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Report: Leicester 0-2 Arsenal (inc goals)

Arsenal: Leno, Holding, Luiz, Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Willock, Saka, Pepe, Nelson, Nketiah

Subs: Runarsson, Bellerin, Saliba, Ceballos, Xhaka, Willian, Lacazette

Arsenal made it through to the 4th round of the Carabao Cup as an own goal from Christian Fuchs and one from Eddie Nketiah gave us a 2-0 win against Leicester at the King Power stadium this evening.

Mikel Arteta picked an experienced side, with the likes of Nicolas Pepe, Mohamed Elneny, David Luiz and Bernd Leno all starting, with William Saliba and Alex Runarsson on the bench. There was no place in the squad for Mesut Ozil or Matteo Guendouzi.

Both sides had good chances in the opening minutes, Reiss Nelson’s goalbound effort was tipped over by Ward, and a couple of minutes later Iheanacho was sent behind the Arsenal defence but saw his attempt blocked by the feet of Leno.

The game settled down a bit afterwards, Elneny picking up a 13th minute yellow card, and a low Saka cross caused problems for Leicester but neither Nketiah or Willock could apply the final touch.

Gray fired over for the home side, and Arsenal thought they should have had a penalty when Saka was clearly bundled over in the box but the referee pointed for a goal kick, the twat. Ward saved again from Nelson after a good break, and when the ball broke to the winger again from a corner, he shot wide from 12 yards out when he should have hit the target.

Luiz required some treatment when he got flattened by Leno, and the Arsenal keeper could only look on when James Maddison clipped the ball over the German only to see it bounce back off the post and into Leno’s arms.

There were no changes at half-time from either manager, and Maddison had the first effort of the second half but blasted over. Gray also shot high and wide, and when Ward made a mistake with a clearance, the ball just wouldn’t sit down for Eddie in the Leicester box.

In the 57th minute Arsenal went ahead in somewhat scrappy circumstances. Pepe was involved, driving into the Leicester box, he had a cross which was blocked by the keeper, then got to the rebounded which came off the post then off Fuchs into his own net. 0-1.

A long period of not much happening happened, before both sides made changes with Willian replacing Nelson, and Praet coming on for Maddison in in the 72nd minute. Wes Morgan clearing off the line from Nketiah’s lob prevented the Gunners from doubling the lead, before Dani Ceballos came on to replace the enterprising Joe Willock.

Leicester should have equalised after Willian gave away a silly free kick, and from the resulting delivery substitute Perez got away from Kolasinac but headed wide with the goal at his mercy. Praet then shot well wide, and Mikel Arteta made his final change with three minutes to go, bringing on Hector Bellerin for Saka.

The Spaniard played his part in sealing the tie in the 90th minute. He broke through the Leicester defence, skipped past a couple of defenders and found Nketiah whose first effort seemed to be blocked but reacted quickest to poke the ball home. 0-2.

The Gunners now face the winners of the tie between Lincoln City and Liverpool which takes place tomorrow.

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Johnny 4 Hats

Arteta – Hey Andreas, um… what are you doing?”
Georgson – Trying to see how many players I can fit inside a six yard box
Arteta – Ok… Um, why?
Georgson – (Smiles secretively) You’ll see…


Saka has developed into a sturdy little bastard over the summer hasn’t he.

Gunner J

Indeed he has and will continue going from stride to stride, one of those strides has to be finishing though.


It’s so beautiful watching saka make intricate touches, dudes is super talented


I love him


Glad I missed the first half, but you can’t argue with 3 wins out of 3.


Great win, but honestly I was feeling sorry for Pepe. Nobody seemed to want to pass to him and on the rare occasion someone did, it was about 5 yards behind his run. A few times he was making great runs. Some good determination from him resulted in our first goal though


Nelson decided passing to Pepe and Eddie was not an option today.

August Dolan-Henderson

Pepe seems like a nice fella, WTF?


Exactly! Happened the last game too. Our attacks were heavily focused on the left side. How desperately do we need creativity in midfield? Team still looks unbalanced. Little wonder Neville said Arteta is punching above his weight.


Neville can go spin on one. Twat couldn’t manage a pub team and sits on a chair chatting crap like all the pundits.


To sum it up, he forced the own goal and instead of celebrating, Nketia just threw his hands about in disgust


I was was definitely poor from Eddie, despite he’s goal, he looked grumpy all game

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I will say it, Nketiah was quite an idiot on that. Hope Pepe tells him off in the dressing room. Arteta too has to have a word with him.


Nothing wrong with a little bit of hunger from our young forward…


That is not hunger but stupidity. A goal is celebrated no matter who scored it. He initially pulled the ball out to him before it was blocked by the keeper back to him and then before it became own goal.
Nketiah is absoulutely stupid for that


Thats because the team doesnt have confidence in him doing anything with the ball. He either over dribbles and then lose possession or always comes to the ball. And then the few times he runs behind and he gets a pass he doest drive forward he just twist and turn back to his left foot and then bass backwards again. Like dude just do something take a shot drive into the box use your right foot every once in a while he’s so frustrating


Possible but they had no issues passing to him around the half way line where he isn’t very effective.

Needs to add some killer instinct into his game.


Thats because he puts himself into a position that isn’t effective HE COME to the balls to midfield when HE should be looking to run behind. Do you ever see AUBA in midfield dropping to help build up play ???? NO he’s always looking to go behind. Literally PEPE should be mirroring AUBA’s game but he’s not that smart he come deep and dribble and dribbles and loses possession its frustrating thats because hes not that intelligent


Yes in general I agree but like the original comment said, he was making those runs TODAY and no one wanted to pass to him especially Reiss.


You can’t have both wingers looking to play off the defensive line. That’s exactly why we have a huge gap between midfield and attack. Perhaps he’s already learning how to develop his game and play into that hole between the lines like willian does so well. We need more of that. It may take time, but he’s clearly working on that part of his game, which is important.


No he can’t when AUBA is playing but AUBA wasn’t playing today. It was him PEPE and Nelson on the other side Pepe found himself the furthest most of the time even further than Nketiah because Nketiah doesn’t press like Lacazette he likes to tuck in instead full out sprint during a press. so that usually leaves Pepe the furthest of our attacking line..but instead of him just playing off the last man he would drop deep from being the furthest attacker to being part of the midfield thats already congested so when LUIZ raises his head to look for… Read more »

Drogheda Gunner

I agree he plays like a centre mid he always comes towards the ball instead of making that run. It’s very frustrating because you know he has something it’s like he’s playing with the handbrake up. But the only person that can change it is himself.


He is a great dribbler and you want him to make runs off the line? 2+2 ain’t 5 mate!


Ronaldo is a great dribbler and he makes runs behind defensive lines what are you talking about? thats a stupid comment so you’re saying because he’s a dribbler that excuses you from making runs?? to help your team score a goal??? what’s more important scoring a goal or dribbling??? like thats a stupid comment


Didn’t see the game, so can’t comment on today’s experience, however I do agree in the past Pepe generally just dribbles into trouble or dead ends and often results in loss of possession. Oh a very low percentage he does make something magnificent happen, but that isn’t really Arsenal’s style. Especially for the players in the club for many years, they like a more pass and move free flowing game. Players like that will certainly find it less desirable to pass to a player who’s game is so opposite, whether that is conscious or subconscious. Pepe has a lot of… Read more »


Exactly HE doesn’t have variables in his game he is very predictable. because everyone knows he’s not running behind and when he gets the ball he’s coming inside to his left foot everybody knows this he’s not intelligent enough to switch it up because he can’t use his right foot AT ALLLL. its shocking how left footed he is its almost like an handicap to him. I think ARTETA has identified these things and is working on him but I don’t think he is taking it on board as quickly as he should seems like he’s not working at it… Read more »

Reality check

I don’t think we have enough quality in midfield to pick out his runs. Also, by playing 2 in midfield we cede control and struggle to link with attackers. It’s been a while since I’ve seen our players playing 1-2s around the box.


Watch Nketiah’s reaction after Pepe goal. Hilarious…


Dude needs to use his right foot once in a while though. Drives me crazy watching him get put in down the right side of the box with time and space, only to stop and cut back to his left foot and then he’s closed down.

Here’s hoping coaching and extra hrs on the training ground unlocks his potential

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

Really enjoyed that. So nice to see the team play with cohesion despite all the changes. Luiz MOTM for me, closely followed by Eddie and Bukayo.


and Elneny. SAKA or Elneny MOTM for me

Drogheda Gunner

100 percent saka what a player


I just hope Kolasinac’s suitors were watching. He had a great game.


Mistake-free game you mean?


Can you ask for more than Mistake free from the man?


Surely ironic

Johnny 4 Hats

Kolasinac has really put himself in the shop window. Unfortunately for him the shop is in downtown Portland.


Funny man

The Arsenal

Thought you wrote poundland.


Great with another win! Looked comfortable, in the second half at least. Had hoped not to see Kolasic on the pitch for us again but that was actually a half decent performance.

Jean Ralphio

Was hoping we’d at least try a 4 3 3. Passing is still too slow. El Neny and Willock had a good game but we’re desperately lacking a quality midfield.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

No Partey in Covid time. There are restrictions.

Drogheda Gunner

It’s a horrible thing to say but I don’t think willock going to make it with us. I like the lad and I know he is young but I just don’t think he has the tools to make at the highest level.


Elneny man of the match. Terrific performance!


Arteta: 10/10

Gooner for life

I know we all love Eddie and all that, but I was slightly disappointed with him when he was angry that Pepe couldn’t pass to him before that goal, rather than being happy that Arsenal had scored and celebrating. I get that he wants to do well, but club before personal glory in my book for anyone.


Was hoping someone else noticed that. I dunno what more he was expecting from Pepe there, he did everything right and tried to make the cut back but the keeper got to it. Weird. Think he’s got a bit of a temper that boy eg Ceballos incident. I’m all for enthusiasm and desire but he doesn’t have to be a knob to his teammates


The Ceballos incident, what you mean when Dani tried to kick him in the shins?


I swear on the replay I watched on Twitter, from a different angle, it looks like he’s smiling and the throwing the hands in the air was more of an exasperated “finally, one way or another, it goes in!”

Gooner for life

You know what, I think youre right! Much happier now! Thanks for pointing it out!

B Jack

Yeah I saw a smile and a laugh and hands in the air as a wow ahaha way to Fuchs it up


I think people are reading into that too much. Seemed to me Eddie had a rye smile with his reaction as well as he looked at Pepe.

Obama Young

Looked that way to me as well.
Also, Pepe did try to cross to Eddie, the keeper blocked it. Pepe got the rebound and fired it off the post, and then it banged in off Fuchs. Pepe made all the correct decisions there, IMO.


Eddie still has to prove he can do anything other than finishing from 5 yards.


I don’t care if he scores from half a yard, they all count


Yeah, I thought Eddie looked disappointed initially for the first goal as he was waiting for a tap in, but he snapped out of it and celebrated with his team mates.
I love it that he wants to score, that he’s greedy for goals and I hope he never loses that.


Have you ever heard of pippo inzaghi ?

Red Fred

Haven’t we always wanted a fox in the box?


Ah, takes me back to when we signed Francis Jeffers…

Drogheda Gunner

If he can do that every game I’d be very happy


I dont think hes thinking about himself over Arsenal hes thinking about winning trophies. He got in a similar position with Wilock for a tap in and Pepe didn’t square it…He wants to punish teams with the right simple ruthless passing not a scrappy cut back and own goal and missed opportunity first half etc etc. I think hes being demanding of high quality no nonsense lethality and not thinking about his own goal tally.


Minutes for youngsters.
The winning streak continues.
Nketiah scores.
No injuries.



AND con – Reiss Nelson Pepe Kolasinac, Joe Willock did okay but barely


Pron cocktail


both weird goals, some luck is coming our way I guess. First one real unlucky for them, second one, can’t believe how the GK just stood and watched Eddie score, guess he expected the CB to clear that. Good for us.


Seems like he and Amartey thought Nketiah has commited a foul


Exactly! Was wonderful what was going through his head.


I think both goals were deserved: Pepe forced the action close in and was rewarded. For the second, Nketiah was bold and determined. If that’s a foul — Saka definitely had a penalty.


Even if it wsn’t a foul by Nketiah, Saka should still have had a penalty. I can only assume the referee’s view of it was blocked, because it sure was obvious on TV.


Bit of a boring observation, but I am quite boring so here we are- we might complain about rubbish co-commentators stinking out a match (bt sport the chief offenders of course), but watching a game without one? Wow. Saw the game streamed from Bein sports with just the main commentator rattling off his list of notes. Late in the game he said how good it is to see Bellerin back after that serious knee injury… that he returned from almost a year ago XD You reaaally notice the lack of fans watching that sort of flat broadcast. Thank goodness for… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Bellerin has impressed me lately. I wasn’t a fan of him. He created Eddie’s goal nicely. Should have taken the shot himself but he doesn’t have to be Dani Alves.


I think the real talking point is Bellerein wearing shirt tucked inside shorts. It looked like his mum dressed him.

Wilshere’s Middle Finger

Copying it from Kieran Tierney. Quite like it to be fair. Very old school.

Black boots, too. Would have been an even better old school look if he pulled his socks low and wore a baggy shirt. And grew a mullet.


Definitely old school, and with Hector, you know he was going for something. Not sure if I am with the belly button waistband, but great play for the second goal.


Taking fashion tips from Tierney. Apparently he arrived at the stadium with a Tesco’s packet instead of his regular kit bag.

Drogheda Gunner

Yeah it was a quality run and he defo capable of doing that more. It’s a confidence thing with him.


Doesn’t sound that convincing overall but a win is a win for all that. Assuming no upset, it’s Liverpool (again) in the next round. As with the PL meeting, we’ll need to improve a lot to get a result against them.


Arteta 2:0 Klopp. Easy, mate 🙂

Drogheda Gunner

No it was very convincing they dominated the second half and should of had a pé alty in the first. Some fans very hard to please.


Good win boys. Keep it going next up Liverpool.Pepe so left footed can’t even control a simple pass with his right foot. refuses to cross with his right foot refuses to do anything with his right foot like come on man. you’re a professional footballer I’m not and I can control a basic pass with my weaker foot thats unacceptable. Always comes to the ballnever runs behind like Auba smh HE needs to improve a lot im starting to get frustrated with him.


People be mad but you have a point, Pepe is not as good as Robben to get away with being so one-footed. So frustrating how he refuses to use his right and lets chances disappear

Pune Gooner

Saka was very good, he has some of that different instinct and flair. Arteta is doing well using him sparingly. Would love him to have a beautiful career with us.

Pepe was good in parts, but I still feel he can offer much more. The last season he had with Lille was even better than Hazard. We need to give him some different role or position.

COYG now Liverpool.

Now that you mention it, perhaps a change in position would do Pepe some good.

Maybe on the opposite flank or a position swap with Lacazette (they’d be going back to old positions)


Elneny MUST keep his place against Liverpool fantastic in midfield today.


who do you drop? Granit? Dani? good headache for Mikel


DANI easy. Right now Elneny should be starting with Xhaka in midfield until we sign Partey he’s more solid than Ceballos or Torreira

B Jack

Yeah I’d have to agree… Maybe instead of Dani who doesn’t quite seem up to the level he was at the end of last season. Confident Dani will get there but may take a few more games


Confident Dani is snooping around in Terry Benedict’s casino


Felt like a game where we weren’t great but still made them look much worse with our tactics. Felt with the individual quality lacking, this game was Arteta getting one over that narcistic letterbox.


Best game Kolasinac has had for a long while. Was the Nketiah goal a foul or did the defender just fall on the floor?

Wonky Rankbutton

Fella felled over


Watch the replay angle from behind the goal. The defender tripped over the ball.

Good Omens

Looking forward to the Lincoln game.



That’s the spirit.

Timorous Me

Come on you Imps!

A. Williams

Our game is missing something, something special. Everything feels so dry and I don’t know …. Painful to watch at times?

Laca new signing

Be bold and say it. A Mesut Özil type of player at no 10. I suspect Arteta knows it. That explains the interest in Coutinho and lately Aoua.


More like a Fabregas or Gerrard type. Ozil type doesn’t fit our system.

Timorous Me

As long as he sticks to three at the back it would need to be someone who can create from deeper. I do think he sees those qualities in Aouar (who certainly can play more advanced, as well), so let’s hope we can bring him in very soon!


And what fucking system is that? The Non-Ozil Fuck All Midfield Creativity system…?


Have you seen Gerrard and Fabregas pass a ball? And they show up in big games.

I have no more patience for Ozil fans. Get out of the club, you are toxic.


Very much enjoying Arteta’s tenure thus far, especially when I hear some of his touchline cajoling; “Eddie! We don’t stop! Keep going!”. And trying to get Willian’s attention; “Willi Willi!”. More power to ya Mikel!


PEPE should do a little tweak to his game its very little instead of coming to the ball ALWAYS BE LOOKING TO RUN BEHIND ALWAYS just like Auba does. Times his runs but always looking to go behind. and then when You get behind SHOOOOOT Don’t fkn dribble and dribble and dribble

Wonky Krankbutton

Needs some coaching up

A. Williams

We desperate need more flair and creativity in our team or at least someone to dictate possession in our favour


Hardly a classic but cup football is all about survival and we’re through – so that’s good enough for me.

Well done, lads. ?


Correct me if I’m wrong, Mikel Arteta now has a 62.5% win ratio at Arsenal

For perspective:

Guardiola: 72.22%
Arteta: 62.5%
Klopp: 60.4%
Wenger: 57.25%
Emery: 55.13%
Mourinho: 47.37%
The future is bright

Lord HoP

Come back in a years time with those stats and I’m crying happy tears. After half a season I wouldn’t pay any mind

Salibaba and the Forty Thieves

I think you mean percentage but I’d kill for Arsenal to have a 62:5 win-loss ratio??.

The way we’re are winning games is unsustainable though as the opponents are still having too many shots despite the decrease.


The way we’re are winning games is unsustainable though as the opponents are still having too many shots despite the decrease.

Please don’t say this. Really. Please don’t. Everyone said that while we were on that 20+-match streak under Emery. People were initially talking about structure then too. I hope there are no further parallels. It would be horrifying.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

“The twat” ?


First of all congratulations with the victory. Now back to reality. The fact is we should have been 5-0 up by the time 30 mins went by, we however were not and that is a big worry. Willock and especially Nelson were extremely poor and indecisive with their finishing, Nelson should have scored 4 goals. If he keeps on playing like this he can fuck right off to league one. Same applies to Willock. I’m trying to be patient and consider their age and relative lack of first team experience. However, at this level, against a second string Leicester team… Read more »


Btw, well play Liverpool twice in one week.


Never mind that, I’m confusing myself.

Wonky Krankbutton

How do prep for mighty Lincoln?


Love the Leicester reaction for the first goal. “Oh, are you f***ing joking.” Sums the goal up pretty well


As expected slightly lacking in fluency on account of composition on both sides. Madisson hit the post but Pepe showed him how it is suppose to be done with pinball. …then late on Bellerin again showed why we should not be considering selling him with great assist. Young nketiah did himself more good with a speculative finish, their keeper should have played to the whistle like our young chap. Good win. wasn’t expecting much but this secondary round will afford some of the “reserve” players more chances to prove themselves/keep sharp. Arguably we had the toughest draw and in a… Read more »

The Arsenal

Eddie is that ‘Fox in a box’ we have looked for since Wrighty and nearly had with Eduardo.


Hilarious that Nketiah is still moaning that Pepe didn’t pass to him for the goal even after Pepe scores the goal.

Drogheda Gunner

I tell you saka is some player, we are so lucky to have a talent like him in are team.

Neil Bamford

These are the kind of results we’ve been missing for a while. Grinding out the win. Also, the involvement of our “fringe” players at the end of last season makes our “second choice” team look solid. Looked like they had played more football together than Leicester’s players which shows we have great depth in the squad. Nelson was stand out for me. Always chasing, not afraid to take a shot. When he starts hitting the net properly I think he could be a real asset for us in years to come. This was also a great chance for Pepe to… Read more »


I fear willian will turn out like mikhi.
Hope m wrong

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