourselves that makes no sense, IMHO.


Cedric. Is injured. Again.


That’s a Carabao Cup third-round lineup all right!

Dave cee

So no Papa, Gwen, Torreira, Ozil or Balogun. With the exception of Balogun I hope moves are close for all of them

SB Still

A bit annoyed, when supporters aren’t allowed in the stadium, this match, probably the pick of the round is not televised.

Dave Roberts

Ozil has succeeded in burning a couple of bridges. Germany doesn’t want him after the hostility from his (lack of) play in the World Cup. Nobody wants him in Britain after his form with us. It’s a shame that we can’t shuffle him off to a Turkish team – even if they only picked up 50k of his salary, it’d be an improvement financially.

Ponsonby Gooner

Who’s captain?

Shane Rowley

This is so tragically self defeating. As we just saw he team is STILL in dire need of creativity and Ozil is not even on the bench. I know this is a tired subject but it is still a valid subject, we still need creativity, if even just as a sub. Even at his worst Ozil is vastly superior to anyone else we have in midfield. And to deny ourselves that makes no sense, IMHO.


so boring!

i thought saliba is the next big thing… seems he is just the next thing.
if you’re talented, age does not matter!


Pepe’s body language and nonchalant attitude might be his downfall. He needs to wake up


Thought he played very well, actually.

Steve Vallins

How was the foul on Saka not a penalty ?


99 out of 100 people will think that was a penalty. The 100th is David Coote.


Gwendouzi is a talent. Players misbehave and are cautioned/purnished, not sold. I çan understand a loan out, not sold. He is a player for the future no doubts; with Emry, he appeared all-ready-made.

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