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Report: Kolasinac to join Schalke on loan

According to various reports in Germany, Sead Kolasinac is on the verge of a short-term loan deal with Schalke.

The left-back was heavily linked with a return to his former club back in the summer but they quickly realised his wages were going to be a problem given their financial difficulties.

It now appears that the Bosnia and Heregovina international is so keen to make the move that he’ll accept a big wage cut on a temporary basis to get it done.

Kolasinac, who played for the Gelsenkirchen outfit between 2011-2017 before joining Arsenal on a free, is well aware that he’s behind Kieran Tierney in the pecking order at the Emirates.

So far this season he’s made nine appearances for Mikel Arteta but only been selected once in the Premier League.

Schalke are currently rooted to the bottom of the Bundesliga table having accumulated just four points from 13 games.

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Good get this donkey out of the club

Var Will Solve The Problem

No need to call people name. He is a limited player and was not good enough for Arsenal. Not his fault he was getting paid a good deal of money. Not the worst player in Arsenal’s history by any means. If the report of him willing to take a paycut is true then it shows he has enough self-respect to not just sit around and collect paycheck. Unlike his mate Mesut who doesn’t want to move even when he knows he has no future in this club even when we are struggling.


Hes up there with the worst. useless player. very happy to see him leave.
All players earn good money not really bothered about what they earn just if they are good enough to play for arsenal or not
this lad certainly isnt

Dave Cee

Jimbo, I’m curious, are you just a troll? All the love for Mesut who contributes fuck all and hate for everyone else.

Nate K

I think people sometimes forget how he was a big part of our attack in a season we finished 5th, which was disappointing then but would be a massive success now. Not a terrible player by any means, but he is really bad at passing which is why Arteta could only use him at CB. That said, I won’t miss him, either. I hope he keeps Schalke up.


how could we forget that great season we finished 5th!


Ozil is under contract – why the fuck should he do the club any special favours and move when he wants to play and has been clearly prevented from doing so?

And – before you start that pathetic ‘Do You Support Arsenal?’ bollocks – yes, I support Arsenal Football Club.

And that’s what it is. Arsenal Football Club. Not Arteta Football Club.


If he wants to play football how about doing himself a favour and moving so he actually can play some football-like Kola is doing.

Dave Cee

Qwalitee, you misspelled it, should be Ozilnal football club

Bould's Eyeliner

Actually, it sort of seems like he was playing for a January reintroduction to the squad with the terrible lack of a 10, and is now trying to leave (with a rumor of Arsenal offering him to Juventus in Jan–which would be great for both sides)since we have Smith-Rowe.


Quite a sensible and balanced opinion, I think.


Name calling is not really necessary. Yes we all wanted him and a few others moved on but I never really disliked him as much as I dislike Xhaka and Mustafi. He wasn’t a great left back but that was his limitation but unlike the other two never threw tantrums or point others for their mistake or go about showcasing a fake macho attitude. So a good move for him and for us. Let’s hope it gets done sooner and wish him all the best.

Vaibhav Pandey

He is a real life macho, chasing the London thugs away 😀


Our playmaker under Emery. If only he had Zaha ahead of him who knows?

Not saying he was prime Roberto Carlos but once a gunner always a gunner and it seems he had a very good upbringing when you look at the way you abuse strangers freely online


Get you out of this club!


Good lad.

Johnny 4 Hats

Wenger – The two things I look for is technical ability and mentality.
Kola- Hi, I can’t really pass or control the ball. Also, I like to get really out of position when defending.
Wenger – Hhhmmm.
Kola- But I’m free.
Wenger – Welcome aboard. We’ve put your locker right next to Yaya Sanogo. It’s actually Chamakh‘a old one…

Johnny 4 Hats

Arsenal’s last 5 free transfers:

Willian, Lichtsteiner, Kolasinac, Sanogo, Chamakh.

Maybe we stop with the free transfers…

The Arsenal

ooof….Chamakh was alright….at first. Sanogo Helped win that Fa cup vs Hull..errrm Kola was……..But Lichtsteiner covered for Bellerin(Badly) Willian is……..Damn man I tried


Wasn’t Cedric free?

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah. So was Flamini part deux. But they didn’t fit the narrative so I left them out.

Look, I’m becoming a true journalist.

Public Elneny

I think we paid Southampton a significant loan fee before signing a permanent contract with us, so I guess technically, but didn’t really feel like it

Also doesn’t really raise the batting average very much

The Arsenal

Even Crazier was that Wenger somehow got a tune out of these players.

Johnny 4 Hats

Shame the tune was “This is the end” by the Doors.


Good move, hopefully can make permanent too.

Nice to see a player just think of their wages also, good on him and good luck


‘Not’ just think of wages I meant


he will go on loan so will be paid his full wage obviously


Did you read the full story Jimbo?


Let’s just say he doesn’t let his anger disrupted by facts.


Do you take everything you read on this website as facts?
. sky germany have reported he will forgo part of his salary no quotes from anyone. similar to sky sports in this country with their our sources tell us.
he is going on loan so arsenal will no doubt be paying a big chunk of his wages.
still good to even get half his wages off the books.


and because you don’t believe the sources, you rather believe some bullshit you just made up? You’re one clever fella, eh?

Dave Cee

I really think Jimbo should go back to the iamspurs website

Paul Roberts

There’s good book by Date Carnegie I think you should read mate. 🙂

AMN's cheeky grin

Praise the lord, an Arsenal player willing to take a wage cut to get more playing time!


Yeah Credit to Kola … makes him a unicorn at this stage.


Jenkinson refusing to take a pay cut to join Crystal Palace was the puzzle for me

Spanish Gooner

Tbf I think there’s a massive difference. Kolasinac has been on £110k/week for 4 years, so financially he’s completely set for life, and he’s likely to get another 1-2 decent contracts back in Germany too. Jenkinson was on something like £40k, and knew he had no chance of ever earning the same kind of money again

Dave Cee

Wenger backing him is what confused me

The Arsenal

Jenkinson confused me..


wo0uld you want to join palace lol?

The Arsenal

Hes not on 350,000 a week though.


Glad He’ll be gone, but who’s gonna be backup LB now, is it Cedric?


AMN maybe…


Ah yeah, might be him. But Can He play The LB role in a back 4?

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

AMN can play anywhere apparently.

Vaibhav Pandey

Do we have anyone coming up from Academy? I doubt that we are developing LBs anymore


Excellent. I think we’ve been comically bad at transfers out the last few years – worse than we have with incoming. I hope this is the start of getting much better at that, whether permanent moves or loans.

“Schalke to join Kolasinac on loan.”


That’s one space in the squad made available if we’re going to bring anyone in this January.


Mesut Ozil


… To join Schalke, also?! Great!!

El Mintero

Nah, will never happen, too busy trolling Arsenal on social media and sewing discord among the players, while planning his next move into authoritarian politics with the help of his best buddy erdogan…


If it was possible, I would give you 10,000 thumbs up. I would actually dedicate half of my day for doing that. My sentiments exactly.

The Arsenal

Hes not in any squads.

Giuseppe Hovno

Sokrates and Saliba


While we get his wages off our books, or some of them at least, this will be a good loan for him. Beneficial to both parties.

All the best to him back at his old club!

Naked Cygan

Good move, now if we could only find a club dumb enough to sign Willian.


Unfortunately there’s only one Mikel Arteta.


Funny one huh, the career span of a professional footballer. He’s most likely been at it almost every day since he was 14 years old, and it’s quite easily to imagine why someone his age would be happy to sit around in a nice house counting his money, turning up to training and doing the bare minimum and not getting much game time. There must be a real “shit!” moment though for these guys when they’re approaching the end of their careers. Realising there are only a few seasons left and they have to, or feel like they have to… Read more »


why do people always put this ‘seemed like a nice guy’ rubbish. youve never even met the guy.
personally i couldnt give a toss if hes a nice guy or not.
if he was good enough he would have made it at arsenal he was far from good enough. good riddence


Plenty of other players to go before him… Good squad player, always gave his 100% and took no shit from opponents


I am excited to see what understudy we go for at LB in next few windows when other areas of the squad are more sorted.

Mark Foxwell

We must be the worst team in the league at selling players.

El Mintero

There’s a reason why nobody wants to buy them…

Public Elneny

Yeah, it’s the oversized contracts we offer that are the problem. The more we pay them, the less other clubs are willing to offer to take them off our hands

We pay so much that other clubs often don’t even want our players for free

I’ll never know why we offer some of our players at least double the salary they could possibly hope for at other clubs

Was this Huss Fahmy’s fault? I hope so, cos he’s gone now

The Arsenal

Mustafi on over £100,000 a week….Would have got rid of him at least 4 windows ago if his wages were less. That’s just one.


“Behind Kieran Tierney” .

Thats a very nice way of putting it.
Or are we going for mileage .?? Are you going to post a “Behind AMN” Story as well , followed by a “Behind Bukayo Saka” story? ..:)
Kola flattered to deceive early on , I was expecting so much more he certainly has the build and his bursts forward and cutbacks in penalty box really added something at one point but he might just be the least defensively talented defender we’ve had in the PL. Andre Santos might object though.

The Arsenal

Santos has more feats at the cluband was way more fun with his shit ness Kola will be remembered more for protecting Ozil than anything he did on the pitch.


Gonna miss him. Total commitment and no nonsense. We’ve had far worse full backs over the years (Santos, Sylvestre, Eboe…) and giving away so many free kicks wasn’t always his fault, he kept being penalised for being too strong!
Good luck Kola.


Miss him? Really? Miss exactly what of him?

The Arsenal

Eboue did more than Kola for this club.


I look back on Eboue with great fondness these days. At least he had a bit of pace and a half decent cross. Who can forget his ball for TH to head winner against Man Utd?

The Arsenal

Or the cross for Van pricks admittedly beautiful Volley against Charlton….The dances, the smile , the tears he definitely achieved cult status at least.


Such a shame a real classy left back with a wand of a left foot. Not sure why it didn’t work out for him an excellent all round player


Thank God.

To be fair, I probably dislike Kola the least out of our departure lounge brigade.

The Arsenal

He doesn’t get to play as often as them and in such important positions.


Ozil is better than Isco


He is. He’s even just as good as Isco defensively.

Reports are that Ozil is training well. Arsenal have to pay him anyway, bring him back into the squad and see if he can provide a little more creativity. He has six months left on his contract and then he’s gone, Stan should bite the bullet. It might just be worth whatever bonuses they have to pay him.

Dave Cee


The Arsenal

and none should be here.


you seem disappointed others agree with me regarding ozil

would you prefer i left you to your little arteta is great wankathon?

Gunner b

Decent player but will be remembered for sticking up for ozil in that attempted robbery which is a shame as hes a footballer not a gangster.

Arteta-tinted Glasses

It’s a start. We need to up the value of our deadwood, and then sell them. These players also have to see that it’s good to revive their careers elsewhere.

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

How many years does Kola has left on his contract? Will he leave on a free after the loan spell? Is there an option to buy?

Why are we shit at moving on players?

Although to be fair, lately we are shit at bringing in players as well.


“Why are we shit at moving on players?”



Probably something to do with often calling the players we no longer want ‘rubbish’. In some odd way, we label them undesirable and devalue them. Nobody really wants someone everyone rejects. I hope he rediscovers the form we hailed not too long ago. Good luck to him

The Arsenal

Mr 55% pass completion since he’s been here. Good luck to him


Remember him when he puked vs manu?


Kolasinac has been a good servant to the club. His best positions in order are LWB, LW, LB and he’s barely suited to LCB. Wenger only trusted him at LWB and LW, and he was purely an attacking player for us. Then Emery and Arteta for some reason (because he’s big and strong?) play him out of position at LCB, and he does it without complaining and does OK, to be honest. It’s not his fault. He’s tough, he sticks up for his teammates, and he used to be our best attacking threat a lot of the time. Respect is… Read more »

Spanish Gooner

Kola’s wages only look like a problem now because people forget the context in which he joined. He came on a free as the TOTY left back in the Bundesliga, so rather than costing £20m and on £80k (which would have been reasonable at the time) he got some of the transfer savings added to his wages. He wasn’t a bad investment at all, and I think he’s been decent (though not at the required level) when called upon. I hope he does well!

North Bank

Who plays if Tierney got injured?


I’ll give it a try


A nice move for him and hopefully we can find a way to make it permanent in the summer. It’s good that he wants to play and not just think about money. He’s always put in a shift for us and I hope it turns out well, he was a big success in the Bundesliga and he can help to keep Schalke up.


Oh! If this goes through I’ll be giving thanks to God.
I love Kola and his no-nonsense style but he’s just a terrible passer of the ball. I watched him being too afraid to do forward passes to Balogun and Martinelli against City in the Carabao cup.
Besides, his exit would create space in the squad list. I guess AMN will deputize Tierney then.


Always had a bit of a soft spot for Kola. Thought he was decent bombing forward but lacking defensively & as said not the best passer.
Good on him for wanting to move on to play football instead of just sitting around collecting wages. Says a lot about his character although i dont think it was ever in question.


Kolasinac ended up being a bit limited for the Premier League, but I always felt he gave his best.

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