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Runarsson: I only heard about Arsenal interest last week

Alex Runarsson says he can’t wait to get to work after completing his move from French side Dijon.

The 25-year-old joins Arsenal on a four-year contract and is expected to provide back-up to Bernd Leno under the watchful eye of keeper coach Inaki Cana Pavon, with whom he has worked previously in Denmark.

Runarsson, an Iceland international, has much to prove after a low-key spell in France, but he’s obviously excited at the jump up to a big club.

“I’m just extremely happy, extremely proud, it is a big day for me and my family, I can’t wait to get started,” he told Arsenal Digital.

It sounds as though our move for the player happened pretty quickly once it became clear that Aston Villa was serious about signing Emi Martinez. In fact, Runarsson only learnt of our interest last week.

“I first heard about it last week, when I got the phone call from my agent. I have been in some contact with Inaki because I know him from before, but I first heard about it one week ago and it has gone very quickly.

He added: “I can’t wait to get started. I know it is going to be a lot of hard work, but I am ready to do everything I can to get the most amount of minutes as possible.

“I would say I’m a modern goalkeeper. It is one of my best attributes that I’m comfortable with my feet, I can play with my right and left foot, I am not afraid to play as a sweeper and I am good one against one.”

Runarsson also touched on his relationship with Inaki Cana revealing that the duo have continued to stay in touch since working together at Nordsjaelland.

“Our relationship, since we got to know each other four years ago, has been very good.

“We have always been in contact even though I was playing in France and he was coaching here in England.

“The fact that he is here, it is very important to me that I know somebody here and I know that he knows my qualities, and what I need to improve and what I can bring to the club. I think we will be a very good match, for the second time in my career.”

Runarsson may not have to wait long for his first appearance. The Gunners face Leicester City in the Carabao Cup on Wednesday.

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Naked Cygan

Hope he apologizes to Wenger before his first game for Arsenal.


Let’s hear the apologies from a good number of the people that post on here too then.

Naked Cygan

Yes you first. LOL

SB Still



Just over 6 foot, would have preferred a few more inches. Around the same height as Ospina, so probably lacking physical presence in the area.

Obviously hope he works out well but not initially excited.

Brendan Rodgers' self-portrait

That’s what she said

You made my day lad

Scott P

Talk about unrealistic expectations

djourou's nutmeg

i imagine how it’d have been if you all fanatics of height were barcelona fans at the start of the century. “that messi fella, not the physical presence we need”, “he’s too small for this league”, “we need to get heskey, he’s got the proper framework for a forward”. just let him play and prove himself ffs.


You do know that he is a goalie and the importance of height in that position? I was very happy having 5 foot 6 inch Santi and 5 foot 7 inch Sanchez.


You mean a bit like Martinez?

Johnny 4 Hats

Everyone’s sceptical of a young goalkeeper who has had a tough run at a previous club.

Martinez struggled at Oxford United, Sheffield Wednesday, Rotherham, Wolves and Getafe before doing ok at Reading.

Let’s maybe hold judgement on this lad and just welcome him with optimistic open arms.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

No, Emi did not struggle at these places. The fact that he was maintained as No. 2 all these years was a testament to that.


I’m not sure if anyone’s supposed to be excited about signing a backup GK.


He’s about the same height and size as Kepa, he NEEDS to bulk up a lot like Emi Martinez did


Welcome to the Arsenal supporters base, lad. Thankfully growing up in Iceland we know you’re tough.


Welcome. Forget the pessimism and atleast give the guy a chance to prove himself!


Welcome to The Arsenal, RAR. Guessing he’ll be on the bench against Leicester in the Carabao Cup since he just arrived.


His English is very good


I believe they learn English in Icelandic schools!

Billy bob

Shame kids don’t seem to learn English in English schools LOL

Onye Igbo

Are you referring to Harry Kane???

A Different George

And they definitely don’t learn Icelandic.


There were stories showing old tweets where he called Wenger a “french fuck”. Press painted at this awful thing, and they’re not the most tasteful tweets, but I took it that he’s an Arsenal fan maybe? Not sure why else he’d feel so strongly about Wenger.


Did he cut the mustard at Dijon?

canon fodder

Well he wasn’t their no 1, so perhaps Djion were not too ‘Kean’ (keen on him)!
Please forgive my pun!


He gave them the Runar round.


They were in a pickle a few times


But can he do it on a cold winter night against stoke city


In may


Since a cold winter night night averages at about + 3-4 °C in Stoke, I guess he’ll do allright being used to sub zero temperatures on cold winter nights in Iceland.

Scott P

Given his lukewarm experience in France, maybe he can ONLY do it on cold winter nights

John C

I like him already!


A confident, determined backup goalie will only add to the dressing room. Welcome to the Arsenal!


A new, younger No2 and £15 million more towards a top class midfielder.
Who will we get?
Better get a wriggle on – there are only two weeks left…


He looks like a scary Rob Holding.


Rob Holding is scary


I don’t think we know what we can move as the market is a bit finnikety given c19 plus its not entirely in our control to say the least. I think we know we need to target an income on sales of around 80m mark if preferable. Who will sell is anyone’s guess. Obviously some players will leave like Sokratis, Mhkitaryan but they have not earned us anything significant. The big ticket items would be either Martinez (20m), Torreira (22m), Bellerin (25-30m), Laca(30m), Auba (40m), AMN (10m), Kola 10-12m), Holding (10m), Chambers (10m), Mustafi (8-10m) Obviously we need to sell… Read more »

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