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Sead Kolasinac completes Schalke loan move

Arsenal have confirmed that Sead Kolasinac has completed his six month loan deal to Schalke 04.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina international has returned to his former club until the end of this season, and in all likelihood has played his final game for the Gunners.

He made just 8 appearances for us this season, and only featured once in the Premier League, playing the full 90 minutes in the 2-1 win over West Ham in September.

His departure frees up a space in the squad for a non-homegrown player, perhaps even a new signing.

Speaking about the decision to let Sead leave, Edu said: “Sead needs to be playing regularly, so we have decided together that a move back to Germany with Schalke will benefit him at this moment. We will be keeping in close contact with Sead, and wish him huge success for the remainder of the season with Schalke.”

Best of luck to him at Schalke.

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One box checked. Now we need a few more spots and wage bills freed up.


I’m guessing we’re paying at least part of his wages (Schalke are skint). Still, it frees up some room in the squad. I, personally, wish him all the best back in Germany. Now, if he could get his mate to join him………


Looks like we actually won’t be paying any of his wages at all


Don’t really understand the math on this. His salary can’t possibly be 10 million euros a season, yet that’s what it (2.4 million euros over 6 months, with this being half) suggests.

Even Arsenal can’t be that incompetent, can we?


That sounds right. We got him for free at the time when he made bundesliga team of the year.


His mate is stubborn as fuck and has little ambition whatsoever these days(within his rights though) . However, hoping that the New Year 2021 bring peace to everyone concerned – peace with a departure I mean.

Dr. kNOw

Within his rights to forgo the ‘”I’m Mesut Ozil! I’m going to join an elite team that appreciates my talent and matches my ambition”‘ route? OK. Sure. Fine. However, I want his fans to acknowledge this choice, and accept the following: 1. there is a difference between an elite talent and an elite player, the latter being someone who has harnessed their talent to produce consistently at elite levels. 2. NO OTHER ELITE PLAYER would accept his current predicament, at any point their careers. They would rather leave than let their career atrophy because of juicy bonuses. Pick one: would… Read more »


Spot on


That’s a long comment.
Based entirely on conjecture and thus completely and full of shyte.

“His type”…juvenile nonsense. GTFO.

Dr. kNOw

We have a biter, ladies and gentlemen! GTFO? I’m sorry, Mr. Simpson, I cannot. Not while you reply to a structured argument using emotional language, borne of a fanatical attachment to a player that not only is incapable of pulling his weight as an elite player despite his genius talent, but also does not care a jot about this club and has chosen to (financially) bleed and disrupt it. Conjecture? OK. Present the facts, good sir, and at least attempt to dismantle just one of my points (choose wisely). Let me help you out with some structure: 1. Do you… Read more »

Hank Scorpio

What would be the point of that? I’ve already torn your flimsy arguments to shreds. No need to do it twice.

Hank Scorpio

Working backwards: 1. Whether he played games straight after his China comments is irrelevant. Ozil’s manager pointed to a slow commercial squeeze within China on Arsenal. You can choose to believe that or not but believing that Xi Jinping has a Bat Phone style hotline to Silent Stan that would result in Ozil being immediately dropped is a naive and simplistic view of the situation that demonstrates lack of understanding. The trade issues between Australia & China are instructive. Aside from whole industry blockades the Chinese are also preventing processing of goods at their ports for individual businesses across many… Read more »


He could go on to play til he is forty tho. And this 18 months has actually lengthened his career. Time will tell..
Personally I ‘ d have him on the bench , not starting on bench . He is not like kdb, more like on bench like Bernardo Silva, a player who he can be lazy and bad defence that’s why pep has him in bench ..tho is obviously talented . If the team need something can sub on or to give a starter a breather if the result already in place .


His mate just watched Arsenal failing to create a chance and get a shot on goal from open play for 8 hours. Who is he anyway to deprive Arsenal of their wish to humiliate him leaving him out when they couldn’t buy a goal? This is Arsenal’s making, it stinks, it is beyond incompetent, so let them have what they created. Tough luck. Stupidity is expensive.




Great Move long overdue. …benefits both parties. Adieux


I give him a lot of credit. He’s extremely limited but always have maximum effort & was very professional. To supposedly take a wage cut to play says a lot about his priorities. Hope he’s wildly successful for them and gets a permanent move


Well said. Thanks and good luck, Sead, you always gave us your honest best.


seems like a great guy, a brave character. credit for not just sticking around to see out the contract.

A Different George

He is limited certainly, but at his best nowhere near as bad as people now remember him. Arsenal supporters loved him at first–a fearless, attacking fullback, roaring down the touchline and cutting in. He is not a world class player, sure, but you cannot make the Bundesliga team of the year without some quality.


On the money as Always atom. I like him, just not really up to the standard. Good luck to him in Deutschland


Criminals of Schalke beware!


Made me chuckle 😂


Have you seen Gelsenkirchen? I’ve gone past and it looks like a right shit hole.


Thanks for the memories (scoring against Chelsea on his debut and fighting off knife-weilding thugs unarmed).

That said, definitely the worst player to ever play for Arsenal.


… clearly never saw Andre Santos or Gus Caesar.


Leave Andre Santos out of this! I for one appreciate that he always used inclusive language on Twitter in support of the LGBT community.


What about Squillaci? Francis Jeffers? Not sure Kola makes my worst 50.

He did a job. Badly. But still he did it

Alexis Cazorla

Oh… Squillaci… Thou shall not bring that name up, lest the Arsenal decide to sanction something similar again in future…




Thank you for a fair shout.
(though he had a boatload of assists his first season w/the club lead the club and top 5 in the league, if memory serves, so he wasn’t always “bad”, being fair.)

Too many short memories, FIFA experts, and aftv wannabes on this post lately.


Agree, when we played to his strengths

Sean Anderson







Negative: the master of disaster that help set up the winner for Ramsey in the FA cup??? Not the worst by far.


Igor Stepanovs?


Miyaichi, Sanogo, Lichtsteiner, Park Chu Young all rank lower than Kolasinac

Kartik Iyer

Add willian to that list


Pascal Cygan

Xhaka’s House Keys



An alright player on his day, but his talents just were not suited for the PL, and I wish him luck and he uses the playing time to make himself more attractive in the transfer window next summer.
I reckon that moving him on is probably £100k off the books, and by my estimate there is about another £650k of salaries expiring in the summer (Ozil £350k with Mustafi, Luiz and Sokratis all around the £100k each). Edu, now is your time to shine!


Look at the career old Kolarov has had since he left Man City. Italy would be fine for most of our deadwood.


This is a good thing for both parties.

All the best back at your old club, Kola!


I think in one of his first few games, must have been crystal palace, an opposition player tried to take him out and bounced right off him infront of the linesman and he just shrugged off the incident. Commentator loved it. The tank.

If his short passing and concentration or awareness of danger in the box was good he’d have been one hell of a player.

Will mesut leave Arsenal now that he no longer has protection?


To all you Kola haters, I hope you never get car-jacked at knife point.


With Mesut’s bodyguard officially gone, is it safe to assume his move is next?*

*Before I get destroyed by the mob, I loved them both at the time of their signings. But if we’re moving on…


Bang average but a trier. Cheerio and good luck.


Great, now use some of the money hopefully freed up and add it to the contract for Balogun. Get that boy signed.


Hooray, a space for Mesut!!!

I’m sure all fans are delighted at that…


My missus has got more chance of getting a game than Ozil, whilst Lego Head is at the helm.

DB’s first touch

Özil? Sokratis surely 🙂


If he never plays in an Arsenal shirt again he should return as head of security


Bring on Mesut!!!


All the best Sead


Good luck big man hope you keep them up.


Thank you Tank for staying professional and not acting like others in your position did.

Lord Bendnter

Remind me again, does his contract with arsenal end in the summer?


He has one more year left on his contract.


Think that’s the suggestion in the article “all likelihood played his last game for us”


Not really good enough for a club of our (hitherto – as opposed to current)standing.

That said, he did have it out with the absolute brain dead scum of the earth who tried to mug him and Ozil, so fair play to him, as a decent human being.

I wish him well.

Merlin’s Panini

Interesting one. If we weren’t to make any additions this leaves a place in the squad for one of two players: Ozil or Sokratis.
Who would you prefer gets it (the place in the squad, I mean)?






I would prefer Qualiteee’s wife, as suggested by him above. (For the squad place that is.)


Good luck to him. He was never good enough for this club but at least he tried. His signing sums up everything that’s been wrong with Arsenal over the last 10 years: mediocre players bought on the cheap to nick a top-four place. But it wasn’t his fault. This coming transfer window is vital. We need to get rid of a lot more dross and then bring in 3 key players: a goalkeeper, a creative midfielder and a striker. Runarsson should be put on a slow iceberg back to Iceland before he can do any more damage, and I’d loan… Read more »


Tuck your Runarsson hate between your buttocks Fats.


I absolutely don’t hate Runarsson: it’s not his fault that he’s crap. I hate the idiot who decided that a League 2 goalkeeper was good enough for Arsenal Football Club.


I agree 100% it’s a Karius situation


There is absolutely no way on Earth we are going to get 3 signings in January. Be realistic (unless we sell assets like AMN and Nketia for decent money, which won’t be popular).


Best wishes thank you and good luck Kola ! Once a Gooner always a Gooner👍

le caiman

except ashley cole

Merlin’s Panini

and Nasri… and Van Persie.

East Gooner

Huge respect to Kolasinac. His priorities are to play football and he made a move that supports that. He is pretty strong but technically quite limited. But at least he always tried and that’s appreciated. Cheers for the FA Cup, 2 shields, and Wenger’s last season where we made 2 cup finals. Hope he does well at Schalke and can make it permanent. Let’s see if we can get Mustafi, Mesut or Sokratis to do something similar (though in fairness Sokratis did try to leave for Napoli) If Willian goes then…. oh why am I thinking this even has a… Read more »


Kolasinac showing a great example to other players. Not greedy & and just wants a chance to play regularly.

Good luck.


Kola is definitely a good egg to be around the upcoming young players…..and that’s why he was still contributing to the squad up until the time of his loan move. He is a credit to humanity as a footballer and most IMPORTANTLY as a PERSON.

In contrast, a world class artist can continue to paint a rosy picture of himself, but how he acted in certain basic situation will reflect his true colors, and will always continue to define him as a person.


Aren’t mustafi, kola, xhaka all a part of the ozil group? Looks like something’s wrong with this entire group


Ozil will need to hire a new bodyguard

My Arse-nal

I wish him all the best. He definitely wasn’t as bad as some make out. Always gave 100% and did have some really good moments.


Good luck, tank!

Guns Up

Still MUCH to be done on the outgoings, but in the words of KT, “it’s a start, innit.”


The first step in getting rid of Ozil is to remove his body guard. Bet he’ll rethink offers now


I like him as a person.
Sead to see him go from that perspective.


So glad I will never again have to see a promising move break down because of a misplaced pass by this guy

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