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Cirjan edging closer to first-team debut

Catalin Cirjan’s agent stated this week that the youngster will now only train with the first-team squad.

The Romanian youngster has made excellent progress since joining Arsenal in 2019. Ahead of this season he was promoted to the U23s despite still being eligible for the U18s, while this campaign he has produced some encouraging performances for the second string.

An excellent passer and dribbler, Cirjan was mainly deployed as a central or attacking midfielder during his first season at the club, but this year has often been used on the right wing.

The 18-year-old has been training with the first-team regularly in recent weeks and it appears that he will now do so on a full-time basis.

Cirjan’s agent said that the prospect is waiting patiently for his Premier League debut and, with nine substitutes now permitted to be named on the bench, it is possible that he could be involved at some stage.

With his ability to unlock defences, Cirjan possesses qualities that the first-team would benefit from, although it is anticipated that he will still mainly play for the U23s in the second half of the season.

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is he better than willian ?! 🙂


I think my nan would be a better option than Willian…and she died over 10 years ago




My grandma is better than Willian

Post January Blip


Right, what have I done with that jacket of mine …


Cant be any worse than that freeloading Brazilian.


My missus when she’s had one or two many sherbets – and what she refers to as being ‘tipsy’ -would be better than Willian….

Mikels Arteta

Does it matter?
If Saliba and Balogun can’t get a game, this kid ain’t got a chance under arteta…

Unless his agent is Kia of course


Are you that guy who was shouting ‘Get out while you can Joel’ a few years back?

Cranky Colin

“this year he’s been used on the right wing”
Poor fellah….. his pecking order at the Arse, is as follows:
1; Willian
5; Nelson
And maybe 6; Some other unspecified retiree from another club, to be signed on a free next summer.
Put him in at No 7😂😂😂

Thanks for the article Jeorge….. good luck to the lad. Its just that being an Arsenal fan at the moment leads to cynicism.


Cirjan, he’s our man. If he can’t do it no one can! That’s actually true, if he can’t do it we don’t have anyone who can.


Thanks for that Jeorge, our talented young players are the only thing that keeps me positive about the whole scenario we’re going through, both football and everything else.


Hi Jeorge are you pushing wild unfounded twitter sprews or do you actually believe this?
Is he better or have better upside than the other center/attacking mids? Azeez/Cottrell/Smith?
Arsenal is becoming like F1…if you have the financial backing, you can get a ride…

Maul Person

You realise this article only said he would train with and not overtake. Secondly, when has Jorge spewed “wild unfounded twitter” comments? As for your last comment, wtf?! F1?!


Hold on to your hair son…Sorry to horrify you with mention of F1…Happy Holidays.


To be fair I was curious about the F1 comment.

Looks like you’re implying Cirjan is here for something other than football reasons…?

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Let’s just be honest for a second. If any of the big six were going through what we are the manager would go. And before you all start thumbing down, it hasn’t hurt any of them who’ve done this in the past.


It’s hurt ALL of them until they chose one with long term vision and stuck with them. Klopp, Lampard, Pep, Poch were given backing for a project (not a window) and they are respectively the best, well-rounded managers those clubs have had in a while. The only exception to that rule is Mourinho which means we either expected Arteta to be like him or we’re hoping to replace him with someone like that. Eurgh. The line is when managers lose the dressing room. If Arteta hasn’t done that, at least not with the players the club wants to keep onside… Read more »


Agree minus Lampard!


too early to judge on Lampard.


Fair point you make.

But one does get the feeling that Arteta’s lost the players who matter. Auba, Ozil, Laca, Luiz, aren’t the most enthused these days – and they are players around whom cliques revolve.


Atleast those managers you mentioned didn’t expose themselves as completely inept in managing a dressing room. Arteta lacks basic man management. It’s poor decision after poor decision. And he never seems to learn. That type of shit don’t give me confidence that even if backed fully, he will come good.


I just realised that you didn’t included us in the “Big Six”, although you might well be right.

Gunnar The Gooner

If he doesn’t want to wait, he can be backup GK vs Chelsky.


I’m looking forward to seeing him come on in the final 5 minutes of a Europa game or when we’re already 4-0 down in the Haribo Cup.


Seriously now though, this lad is very good. Im a lifelong gooner, been living in Romania for 12 yrs, and live in a small village some five minutes from the team he played for before joining us - Domnesti. I realise there are many who dont know him, but having seen him play many a time, you soon will…he is that good, and very technically gifted. You will now be disappointed!!


Thanks for that info, he’s well thought of here so hopefully we see more of him soon.


Really pleased that he is well thought of. It was mentioned above, but it was not only his dribbling skills, but his close control that stood out for me. Very Cazorla esque if you like!

Dave cee

And he can shoot, scored plenty of goals from outside the box


A delightful Freudian slip in that last sentence!


Sorry…..*NOT* be disappointed!!


I mean, realistically the way things are going…




I would normally have been adverse to inexperienced youngsters hitting the first team.

But, such is our predicament I would welcome a remote-controlled mannequin if I thought Arteta wouldn’t be controlling it and making it pass backwards and sideways on repeat.

David Hillier's luggage

Does that mean the likes of Balogon, Azeez & Cottrell who have made their debuts are also now exclusively training with the first team? Feels strange that Cirjan is ahead of them without having been in a matchday squad yet. Or is this a case of his agent generating interest?


It looks as though they’re all training with the first team, I think his agent is getting a bit excited, but he’s a good young player.


Interesting hearing about so many youth players training with the first team. When you read about the invincibles, or if you watch the Michael Jordan documentary, it was clear how important training is/was. They took it as seriously as matches, drove each other to excel. The standards expected from people like Henry and Jordan were insane – led to arguments, falling outs. But you could see the results on match day. I wonder if that much youth brings the standard of training down? Or is this normal at all clubs? I’m all for it if it means we are building… Read more »


I think a bit of youthful energy would brighten the place up and enhance the training sessions. No senior player would like to be outdone by a youngster, surely it can only be a good thing.

Is he better than Christian Eriksen?


Yes. He’s never played for Spuds.


Good luck kid

Tony 2

Sorry for some reason this is the only page that is allowing me to post ( is it the settings on my phone? ) just wanted to say to Andrew cannot give you enough thanks for your blog. Every day come rain or shine you post and I can only imagine the hours, the mental aspect, the thought process that goes into it. Andrew you are a star and to you, your family (and the hounds) and of course every man jack ARSENAL supporter who contributes here a very happy Christmas to you all..

Teryima Adi

Bless you, Tony 2.

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