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Report: Mustafi rejects new Arsenal deal, will leave next summer

According to Football.London’s Chris Wheatley, Shkodran Mustafi has turned down a contract extension and intends to leave Arsenal on a free next summer.

Told he was surplus to requirements by Unai Emery, the German failed to secure a suitable move in the summer of 2019 and opted to see how things played out at the Emirates. Despite a long stint on the sidelines, biding his time worked in his favour.

With Emery out of the picture, Arteta made it a personal mission to rehabilitate Mustafi. To be fair, a couple of mistakes aside, the 28-year-old did improve and became a regular partner of David Luiz. Had he not suffered a serious hamstring injury, he’d have been a shoo-in to start the FA Cup final against Chelsea.

Last night’s return to action against Leicester reminded Arsenal fans of Mustafi’s defensive fallibilities so it’s unlikely there will be many tears shed if he does depart next summer. That said, a new deal would have protected his value ahead of a transfer window which will see David Luiz and Sokratis also leave for free.

Mustafi will be able to sign a pre-contract agreement with a foreign club from January. He’s been serially linked with a move to Turkey but a return to Italy or a first deal with a German club could be other options.

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Thank you God


WHY are we even offering him a new deal??


I know. It’s so disappointing. if true, it doesn’t look good on Arteta at all.


So that the club could possibly earn a transfer fee maybe.

As it is, Fuckstafi will leave for free. Truly adding insult to injury.

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

Let’s not name call him – he seems a decent bloke, trying his best, just not good enough for this club, we can be bigger than that.

Johnny 4 Hats

It might just be my cack handed maths but I reckon we will shed around 600k off the wage bill next summer. That’s £31m pounds.

Something to look forward to.


This was the funniest thing…I think this story was released to cheer us up after yesterday!

Michael Bolton Wanderers

In time he will be remembered in the same way we think of squillaci and silvestre. Good riddance to be honest


He rejects us?

How desperate are we?


Whoever made the decision to offer him a new contract should be shown the door with him


Too fucking right.


Whoever came up with the idea of a new contract for him should be thrown out through the window


That’s not the point at all.

He signs a new deal, then the possibility of a transfer fee.

Parlour’s Pay Packet

What if we can’t sell him because he’s injured or Mustafi?


We already tried selling him. Look hove that turned out…

Dave cee

Or nobody wants to pay for him and we are lumbered with another 4 years. No tears shed here, in fact thanks Musti for saying no thanks


Good point, we’ve been excellent at selling unwanted players.


If this is true, Arteta’s definition of ruthlessness is starting to ring hollow. How can you offer Mustafi a new contract? How?


That said, a new deal would have protected his value ahead of a transfer window…


That assumes he has any value. Also there’s an intangible value to having the bad old faces gone.


No it wouldn’t @Flash, as we literally couldn’t pay someone to take this guy off our hands. Literally there is no market for him. You have to seriously wonder what the fuck we are playing at. Its actually fucking bananas, like I cannot understand why we would do something like that. He has proven time after time that he is not good enough to play at this level. And you know what, fair fucks to Mustafi for having the self awareness to turn it down too. So many players in his position would have just taken it. I had quite… Read more »


In that case Arteta Out?


Nobody wanted him when he did have value. Makes no sense to offer him a new deal.


He was offered an extension?
I can’t be the only one who thinks this is seriously concerning. We both need to move on at this point.


Have to imagine this was solely so we could get something for him when he leaves and in return he would have had some peace of mind if he got hurt this year. Mustafi deserves respect for the way he has quietly and professionally gone about his business even when told it was unlikely he would play. He’s done what was asked of him and earned his way back into the squad. That said, he’s flat out not good enough for a squad that wants to be in the CL. He is just unable to cut out the defensive lapses.


Considering his reported High wages I rather we lose him on a free rather than risking paying for another year. How much do you really think we could fetch for him? This way is better for both parties. We need to move on.


My thoughts exactly. There was no “value” we could protect, we would just lose more money


I am sorry — people who think we are being cute in the transfer market here by trying to protect an asset are totally clueless. He is on mega money for a player of his quality. There is quite literally no club in Europe who would take Mustafi off our hands for the money that he is on.


yep hes not good enough for a CL squad but we are far from that -he suits a mid table team that we are at present-

holding is not as good as mustafi but doesnt get the flak-
saliba should be in the squad

arteta will have to fall on his own sword at the end of the season if we are not in the top 6

Laca New Signing

Holding is a local boy. You can’t find say bad things about him because “He’s better than Cannavaro”! 😁


Holding doesn’t get the flack because he’s British. These pundits, who “stand against racism”, are constantly showing blatant bias towards British players and managers and against their foreign counterparts. And so many of our supporters are falling for it – slagging off Ozil and Mustafi, but they never had a problem with Danny Welbeck wasting so many chances or Aaron Ramsey repeatedly giving the ball away.


Holding doesn’t get the flak because his failings are relatable (he lacks speed and technical quality), but he does his best to mitigate them through smart play.

Mustafi is a very physically gifted and technically talented Center Back who has been doing his utmost to negate this through really dumb play.

Neither is quite good enough, but one’s a plucky underdog who seems to be able to play at this level through sheer will, the other is a much more expensive guy who should be much better than he is.

BTW, I’m not British.


I think you’ll find what you describe as “dumb play” by Mustafi, is actually low confidence – you can blame our supporters for that.
Whatever the reasons for their respective deficiencies – and I don’t completely disagree with your assessment – nationality has more to do than anything else with how differently the pundits scrutinise them. Criticism, if any, of British players/managers is always gentle and constructive, whereas criticism of foreigners is usually nasty.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

My guess is he was offered an extension at vastly reduced terms (lower wages and bonuses) to try and get some manner of resale on him.


Exactly. I hope that the offer contained vastly lower wages, otherwise I’d have to question some of the people in charge. I also understand that he refused it in such case. While I have generally no problem with an extension for the right conditions or Mustafi playing for Arsenal, I do believe that after turning down a club offer and definitely being gone in roughly 8 months, he should not feature for the club again in competitive games unless it is really, really necessary. He is not the future and therefore others should play.


You are the only one.
Or should be.
Football – the real king – is a business. Not a video game.

SB Still

We offered a contract to Mustafi? Isn’t his high salary (similar to others like Sokratis), the stumbling block to their sales?

I think Mustafi has made the best decision for all concerned to find a club elsewhere.


Maybe we offered to pay him a salary commensurate to his talents and value.

“Skodran, based on your performances we are paying you too much. Here is 25K per week, can you please sign on the dotted line so we can reduce our wage bill and then sell you for a decent fee because your wages will no longer be a stumbling block?….Skodran? Skodran? Are you there? Hmmm…bad connection I guess.”

The G

The comment that makes the most sense.


Brilliant image at the top of the article


Personally, will be glad to finally see the back of him. Silly that we, once again, let another go on a Bosman.


Thank the lord

Merlin’s Panini



Not sure what’s more confusing; us offering him a new deal, or him rejecting it?

Dr. kNOw

My dream remains intact.

In the summer, Morgan Freeman will strife into the Arsenal dressing room, walking to Sokratis, Luiz, Özil and Mustafi, show each of them a sheet of paper, and he’ll simply and softly say, “Your name came up.”

Turan Yilmazgul

How about the useless British players… Chambers, Holding , Nelson and Matt Macey, Smith Rowe, can we say ‘ Your name came up ‘


I’m going to uncharitably assume your argument is deliberately nationality-based whataboutery. It still sucks. None of them are on particularly large large salaries compared to the players above. Holding was playing well until he got injured, Chambers has a long-term injury, Nelson and Smith-Rowe are still young. Macey is a back up goalkeeper. Besides, they’re all homegrown players and we need those. So, yeah, the club cuts the overpaid underachievers mentioned in the original post, we save money and lose very little. We cut the cheap British kids, we’ll have to replace them with other British players. And actually, we… Read more »

Tanzanian Gooner

I don’t know what’s more baffling, the fact that Mustafi rejected us or that the club were willing to offer him a new contract.

Naked Cygan


Crash Fistfight

Philippe Auclair is always going on about the Kroenke’s wanting to bring in a more American/collegiate approach to running the club.

Offering a player nearing the end of his career, on a big wage and who isn’t that great to begin with, a new contract (which you’d have to expect would be similar to or greater than the value of his current deal), doesn’t seem like something an American sports franchise would do.


On the contrary, they do it all the time.

A lot of American sports franchises are quite badly run – it’s not like there are consequences for failure.

Crash Fistfight

OK, maybe I don’t pay enough attention to have a proper opinion on it. I’m just thinking of situations like Tom Brady and Eli Manning in the NFL. Seems like they’re more concerned about the bottom line.

Crash Fistfight

*Peyton not Eli

Wrighty Oh!

Thank you for rejecting us.

Jebus, we’re going to shed at least £600K off the wage bill in the summer. That is staggering. (mainly in how those four players (Mustafi, Ozil, Luiz, Socratis) are sitting on that much of our wage bill. Thanks Ivan/Raul)

David Collings

and we will still have Gabriel, Mari, Saliba, Holding and Chambers!

Others to go in Summer 21 as well: Torreira, Guendozi, Elneny, Laca, Mavrapanos and Kola

Do you mean we plan to sell them in 2021? Because none of those player’s contracts end in the summer of 2021

Turan Yilmazgul

How about get rid of some useless British players too… Chambers, Holding, Matt Macey, Nelson , Smith Rowe…
They are not playing for free are they

Sir Charlie Redface

Nelson and Smith Rowe included in a clear out? Why? I’m sure if they don’t push on, we can get a good price for them. – and Chambers and Holding.

Not huge transfer sums, but cumulatively will finance a decent transfer target

Merlin’s Panini

Özil fan by any chance?


Özil’s accountant probably, afraid that we can’t cough up his weekly 350k anymore while paying Smith Rowe his 15k.


And that is 600k a week


Wenger claimed he had the final say in all football matters especially Ozil’s £350K a week. As for Mustafi he’s obviously taken the advice of his best mate Ozil to stay put to the end of his over priced contract like him

Medium Mozart

The shame of being rejected by Mustafi.

The joy that he has.

The despair that the club wanted to offer him a new deal.

The horror that this somehow might be an indication that Saliba still won’t be ready by next season.

So many layers to this particular Arsenal onion of shite…


At every peel I cry a little inside… Man supporting this team is so depressing. When I say I follow Arsenal, I get those looks of pity. On the bright side, I console myself that Spurs has still not won anything.


Drink Merlot…that’s how I’m coping right now!


Beautifully put.

It reads like a piece of poetry by Wilfred Owen.


Imagine offering Mustafi a new deal

David Hilliers Arm Cast

He also rejected defending against Leicester.


Very Arsenal of us to keep offering defending to him time and time again.


The absolute fucking state of this club.



Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Surely this is an April fool’s pre-dated post after last night’s events…

Yellow Ribbon

Ok, did I read it right? What the actual fuck?

Imagine Mustafi rejecting a contract extension instead of is actually showing him the door. LOL


I assume that’s a very late April Fools joke, isn’t it? Overall, and it’s the only way to judge, he’s been a very expensive flop. One of Wenger’s worst buys. We won’t be the poorer without his services next season.


Perfect story for April 1st. Nobody would have believed.


Good guy Mustafi.


Why on earth is he being offered a new deal?!!!


Surely we can’t defend a club that offered a player who can’t defend a contract.


You don’t have to defend them you just have to support them!


I swear Arsenal play a game of ‘decision bingo’ whenever they need to make a call on something. What should we do Stan? Uh, just pick something out of the hat and go with whatever it says. *Offers Mustafi a 20 year deal on 1 million per week whilst publically sacking the tea lady.


As if Stan knows who Mustafi is…..


Top post. This made me chuckle. 👍🤣🍺


I assume the reason we offered this is so we could actually make some money back when we tried to sell him next summer? If so it is yet another piss poor contract decision by the hierarchy as he should have been offered a deal as soon as it was obvious we couldn’t move him on in the last protect our investment.


If we extend his contract we have to give him more money…he’s not signing on for less…he’s a crap defender but not a complete moron. Personally this story smells like BS…the guy literally gives Vardy a free attempt at goal and the next day this story comes out…I mean COME ON!!!!!


Why wait until next summer?
Why not just leave now.
Nice guy but a piss awful defender…


protect his value? that’s not how it works at Arsenal. If he signed a new deal, he would have sat on it until the very last paycheck.


While I won’t mourn him going I harbour no malice towards him either. For as dreadful and he has been for much of his time the comeback he mustered last season was a bold one. Shame it was cut short by that prick Sterling injuring him.

Goodbye, Mustafi. All the best wherever you go!


True, during the restart in June we were all singing his praises. We also could do a lot worse than having Mustafi as a backup CB.


I wasn’t singing his praises. And with good cause – his performances against Brighton away, Tottenham away and Leicester at home (again) were appalling.

Good riddance.


I’m not even saying he became good enough to stay with us but I’ll always admire a bloke for knuckling down and making improvements. Mustafi certainly did that.


Looked off pace yesterday. A bit surprise we used him given just recently back. …not saying Saliba is ready but would have thought he has been working enough with first squad longer to be given the go. Mustafi to me is one foot out the door in window. Surely you’d play someone who will be the future. Its a bit perplexing to me Arteta still reliant on older assets in Luiz and Mustafi. Would think we need to take some risk in small doses with Saliba to at least get a better idea if he can step up this season… Read more »


Mustafi has been “off pace” for almost all of the time since we paid Valencia a truly staggering £35 million for him. I was in Spain at the time and people there thought it was a joke at first – until the transfer fee was confirmed and they could hardly stop laughing!


It was, quite simply, the worst day’s work Arsene Wenger ever did. His worst signing ever.


I think Danny Welbeck was a far worse signing.


Welbeck scored some vital goals.

Mustafi’s mistakes have kept us out of the ECL ever since he joined.


xhaka is up there with his worst signings as well.

Dave cee

There have been a few worst signings. The money we have chucked away is staggering


Well in that case, Mustafi made some vital tackles and interceptions too. I don’t remember too many “vital goals” from Welbeck – I don’t count the winner against Leicester, because it ultimately led to nothing, partly due to his own piss poor ball control and finishing. The only one I can think of was the winner at Old Trafford in the F.A. Cup, but that was a cock up by De Gea and a defender – even you or I could have scored that. I blame Welbeck for the loss of our Champions’ League place – and lack of a… Read more »


Your argument simply reflect you as someone who is bias and refuse to give Welbeck any ounce of credit for anything good that he did at the club…Hey as a player, I admit he is no RVP….but in those moments he gave many gooners a lot of joy and that winning goal against MU was actually essential in the road to us winning another FA cup that season. I am not his fan boy either but try to be fair man, give credit when its due.

Sir Charlie Redface

Stephanie’s, Cygan, Squillaci……Sylvestre 😱😱😱


Meanwhile we sold them two decent players in the shape of Gabriel and Coquelain for slightly more than half what we paid for Mustafi.


“Mustafi to me is one foot out the door in window.” – that says it all about the player, he can’t even choose the right exit position😊


Thank fuck for that.

Get that clown off the books and we can all sleep safe in our beds.

Yikes Q. None of us rate him highly but that doesn’t mean he’s a criminal.

Unless you know something we don’t, then please share L😂L


Mate, his defending has been criminal. We have missed out on the ECL ever since he joined us.

On the rare occasions that we actually looked like qualifying, he managed to screw it up (Palace at home rings a bell).

I’m convinced our Cup Final victories of 2017 and 2020 weren’t defeats because he missed them both.

The guy is a liability and he will never ever change, as Sunday nights fiasco proved.


Well he played a blinder against city in the 2018 league cup final defeat.


Oh well. Let’s give him a ten year deal then.

Honestly, some of you on this page make my teeth itch.


I think what our friend is trying to say is that whatever you may think of Mustafi as a defender (I personally think he’s a lot better than what people give him credit for), he’s still our player and there’s no need to be nasty towards him. If he finds himself one-on-one with Mo Salah or happens to take a penalty for us in a shoot-out, wouldn’t you wish him all the best? Did you not celebrate whenever he scored for us?

Dave cee

Nah, he is actually correct. Awful signing, maybe a good guy, but fucking awful signing


This is the Arsenaliest thing I have read today.


How on earth can anyone sanction a new contract for this complete liability? It really is ludicrous.


Can’t he fuck off now


How Papa can keep silent when he sees Mustafi ahead of him after months injured I can’t comprehend. And the £25 million recruit is still behind Mustafi? And when the 2nd highest scorer against Arsenal is allowed the freedom of the park when he came on as a sub, it’s head shaking time ?



Nothing personal shokran, but you gotta go.
Good that you realise this too

Merlin’s Panini

You know “shokran” means “thank you” right?


I already prepared to accept that we’re living in an island with bizarre custom, unknown even to the Guliver. Otherwise, I can’t make sense of survival of Mustafi as a pro in a supposing cruel world.




Credit to Mustafi for bucking up under Arteta and showing some resilience but as everyone who’s ever existed has pointed out, not good enough… you would hope Arteta doesn’t sincerely want him around… and project Xhaka redemption is in the bin as far as I’m concerned…


But he didn’t ‘buck up.’

He assisted Brighton and Tottenham in helping themselves to three points a piece and allowed Vardy in for Leicester’s equaliser. All in a matter of weeks after lockdown.

I don’t know how this ‘latter-day Beckenbauer’ myth originated – maybe it was because he was bang average as opposed to laughably rubbish.

Either way, I said time again that he would never change completely – and he hasn’t.

If this team is too good for Mesut Ozil to be part of, then it’s certainly too good for Shkodran Mustafi.


this is fucking hilarious


I disagree that giving him an extension will protect his value. It just makes him difficult to sell. We tried to sell him 1 year ago when he had a 2 year contract and just couldn’t sell him. Same thing this transfer window although this time, there was an injury.

If we’re trying to let go of deadwood, offering them a contract is not the way to do it.


Mustafi was offered a new deal to stay with us. Does that mean Raul never left?

Salibaba and the Forty Thieves

Haha, nah it just means Edu is still here and with that Raul’s spirit remains with us.

Martinelli is still Edu’s best acquisition.

The Arsenal

Why are we still a fucking shambles.


Stan. Kroenke.


Already looking forward to next season. thanks Mustafi!


That’s told us. We don’t deserve someone of his talents.


His comic timing has been bettered only by Stan Laurel.


Arsenal trying to sign him to a longer deal tells you all that is wrong with the club


Worrying, isn’t it?

Tony Hall

I wish him the best of luck and that hopefully wherever he ends up he rediscovers his form because if he could cut out the silly mistakes he is a decent player. He may well do that with a fresh start in a new club.

Dave cee

Nope, I doubt it. He just isn’t all that. Never had been


Tbf protecting the transfer value of someone who has been impossible to transfer may be moot.

Goodness me. If this was the doing of Fahmy and Edu, then it appears they haven’t learnt anything from the Sanllehi masterclass.

This development makes about as much sense as a clown car.


bye then.

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