Saturday, June 15, 2024

Official: Arsenal sign Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid

Arsenal have officially signed Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid.

The Gunners activated his release clause with LaLiga, paying €50m for the 27 year old midfielder. In a statement, the Spanish side – reportedly unhappy at the way the deal went down, said “LaLiga has communicated to Atletico de Madrid this Monday at 11:28 pm that representatives of Arsenal have appeared at the headquarters of the football organization in order to exercise the termination clause of the footballer Thomas Partey.

“In this way, the player has unilaterally terminated the employment contract that bound him to our club until June 30, 2023.”

He has long been a target for the club, recommended strongly by former Head of International Scouting, Francis Cagigao. Arsenal did explore other midfield options during this transfer period, including Lyon’s Houssem Aouar, but a lack of incoming funds via sales has restricted spending.

Partey joined Atletico in 2011, and had loan spells at Mallorca and Almeria before establishing himself in Diego Simeone’s side. He made 188 appearances in all competitions, scoring 16 goals, creating 12 assists, and picking up just one red card despite the role he plays in midfield.

He has 27 international caps to his name also.

Welcome to Arsenal, Thomas.

Reaction from the Arsenal side to follow.

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Merlin's Panini

It’s my Partey and I’ll cry if I want to!


We closed the window with a bang!!

Var Will Solve The Problem

As Santi Cazorla once said, “No worries, Mate!”


What a fucking signing.


I call that the “cry of JOY” and nobody will begrudge of that. you are happy, happy for what gives you joy.


You would cry too if it happened to (be) Auoar!


Thomas, charging through Stansted airport, Thomas, a contract is up for grabs now, Thomaaaaas, right at the end, an unbelievable climax to the transfer window.


Top post.

Downvoted by people too young to realise what the fuck you’re on about – all probably just an itch in their respective dad’s boxers when that magical night happened.


Underrated comment.


Some of us old farts get it… 🙂


It’s 1979 all over again


1979 was good, but 1989 was even better.


That was Alan Sunderland, not Michael Thomas.

Only one Dennis Bergkamp

Completely underrated. Deserves at least a 1000 thumbs-ups!


Seriously could cry. What. A. Signing!!!!!!!!


This is a HUGE statement. A proper, prime premier league ready midfielder with a locker full of skills. Dribbling, strength, long shots, passing, tackling, headers. I’m absolutely buzzing.
We’ve needed this signing for 16 years.. Vieira mk2… dare we say it?

Finsbury Park Gooner

Please don’t say it. I love the look of this guy but, please don’t say it.

SB Still

I’d settle for Arteta v2.0

David C

Does he take Xhaka’s spot? Ceballos has been hot lately. Or we go three in mid? Ceballos further forward?

Good problems for Arteta!

Matt P

I’d go with 3 in mid, Ceballos further forward.

Reality check

3 in midfield hopefully.. time to be protagonists


This is true


we know how that ended last time


Three, but the front six should be:



He’s a DM so why would he replace Xhaka?

Only one Dennis Bergkamp

One more little hole to plug now… lack of creativity in the midfield. With the extra assurance that Partey would bring, dare we play an out and out creative player? Dare we?

Man Manny

Let the Partey begin!!!


Yes. He’s got Nacho’s old number too. Must be a joke there about bringing Nachos to a Partey?


Get in!!!! So excited!



Merlin’s Panini

Or just pay the release clause.


Good window

Fireman Sam

Yep and not often we’ve said that in the past!

Good calls being made.


No I wasn’t optimistic, until today 🙂

Reality check

Last summer was also a good window November or so


Any deals we fancy with PL/FL teams? Window there still open until 16th.

Should we look at taking a risk at lower prices/wages especially while we have kids out on loan?

Everton, Villa may have done good business this summer like this.


Edu and Arteta, the new David Dein and Wenger!

Tomaury Bischfeld

And the dinosaur was gone..
And the dinosaur was gone..
I got my hands up,
They’re signing someone
Orny says it’s gonna be okay
Yeah, it’s Partey on the deadline day
Yeah, it’s Partey on the deadline day




Celeeeebrate good times come on lets celebrate good times…..

Olee Olee Oleeeeee.. meanwhile Tottenham are gassed up beating a bottom half side 😀

Champs league here we come.

God is a Gooner

A bottom half side with 10 men at that

Me from Here

Welcome to the Partey!!!


This is about 500x better than Jorginho


It’s after 10pm, there’s more than 6 of us, but we’re ‘avin a f***ing PARTEY!

Mayor McCheese

We had to fight! For our right! To Paaaaaartey!


A Beastie Boys reference, gotta love that! 😀

Licor de Avellanas

Ain’t no Partey like a North London Partey coz a North London Partey don’t stop!


Welcome to Arsenal, Partey


Welcome to the Partey, Arsenal

SF Gooner

Welcome to The Arsenal, Partey!

Artetas Assistant

Welcome to The Arsenal Partey

Tim Capowski

Partey Arsenal to the welcome

Petit's Handbag

This is delightful. Proper business done, we feel like a proper club again.


Congrats to Mikel, Edu and Vinai for sneaking it past the Kroenke’s. “Look Stan, isn’t that a twenty on the ground? Quick, sign here Thomas!”

Joking aside, fans should recognize that the owners have invested significantly this window Maybe not at Abramovich / Sheikh Mansour levels but Partey and Gabriel are very welcome additions and the pieces are falling into place. A back four with Partey shielding in front and an extra man in MF is an exciting proposition. Upwards!


According to Arsenal, it is time to “PARTEY”

Arteta's Secret Lover

Let’s Partey tonight


What aaaah signing!!!!????!!!!!


Is Edu worth his position in our club?


Paartey time. Excellaant


We have finally signed Vieira’s replacement!


Let’s not get carried away.

Paddy was an absolute one-off.


#18 shirt confirmed


Don’t mean to be negative whatsoever as I’ve seen very little of the guy play, but I understand he’s a midfielder that plays at the base of a midfield 3, or as one of 2 in a pivot.

Will he bring the creativity we need? Just read his figures at atleti, 16 goals/12 assists in 188. Now if he’s far more effective a partner for Ceballos or Granit i’ll take it, but I still wonder where the goals will come bar Auba.

Anyway welcome Thomas and good luck!


This is why I wanted Aouar over Partey, but at the very least, if he can shield the defense, might mean that we can play more attacking minded. Still not sure where the creativity will come from, but we just have to wait and hope. Still an amazing signing


Jack Wilshire is a free agent……


I seem to have written pretty much the same thing as you Dave. Apologies!


I reckon Saka and Willian will drift in from the left like on Sunday to bring the creativity, and Thomas will be the man to link with them!


Willian seriously? How many chances has he created since he got here? Maybe it’s time to bring back Ozil into the team now that he’s got enough protection.


We’ll have to find internal solutions for creativity – drop one of the centre backs for a midfielder in certain games, using willian or saka more centrally. Maybe some games for ESR. Although I would love to have welcomed Aouar, it would be great to see saka and ESR develop this season


This video clip by tifo football gives a brief but good account of why Partey will be a good signing for Arsenal.


In my admittedly slim sample size of watching him, he’s very, very good at moving play from the defense to the attack. Which we are fucking awful at. He retains possession well, can play short passes, but most importantly can carry the ball up the pitch, and fast. In theory with the firepower we have, if we get them the ball in positions they can take advantage of, the goals should follow. They’re simply too good for them not to. The problem we’ve had for a long time is that the ball gets stuck in that horseshoe of centrebacks and… Read more »


I agree Shance. The stark, obvious problem with the squad is a lack of creativity in midfield. As good as Partey is, he does not address this issue, unless he can shield the defence to such an extent that we can play additional creative players ahead of him in CM. Don’t know who this would be though? Willian through the middle as was touted pre season? Ceballos more advanced? Smith-Rowe when fit?

Best of luck to Partey, I really like him and he’ll improve the team, but such a shame we didn’t get Aouar.


I think Ceballos has the talent to become far more productive, it’s just he’s currently having to do the job of an entire midfield alone more or less. Against Sheffield Utd on the weekend he was ALL over the pitch, but the times when he did receive the ball in dangerous areas he played some very clever passes- particularly that first time one that Auba just missed on the slide. There are lots of La Liga commentators who say Partey is deceptively creative too. He’s got 10 goals in 27 appearances for Ghana, I wonder how they use him differently.… Read more »

Artetas Assistant

Ceballos about to Xabi Alonso the league.


I watched him too. Now this is how he creates. Since there is no creativity in the Ghananian team he takes up that responsibility. Now, how does he do it? By bypassing midfield with long passes picking up whoever he wants. That guy is a straight baller.

Robert H

Smith Rowe will barely, if at all play for the first team this year. Saka might shoulder more of the creative burden going forward, but ESR is two years away at best.


Good luck to Aouar but fuck him too frankly. This is the signing we needed of the two, we have a team that has been seriously underperforming in terms of its attacking talent and the reasons (I believe) have been in great part to two things. Lack of security, putting us on the back foot all the time and weak in the transition, which is crucial to taking advantage of your opponent. Pepe, Auba, Saka, Willian, Martinelli when fit, plus Laca and Nketiah all have plenty of goals in them – provided they have the structure to let them take… Read more »


Quick powerful aggressive transition frome the back to front. That’s what we should be getting here. A player who can strike fear into an opposing team when he gets the ball on his own D


He’s arguably the first proper DM since Gilberto. I thought Torreira was the answer but sadly he didn’t quite work out. We didn’t sign Partey as a goal scorer


Torreira is good, Partey like player but his shortcomings are: strength, height, inability to make a long pass and is not ambitious enough to score goals but I tell you he’s more like Partey. The reason why they(Athletic) could not have two similar players.

Robert H

You can pick apart how long this deal took, the reported wages, the signing of a player at his peak vs one who might contribute 8+ years in Aouar.
But, the bottom line is Arteta and Arsenal signed their #1 target. The player they think could improve us the most. United failed in getting Sancho under similar conditions. Mission accomplished.

Atletico were doing everything possible to lure him to renewed contract negotiations only after Arsenal showed interest.

Imagine being a 1st team player but being paid reserve team wages. I don’t know why they’re surprised he left


Arsenal for once outwited the market. Were the deal to conclude earlier, they would have paid more. Arsenal agrees with the player quite early so he wouldn’t extend his contract, then Arsenal plays non the wiser with “no money stunts”. On the last day, after Atleti play hard, they head straight to La liga, activates RC,leaves no room for Atleti to negotiate, turn down, or whatever. Simeone is caught pants down….Arsenal got their man they have chased since 2018. Brilliant!
Respect to Arsenal for once


You can’t turn down a release clause, atleti had no choice if we decided to meet it.


That’s true on paper. If Atleti refuse we to accept it then it remains that. They had plans for him. Do you remember Liverpool-Suarez-Wenger saga. The RC was met. Did we get Suarez?


Release clauses work a lot differently in La Liga as every player has a release clause. Suarez allegedly didn’t have one at Liverpool.

Athleti couldn’t rejected.

Fionnan O Cualain

Your clueless. Every player in Spain has a minimum fee release clause, its in the rulebook. And when its met you bypass negotiations with the club and speak directly to the player. Any club could of done it, the only thing stopping them is if Athleti were to offer him a new contract which he accepted. And for your information, the Suarez saga had nothing to do with Liverpool rejecting the bid. There was no release clause to begin with. Arsenal had been ill-informed there was a release clause in his contract which there wasn’t. TLDR: When a release clause… Read more »

Kartik Iyer

I don’t think the selling club can block the transfer if the release clause is met. So I don’t think there was any outwitting of the market going on. Athletico were adamant we pay the whole release clause and they got what they wanted. Now if this last minute move helped us get the torreira deal through forcing Madrid to pay us more for him since they couldn’t find anyone else in the last minute…then maybe it was a smart thing. But I don’t think even that’s true.

Fionnan O Cualain

You have no clue how release clauses work do you.. there is no negotiation between the clubs. The clause effectively bypasses negotiations and lets the club speak directly to the player. It is in the rulebook to have release clauses in all player contracts in Spain.

This isn’t some kind of transfer magic from us. Any club could of walked up to the La Liga headquarters and put the money on the table.


No I don’t. I learnt that in Spain it is cast on stone. In England, much to the contrary.


I think it was more the case that he was Plan B after Aouar fell through.


A completely different type of player. We really wanted both but let’s be happy with one


In La Liga you contact the league, not the club to activate a release clause. We didn’t even alert Atletico we were doing it according to reporting at The Athletic.

Non flying Dutchmen

I’ve said it elsewhere but just love the notion of upsetting a club containing honourable men like Simione, Costa and Suarez


11:28pm! LOLZ! Boooooooooom!!!!!!!


Why did we not complete this deal weeks ago? It’s not like we sold anyone substantial to make this happen. Anyway, he looks like a top player who will definitely make us a stronger team.


I guess, its proper gamesmanship.

They’ve taken Torreira on loan, that’s his wages off the books for this year with a option to buy for ~20m

They could have negotiated with us weeks ago but refused, so, the Liverpool game aside we’ve had enough to compete until deadline day and record a solid start to the season whilst staying in the carabao.

It’s annoyed Someone, which may make dealing with Atleti in the future more difficult. But essentially, we called their bluff. Thomas wanted to come, we met the release clause which is what they said we’d need to do.


Yeah, if {as reported} we already agreed terms with the player way back in June, then there’s not much risk in waiting until deadline day to pay the RC while you work on other targets like Aouar.

If we did it the other way round and paid Thomas’ release clause BEFORE we started negotiating with Lyon, that madman Aulas would’ve charged even more, probably around 70m.

We definitely wanted both players.


I think the someone was Simeone ???


Typo! But yes. Simeone will be very befuddled and annoyed this morning


We were negotiating the whole time with them for a reduced fee, and then a swap with Torreira going the other way, so I think it makes sense. The last resort was probably to pay the full 45m in cash… but I am so thankful they’ve done this! Especially after the terrible mood after the Aouar breakdown!

Partey rock is the house tonight!


Fuck off Madrid. If you won’t negotiate we’ll walk right in and take your players. Now stop crying.




Panic buy.


Yeah they panicked and bought the player they were chasing all summer, the absolute bottle jobs

Mayor McCheese

Oh come on, you toxic beach!

Tomaury Bischfeld

Don’t be a Partey pooper




Love such panic


I know why you are salty. Now your fav player not be even registered




Great deal. Biggest shock about this is it clearly required Kroenke backing Arteta as Swiss ramble mage it pretty clear we can’t afford this any other way. 2nd year in a row we’ve pulled off surprise massive transfer


Second time this summer


Yeah, tbf with Pepe and Party we have seen KSE invest some capital beyond earnings. Not Manure, City or Chelsea levels, but keeping us in contention.

Paul Roberts

Far play to the Arsenal! Very excited.

Paul Roberts

FS “fair”

Thierry Bergkamp

About 70 million for the big centre back and midfielder that we’ve needed.
It’s been a great window!


Huh? We bought him for midfield and it would be mystifying if he was played in defense any time soon. If we had an injury crisis or something sure, but he’s our new MIDFIELDER!


Nothing more entertaining than someone being smug and wrong at the same time.

Good work.

Kendall Jefferson

He was talking about Malgahaes.


Very shocked KSE did this, they have finally backed the club and manager


Make no mistake, this was financed by the club’s money – not Stan’s.

Stan could have stumped up the cash for both Partey and Aouar months ago, had he been truly bothered.

Partey's thomas

Yeah, it’s Partey time


And we mightily piss off Diego Simeone into the bargain; happy days.

Well done Mikel Arteta.

Welcome to The Arsenal, Thomas.

Naked Cygan

We pay 45-50 million for Partey which I am delighted with, but we get rid of Gunnersaurus for cost cutting? Absolute fking bollocks!!!! How much does he get paid? 50k a year? 100k? 150k per year? Not even half the weeks wages for Ozil……disgusting. The players should have chipped in and kept Gunnersaurus. Weird times……..

Kartik Iyer

Or maybe the owners could’ve taken the burden considering they actually own the club and the players don’t.


Agree but he will be back as soon as fans are in the stadiums. It’s a man in a suit, he’s there for the kids – it’d look a bit weird to see him prancing around in a training ground atmosphere, which is what the games are if you watch them without the fake sound.


I’m not sure what would be more upsetting, sucks to be let go but then again, imagine he was kept on. The image of him psyching himself up in the tunnel pre match, to emerge to an empty stadium and put on the kind of show that a dinosaur of his abilities is capable of, is perhaps even more heartbreaking. I hope he doesn’t go extinct, maybe somebody will snap him up on a free and house him on a Costa Rican island. Life, uh, finds a way.


Partey time! Excellent!!


Partey Time! Excellent! Woo woo woo woo!


arsenal needs creativity in the middle, it would be perfect if you buy Houssem Aouar. because team is always stuck when they meet opponents who play to defend with a low line.

The Arsenal

Welcome to the Partey.




In the words of Mike Tyson, this transfer window has been ‘spinal’.


I guess we’ll be seeing more of 433 or 4231 now that Partey’s in


Went down the lane, in my ford sierra,
To tell the scum we got the new Vieira,
They said to me, how can it be?
I said to them we got Thomas Partey!

Thomas Partey! Thomas Partey!

Sorry, best I could do!


Thats worth a chorus or two…. when we get back in the stands.

Teryima Adi

And the Partey has just begun.


Well this is embarrassing, I have Partey noted on FM19 as ‘Utter fucking Wanker”…. when he single handedly turned my 3-0 goal lead in Champions league Semi second leg with 4 goals… in our own back yard.

Might need to update my notes.

Glad he is a Gunner 🙂

Peter the Party

He’s our partey
and we’ll buy if we want to


After so many years, I now have the feeling that we not only have
a talented team or a very good starting 11 but a whole squad that is really capable of a good fight against anybody else.

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