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Odegaard: Fabregas was one of my idols

Martin Odegaard says that Cesc Fabregas was one his idols when he was growing up watching the Premier League in Norway.

The Real Madrid man has joined the Gunners on loan until the end of the season, and he highlighted the former skipper as someone he identified with as an example of how Arsenal like to play football.

“It’s always been a dream to play in the Premier League,” he told the official website, “and I always liked the way Arsenal played and everything about the club. So it’s a dream come true in many ways.”

Asked if there were any particular players he followed, he continued, “Fabregas, for me, was one of my idols when I grew up. So especially him.

“The way he controls the game, the way he dictated the game, his ability to give assists and also score goals.

“Everything about his game. I tried to learn as much as possible when I grew up watching him. He was the top player.”

If he can produce some Fabregas-like moments in his time here, they’d be very welcome, but overall the Norwegian international feels like North London will be a good place for him to be after conversations with Mikel Arteta.

“I liked his ideas, the way he sees football and also the way he is,” said the 22 year old.

“I like the club and I always liked the way that the club wants to play. Everything about the club and now how the manager wants to play, I think it’s a club that really suits me well.

“So I think it’s a good match.”

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Welcome and good luck. I hope you can hit the ground running and be involved and productive quicker than is probably reasonable!


Please refrain from using the words ‘hit the ground running’….this just reminds me of Willian and what was expected of him.


Play well for us, and keep mentioning Barcelona players as your inspiraitons and how you like playing attacking total football… hopefully Zidane will be manager and we’ll have two young no 10 maestros.


Would you rather hear the opposite…Like how he adore Spurs and love Morinhno.


Replied to wrong message…apologise


And then cease to ever speak of Farcelona ever again when you sign a five-year contract with Arsenal after a reasonably priced deal is agreed

Var Will Solve The Problem

Kudos to Edu and Arteta for pulling it off. I was thinking no way it was gonna happen when Real Sociedad were involved…it would have been a no brainer to go back to the club where he played his best football and was familiar with the system and the players. Arteta has the power of convincing it seems… now if he could only convince Balogun!

Theres also the fact that RS wouldve been direct competitors for top 4 in spain. They dont want to strengthen them, obviously.

SB Still

Indeed, I hope Zidane stays on as RM manager.

While Odegaard has named Fabregas, in YouTube videos (lol) he reminds me of peak Ozil, in terms of being left footed and seeing some passes that I only see in the replays!

Its only a half a season loan. So, lets see what kind of impact he has and what the clubs and he plan at the end of the season.


Let’s GØØØØ !!!


New guy comes in and says standard new guy things and names ex-player as idol.

Clickbait-y much? Shame on me for having a neural pathway that has made clicking on an Arseblog article an involuntary reaction

Johnny 4 Hats

You may or may not have noticed that every interaction between the footballing world and the press is rarely of any consequence.

“I don’t want to single out individuals” “I can’t speak for players at other clubs” “We have to be together as a squad” “The next game is the most important” “It’s a long season but you deserve to be where you finish in the league”…

Yada yada yada.

But the media need to write the articles so the players / managers need to say it.

Just watch the games if you don’t care about the trivialities.


Arsenal blog posts Arsenal interview with new Arsenal player who names ex Arsenal player as one of his favourites

What exactly are you here for if not things like that?


What’s in this article is probably available on Arsenal’s website, it generally is. What am I here for? Well Jon Ollington posted his Data Viz, and Phil Costa wrote about what Odegaard would bring to the team. That’s what. Arseblog distinguishes itself by making its articles personal for us, sometimes colouring our opinion about a player we may not hae seen. A drab repetition of content is not it.

Johnny 4 Hats

Maybe just comment on those articles then. I’m sure the authors would appreciate the kind words.

A Voice in the Noise

But what did you expect when clicking on this article? The headline says exactly what’s being said in the article, so calling it “clickbait” is a bit much. You could have just as easily skipped it.


To be honest mate, if you don’t like this site why are you even bothering writing boring messages no one wants to read? No offence

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

This is Arsenews.

Arseblog is where you read the Phil Costa article.


“All things I don’t enjoy should be removed from the internet to protect me from my own choices”

Finnish Gooner

It’s partly the Arsenews gets for these articles which allows Arseblog to publish the articles you enjoy. So quit moaning and be grateful you can read them for free.

Finnish Gooner

*It’s partly the traffic

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

There are symbols in a football club. Henry was No 14. Theo got the number 14. Auba took it when he arrived. Who knows? Balogun may get it when Auba leaves the club.

Baichung Bhutia

I watched his interview and have a small pity for the footballers who have to do this. I mean he cant really say anything else apart from yes, it was a dream come true; yes, he watched Arsenal as a kid; yes, Arteta’s influence was an important factor. Although, the interviewer asked about 3 times the same question on whether Arteta’s influence was key before Odegaard said yes it was a crucial factor.


I’m not sure you understand what clickbait is. The headline is a direct quote from the player. Sure, it’s your generic “footballer joining new club” waffle that they get taught in their media training, but it was hardly going to be “Odegaard signs loan terms and immediately outlines his 7 step plan to assuage geopolitical tensions in the Middle East”

A Different George

How does he propose dealing with Gaza?


I miss Fabregas.
Never seen a player since play with that much passion for Arsenal.


Turned out to be a snake after all.

John C

Not at all, the club lied to him about it’s ambition, and he, along with van Persie, Nasri and others deserved better.

The very fact that the club showed Van Persie a copy of its financial report and how much money was in the bank as a way of trying to get him stay is all you need to know what was wrong with the club.

The truth is we’re still paying for those years of under investment.


If Arsenal did not build a new and if we didnt sell players we would have been relegation fodder by now, not able to compete with even Tottenham. What Arsenal did was necessary for a better future. And what Wenger did was nothing short of remarkable, top 4 20 years in a row, with players like Bendtner and Chamakh, get the fudge outta here. Truth is those years of under investment will help stabilize Arsenals future at the top.

John C

Wrong, it’s jeopardised our future at the top, mainly because we’re no longer at the top. The year we signed Chamakh on a free transfer and Squallaci for £6m the club made a £56m profit, and that’s despite having a net transfer loss. Between 2008 and 2013 the club made profits of over £190m and not a penny went on repaying the stadium debt off early. We know that as fact because Kroenke, quite publicly, took out a loan this summer to do just that. The truth is under investing in the squad is only really commuting the cost down… Read more »


He left us to go to the team he supported as a boy, managed by his childhood hero, who were playing some of the best football ever seen. No snake at all. And he wanted to come back to us. Imagine if you played for Barcelona and your favourite ever player was managing Arsenal, they were playing unreal football and they made an offer for you. What would you do? No sir, he didn’t do an Adebayor and just leave for money, he didn’t do a Van Persie and fuck off to a rival after he finally had an injury… Read more »


He went to play for Jose.

The same Jose who called his idol, boyhood club, mates and mentor names.

He wanted to come back to us when it was convenient to him, when his dream failed to take off.

I wouldn’t call him a snake, no. But I’m not obligated to see his dream career moves. He was our sensation once, then he wasn’t. Players come and go. Clubs aren’t defined by the players who leave, but those that stay and play. He is one of those who left.


A lot of profit over that period came from player sales and also from property sales connected with the larger Emirates site – that dried up a long time ago of course. Last time I looked we still owed over £100 million in stadium debt (albeit re-financed on lower interest rates by Stan) and have just taken on £120 million of debt through a Govt. Covid support loan. Still, on the plus side we’ve “invested” in the likes of Pepe at £72 million – a snip – and Willian on a £7 million a year contract for at least three… Read more »

John C

It doesn’t matter where the money came from, what matters it that it wasn’t used to strengthen the team, which has had serious long term effects. To put it in perspective, the cash reserves were more than twice the world record fee for a player at the time.

And Pepe is a perfect example of what i’m talking about, £72m is 35% of a Neymar, what do you expect for 35% of the bench mark?!?


If money was a sign of ambition, Roman and Sheiks would be using CL trophies for soup ladles.

Your serious long term effect theory is bunkum. Look at the Leicester City winning the PL trophy, then look at them coming back.

John C

Money is a sign of winning trophies, the last 10 Premier league campions are as follows: Liverpool Man City Man City Chelsea Leicester Chelsea Man City Man Utd Man City Man Utd With the exception of Leicester, who are hardly poor, the title has gone to sides that have invested heavily in their squads. You have to go back the 70’s when Forest won the league the season after being promoted to find anything similar to what Leicester did, so basically once every 40 years or so you might find one of the non-established rich clubs win, otherwise it’s a… Read more »

John C

Similar pattern in the Champions league, last 10 winners are:

Real Madrid
Real Madrid
Real Madrid
Real Madrid

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

With your philosophy no small company will ever become a multinational. A lot of big companies started in a garage and took the risk to either grow or disappear at one point.
We reached the CLfinal then an invincible season (surprise?). It was the time to secure the very lucrative status of top top top club by borrowing (or selling shares scheme) and investing into galacticos which can substantially increase our revenue. The banks would have followed easily.


The only thing Nasri deserved was getting banned from football. But, surprisingly it was for doping, and not for being a complete wanker. Life can be funny sometimes.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I don’t care what anybody says, Cesc will always be one of my favourites

Bossman Bill

Me too bro. Cesc for life.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

For life. There’ll never be another at Arsenal


Might sound cringey but my official email ID has a “.fabregas04” in it .
I started watching the prem around 2008. Fabregas was the reason I fell for Arsenal.

The Arsenal

The way he left seems so trivial compared to now.


You didn’t see Jenko play?


You mean the humanoid named Carl Jenkinson that was actually us collectively dream-manifesting our fantasies?


Cesc the snake fabregas Chelsea scum




He only joined Chelsea because Wenger turned down a return and he wanted to remain in London. He wanted to rejoin us so you’re being totally unfair.

John C

Wenger wanted to show him that the grass wasn’t greener, how did that work out?


Is that right? I’ve also heard him say in interviews he wanted Chelsea not Arsenal, mainly because he saw they were more competitive and he felt Arsenal needed to go in a different direction. Just mealy mouthed nonsense maybe?



Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Frankly, Fabregas = RVP = Adebayor and not a legend.


In his interview with Arseblog he said he had a clause in his contract that if he was to be sold that Arsenal would have first dibs. When he left Barcelona be contacted Arsenal and after a week of no reply, as in nothing at all, he contacted Chelsea who were all over him. It’s sad that it turned out that way. It shouldn’t have and it wouldn’t if Arsenal had called him. But what’s done is done. Can’t blame him. He was a top player looking for a club and Chelsea aren’t stupid enough to pass on a free… Read more »


His name is Ødegaard, not Odegaard. Not even the bloody club can be bothered to spell his name right.


So you were the one writing Özil every time were you?

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

He also used to write Wojciech Szczęsny all the time.

A Different George

Impressive diacriticals all around. Whenever I think of trying to say Szczęsny’s name correcty, I remember that the city of Lodz is pronounced something like “woodge.”


Sir, the plumber is here to fix your leaking e.

Heavy Gunner

The closest we can get to the right pronunciation in Scandinavian language is something like: ‘Oh dear,God’! Just say it bloody quicky,though…


He’s just a loan player, they’re not gonna invest in a new letter.


This is an outrage! I will send the club a letter immediately conveying my dismay at this disrespectful oversite.


Let’s hope this turns out well. Sign him up permanently and then convince his comrade Haaland to join us. Lol


Or Ødegaard signs here on loan to try out PL before they both go to city in the summer 😉 🙁


It’s a Catch 22 – if he is fantastic and RM choose to sell we won’t be able to afford him. If he’s nothing special, just average etc. we probably could afford to buy if RM choose to sell, but would we want to?

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

If he shows a very good attitude in training and in the dressing room, MA will buy him.

Dave Cee

Welcome Martin


A declining no. 10 out, an up-and-coming no. 10 in.

You might say it’s a changing of the Odegaard.


Pschhhhhwwwww, that was too easy.

We want someone who comes in, says it was Amaury Bischoff and drops the mic


Ha ha ha. What was it that Wenger called it? A ‘gamble on talent’ I think?


There’s no question that Fabregas was a very good player for us.

But let’s not forget that his team mates provided the platform for him to go and do what he did best, and that some of them had to sacrifice aspects of their own game to enable him to shine.


2010 we play Barcelona at home, go 2-0 down and its Fabregas who wins and scores the penalty to draw 2-2 in 85th minute.
Up front they had peak Ibrahimovic and Messi
We had an overweight Ashavin, Walcott and Bentner.
Only after the match did we learn that Fabregas had scored the penalty with a broken leg.
Not bad.


That look of excitement on his face…


I’ve just read an article written 6 years ago about Martin & what happened to other youngsters hailed as wunderkinder during which they mentioned Arsenal paying £16M for the raw yet supremely talented 19 year old Calum Chambers & United continue to persevere through the patchy form of Adnan Januzaj.
Ho ho ho.
Hopefully Martin can show the fans what Real & Zidane are missing.


Its MO with a slash across the O for MO with two dots above the O then. whilst temporary fix, we need a roll of the dice and cover/option on ESR who is unlikely to sustain tremendous effort on his own. This is indeed a good loan along with Matt Ryan. Edu has done well getting better direction given we are now hamstrung by lack of player sales and too much spend in last couple of windows hampering our funds Garlick may have been brought in to be pragmatic and move on dead wood regardless to at very least clear… Read more »

Bill Hall

On a side note that pass/assist he made in that big of video on blogs post was outrageous! Some more of those for us would be most welcome!

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