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Arteta: I’ll find out where training ground leaks are coming from

Mikel Arteta would not be drawn into providing any detail into a reported training ground bust-up between Dani Ceballos and David Luiz, but in roundabout terms confirmed that something had happened.

As expected, he played it down as one of those things that happens at every club, without it being a big deal, but the manager was unhappy that the information had made it to the public domain.

The story was reported by David Ornstein in The Athletic, and despite Ceballos labelling it ‘FAKE’ via his own Twitter account, Arseblog News understands the story is accurate.

However, asked if he was concerned that the sanctity of the dressing room/training ground had been broken, Arteta’s terse response made it clear that he was far from pleased about that aspect of the story.

“I don’t like that at all and I will find out where it’s coming from,” he snapped.

“If that’s the case, it goes against what I expect from each other, the privacy and the confidentiality that we need.

“There will be consequences.”

He is expected to address staff to discuss the matter, and quite where it will go from here remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, he insisted there was no problem between the two players, and both are in contention for Sunday’s visit to Leeds.

It’s the second incident Ceballos has been involved in, after a bust-up with Eddie Nketiah in the warm-up at Fulham on the opening day, but Arteta again played down the seriousness of it, putting it down the competitive environment in which players exist.

“Whether it’s a coincidence or not it doesn’t change things much,” he said.

“It’s just the competitive levels that we demand and the standards that we want to set.

“Obviously, it’s a very thin line where it’s competitive issue and when it goes somewhere else, which we don’t support and don’t want.

“It’s a contact sport, incidents are going to happen, after it’s how you resolve them within the team and with the individuals and move on from there.”


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I bet it’s Özil! 😂😂

Mayor McCheese

It is Ozil.


I cannot believe that there are so many thumbs up for such a ludicrous suggestion. Has Ozil ever shown an ounce of disloyalty.


Take the joke without feelings. It’s more to do with him and his PR team going public about every tiny bit of dust inside the club


Its probably that Ozil was blamed for all our performances he was involved in,as well as his salary..


So many things just go right over your head Martin 🤦‍♂️

carl shadbolt

whatever !! Ozil and his loyalty seriously !! the guy has no loyalty to the players manager or club or fans !! his only loyalty is to his wages !! get real !! of course it is Ozil the mole !! he has done everything to undermine Arteta and the team and club since being dropped ….. PR stunt of saying he will pay Gunnersorus wages to openly slating Arteta !! the guy is poison ☠


He was also the one who leaked his own news about not taking a pay cut with a team mate by your logic Carl.

Runcorn Gooner

Keep clear of Mrs Vardy and Rooney.


X Player goes home to his wife and tells what happened. Wife likes to chit-chat with friends, information is out, finds its way to the media. Pretty normal, though far from ideal.

David C

I’m glad it came out, makes us look tougher.

Our training ground is not a country club any more. Only the strong survive!!! Haha.


And Willian


Come on, let’s all speculate on who the leak is…

I’m going with Özil


The leak must be from our defence.


To be fair our defence has been tight lipped most of the season. It has to be our midfield creating something at last

Runcorn Gooner

Even Lacazette couldn’t miss a chance like that.


How long have you been going with him?


Of course it’s Özil! Borges breaking rules to have dinner with pals in Saudis Arabia is also Özil. He invented a party, told Borges all was fine sbout covid and Borges believed him. The lack of creation on the pitch is also because of Özil… oh wait…

Heavenly Chapecoense

Are you a bot stuck with the name Borges?


Who is Borges?

Scott P

Hypothetically, if it were Ozil, I wonder if that would have any effect on his contractual situation (if he breaches it in any way with the leaking)


so ceballos sympathises with fascism, cries “FAKE” when it did happen (no problem with denying bit thats astupid way) and clashes with a team mate again. quite hard to like some players these days

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Woah there Nelly!


…but we have Tierney, Hector, Saka, Fofty, Auba…hard not to like them. But i feel you at some point because i rate Ceballos comments too, even tho he was young yada yada but if a basque coach is kinda forgiving i doubt he symphatises with fascism.


Who the hell is Fofty?


Ainsley Maitland-Niles


Looks like it’s probably true and, if so, it may be a sign of tensions building up behind the scenes. Continuing poor team performances on the pitch can often lead to frayed nerves (on and off it) which makes “incidents” more likely. A win against Leeds will help of course.


At the risk of stating the obvious, perhaps they would take out some of those tensions on the opposition for a change. And starting this Sunday would be just fine.


I’m happy Ceballos is getting stuck in, need a bit of that competitive blood in the dressing room. Too bloody polite these days.


Absolutely. You listen to any of the Invincibles talk about that era & there were fights at training all the time.
This is a complete non story.


Remember hearing a story of a tackle that Patty made on Ljunberg in practice just before they played the scum that immediately made them realize, time to step it up.


The only story here is that Ozil is a grass.


Nice idea if you are producing regularly on the pitch, but Ceballos runs a bit hot and cold in performance. I prefer the controlled aggression against the opposition like Gabriel.


Stuck in.
Do you actually know what that means? Jaysus lad.

Ceballos. Mr tough guy with his own team mates. A total light weight against the opposition. Hes got half turn and mobility of a pregnant walrus.

Jokers like this clown typify what is wrong with Arsenal. And its supporters.


Funny Mickey talks about keeping privacy when the club leaks any confidential info about Özil contract to the press…


I like the way you contribute to every conversation without always making it about Ozil, Alex. Cos I mean it would be so incredibly boring if you did that….


The leak is 1,000x worse than clashing with a teammate during training. Arteta needs to figure this out and take strong action against whoever it was.


Will be Willian and then he’ll be let off again

Still love wenger

Really who cares,it’s a non event.


Spot on, well said.

Bust ups happen in training, at every club, all the time. Late tackles can lead to all sorts of handbags at ten paces.

It’s a non event.


No doubt it’s just a slap on the wrist if it’s Willian and friends.

Dave Roberts

Arteta is a great manager. He handles these events just as anyone would want him to.


“I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for more playing time, I can tell you I don’t have minutes to spare. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you stop these leaks now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will… Read more »


whisper it quietly, but sources say it was the Gunnersaurus!


I mean, they leaked that Mesut turned down a pay cut and nothing happened, so I guess leaking things to the press is the way the club is run now.


Ozil wasn’t in training either


Nah, I can’t abide disloyalty, you don’t see Liverpool spats making it to the press and they train as they play better than most.

Professional’s know better.

This is undermining the club, exaggerating nonevents. Let’s hope it’s only a gossip and they button it from now on

Big Dave

Get rid of Guendouzi – he’s a cunt

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Big Dave has been away from the game for a couple of months.

100% Ambazonian

I am struggling to understand Arteta. So Ceballos fights with team mates at training twice in two months and Arteta says it’s competitiveness. But when Guendouzi takes a go at an opponent on match day in the midst of a melee, Arteta banish him from the team for daring the “non negotiables”.

At this rate, the players and fans will figure out his double standards and start to question the merits and fairness of his “non negotiables”.


Uhh or maybe there’s a difference between a training ground scuffle and choking an opponent on match day while taunting him over wages?

carl shadbolt

Ozil without doubt !! the guy needs to train with the under 21s or even under 18s or better still on his own at his luxurious home !! The guy has no loyalty bar to money ie his wages !!


Get Well Soon.

SB Still

My two cents:

Cent one – Interesting how journalists maintain relationships with their sources whilst publishing some inside information and probably not publishing many others. After all the source could be in trouble.

Cent two – Looks like there is more passion and aggression in training than the League games. Can have some points for training please 🙂


I am actually more concerned about our midfiel
Why can’t willian take n10 position
,pepe as right winger and drop Lacazett.
Going forward Arsenal is a team without leadershio.
Aubeme is probavly the best stiker in the world yet we play him on the left to accommodate lacazett whose perfomances are so poor.
sSaliba costed us 25 million yet Arteta soes not like him.
What a waste of money as i rate Saliba as a more accomplished defender at Arsenal.
Arteta need to wake up to reality quickly.


I don’t understand why everyone assumes that it’s a player leaking this info…I mean where do the famed “ITKs” get their information from? There are potentially loads of “sources” and something that seems to be being overlooked here is that even Ornstein admits that the only reason he reported the story when he did was because he had only just been told about it…Hmmm…the incident apparently happened over a week ago and yet conveniently someone happened to remember it the other day and tell Orny!


Arsenews, I’ve listen to full newscoference on, and i cant identify The Boss snapping, is the conference edited. Or am i just missing something. Thanks


I wonder if this gives David Ornstein a bad name at Arsenal. He seems to have constant access to information at the club.


If it wasn’t Ornstein then Ozil would just leak it to somebody else. Ornstein doesn’t care. Ozil doesn’t care. Only we care.


Anyone who has played football, or any other sport, knows that there are times when one gets frustrated with things, e.g. mistakes that someone makes, and lash out at them , which may lead to further escalations. At the end of such escalations, most teammates walk away friends, at least in my experience. Of course, it is possible to hold grudges, but I’d argue those individuals probably make poor team members and should be culled out anyway.


A big deal about what was probably not much. A slow interlull gossip day.


“Honey, where that scratch on your nose come from?”
“No es nada darling”
“Dani, is it another woman?”
“No! It was el tonto David Luis en el training ground scrap! But don’t tell anyone nada okay?”

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