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Arsenal sign Brighton keeper Mat Ryan on loan

Out of the blue, Arsenal have confirmed that Brighton keeper Mat Ryan has joined on loan for the second half of the season.

Mikel Arteta hinted at the start of January that the club were on the lookout for further backup to Bernd Leno and there had been links with Barcelona’s Neto and Newcastle’s Freddie Woodman.

In a sign of the times, we’ve taken the decision to add Premier League experience to the squad on a temporary, cost-effective basis.

Ryan, 28, has made over 120 appearances for the Seagulls since joining from Valencia in 2017. Born in Sydney, he started his career with Blacktown City and Central Coast Mariners before being recruited by Belgian side Club Brugge. He’s also played on loan for Genk and has 58 caps for Australia.

After adding Ryan to his squad, Mikel Arteta said: “We know Mat very well through his performances with Brighton in recent seasons and he brings additional quality to our squad.

“Mat has very good Premier League experience and has played over 100 times in the league, which is something that will benefit us greatly on and off the pitch. We welcome Mat to Arsenal and look forward to working with him this season.”

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Wow – where did that come from?? Didn’t even see a rumour about it.


I literally said in a reply to Santori on the “what you did yesterday doesn’t count anymore” that Matt Ryan move was a no-brainer. We were also talking about time travel on that post…it’s all connected.

SB Still

Welcome to The Arsenal Ryan.

Amazing this was under the radar, like Wenger used to like it 🙂


Wow. Out of nothing. Did not think that was possible any more!

Maxin In The Shade

Great to have an Aussie in the Arsenal ranks!

This is a good signing. An PL experienced, dependable GK on the cheap. Perfect as back up to Leno.


He’s a quality player too, been excellent for the Aussies and Brighton. It was really sad the way they have treated him recently to the point of leaving him out of team exposes on the current GKs. He carried them through their EPL status for several seasons and they dumped him like a rag-doll. Well done Arsenal for snapping him up, cheap, good with the ball at his feet, excellent shot stopper, excellent experience. As I said elsewhere – no brainer.


Out of the blue into the red
Welcome to Arsenal

Daz Pants

I believe he is pretty small for a GK which has led to problems and ultimately cost him his place in teh Brighton team. I guess he is seen as better than our current second choice GK though…


Im not being bias because I’m Australian, but Maty Ryan is a top class Keeper. He was fundamental in why Brighton have stayed up for so many years. Being dropped from making something like 100 premier league appearances at Brighton to all the sudden not making the bench is nothing to do with his quality of his height. He clearly fell out with management.


They even dumped him from their tweet on their GKs:
Maybe they knew he was already gone. Nonetheless, he was excellent for them over the years and they treated him harshly for some poor form. Their loss. Our gain.

Daz Pants

I hope you’re right! I was told this by a couple of Brighton fans, so I am very keen to be wrong on this one! I wonder what did lead to him falling out of favour so dramatically?


May not even need to have fallen out. Brighton’s got a decent, young and homegrown keeper as first choice, and a much cheaper backup keeper happy to do the job

Would be pretty smart to cash in on a 28-year-old keeper who would fetch a good price


Height is an issue when facing crowded penalty areas. Ospina looked tiny in team lineups at 6’0″


Tell that to Fabian Barthez!


Just watch Barthez being lobbed by Henry:-)


To be fair, no keeper in the world unless stood on their goal line would had a chance saving that.


He did look pathetic as the ball sailed over and didn’t even bother raising his hands.


Everything depends upon his performance for us on the pitch. We’ll obviously have to wait and see to judge that. However, people familiar with his previous performances speak well of him which is good. I wouldn’t be too hung up on his relative lack of height – Gordon Banks wasn’t tall and he managed (I’m not comparing Ryan to him in ability of course, just making a general point).


Ospina, Keylor Navas, Fabien Barthez, Victor Valdez

Still a decent few keepers who are not 190cm. And Mat Ryan’s got a good Premier League track record



Darren Jaynoy

I read yesterday that he’d been frozen out at Brighton and I immediately thought that we should snap him up. Never thought it would happen though. Very good goalkeeper. Good enough to push Leno for the top job, main reason Brighton are still in the premier league. Top signing!

David Marshall

How many loan players can we have?


The Premier League website states that only 2 are allowed. Though 4 loans can be registered in one season, 2 per transfer window, but one would assume if you signed two players on loan in August, and then wanted to sign a different two players in January the original two would have their loan deals ended. It also states that we cannot loan more than one player from the same club, or more than one goalkeeper from the same club. So, given we already have Ceballos on the books, but are interested in Odegaard, and have just brought Ryan in,… Read more »


2 loans aren’t allowed from the same *English* club. You’re allowed to loan more than 1 from foreign teams


Having re-read the article on the premier league site, I think this you are correct. Though it is unclear on if there is a upper limit to the number from the same side internationally – although FIFA have laid out plans for this to change.

Richard Bland

Weird because I think we can only have two at any one time. Which would mean Odegaard isn’t coming?


Unless Ceballos become s a permanent transfer? Or Ceballos is returning to Madrid?


I think it’s only 2 from England or only 2 from abroad, not 2 in total. I’m not sure the limit is 2 either… Ultimately, I can’t add any clarity here and I’ve wasted both my time writing this comment and your time reading it. For that I’m sorry…

David Marshall

I think you’re right!


Under the rules in the Premier League Handbook 2020/21 (Download PDF, size: 41.8MB), there are restrictions on how many players Premier League clubs can loan from other Premier League/English clubs.
They are:
– Premier League clubs may not register more than two players on loan at any one time.
– The maximum number of loans registrable in the same season is four, and, under no circumstances, shall more than one be from the same club at any one time.

Look like loan restrictions are for Pre club to Prem club only

A Different George

I’ve wasted more time on worse posts. Probably will again, within an hour or two.

David Marshall

I think that the “two” rule only applies to loans from other premium league teams, so we’d be OK? Otherwise could it be that Danni’s going?

David Marshall

Of course this should say Premier not premium! In fact I think the rule of two applies to players from any English team, not just premier league.


There you go

Welcome Ryan


Did we have Ceballos, Mari and Cedric all on loan last season?


Only Cedric was “between ” EPL teams


Wow holy shit, as an Aussie this is honestly the fucking best.

Also – really a very decent goalkeeper. Exactly what we needed. Dreadful how they’ve thrown him out at Brighton but their loss – our gain.

Awwwwwww yeah welcome to Arsenal son! Great signing.


Oh and also it’s awesome to have Aussies in the women’s team too obviously, this only adds to it.


Caitlin Ford is brilliant!


Couldn’t agree more. When I saw this I almost dropped my phone. Anyone that thinks this is a desperation move clearly hasn’t watched Brighton over the past 3 seasons. Anyone that thinks he’s been dropped because he’s average or too short is also deluded. You don’t go making 100 premier league appearance for a team who had no hope of survival from day 1, to all the sudden not making the bench if you haven’t fallen out with the gaffer. Im just glad Brighton were big enough to let him leave because clearly he has the respect of the club… Read more »


‘Lovely stuff’ – Shakin Stevens Jan 2021


Exactly what I said the other day in another article, that we should go for him. Back up at Arsenal or Brighton, Arsenal definitely.

Happy to see this, feeling lucky. Hahaha

Dave Cee

Is it a loan with 4 year mega deal at the end of it? I won’t believe this news if it isn’t


Finally a proper keeper. Arsenal should claim back 1.5m from the goalkeeping coach for his recommendation on Runarsson. Lol

Gus Caesar

I love it, like Eduardo all over again. Nothing quite like a club putting the media in it’s place like this!!! He’s a solid keeper, seems to make sense on all levels at first glance.

Ashburton Red


So refreshing to be doing deals incognito again! So much better without the Twitter interrogations.

santi's thigh grab

Love the silent deals the best, they have that magical “now where the fuck did this come from” impact when you first read it. Also, our Aussie Gooners tell us he’s a solid player, so it would appear that management has done a good thing transfer wise, which should make all of us who have questions about them a little more comfortable that they know what they are doing. The Willian signing was a helluva speed bump.

Kareem Mohamed

He played for my local team here in Australia.
Our home stadium is down the road from where I live.

Was so proud to see him blossom as a youngster in my hometown before moving on and eventually reaching the EPL.

Even prouder to see him at Arsenal.

Ipal Taka

Wow, must be a great feeling 😀 Let’s hope he goes on to have a good or decent career at Arsenal!


Only our 2nd Australian at men’s first team level ever. Had to look it up.


I’ll bite, who was the first? Am I going to be kicking myself?

Aussie arse

John Cosmina?


John Kosmina. I was shocked to learn this too haha


That was so out of the blue.


Argghhh! An Aussie at the Arsenal! Nooo!




As long as he’s not mares with Davey Warner. Welcome, cobber. Actually a pretty perfect signing, he was good for them the last two seasons.


*not mates


Perfect sense signing. We now have back up for Leno and if the German stays fit, we have back up for the bar staff.

santi's thigh grab

Didn’t know Kiwi’s and Aussies have a thing. Must be a good natured thing or are you rivals in international sports?


Kiwis and Aussies have a famous thing! And they are international rivals in everything they play, especially cricket and rugby if I recall correctly.

I am neither but I’m a sucker for a good sporting rivalry


Its a very healthy rivalry though. We respect each other immensely being ANZACS in the wars


Haha, I had the same thing. The number of times I half hoped we’d sign Winston Reid on a short term contract..

Eddy F

Guessing he won’t play in the league or Europa league unless Leno gets injured.

Will he play in the FA cup on Saturday or have we missed the registration deadline for that?

If not and we go further in the competition I can’t see how he’ll get any game time, but good we’ve got better back up than Runarsson.


It’s a shame that we’re stuck now with Runarsson though. It’s unlikely we’ll be able to offload him – although you never know for sure, here’s hoping…


It’s not that much of a shame- he’s not earning much and despite his horrific start, he’s likely a better third option than someone like Matt Macey.


I think that’s how we have to view the goalkeeping situation at Arsenal. In the last 12 months we’ve effectively gone from Leno, Martinez, Macey to Leno, Ryan, Runnarson and £20m to reinvest… I love Emi and I’d have been thrilled to keep him but if that’s the money that got the Partey deal over the line I’ll take it


I could see him playing in the Europa League. I always thought he was a really excellent keeper. If it wasn’t for the fact that stability is generally valuable at the position, I’d say he could be more than backup for Leno and actually provide competition.

In any case, he isn’t necessarily expecting gametime. We’ve seen Premier League keepers go to big clubs in full knowledge that they are backup and nothing more in recent years e.g. Schwarzer, Begovic.


Cloak and dagger signing

AMN to that brother

G’day Matty,
Good onya for joining a fair dinkum club!
It’ll be bonza seeing ya between the sticks and showing them poms how an Aussie bloke can play footy!
Good stuff!

You’re a fuken legend!


Good signing but why are we signing him on loan not permanent? Feels like we are just kicking the can down the road


Because finally we are being financially responsible? Maybe he didnt want permanent backup status for 4 years? Who knows. It isnt just a flick of a switch, these are human beings..

Nainsley Aitland Miles

It will be cheaper to sign him in the summer if Brighton get relegated.


Contract is up in the summer. Makes total sense. If he is solid, he’ll be resigned. If he struggles then it is no loss. I think we’ll see him resign in the summer.


Yes, that’s logical. The money isn’t there for expensive transfers – probably almost any transfers – at the moment (unless we can sell somebody, if the club can decide who of course) so these kind of potentially “clever” freebie signings is the way we’ll probably have to go on the whole.


I might actually be wrong on that. Seems it runs until 2022. Sorry.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

His contract at Brighton expires in the summer of 2022.


Wow Brighton strengthening their relegation rivals.


Wow, some people not strong on understanding irony.


Hehehe standard mate all good 😉


There are two goalkeepers I’ve always thought were really decent but went under the radar which were Mat Ryan and Nick Pope so I am absolutely amazed we have managed to sign Mat out of nowhere. This is great news


He declared himself as a fan calling Arsenal the first club he has fallen in love with.

Fantastic signing, let’s hope we will make a deal permanent soon.

Welcome and good luck!

Kane Frampton

As an Aussie, I’ve watched Maty plenty of times for the Socceroos and Brighton, and this is an absolute no-brainer. He’s very dependable without being quite Leno’s standard, always had a good attitude, played at multiple World Cups …

Effectively zero risk for the player and the club. If Leno goes down with an injury we’ve got a perfectly serviceable understudy ready and waiting. Who knows, if that happens Maty might find himself at the club long-term.

And he’s legitimately an Arsenal fan too, that’s not just the usual new signing media puffery …

I hope he keeps clean sheets Home & Away, especially when we play our Neighbours, otherwise he’s gonna be a Prisoner in Cell Block H.


He’ll need to be strong UNDER the bar as well as BEHIND it.


He’s a very reliable keeper, having a good backup is pivotal in my opinion as we can stay calm in case of Leno injury. Maybe he can find space in the EL


Finally i can feel Arsenal being pro active on things that matters, i remember in the old days we used to tolerate, some unwanted behavior like sticking to what clear wasn’t working. But now we are clearing house and making smart buys in a process.


We certainly needed someone as Runarsson doesn’t look up to the job on the evidence so far (little chance of offloading him, I would think). Anyway, Ryan looks to be OK (as always, the proof will be on the pitch). Good luck to him.


Arsenal 1- ITK 0


Marvellous. According to football statistics website, FBref, Ryan is last among all first-choice Premier League goalkeepers for save percentage (shots on target against and goals against) this season.
Ryan is 20th out of the 20 with a rating of 0.5 (50%) and he has conceded 14 goals from the 22 shots that have been on target.

Think we need a better goalkeeping scope


Not sure why you’re just looking at his last 11 games. Overall his stats seem fine:


His save rate last season’s high 60s %, matching Leno’s rate this season thus far (although Leno’s high 70s % in previous seasons)

Plus, at 30 shots against so far this season, it’s a low number of samples (he hat 160 shots against last season)

So, taking his recent stats alone is quite unfair. He is certainly not as good as Leno, but then again, he’s been signed as a backup to begin with!

More to the point, he doesn’t compare badly against other 2nd choice GKs

Denilson's Dad

But how? I mean, Ryan is a very good keeper and I’m happy about the move, but how did we miss this, man?!!

Arteta’s time is gonna be freaking exciting!!!

Artetas Assistant

He’s basically reading off a book of Arsenal culture by Arsene Wenger

Merlin’s Panini

He should calm the nerves a bit. Strange that Brighton would let go of him on loan rather than permanently but a positive for us. Anyone know if there’s an option to buy?


Welcome to The Arsenal, mate. Was not expecting this!


first Australian Arsenal player since John fucking Kosmina 😍😍😍


I missed the part where MK has loaned Runarsson to a storage closet.

Master Floda

Ornstein won’t be happy that he couldn’t report this exclusively. Has the leak been closed? 😉


I mentioned Matt Ryan.

I think this is a solid move.

And on loan.

This is indeed priority.

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