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Arsenal Women game against Aston Villa postponed due to Covid case

Arsenal Women’s WSL game away at Aston Villa this weekend has been postponed as the Gunners have one positive test and at least four other players currently self-isolating. Joe Montemurro’s side were due to resume their season after a short winter break against Villa at Walsall’s Bescot Stadium on Saturday at 12.30pm.

Arsenal requested a postponement when one of their players returned a positive covid test and other players were forced to self-isolate. The Telegraph’s Tom Garry reported earlier this week that the player who returned a positive test had spent time in Dubai during the Christmas break, despite London being placed into Tier 4 covid restrictions (which forbids travel other than for work or emergency purposes) and that accords with my understanding too.

Gunners left-back Katie McCabe also spent time in Dubai during the winter break, though the club also concluded this trip was for business reasons. Katie is not the player who tested positive for covid. Arsenal have investigated the journeys and concluded they were for business reasons in line with government regulations.

Four Manchester City players also tested positive after a winter trip to Dubai, though Manchester was in Tier 3 at the time that they travelled, which allowed for international travel. Their game against West Ham this weekend has been postponed too.

The Villa match will be rearranged for a later date- for Aston Villa this creates a big fixture backlog, they have already had two WSL games postponed after a covid outbreak in their squad during the autumn and one of their games fell victim to the weather. Arsenal’s next scheduled game will take place on Sunday, 17th January away at Reading at the Madejski Stadium.

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David J M

Should be a minimum 1 month ban plus loss of wages for irresponsible behaviour. Business reasons, if that was what it was, is no excuse

Peter Story Teller

Sorry but I have little sympathy for either of these matches being postponed. I live in one of the most rural counties in the UK and I am stupid enough to follow Her Majesty’s Government legislation and not leave my village and yet almost a team of footballers have decided that their “business trip” to the other side of the globe is more important than trying to control the virus. I understand the Arsenal management were not even aware so whatever business it was does not appear to have been for the benefit of the club. Elite sport for the… Read more »

David J M

A business trip that just so happens to coincide with Christmas. Does anyone believe that?


What pisses me off, is that Arsenal are keeping this a secret. Was it dumb, stupid, irrisponsible, priviledged, yes. Is it insurmountable, no… I’m more upset that they’ve postponed this game and therefore don’t have to play without the actual player who tested positive. So they don’t have to disclose who it is. We’ll accept the apology and move on, but I wanna hear it from the people who took the risk. We’ll forget about the whole thing after that. However, I’m remembering how they’re handeling this and not being open to fans and other clubs involved like Aston Villa… Read more »

Peter Story Teller

You have to feel for Villa too. That’s 3 games they now have to reschedule. Their squad will be out on their feet towards the end of the season trying to play catch up with the rest of the league.
If they are relegated due to fixture overload that will be as much a travesty as Liverpool being dumped last season!


Club knew that more than half of our players left London, club knew that more than half left their bubbles, club didn’t give a damn if they isolated or not before returning to bubble. I more than sure that players knew that others left London. Katie posted publicly in the first day, she never hid it. Club can’t be open, because if they say something they have to say all of it, and in that case questions about club should be asked. At moment it is good for club to let the players take the heat.


Irresponsible. Dumb. Club needs to impose sanctions.


When they lose a game, I’m disappointed for the players. This is the first time that I’m disappointed with some of the players 🙁


Selfish AND stupid. The antithesis of the concept of team play.

It might help the nation’s mental health if we set aside a few minutes, once a week, where we can all stand in our doorways and boo for all the people who have been to Dubai over the past month.

Let me guess, the “business trip” is a requirement for an appearance fee for a tourism company based in the UAE.

Not a good look from Katie and Willian.


Great avatar name Salibaba


For me personally focus on this story is little different. I underand and agree that the “Dubai” people acted stupidly and selfishly, but me this is not the main problem in this case. I also understand that young, rich and stupid people in Dubai is annoying for all of us, who can’t do that, but… After Everton game Joe said that everyone is staying in London. Next morning Katie publicly posted picture on beach in Dubai. Either Joe forgot to say Katie that or she didn’t give a damn. During the Christmas and New Year players social media gave away… Read more »


Wow this is disappointing. Maybe I’m naive but I always like to think of Arsenal players holding themselves to a higher standard than the average. The disrespect towards the teammates is what shocks me. I wonder if this will threaten squad harmony, I’d be upset if my teammate(s) did this.

Any idea who the mystery player was? I’m curious. Some of you clearly follow player social accounts more than me and might know.

Tim Stillman

It can only come out at player discretion because it concerns their private medical records.

Peter Story Teller

It is irrelevant who tested positive anyway. Everyone that went away from their homes and everyday contacts was putting themselves and more importantly others at risk.
I thought that in general women footballers had a bit more going on between their ears than their male counterparts since a lot of them also undertake higher education along with playing but perhaps I was mistaken.


I am quite sympathetic for going (I can’t say that I have followed every rule possible during last 9 months, so class houses and rocks and stuff), I am just annoyed how it is possible that returning back to the “bubble” wasn’t arranged. For me lets hope for the best is not a strategy. Having been following the newscycle, it is obvious that most of WSL clubs didn’t give a damn about that. It is pointless for WestHam to complain about City game being postponed, when they have also players returning to country only couple of days before. Even my… Read more »


Come on girls, immediate honest and open public apologies to Club, team mates and supporters.
Come on Club no cover up and feeble acceptance of this “business trip” rubbish.

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