Monday, June 17, 2024

Arsenal confirm Luiz red card will stand

The Football Association have confirmed that David Luiz’s red card against Wolves will stand after Arsenal’s appeal was dismissed.

The Brazilian, who will now miss Saturday’s match at Aston Villa, was given his marching orders in stoppage time of the first half at Molineux after referee Craig Pawson adjudged him to have fouled striker Willian Jose.

Replays showed contact was both minimal and instigated by the Wolves player but his protests fell on deaf ears despite a VAR review.

After the game, Mikel Arteta decided it was worth trying to get the decision overturned. It hasn’t worked.

Arsenal released the following statement: “The Football Association have confirmed to us that the red card given to David Luiz on Tuesday against Wolverhampton Wanderers will stand.

“We have worked really hard to overturn David Luiz’s red card. We presented our case to the FA but are disappointed that our appeal has been unsuccessful.

“We accept the FA’s decision and continue our preparations for Saturday’s match against Aston Villa.”

On the same night that Luiz was sent off, Southampton’s Jan Bednarek suffered a similar double-jeopardy moment at Old Trafford. The Pole conceded a penalty and was sent off in the closing stages of a 9-0 defeat.

The FA have confirmed his red card has been overturned. Go figure.

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Eddy F

So how was the Luiz red card different to the Bednarek red card that was overturned?

derek green

they are afraid that the ref,s are making too many mistakes. they think this makes them look good.
never mind we are building a good team.we will get there in the end


The Bednarek one benefited ManU — it was required at the time, as have so many other questionable calls, for obvious reasons.


They just won’t admit their awful referees cost us 3 points. In Bednareks case, it didn’t affect the result, hence no harm in admitting their fault.


Why does Martial take a dive at that stage of a comfy win? That’s where retrospective red card should come in!

A Different George

I was amazed at the complete classlessness of, at best, “going down easy” (and at worst, a dive) when you are ahead by 6 goals in the 86th minute.

Once a gunner

This is the exert reason it was not overturned


Yes, but I assume each decision is made independently not by comparing one set of circumstances to another.


You would think so, wouldn’t you?

Easy tiger

Hahahah. Good joke.


By overturning the Bednarek decision, whilst upholding the card for Luiz, the FA have managed to make themselves look even more biased and incompetent than they did already – that’s quite an achievement.


Rescinding Bedinak card actually implies FA consider Martial dived whereas Willian didn’t. They can’t punish Martial so give Bedinak a reprieve.

Not really justice in any way.

A Different George

Unless the FA have changed the rule, a retrospective red card can indeed be issued for deceiving a referee into awarding a red card to an opponent.


They don’t even try to hide it. It’s not like they have to answer to anyone.


I fucking hate cheats.

Reality check

Bednarek pulled out of the challenge but Martial extended his leg to touch Bednarek to claim a foul, so no foul. Willian touched Luiz during the back lift before the shot, Luiz didn’t pull out and Willian did not intentionally touch Luiz to claim the foul. This can be interpreted as a foul, Luiz although unintentional did impede his goal scoring opportunity. Bonkers rule I know but it is what it is. Let’s hope Gabriel gets into his early season form and claims his place back, Luiz slowly needs to be phased out..


Wish I’d pulled out.

I could be in Barbados now instead of homeschooling ADHDs answer to Beavis and Butthead


Glorious Answer… made me day that 🙂


Luiz tries to avoid contact much the same as Bednarek …


Ralph Hessentuttl spoke to Dean about the Luiz incident prior to their game.

We NEED to know the transcript of that conversation because it stinks as far as I’m concerned, given the respective outcomes.


Hasenhuttl – “Listen Mike, everyone knows you’re a cunt and no one likes you. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. But if you promise to not be such a cunt today I’ll be your friend when no one is looking.”

Mike couldn’t believe his luck and grabbed the only friend he’s ever had with both hands. Mike even became a more decent humanbeing off the back of it having a part time friend. But the gods saw and realised the cunt equilibrium had been upset and thus Ref Pawson was born.

Dr. kNOw

I miss Rambling Pete 😭


I maye dabble with the odd Arsenal related mythical tale but Rambling Pete is and always will be the one true giant among us.

Tracy Roberts

A defender has just as much right to any spot on the field as another. When the striker initiates contact through his motions, it cannot be the fault of the defender.
It’s the initiation that is key. This one was unintentional by the striker, but you see attackers do it all the time by poking the ball to one side of a defender and then try to go around the other side, knowing there is no space, to try and draw the foul. The defender has a right to the space.

A Different George

This is just wrong. The striker is running with the ball. There is contact with the foot of a defender who is behind him, and the contact brings him down. That’s a foul, anywhere on the pitch. The question of who “initiated” the contact may matter when the players are facing each other, both playing the ball. It is entirely irrelevant when the player in possession is ahead and makes no deviation which “initiates” the contact. IF Luiz made contact and that contact brought the attacker down, then it is a penalty. The red card is a different issue.


No, he DIDN’T because he had already had a fresh air shot and the ball had got away from him before he decided to fall over. I think it’s time to petition the club to challenge this decision in court, because accepting it from the FA is part of the problem. These endless poor decisions have to come from us, the fans. We are the people who pay Riley and his merry band’s inflated salaries through our financial support of Arsenal FC. Remember when Mark Halsey said that spot fixing within PGMOL was rife? Did they ever sue him? No.… Read more »

John C

Because Bednarek’s red card made no difference to the outcome, so therefore they were happy to acknowledge their mistake, Luis on the other hand opens up a whole different can of worms


This one is Arsenal, that’s why it’s different.


This decision makes it worse. They should kept it as was for both players. Im trying to find the statement why they have overturned Bednarek. We all know the rule is wrong but any foul, even accidental, results in a red. Shit rule but thats it. Now based upon this decision, what is the fucking rule then? They have made themselves even more of a laughing stock and have even less respect for them, which i thought was impossible


This just feels like one of those times you 100% know you are wrong but keep the same position to save face. FA are a bunch of selfliking Aholes. For the supposed “Best league” in the world we should protest for reforms!


Agreed — so long as fans and clubs support these decisions and the wildly inconsistent application of the rules of the game by the officials, from one game to the next, the moving of the goalposts will continue every time we take the pitch.


They’ve got themselves horribly tied up in knots.

It’s as simple as do you want a player sent off for doing what Luiz did?

Tracy Roberts

What did Luiz do? Track back an attacker and get kicked by him.


Precisely. The referees decision, now supported by the FA, ruined a game that until that point had been a great demonstration of football being played at the highest level and effectively handed the game to the clearly inferior team. There is just no way this can be viewed as an appropriate or proportionate response to what occurred. Nor can any reasonable person see this as being in the best interests of football, or the wider reputation of the Pemier League.

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

FYI: according to IFFHS the best league in the world in 2020 is setie A. There, you see. Not so long ago they were a corrupt league with their calciopoli. But now they beat premier league


I read it first as “self licking aholes”. Now I can’t shake the image of Mike Dean contorting his body as he licks himself like a cat.


Refs often appear biased with no 50-50 attempts to get a ball more 80-20 depending on who they want to win. Do not believe any refs were ever football players who understand the finer nuances of the game. Who makes the laws? Evidently not players or we wouldn’t have some of the idiotic laws. Some teams have not been awarded a single pen yet other’s are in double figures. Time for fans to put pressure on the FA. Unfortunately FA, FIFA and all governing bodies being run by autocratic members who have the audacity to fine managers who criticise ref… Read more »

Colonel Mustard

Wolves have now taken over Burnley as my number one shithouse team I hate in the Prem


Not the Sp*rs then?


He wrote “team” didn’t he?


Can’r really see what they’ve done wrong. Not going to ask Luiz to come back on the pitch…


I just can’t get past my hatred for the spuds, although man ure run a close second.


I’m a firm hater of the Spuds but they seem so ineffectual that I have to hate man ure more


Wolves play football with a class manager and standard Portuguese shithousery, but they play proper football and are fun to watch at their pomp. I both like and dislike them more than Burnley. Burnley play the absolute most boring version of football in their boring shirts and badge and all their players look like big boring default white guys with names like Craig Woodhill and I cannot picture a single one of their faces because god spent very little time getting creative there. They don’t belong in the PL they are like a jar of evaporated milk at a swanky… Read more »


Leave out the racist shit and you’ll get plenty of thumbs up for that post.

Reality check

Wolves are just lucky not particularly dirty. Burnley did a dirty one even in the last game, especially on Xhaka by pulling him down from behind. That understandably enraged Xhaka, both Arsenal and him suffered as a result.


Moutinho’s face is enough for me to hate Wolves.


Football is fixed.
What’s the fucking point in following it? The regulatory bodies are allowed to interpret the same non-offence in completely different ways based on what?
Ive had enough of football. It’s no longer sport. It’s like a night at the circus.


I don’t know if it is fixed, in the sense that the outcome is arranged in advance, but it is unquestionably broken, in the sense that the rules which are supposed to govern the game fairly and equitably, in order to provide a level playing field for fair competition, are not applied consistently or competently with that end in mind. Everyone involved in and around Premier League football knows and accepts this and its many consequences, which include the points unfairly lost or gained that can mean the difference between CL football and relegation. People are ripping Southampton for lodging… Read more »


Agree “fixed” is a bit strong.

“Incompetent” definitely.


Fixed implies Corrupt. Fifa were shown (as we all knew) to be corrupt from top to bottom. The FA is no different, a fish rots from the head as they say. Too many thick greedy people in charge, too much money and petty tribalism.


Really well put


Mark Halsey said otherwise.

Timorous Me

I’ve been watching a fair amount of the Bundesliga since they came back first from the Covid shutdown, and while of course there are mistakes here and there by officials, it’s absolutely nothing like in the Premier League. And VAR does its job. Everything just seems so much more competent in that league, which is appealing even if the football isn’t as great and I’m not all that invested in any team (I told myself I’d become a Werder Bremen fan if they somehow stayed up, and then by some miracle they did, but I don’t speak German so it’s… Read more »


I think there are a few bent referees among the incompetent, trouble is they’re all so inconsistent it’s difficult to accuse them. Are there any refs from London, are there any BAME refs? Why do certain teams get the same refs all the time, if not on the pitch then on VAR? PGMO is a closed shop, nobody knows what the hell goes on there and nobody seems to have the balls to find out. The only thing the players can do is not give them ammunition, we know they love to punish Arsenal and get away with bias all… Read more »

Philip Visser

More and more this season I feel I’m watching a reality show and not a highly competitive sports competition. Poor and controversial referee decisions contribute significantly to it.

Tierney’s Tescopoints

As long as PGMOL is run by Mike Riley and his ilk it won’t get better


I really hope he is getting some financial gain from turning the sport into a farce. It’s beyond incompetent – he knows nobody can challenge him and if they do they get silenced. It’s been like this as long as I can remember. I can’t believe he is willing to piss all over fair play because he simply doesn’t like some of the southern teams.

No foot Norbert

If it isn’t fixed by betting companies and brown envelopes I’d be so surprised. Bug sam is still allowed to manage after all, I wonder what else he knows…

No foot Norbert

It’s fixing disguised as incompetence, take our government as an example. Every decision that is made is made purposefully and with the known consequences in mind. It’s not easy to think the people who are in charge are purposefully inflicting pain for money and then you remember there are people out there that don’t even want to feed starving children because they think they’re undeserving. And furthermore when they are forced to do the right thing still find a way to siphon money out of it. Wherever there are large amounts of money or power involved you can bet your… Read more »

A Different George

I try not to insult people because I disagree with them, but if you actually believe the matches are fixed you are a total moron. Why would they do that? What advantage is there to the FA or the Prem in helping Wolves and harming Arsenal? Incompetence, inconsistency, sure. But fixed? It’s like the laser beams that set the California wildfires.

No foot Norbert

Like everything the truth is somewhere in the middle. Results may not be outright fixed but there could be some dodgyness to do with corner counts, yellows etc as people can bet on those. Who knows.

The game definitely isn’t clean let’s put it that way.

A Different George

There is no evidence whatsoever that anything like this has happened in any important league in the past 40 years or so. For those who point to the undisputed corruption of FIFA, where people stole in so many different ways–note that there was not a hint of match-fixing. Money to vote for someone, money to put a tournament somewhere, lots and lots of corruption, yet nothing remotely involving the action on the pitch. Not because these guys are above that, but because (a) there is no advantage to it and (b) it is very hard to pull off and (c)… Read more »


Refused to acknowledge the mistake to save face. The FA is corrupt. And it’s hard not to start taking conspiracies seriously, outright preferential treatments.

A Different George

It is easy NOT to take conspiracy theories seriously. Just use your brain. What benefit does the FA gain by disfavouring Arsenal? By favouring Wolves? And your eyes. Referees unconsciously favour home teams, though that is less true in empty stadiums. Their decisions tend to favour big clubs against small clubs, stars against journeymen, British players against others. Example A: I watch Mike Dean referee other matches, and he is exactly the same (a mixture of decent positioning with extraordinary arrogance and self-regard) as he is with us. Most decisions are pretty good, but a booking or even a bizarre… Read more »

That's not important

If you would like to know exactly how and why they are indeed corrupt and fix games reply back and I will be happy to give you some info that you can then decide on for your self




Surely not a surprise really, cards are rarely overturned. Worth a try of course, but we’ll just have to move on.


Apart from one given on the same night, for the same thing.
Jeez, how supine can you be?


No we shouldn’t move on. We should draw attention to it as loudly as possible. It fucking stinks. This shouldn’t happen. And you know as well as everyone it will happen again.

David C

Surprised he wasn’t given an additional game for Arsenal protesting…

How are those red cards different? Absolute madness.


The god of Alan Shearer and Michael Owen has prevailed once more. Have we ever had rulings in our favor?


Michael Owen.

Probably responsible for more smashed up television sets than Keith Moon.

A Different George

Lots. Ask Diego Costa.

Welsh Gooner

Luiz trips Willian Jose with the power of Jedi force and his red card stands. What a joke of a decision from the FA. Pathetic.


As Arsenal have to much class to call the FA and RA what they are, I will.

The FA and the RA are corrupt fucking cunts who have a clear bias towards teams.


Not sure they are corrupt, they are indifferent and incompetente, and may well ruin the best league in the world if let to continue their tour of stupidity


They are corrupt.


Could it be because its Luiz who has form?


Yeah I was thinking this for the on field decision. But the review should be more objective.


That’s what PGMOL’s BT spokesperson, Walton said after the game!


The idea that the striker can instigate contact but the defender commits the foul is worrying. This sets yet another precedent in the quest for football becoming a non-contact sport.

Can anyone remember the last time they watched a match with a cracking physical midfield battle in it? I can’t…


Not since the last days of Edgar David’s and Clarence Seedorf.

Welsh Gooner

And Makelele

Welsh Gooner

Keane and Vieira


This may not be a popular opinion but there is a silver lining in the FA’s denial of the appeal which is that Arteta cannot play Luiz against Aston Villa on Saturday. This almost certainly compels Arteta to play Gabriel which, if Gabriel plays well, will almost certainly result in Gabriel remaining as the starter based on Arteta’s past practice of not removing a player from starting status if he is performing well. In the long run, my view is that continued use of Luiz is unhelpful to the club unless there is no other alternative. I say this because… Read more »


You get my upvote all the way for this. Any talk of Luiz being given game time as a starter or an extension revolts me. He’s a lichtsteiner situation, come on a free, stay one year no renewal

La Pulgita

I don’t think Gabriel is fully fit yet from his Covid bout, I’ve had some family members who’ve had it say it took them a minute to recover completely after, they would lose their breathe and tire out quickly. Gabriel hasn’t played well since returning so I think that’s why and why Luiz was starting so hopefully he’s back to his best.


Yes it has long lasting effect on lung and cardiovascular capacity.


FA may try save their faces as much as they like by rejecting this appeal, further cementing themselves as totally disconnected from the anima of football.


Only mass media and corporate uproar over this will have any impact.

I have no problem with Luiz card being upheld as overturning it merely makes the result of the game more annoying – had they got it right we could easily have won.

What is galling is the differential action on Bedinak. Ref going to screen at OT and getting it wrong, ref not going to screen at AFC. FA responding one but not the other. Martial not getting red card for what FA have decided was a dive.


When I used to be a qualified league cricket umpire, I took tremendous comfort in knowing that the league would back me to the hilt even if I made a mistake. But that was not a professional league and not with dozens of cameras to clearly prove I’d buggered it up! Dismays me that the league never admit ‘this guy isn’t up to it, we’re sanctioning him’ when they cost us millions in prize money through these decisions


I’m glad it wasn’t overturned, he can’t give away a penalty without getting sent off aswell. The guy is a liability. Hopefully Gabriel will get a run out now and gain some momentum.

SLC Gooner

WTF. The was there really that much difference between the two that you can let one stand and not the other?
Ridiculously inconsistent.

Top Bins

Arsenal weren’t taking a shot in the dark with this appeal, this was an appeal against injustice and a clear an obvious error in officiating.

Ex PL Refs and almost every pundit agreed that Arsenal should feel very hard done by as it was a Yellow Card offence and Penalty by the Law, not a Red Card.

Im so confused!

Can we appeal the results of the appeal? Surely there must be a governing body above the FA?

If it’s Fifa then okay nevermind, I guess lol


Feel like we must still have the number for FIFA’s chief of global development though???

Hulahoops Baptista

Alternative headline: FA prove themselves to be a bunch of feckin donkeys.


It’s all about context, i.e. which team you play for…


FA Wankers


Don’t bring wankers in to this, they’ve done nothing (ok not much!) wrong!


Someone from the FA needs to clarify what the difference was. Having just watched both again, Bednarek goes to challenge but tries to pull out. David Luiz doesn’t even make a challenge. So surely, if anything, the Bednarek one is worse.

Welsh Gooner

Plus, with the Bednarek challenge, C**t Dean went to the monitor to check the challenge again, even though that game was LONG gone. This was a big call at a big moment at the game, and the fact Pawson didn’t even run over to the screen to check is pathetic.


And you could actually see Dean thinking about not sending him off but what ever was whispered into his earpiece seems to have contributed to the decision he made.


straight red were 3 games ban…. wasn’t it?..when did it change?


For serious foul play and violent conduct, a straight red is three matches minimum. For denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity, it’s a one game minimum.


idk…i might be wrong but i think it was 1 game ban for 2 yellows and 3 for a straight red


I completely agree that the red card was wrong. It was extremely and unnecessarily harsh and I’m not even convinced it was a foul. STILL: Luiz was at fault in allowing that huge gap to open up, and he was at fault running so close behind the Wolves attacker thus risking an accidental foul in the penalty area. He messed up in allowing the through pass and then he should have just let Leno deal with it. I bet Leno would have blocked the one on one. However you look at it, Luiz was still at fault


And can you tell me what offence he has committed? You appear to be justifying the outcome of a card in the basis of a player being out of position. And you are saying it is a players responsibility for an opponent not to make contact with him while in motion. So is this a yellow card or even a foul anywhere else on the pitch? Or is it an accident? Are accidents offences? In which case is football a contact sport? And if that’s the case why don’t elbows in the face count as red cards e.g. Mane on… Read more »


The problem here is the rule. Accidental/unintentional fouls still some how fall under the red card rule of denying a goal scoring chance in the box with no attempt to win the ball. – This is for those bastardly cynical professional fouls.

First we can all agree it’s a harsh punishment for accidental fouls in the box. A penalty is enough and maybe a caution. Not a 3 tiered punishment – sending off, penalty and a suspension.

Secondly if it is indeed the rule why was Bednarek’s card rescinded?


European Super League here we come!


You can’t make this shit up lol


Just take a few idiots at Lancaster Gate and add a few bottles of corporate fizzy water.

Instant Crap.


My bad.

The FA are now based at Wembley. As if the new stadium wasn’t rubbish enough compared to its former glories.


Why am I not surprised.

The FA – once a bunch of anti-Arsenal cunts – always a bunch of anti-Arsenal cunts.

Aleksander Włodarz

The Gods of football decided to punish the Gunners and Mikel at the moment the Gunners started playing the fluid, quick and most promising game for quite some time… hope this can cement the team even more, integrate the players 🤔


OK, I’m actually not one for conspiracy theories, but that is fucking ridiculous. The obvious difference between the two decisions is that Bednarek’s made no difference to the result, whereas overturning Luiz’s would mean the FA having to admit that the original decision sabotaged the entire match for us.


The next time that Auba is through on goal he should slow down and then back-kick the defender chasing him. That should be a guaranteed sending off for the defender.


It would also make the BT Sport commentary box self combust.

Which has a certain appeal.


No, they’ll have magically changed the rule then.


Another brilliant decision from the FA. This case set a side, If they have only a degree of common sense left in their gin and tonic inducted brains they should know that their old schoolmaster like attitude to the rule book is killing the game. Each time I see the lines goes up and down the pitch searching for a toenail offside or ridicoulous red cards the passion for fotball dies a little bit inside me.


How much more evidence is needed that refs and fa have an issue with Arsenal


All they need mate is a cannon on the chest.

It’s a wonder they don’t all book the lads when they get off the team bus, to save time.


Better if the FA just keep quiet. Every time they make a statement it makes them look worse.

I’m more worried about the principal for Luiz than the suspension. The damage was done already on Tuesday night. Happy to see Gabriel or Mari play though.


Fuck the FA.

They make Sepp Blatter look like an advocate of morals.


Hey Blogs, can we get some of our resident statisticians (and perhaps some regular contributors in the comments like Loose Canon can do a part) to do a number on the inconsistent application of the rules by Premier League officials? I don’t know in what form that takes, but someone needs to take the lead and raise the level or volume of discussion on this beyond a picture and a tweet …

naked cygan

If the foul by David Luiz is a red card then the FA have opened a new can of worms. Now they have to keep giving red cards, or just admit they hate Arsenal.


No they don’t because they don’t care, and PGMOL are not accountable to anyone.

This particular rule needs challenging in a court of law, but our owners are too fucking weak to do it.


Frankly, if the fans won’t do something about it, and the club won’t, then I dont see why I should bother to continue subsidising this sub-Gerry Cottle’s circus of a sport,

Cranky Colin

“Red card stands”…….tell me something I don’t know!
They ( as in I don’t know who) hate us.
There’s a lorry load of this shit to come……… before we win the league, which is sooner than you think.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I’m over this now. Whenever Luiz is on the pitch “defending”, anything is possible. I always say it should be who partners Gabriel. 3 points were sacrificed to get Gabriel back in the team


Pawson = the new Mike Dean


Big fucking cuntish boots to fill – but so far, he’s looking the part. A twat.

Medium Mozart

Please, Mikel, I love you man, but you have got to start calling referees out on this. They may fine you. You might even get the occasional ban. But we all know it isn’t a level playing field, these things don’t ‘even themselves up over the season’ so take the hit. It’s part of the game, unfortunately.


Come on mate, how many times was Wenger up before a fucking kangaroo court, every time he questioned something? It would be no different if Arteta did tge same.

If you’ve got a cannon on your chest, then you’re in the wrong with these FA muppets, regardless. End of story.


utterly contemptible and corrupt. No other words for this cheating shower.

I wish Arsene Wenger was the head of the FA.


“Look ehhhh, listen , is not a red card, because I did not see it. I look for strength, spirit and qwaliteee, not red cards. For the rest, I couldn’t care less. Every man thinks he has the most beautiful wife.”


The onomatopoeic ally named Dier just deliberately cuts down Werner in the box. A penalty is given. No card is issued. Nobody on BT Sport raises the question, despite the fact that the awkward silences would indicate they know its out there.
So accidental contact is now officially more serious than deliberate.
The Theatre of the Absurd that is English football is now at its peak.


“Last man defenders bringing down an attacking player without attempting to play the ball” so obviously does not mean what happened to Luiz. It was meant for a player pulling the shirt or the like.

Do we really have to write every permutation into the rules?


So without attempting to play the ball is interpreted as the same as without attempting to make a tackle or otherwise impede an attacker.
Well, in one case. But not another.


Honestly, I think they make it us as they go along.


Exactly this. But the question is the wider media not raising this? Perhaps I answer my own question. They have no vested interest in the entertainment business that is football providing fewer things to fill their virtual white space and every interest in the opposite. But what is the excuse Of the club for it’s silence? Unless they are complicit in this. its almost like the PL clubs have got together and decided who among them are the good guys who will get favourable coverage, and who are the pantomime villains. As long as the overall pot gets bigger, maybe… Read more »


I think it is simpler than that and you credit them with too much intelligence. This was too bigger mistake for the officials concerned to be exposed.

They misunderstood the wording of the rule like children struggling with long division.


Sorry Karl, I can’t accept that. They understood well enough to rescind Bednareks red card. Nobody in UK wants to think that there could be something rotten. “That only happens in tinpot little countries”. How many more situations like this must there be for people to realise we’re not above corruption?


From my point of view it is incompetence and not corruption. I thought that was clear from the posts.


Oh, its such a shame calamity David cannot play what is it, 3 games?
Yes. so terrible….


No. The shame is the tilting of a football match through decision making which doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.


It does! Look at the rules.


And there we have it…the FA is still just as corrupt as ever.

There is no justification for this at all.

Paul Roberts

That’s a relief!
Any chance of getting the ban extended following the failed appeal?


You’ve got to look past player politics here, mate.

The bigger picture is that yet again, Arsenal are being screwed by the so-called Football Association.


Luiz knew what he was doing and he has done the same thing before. If he had a brain he would have decided -before the game- in a situation like that he would attempt a slide at the ball – therefore = Penalty, yellow card. Martial looks for contact – throwing his leg out to the right – that’s why Bednarek’s red was rescinded. I’ve been playing centre back over 30 years – we are shit footballers that know how to disrupt good footballers. Sometimes they are too fast. Luiz did it on purpose – laugh at it – move… Read more »


What drivel, Gabriel is recovering from Corona which has lasting effects on lung capacity and cardiovascular ability.


Then how is he getting on the pitch you twonk – twice – and see if he starts tomorrow


We appreciate you are FAR more qualified to tell the rest of us how it goes, please enlighten us more with your wit and vast knowledge.

also if you are so experience and knowledgeable, why do you suggest luiz attempts a slide challenge from behind in the box with the striker going 1 on 1 with the keeper? thats part of the reason people were so shocked, being informed that doing just so would be a smarter thing than what luiz actually did is unthinkable.


Because my friend – they are the rules – its called double jeopardy and as I explained – if the player makes an attempt to tackle he gets a yellow.


FA stands for fuxk arsenal?


Now not only will referees target Luiz but opposition strikers.

Especially when teams know we are harder than most to break down they will resort to isolating Luiz on transition.

It’s not ideal to bring him back

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