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Martin Odegaard (11) shirt number (11) revealed (11): open for a surprise (11)

Martin Odegaard will wear the number 11 shirt for Arsenal between now and the end of the season.

The Norwegian international’s loan move from Real Madrid was confirmed this morning, and he’ll follow such luminaries as Mesut Ozil, Anders Limpar, Marc Overmars and Andre Santos to sport that particular number for the Gunners.

Speaking about his arrival, boss Mikel Arteta said, “It’s great that we’ve secured Martin to come to us until the end of the season.

Martin is of course a player that we all know very well and although still young, he has been playing at the top level for a while.

“Martin will provide us with quality offensive options and we’re all excited to be integrating him into our plans between now and May.”

While Technical Director Edu, said, “We are delighted to welcome Martin to the club until the end of the season.

“I would like to thank everyone at Real Madrid and Martin’s representatives for their collaboration in making this loan move happen.

“Martin is an exceptional talent and we are strengthening our squad by introducing an exciting offensive player to the club for the remaining months of this season.”

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There are over 20 comments on this, it should have been capped at 11.


Love that kept the number 10 Jersey. It’s either for a marquee permanent signing or ESR. We’ll see.


Love that we kept *

A Gorilla

Exciting times


The number 10 shirt needs to be earned. Even a marquee signing needs to earn it.

Sir John King



I didn’t like us giving Ceballos number 8 shirt for the same reason, felt unearned.

All Eye Raven

Jack Grealish 🙏🏽


Wishes….Wishes…..I like me a Jack Grealish, would be a dream signing


There’s talk that it’s been promised to Martinelli for next season

Reality check

Its gonna go to none other than our very own Gabi Martinelli..


I wouldn’t be surprised to find that 10 is not available until the summer, courtesy of some contractual obligation around Özil’s termination.


AT least we haven’t followed the American culture of retiring the number in spite of the previous holder retiring early.

A Gorilla

They said ‘Martin’ an awful lot there. Perhaps it’s in the contract, no personal pronouns please. Just ‘Martin’


I hope not.

It’s one thing being respectful of people’s wishes, it’s entirely another thing putting penalty clauses into a contract, based on someone accidentally using the wrong pronouns

Absolute basket-case thinking, western civilisation has long lost the plot

Diaby's Left Peg

“Absolute basket-case thinking, western civilisation has long lost the plot”

Love it when people imagine things to get annoyed by… Pretty sure A Gorilla hasn’t got an inside track onto Martin’s contract clauses…

Martin, Thomas, Willian, Edu we’re just scrapping surnames in general


So you’re implying Martin’s “preferred pronouns” are… “first name always”?

That’s an interesting compromise whatever your view on alternative pronouns is.

Dave Roberts

Martin’s better than “them”.


What exactly makes Martin objectively superior to a perfectly logical pronoun? Why do you take time deciding which pronouns are better?


Reading Andre Santos on that list among the likes of Ozil, Limpar and Overmars hit me really hard tbh…

A Voice in the Noise

Actually just saw a video earlier today about “Half time incidents in Premier League” and there he was, Andre Santos, swapping shirts with RvP heading in to the tunnel for everyone to see.
Absolute embarassment!


Wow, what a clickbait article. You’ve stooped to new lows, Blogs.


Apparently sarcasm isn’t able to be fully realized on the interwebz. Who knew?


Sarcasm does not work on the internerwebz, and especially not when you start your sentence with wow.

Nigerian gunner

A great step in the right direction. Welcome Martin.


That headline seems like a little dig at another arsenal news site. No complaints here I’ve been complaining to my self about their ‘clickbaity’ headlines for a while now.

Top Bins

The 10 Jersey has big commercial value and also comes with big expectations. I was worried we’d give him the 10 but glad we steered away from that.

Looking at our young gunners with Saka already having the 7, I’d like to see Martinelli at 11 and ESR at 10 or 8.

To be honest i think ESR fully deserves the 10 but doubt we’d really want to put any extra pressure on him at this point in his career and instead just allow him to enjoy his football.

Hopefully Balogun will be #10 next season.


Play the kids!


He doesn’t play a no. 10 role. Lets not get carried away here. Hopefully he will be with us next season, and we actually get money for nketiah having been foolish to turn west ham down… and maybe then he can earn a no. 11.


Strikers wear 10 relatively often


Is this a hint to Torreira that he is not welcome back lØl.

El Mintero

Obviously. Same with that guendouzi clown.


It’s to the end of the season, then?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Yep it’s only 4 calendar months. In that period there’s 18 Premier League games left and up to 9 Europa League.


Well, I wasn’t sure we’d get him a week or so ago but here he is. Before we get too carried away (before he’s kicked a ball for us) let’s just wait a while and see how he settles in. I remember all too clearly the reception our other Madrid player, Ceballos, received initially but that “shine” has somewhat worn off now. That said though, Odegaard is certainly a talent – it’s whether he can do the business for us in the relatively few months he’ll be at Arsenal that counts.


Looking at the no 10 and its magnitude, I cant think any less that arsenal may be looking out for a marquee signing in the summer… Probably an Aouar over the Buendia likes


To follow in the footsteps of the great Martin Hayes at 11

Ipal Taka

William Gallas as 10 was the most inappropriate thing i ever saw on a shirt


I’m appalled to re-learn that Andre Santos wore the 11 for us.

Ben EagerBeaver


Sylvain Won'tord

C’mon he was a very good gay

Nigerian gunner

He was left footed.

Nigel Winterburn-Tuffnel

A footballer so good he goes all the way up to 11


MO with a slash across the O for outgoing MO with two dots on top of O. He’s got good vision and plays the ball early plus is very dynamic. Remains to be seen if technical control can translate. But we need just this sort of player in the advance mid position. Will not be at detriment to ESR. Odegaard has not played much and will need a bit of time to get up to speed. Plus ESR needs cover given his tremendous output off ball. The other thing of course is we are still in europa which Odegaard and… Read more »

Inflamed Pulis

Most importantly, “11” is exactly half of “22,” which was worn by legendary Denis Suarez at Arsenal when his groin wasn’t hurting.

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