Friday, December 1, 2023

Sp*rs 2-0 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal lost the North London derby 2-0, as first-half goals from Son and Harry Kane were enough for Sp*rs to take all three points.

The Gunners dominated the second half, putting in 44 crosses but despite 69% possession overall, we had only two attempts on target. The creative issues continue and our form continues to be a massive worry.

Here’s how the players rated tonight.

Read the Sp*rs 2-0 Arsenal match report and see the goals here

Spurs 2-0 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Just think, someone out there, somewhere knows what was going through Arteta’s mind when he subbed on Nketiah for Bellerin while moving our biggest attacking threat Saka to RB.

Baichung Bhutia

Whatever happened to Willock and Nelson. And where is Elneny? As I said in the Review thread, I have no clue on the team selection.

Cultured Determination

yup if starts a signed jersey giveaway for anyone who can guess the starting line-up, bench and sub-ons for any game this season, there will be no winners, but if he starts a print-out for signed jerseys for each time we manage to guess 2 players who start, we’ll win every week – it’s xhaka and willian.


PARTEY walking off while the game was still on is a massive fckup what was he thinking???? that was disrespectful to the team to Arteta and arsenal. He abandons his position and lets them score. if he Mourinho or Simeone was his coach would he DARE just WALK OFFFFF the field right in the middle of play????? UNBELIEVABLE

The Arsenal

Where was AMN


Dropped for footballing reasons.

Reality check

“Whatever happened to Willock and Nelson”

Willock and Nelson are kids, championship level at best. Willcok did start the last 2 games, he just cant hack it at this level, not even close to be ready yet..


At least they would give more of a damn than Willian.


I would play AMN, Nelson, Saka, Nketiah, Willock in these games to at least have someone showing a bit of desire. They are better than Bellerin, Willian, Auba (current form) and Xhaka.


Nope. Just nope.

Stanley Essuman- Mensah

Willian is far better than Willock on any day.
The Premier is far tougher than those teams they’ve been playing in the Europa League plse.


Elneny…are you seriously suggesting he would improve us? One of the least inspiring players to have put the arsenal shirt on


Well Nketiah Lacazette and Aubemayang collectively are about 2 inches taller than Alderweireld and Eric Dier. So you feed them enough crosses and you will score goals. It’s simple maths really.

David C

But Auba and Laca aren’t great headers….they don’t hold the ball up well either. Not sure what we can do now. Should have sold Auba to fund a rebuild maybe?


Two words. Peter Crouch.


Great job. Now i support Sam Allardyce team. Cross cross cross. Footballing reasons my foot

Anders Limpar

Emery Arteta ball

Reality check

May be Arteta realised in the middle of the game that Bellerin hasn’t improved from a player that broke in 6 years ago. Xhaka is an easy target, but I struggle to see what Laca has done since we spent 46mil on him, why hasn’t Bellerin improved his defending in his time at Arsenal. Mr Captain was banging them in before signing the contract, he can’t get a decent shot on target now. He was fine when he was laughing uncontrollably all the time but now, his low mood his affecting others too I think. His last few months at… Read more »


You struggle to see what our POTY 2018-2019 has done since we bought him?


I get the feeling Arteta has become too big for his boots too fast and lost the dressing room. Auba looks like he doesn’t like playing in this set up. I don’t blame him. This Spurs team just waited for us to take a dump in our pants. Apart from Son and Kane they were just mannequins.


I think it was a case of just get bellerin off. He was god awful yesterday and has been the biggest weakness in this poor team. Meek on the ball, caught out positional from defensive perspective. Saka at rb is an improvement


Apparently, at half time Xhaka did a poo and forgot to flush, and Arteta said to the poo, “Get warmed up, you’re going on”.


Did Saka not play mate?


Time to get Tony Pulis in to help us stay up


When we started using long throws I couldn’t stop laughing as I remembered how much abuse Rory Delap got from us back in the day. Poor lad was just ahead of his time

Runcorn Gooner

Sam Allardici is awaiting a call.

Fireman Sam

I’d take Sam Allardici right now.


Arsene Wenger. Please comeback.


Is George Graham willing to come out of retirement?


And Terry Neill?!

Rob W

Bruce Rioch?


He may not return without a bung.


I remember them saying: be careful what you wish for


Bring back Freddie and get Dennis in


Auba and William have been shite all season


£600 000 per week. But they spare money by not playing Özil…

A Different George

Alex, please stop. Aubameyang is a world-class player who is playing terribly. It has nothing to do with his contract, any more than Ozil’s.


That’s the thing with world class players. They don’t play terribly. He WAS a world class player.

I think he’s checked out. Doesn’t look like he’s trying at all most of the time, and I can’t remember the last time he smiled on the pitch.

January or June he’s gone, is my guess. Hope I’m wrong and he gets his form back.


That is just ludicrous. 8 or 9 games of poor form and he’s no longer a world class player?

Some fans are so fickle.

Sweet Lou

At this point I just want us to go with the RB Leipzig model of buying up good young players with lots of potential. I’m so sick of the over 30 year olds on unbelievable wages putting in horrid performances week in and week out.

Johnny 4 Hats

We are fast becoming the dignitas of footballing careers…

Loren Dunlop

I hope this gets the attention and credit it deserves. Absolutely amazing.


well if we’re dignitas I wish we’d be more efficient so I didn’t have to watch willian and aubameyangs slow declines over the next few years


I just tweeted that comment. Genius!


With Arteta as the manger it wont take long before you get sick of their football too.


For all his faults, if I can take you literally for a second I don’t think thats fair… arguably one of the bigger frustrations is that when we play the kids in europe we actually look more like something resembling a good football team


Bellerin Saliba Gabriel Tierney
Willock Smith-Rowe Maitland-Niles
Nelson Martinelli Saka

And next season (or maybe even in january) I’d try to get Lamptey to replace Bellerin.
Play them a few seasons together and they will come good.
I mean, it’s not like we have a lot to lose. They can’t play worse than the current team, even if they try.

Reality check

What part Bellerins game merits to be in your team. What does he do better than both AMN and Soares? I am genuinely curious..


I’d say Bellerin gets the most stick out of all players in the starting XI without deserving it so much. Yes, he has to improve his decision making when running into the box and that throw-in issue is really stupid and also needs improvement, but honestly – he has to play the role of a right-back and a right-winger since all Willian does is stay near the right corner to put a cross or a pass back into the middle with no one to trap the ball. Willian is also the worst match for him, since Bellerin’s best features are… Read more »


AMN is in my team in midfield and he can’t play 2 positions at the same time. Cedric with nearly 30 is not the right back for a team that’s aiming to get better over the years and become a force in 2-3years. And that I think we could do with an upgrade on Bellerin is pretty obvious, as I mentioned Lamptey as possible transfer.


he looks great in a pair of dad jeans tbf


Xhaka is an inspiration for every lazy cunt like myself who wishes to one day be able to nick a living. Has the athleticism of a middle aged cafeteria lazy and he’s a central midfield for Arsenal. Madness




I preferred the typo tbh

Cultured Determination

yup. he’s like you and I, have an office job, but types 10 words an hour, and goes for coffee breaks 5 times a day – 1 hour each time. not that we want to, it’s just that the pantry is so far away, all of 50 metres.


Spot on. I’m a lazy cunt too and I admire him.


Our central midfielder has the tackling of Paul Scholes and the fitness of Paul Heyman

Mark Carr

Lol, Its weird isn’t it. I honestly don’t see the answers.

Dr. kNOw

There is no footballing reason, in heaven or on earth, that can justify why Xhaka should ever play for Arsenal again. The lack of pace, the slow turn, the backpasses, the time spent on the ball followed by a low incision pass (not always his fault, mind, but others make better passes), the switching off in defence… Partey just hastily returned from injury, is thrust into the derby and is asked to put in the work of 2 men in the derby. Can we honestly be surprised with the outcome? This is on Arteta, as is the continued selection of… Read more »


We don’t need to spend another 100m to make the midfield functional. Arteta needs to just use the more athletic midfielders he has and take the shackles off. We have decent talent in this squad – it’s just being massively misused

Cultured Determination

yup. just play a 442 and put pressure on them. elneny partey in midfield, AMN as right back who can cut in to play as CM sometimes. quick passing. overload, pressure, close down. foul the dude with the ball when we lose it. take the yellow, sub out, next guy comes in. does the same.

Dr. kNOw

I feel that the current players are unsuitable and need to be moved on, hence the £100m spend on CL quality of Partey’s ilk. However, I do agree on the use of the Hale End Graduates (HAGs?), but they are raw, particularly AMN (in midfield role), Willock and Nelson. You could argue that Arteta is managing their development fairly well, introducing them slowly, one by one, hoping becoming mainstays as they find their feet. That way, the older, unsuitable players also don’t get their noses out of joint and they accept that performances have spoken. However, he needs to start… Read more »


This picking on our players has to stop. Xhaka wasn’t the worst player on the pitch. It’s the system that didn’t work.


Please go see the replay of the second goal. Xhaka can see every team mate but the CBs and Partey ahead of him, should know that 4 Spurs players are behind him and he won’t catch them – and yet he storms ahead


Thr system doesn’t work because we have Xhaka on the pitch.


Was actually a bit depressed about all this then I arrive and read this comment. Thank you sir




Wenger was right about not giving players on the wrong side of 30 more than a one year contract. Auba downed tools as soon as he signed.

Robert Pires


David Hilliers Arm Cast

I have seen no evidence of the opposite. As much as it saddens me.


It was a red flag to me that a 30 year old would sign up to a rebuilding project with a supposed goal to compete for the title in 3 years. It just made me worry that this was about one last pay day and being at a club where he was loved, rather than one last shot at winning big silverware (unless you think 33 year old aubameyang is going to be carrying us to a title..)

canon fodder

Ronaldo, Zlatan, Messi and Giroud aren’t doing too badly despite their respective ages


The first 3 are unbelievably, whereas Giroud has a game which never relied on pace in the first place.

A Different George

In Italy, last year, the top 7 scores were, respectively, 37, 29, 25, 35, 26, 33, and 32 years old (that’s Ronaldo in 4th).

In Germany the top two were 31 and 30.

In Spain, 33 (Messi), 32, 28, 33, 34, and 33.

Jamie Vardy who, I think does rely a little bit on pace, was the prem’s top scorer last year. He is more than two years older than Aubameyang who, you will recall, was second.


Ronaldo and Messi are the two best players of this generation… Giroud never really had pace to lose and he’s playing for both his place in their side and, potentially, a move. Where’s the pressure on Aubameyang?

Reality check

Blasphemy, did you seriously mention Giroud with the other three in the same sentence, especially on the back of only a couple of good performances? Giroud is looking for a new club all these footballers are businessmen first and footballers later. You won’t find many Wrightys anf Rocastles in this day and age..


That’ll be the Giroud who has quietly – and with consistent questioning and lack of any support from both media and (often) fans – crept up on, and is about to overtake – Thierry as France’s all-time record scorer.
You muppet.


Bellerin and Xhaka are complete shit. Sell them in January, give them away for nothing. Just get them the fuck away from this club


The amount of dislikes on your comment shows what a weak mentality many of the Arsenal fans have

Reality check

Well fans don’t judge players on merit, they have their favs and others that they blame for everythingm. It’s more to do with Bellerin being mentioned in the same sentence as Xhaka. Bellerin is above criticism, has been for good 4 years at least. longer, if you think he should have worked on his defending and crossing sooner..


Or that people (not me) disagree?


I think you stay alone


Ainsley should be starting ahead of both of them… and whichever one he doesn’t replace, just play inanimate carbon rod there

Disarmed Gunner

52 trees disliked your comment


We’re just far too easy to play against. We can’t score and everyone knows we can defend counters as we insist on playing Xhaka as a sort of dm. Clear to everyone but Arteta this isn’t working. Time to start playing some younger players and a more attacking system as it’s not like he’s getting results with this


It’s been clear for 3 years to us for three years and yet 4 professional football managers paid millions of quid per year have staked job on this joker and covering his MASSIVE flaws. It has cost three of them their jobs and the fourth is well on his way to achieving that milestone. Add to that Mikel’s obsession with his beloved Willian and he’s basically as good as toast. If there was ever a game to dump those two this was it…and yet…
I didn’t even watch the game. I saw the team news and knew what was coming.


I’ve said it before but the biggest concern to me with Arteta is we’re one year in and don’t have a viable style of play we’re moving towards. We really need to go the Barcelona route that helped them reset (finding the next Messi would help) of having a club style of play and finding players that suit that. You can’t be a counter attacking team with Xhaka as your dm. And if you are ultra defensive counter attacking team you can’t give up goals


Yup – didn’t watch either as knew we would lose. And I’m still fuming


Why did he not sub him at least?! Baffles me, he could have got AMN or Elneny on, when things were not working. It was Moaninho that worked out Arteta last season and gave a blueprint to all teams in the league and he got one up this time too.

Why doesn’t the spanish league just sign Moron Mou up and relieve us of this nightmare?!!


Arteta did a great job last year of setting us up effectively as a Mourihno style team last year and it worked well in the cup and against the big teams who feel the need to attack. The issue is t doesn’t work against anyone else as we’re expected to attack the smaller teams. For whatever reason Arteta doesn’t trust the players to attack any way other than pinging in crosses which doesn’t work with our personnel.

Tanned arse

He didn’t ‘work’ anything out. He played the same way he always does. As soon as teams decide to sit off spuds, they’ll do nothing. If they have to open up then their limitations at the back will show


Our forward players look to have about 0.000% chance of winning a fucking coin toss in the air, let alone a cross


Leno should save save first goal, partey walking off the pitch is criminal! Arteta is way out of his depth in my opinion! If you attack a mourino team you better prey u score first! We didn’t and we lost.


Leno was nowhere near saving that shot, sometimes you just have to credit the finish although backing off to allow it didn’t help.


I think there’s a high chance Son manages to beat Holding and is straight through if there’s a tackle. Holding bought us time, had Son taken a couple of more seconds, we’d have a couple of more players around him…..just too good


If Holding meets him high up the pitch, he must take ball or man. Not ideal to be oin a yellow so early but you can’t back off that much against good players, no pressure on the ball at all is a death wish.


Maybe, but I feel this has the benefit of hindsight. When Holding jockeys like he did and buys us a time, 99 times out of 100 Son is either crowded out eventually or he shoots from distance and doesn’t score.

It’s a lot easier to take either ball or man when going for something like a 50-50 ball, but Son is skillful and fast enough to skip past Holding before either could be done as well


Look at his positioning when he shoots. He is a about 1m off centre. These are the little things that make Leno a good and not great goalie. 0.5 m to the left where he should be and he saves it.

Tanned arse

When the ball goes to kane, Bellerin is in a perfect position to run back into his right back slot and keep son in front of him by the time kane passes to son. But hector does what he always does, something really really stupid. He runs inside towards kane. Why? The guy is totally thick in a football sense. He’s learnt nothing about defending and he can’t make sound in game decisions because he doesn’t understand simple things. Most of the time that shot doesn’t go in but if he just does the obvious thing and run back into… Read more »


Is not criminal, he clearly couldn’t even jog. We’d be 3 on 4 vs them even if he had stayed on btw

Haven’t seen replays of the first one, but don’t think Leno or Holding could be blamed there


Holding a Bellerin can 100% be blamed, Leno it’s tougher to say


Partey pulled up injured. Listening to that idiot Redknapp and parroting his inane borderline coherent nonsense is never a good idea.


Partey was injured. He couldn’t run. Arteta should not have played him. Leno had no chance on Son’s shot. What should have happened was bellerin should have tracked Son and holding should not have dropped off of him.


Smith Rowe wasn’t even on the bench ! The players are poor – many of them. But their attitude, belief – the lack of – and body language are wholly on Arteta. I don’t want him out because there is no better option out there who would come to us – unless Eddie Howe is your man ? But he’s not motivating this squad ; and they show every signs of not believing in him. He has to turn this around. I can’t see us going down. We could. But I can’t see that. However, if the rest of this… Read more »


It’s not an amazing job but it likely is still attractive to some up and coming coached. There’s a decent amount of talent, a very hands off owner and relatively low expectations.


can’t help but think we should be stealing the southampton coach..

Godfrey Twatsloch

Willian, Willian, Willian…please go and retire somewhere else!


2.5 more years Godfrey, 2.5 more years!


And £200 000 per week.

Godfrey Twatsloch

And some!

The Arsenal

Who sanctioned it


That’s assuming Edu doesn’t get him an extension!


Where is Saka?


Blogs…no Saka in the ratings line up today?


I typed out my vitriol about the manager here, then deleted it and posted this instead. It helps. Highly recommended.


Top quality in the final post, great end product.


I thought I was the only one who did that!….thanks for making me feel a little bit more “normal”

Tanned arse

I’ve done that about 10 times but still end up venting my absolute waffle on you guys….sorry!


Bring on Allegri. That’s who I wanted ever since Unai Emery left.


Well if Arteta can turn this mess around then he might just be the man for the job.

Unpopular as this opinion may be, but Aubameyang needs to sit a league match out, just not with it. Xhaka and Willian, ah sod it too many to mention that are just bang average performers.


How can he turn this mess around when he was the one who put us in it.. ?
We are the Arsenal Football Club, 3rd highest trophy winner in the English league.
We took our chances with a Rookie manager, has not worked… We move on. No identity in the team !


If you think Arteta is the reason we are in this state then you either just started supporting us in the last few months or you have the memory of a lobotomised goldfish.


Arteta didn’t put us in this mess but he shipped out 2 creative mids, which is fine if you replace them. He gave willian a massive salary. And he keeps telling his players to pass it to the wings and cross all match. He’s David Moise at Man United.


He is the reason we are in this mess. Xhaka & Willian are in the team because he wants them in that team. We play this kind of football because that’s what he knows. No one knows his type of football so it makes me wonder why people think he can get us out of the mess he has put us in. He has no track record you know of.


Yes Bob, he was not the one to put us in this mess, but a Rookie manager is not the one to take us out from it…


Aubameyang, frankly, should be sold in january when messi leaves barcelona…

Toure Motors

Generous to hector. Top bloke off the pitch but really stinking the place out at the minute. Willian is well past squill in the pantheon of shit signings and has sylvester the cat in his sights. Take xhaka put next week and replace him with inanimate carbon rod


Arsenal are destined for relegation with this team that’s for sure. The players in this team have no class we have bought rejected players from Chelsea and the defence is absolutely rubbish. Arteta is working with a load of deadbeats.


No probs, could you also add back other things that our missing like our ability to win football matches


that ARE missing ffs

Godfrey Twatsloch

I just want you to know I’m as excited as you about Fellaini and Carroll joining us. I hope they each get no less than 4 year deals and 250k a week at least.


No Auba?

Matt P

Shitshow of a team and club.


That’s whats worrying me as well. A bad team or phase can be dealt with, but this does seem like institutional level decay

Dubai Ham

Zero rating for Arteta.
He should have taken Auba off at half time.
Horrible game management.

Wolffman Paul.

Hoisting hopeful balls in to a well organised defence, where all your attackers are shorter than the defenders has a very low success rate. as was proven today. What we needed was a player who can thread a pass through a defence into the stride of a runner. Arsenal have such a player, unfortunately he has been excluded from the squad. This decision is biting and will continue to bite Arsenal and Arteta in the arse.


Well…I don’t think this defeat was a real surprise to anyone, but our current run of poor performances just makes it even worse. I also think it’s a little pointless to be mad at individuals who have been underperforming for quite some time now (some have been for a few years). I think that’s more on the manager and his team selection whether you like it or not. Not in favor of sacking him though, but that is mostly because most of our players are simply not good enough, and it would not make much of a difference in my… Read more »


Less talking… Arteta OUT !
We are Arsenal Football Club… 3rd Highest trophy winner club in English Football.

Wauwatosa Gooner

I THINK Arteta can be a great coach some day but if he plays Laca, Xhaka or Willian again in the prem then it should be for someone else.
Partey was a revelation in the first half, popped up everywhere.

Loren Dunlop

Maybe he can be a good coach. Maybe he can be a great coach. We don’t know know because he hasn’t been one before.

Imagine before Arsene left we were told that Ultimately he’d be replaced by a man with zero management experience.


Given Park Chu Young is top of the terrible signings pops, who is left between him and Willian?

Godfrey Twatsloch

Stephan Lichtsteiner had no legs left in him when he joined us but he only had a year long contract which made it alright. Unlike the whapping three year 250k a week extravaganza someone handed to Willian.


Yaya Sanogo? How I miss his brilliance.

The G

With our current gamelan he would be a good option.


As with Danny Welbeck. Wouldn’t mind a few goals off his arse now.


Sanogo was a young lad who had showed some promise but ultimately didn’t have what it takes. He played his heart out for the duration though. I wouldn’t compare him to Willian with his semi-retirement coasting style of of football.


Park was never given the chance to play. Can’t compare that to Willian

Loren Dunlop

Park never put a foot wrong on the pitch for arsenal.

Loren Dunlop

Arsenal, like any business starved of the level of investment required, are starting to crumble.

They are right where they should be. Total crap.

I’d say Arteta has about 4 or 5 games to save his job. Which means he’s gone as I would call 2 wins and 1 draw from the remaining league games a great result after today. And we’re not going to get that.

Arsenal will avoid relegation simply because the bottom 4 clubs shouldn’t even be in the premier League, they are so fucking bad.


As much as I’d like to, it’s hard to blame lack of investment. We bought Auba, Laca, Pepe, Partey, Ozil, XHAKA, Saliba, Mustafi etc for big money. Then you add the huge wages of even Kola, Mkhi (relative to their contributions), Willian etc. Then you add the opportunity cost of not being able to sell guys like Ramsey and Sanchez for big money

Almost starting to feel like it’s Kroenke who should be frustrated

Loren Dunlop

But this is it. We brought in players like mkhi, Willian out of desperation. Because we wouldn’t pay the money required to bring in younger or better versions. We sign auba but then leave other gaping holes in the squad and the overall impact is having a player like auba hasn’t made a blind bit of difference to our fate. Every year for a decade we’ve needed 3 players of auba quality, of ozil quality in the same windows we signed them but we never get them. And these stand out players are effectively wasted. We’ve let our squad diminish… Read more »


So the board releasing the funds for player signings is bad, or do you want them to do what MA and Edu are supposedly paid to do?

Loren Dunlop

That’s a deliberate misreading of my point. Which is overall compared to the level of investment, arsenal are around about where they should be.

John C

I’ve been saying this same thing for years!! We’ve always been short, unwilling to buy the players needed, citing spurious “no value in the market” as an excuse despite posting massive profits and the long term effects were quite obvious to me. A slow erosion of quality to the point we’re now closer relegation than the champions league. Even before Wenger left it was clear to me that to get back to the top end of the league it was going to take years of rebuilding and investment. We’ve had no coherent transfer strategy for at least a decade, our… Read more »


How can Redknapp say we played well because of the possession we had. Sp*rs gave us possession, they knew we wouldn’t be able to do anything. We played into their hand. It was like play fighting with a 6yr old, you let them beat you up, but you’re in full control We sent a million hopeless crosses in and maybe just one of those looked like it caused trouble. Every single attack came from wide. When something isnt working it needs to be changed up during the game, and Arteta so far has done nothing in all our fixtures. This… Read more »

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Arteta said, no joke, if we keep putting in crosses from out wide we are going to eventually score more goals.

It hasn’t worked and it won’t with this team. He is too stubborn to change that.


Xhaka is not the best, but he clearly wasn’t the only reason we lost, or the only reason we are awful. He’s left alone in the middle of the pitch to defend players with pace. Who puts him in these situations. He’s set up to fail. Arteta wants all the play down the wings so we can cross the ball. We can’t score goals so what he does is asks the players to cross more. It’s absurd that he thinks the solution is more crosses. Heck. Go sign Peter crouch. No pace in the team. No creative quality. And no… Read more »

David Hilliers Arm Cast

I always say “he doesn’t pick himself”


I think Arteta has proved his worth as a coach; we saw that when he came in and immediately found a system that worked for our players and won the FA cup. That being said, I’ve really found it impossible not to come to the conclusion that the club was really irresponsible hiring a rookie manager for a job of this magnatude. The squad is not good, at all, and I just think trying to manage through this period without significant backing from the owners to accelerate the necessary squad turnover was always a risk. It sucks, but I just… Read more »

Nick Stein

Why the f*ck do we keep buying washed up players from Chelsea? Willian should never step on the pitch again! When we buy players off our “rivals”, we always get shit, washed up, over priced hacks.
Play the damn kids!


I never thought I’d long for the days of Squillaci


Just to add, I think Mikel has got to realise now that it’s him or them when it comes to these players. Xhaka, Willian etc will not be there to cover his back when it comes down to it, they won’t really care if another coach comes in at Arteta’s expense. He’s *got* to bring in players like Maitland-Niles and Nelson in to the side at the expense of these players and start to build away from them or he’s guaranteed to go the same way as Emery. It’s not even just a case of backing youth; these players have… Read more »


Spot on, I wonder if Arteta sticking with Willian is stubbornness, maybe a pride thing? He picked Willian as the player he wanted and now he’s desperate for him to come good. The fact that 100% of fans can see what a useless player he is and Arteta sticks with him is an indictment on his team selection. I haven’t had doubts about Arteta but this is blindingly obvious to a 3 year old.


Was wondering what if he has lost the dressing room and the players are now just going through the motions?


If he has, he’d be the third manager to go through that and the second after a brief “let’s work a bit harder and down tools as soon as the going gets tough” period with this group of twats

cereal killer

When everton got anceloti, spurs got mourihno and cheap Arsenal man city towel washer as a manager.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Arteta has the same problem as Wenger and Emery, he plays people in Europe and they play well and then drops them for Premier league and plays his ‘first team’. unfortunately Wenger and Emery found those players stop excelling in Europe for some reason.

Merlin’s Panini

Seriously… why persist with the same clowns in league games that show no application. Give the kids who give a shit and actually win games a run out. They can’t do any worse than losing every game like we are at the moment. Maybe it would buck up some of these pricks and get them putting in a proper shift again.


I just can’t get my head around this continuous Xhaka and Willian selection, They were both appalling out there and not for the first time. Mo Elneny and Ainsley couldn’t have done any worse yet we keep on with Xhaka and Willian. The team selection was poor, the subs were poor, our strikers need their arses kicked and the decision to exile Mesut “for footballing reasons” is starting to look like lunacy. Partey should never have been rushed back. I want Mikel to do well, but he’s not doing himself or the team any favours at the moment.


Get out of my head! This is almost exactly what I was going to post. You’ve read my mind haha


Arteta’s inexperience is very obvious for everyone to see, how Willian still makes that team is baffling and beyond me, so is xhaka. We are in a complete mess but unfortunately very familiar territory. Smh

Fireman Sam

Xhaka must have compromising photos of someone on the Arsenal board

The Arsenal

There are players still here that were shit when Wenger was here and are still shit now.

David H