Thursday, June 13, 2024

Aston Villa 1-0 Arsenal – player ratings

An Ollie Watkins goal in the 2nd minute was enough to give Aston Villa a 1-0 win over Arsenal at Villa Park today.

It was a frustrating day again, Villa’s best moments often came from our own mistakes, making it a game in which we weren’t so much beaten as one we lost ourselves.

Here are the ratings.

Read the Aston Villa 1-0 Arsenal match report and see the goal here

Aston Villa 1-0 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Mat Ryan. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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I see Willock just scored


Good on him, loan should do him well and raise his value so we can sell him for decent money


No point. Some of our fans don’t rate him.

Many of those same people will be the first to big him up today as though they always rated him. This fan base is the most reactionary there is.


When I’m there people seem quite positive about Willock… then again I’m one of those fans who actually goes to the games


Willock isnt good enough. Hopefully he scores every game so we can sell him for more!

Leave my Arsealona

If he scores every game. Maybe he is good enough??


Yeah you’re being really considered and reasonable

Leave my Arsealona

Sadly it’s part of being a Human Being


Playing right midfield as well……

Joe Willock is a really good young player, he’s been given far too harsh time by some so called fans.


Sad about the loss but really happy for Emi. He deserves all the good things coming his way.


Including not conceding a penalty when he hauled down Lacazette.

Tierney’s Tescopoints

Was interesting to hear Rio and Crouch challenge Peter Walton on BT. They laid into him, said there was clear shirt tugging by Emi on Laca. How come VAR can’t see that? Walton held the line for Mike Riley PLC though.
Too many players looked sluggish today as well. Cedric poor and Holding looked tired. And why bring Auba on when you need aggression and energy? Surely Martinelli deserves a go? And why FFS did Willian come on for Partey? You could feel the collective groan from the fans.


Walton, he said var is to subjectivity change , obvious errors made by refs Not tidy up every 50/50. Fouls. Which they would say Martinez / Lacca was. tho. EMI pulled laccas shirt first …


See my comment re a petition on Willian… with Ceballos on the bench, wtf is Mik thinking?
I didn’t by into the ‘conspiracy’ about him and Willian but I do now feel there’s a dose of post-purchase justification/blindness going on with him and Edu.
Just admit you bought an almigbhty dud and spare the team further humiliation!


Unless I wasn’t looking properly, I did not see much complaints from Laca and the boys when Emi pulled him down. I suppose that if enough players complained the VAR would have taken a look at it.


Maybe he was trying to help us here lol. Didn’t account for the piss poor ref though.


Newcastle down to 10 men. He should be used to that


He behaves like a striker in the box, has the offensive movement a technique of a forward, I think he could become a deeplying or secound striker at some piont.


Just needs more experience IMO. Has all the right qualities but currently he’s not imposing himself in games. Fades in and out of matches. Quite like how Pepe was suffering earlier in the season.


I’ve never been so annoyed to see a sub than seeing Willian come on. He is so dog shit. We deserve to lose just for that sub, honestly, Arteta is such a prick for continually giving Willian game minutes. We were on top of the game, knocking on the door, just needed a Martinelli type to run at their players and runs beyond them. We needed that, but Willian comes on.. WTF!?!? We’ve got Martinelli who set the world alight yet he can’t get ahead a Willian that’s been shit every single minute he’s played for us (other than a… Read more »


Willian’s second involvement in the game was to literally come back towards our defence, pick up the ball and literally pass it to Villa. It could’ve been an assist if they had scored from that


That frustrated me SO much. He had ages to pass the ball to someone in acres of space before that as well and just dithered before turning back and passing to Villa! I almost hit the roof

Baichung Bhutia

I think thats his signature move. Get the ball near the touchline, have the ball for a few seconds, dribble sideways and backwards for a few more seconds, pass it back to Xhaka or Gabriel. He could trademark this.


Well at least he nearly had an assist even if it was for the opposition. Worth every penny of the 200+ k a week he’ll get from us over the next 30 months.


And when they failed to capitalise on that cock-up… he did it AGAIN 5 minutes later!!

David Hilliers Arm Cast

My WhatsApp group all wrote the same word at the same time when the TV showed him on the side.

It started with f and rhymes with duck.



Cultured Determination

Yup. Except the hose ain’t working. Instead it’s piss,that comes out. Pissing all over the fans every time he comes on. Edu deserves a very very dark yellow card just for signing him.


Yup, a fire alarm soundtrack would be fitting for the situation.

Cultured Determination

Don’t insult dog shit.


Since Wenger we have had around 6 transfer windows. After spending more than 200mn, when I look at the squad now, we are in the position we deserve to be in.
Ozil, Ramsey might be useless but at least opposition feared them, their quality.

Now, opposition play knowing they can beat Arsenal. No one fears Arsenal anymore


Yup, that’s why Villa spent so much effort kicking Saka, ESR, Pepe and Partey. Utter lack of fear.


Thought saka at lb and Pepe looked exciting down the left . Play Martinelli CF. Auba from r.w. like he played often/ regularly for Dortmund, not William would have been my pick for subs

A Different George

I have said this about Willian in recent matches he has appeared in, and I think it applies today: He did not look disinterested or lazy, as he looked earlier in the season. I thought he was motivated, energetic, and really wanted to play well. And he was crap. Really, really, crap.


Apart from handing the ball to Villa (twice!) in our 1/3, every time he tried a shot or cross, he just slams it into one of their defenders.
A long time since I’ve seen anything so utterly ineffective in an Arsenal shirt


I stopped watching when he came on because it was totally hopeless when Arteta brought him on. I would rather give Nelson a chance.


Why does Arteta persist with Willian?! We were noticeably poorer after he was brought on and the attacking formation was changed to accommodate him. He offers us nothing at the moment.


ARTETA literally said during the week that WILLIAN has nothing to prove based on his past achievements thats why Willian plays literally like he has nothing to prove because thats what the manager tells him. Can you believe that crap? HE’s at a new football club he has EVERYTHING to prove to his new teammates to his new club and new fans but when you have a rookie coach telling one of his most experienced players HE HAS NOTHING to prove what do you expect?? Ofcourse willian is going to walk around and pass backwards and sideways and avoid tackles… Read more »

Tierney’s Tescopoints

We’ve bought two Chelsea rejects in the last 2 seasons. Azpilicueta next? His legs are going so he’d fit the bill

Edwin Carroll

When does the season end again ? 🙂 🙂


It’s normally when the fat lady sings but Arsenal decided to do things differently and bring on Willian instead.


Can Willian sing?
Coz’ he certainly can’t play football worth a fuck!


It’s already over for arsenal.


I’m very tired of Willian.

Anders Limpar

I’ve developed a Willian migraine that tends to develop along with a nervous tick…


I’ve named my proctalgia fugax Willian.

Anders Limpar

I’ve just googled proctalgia fugax and I concur


I think ‘levator ani syndrome’ Similar to Proctalgia Fugax but lasts longer 😉


The team looks much better even if the PL is starting to turn into a lost cause. Saka is a star. Pepe is starting to look much more consistent and a real threat. Partey is immense. ESR looks a star in the making. I’m a big fan of Odegard as well. There’s something to build on and a run at the Europa League looks viable. Arteta still baffled with his love of Willian but his other subs (Saka to left back) actually were somewhat effective – a sign Arteta is learning.


“a sign Arteta is learning”.. not really but the players are at least.


Agree. PL is a lost cause, as is European qualification via it. Nor are we about to go down. We need to refocus on (1) the Europa league; and (2) protecting players / developing the team. I couldn’t care less whether finish 7th or 14th

Tristian Beale

Agree that our priority should be Europe. However let’s not pretend that will be easy. There are a lot of better teams than us in that competition.


We need last seasons FA Cup luck and form for the Europa this season.


100% – I wrote this season down to a rebuild more than a month back. Let’s focus on the bright spots: Partey, Pepe waking up; the young guns; Xhaka being less Xhit; and Odegaard looking like the bollocks (if we can keep him)


Well said, Atom. I’m happy to read this from you.

A Different George

I would add, as others have pointed out recently, that at least when paired with Partey, Xhaka looks like a really good player.


Could we crowdfund one of the Leeds boys to crock Willian? Nothing too serious… just to keep him out for 4-6 weeks….


We had a bit of momentum in the 2nd half then Partey went down. Artta should have seen the way the game was going and brought on Elneny or Cabellos for continuity. Instead he moved our most dangerous player in Pepe to the right and completely took away our midfield…. Killed our chances of getting anything from the game.. All without even mentioning Willian’s touches…


Nice nickname dude
Ich spreche Deutsch


A tad harsh on Xhaka there, IMO. Thought he was excellent, seemed to create more than one chance, and generally got rid of the ball quickly when it came his way today.

Fireman Sam

I didn’t see the whole game, just last half hour – Granit looked our best player in that section at least.


His renaissance continues – defs not reverse-passing as much as he was. But a glimmer of the bad old days with the tractor-tackle on Grealish – lucky it was far enough out not to hurt us


Pretty sure that was intentional dude. a brilliant cynical foul dude

Baichung Bhutia

Is it ok to not love Emi – in fact I dont like him after this game with all his saves and his time wasting antics. I think 6 is high for ESR, he had a poor game, maybe needs a rest. What is happening with Aubo though, we arent setup to get the best of him, but he doesnt get into the game at all. Some small positives – Mat Ryan looked confident and made some decent saves; Odegaard looked good after coming on.

Neál Martin

Every single egg in the Europa League basket now


Nice to see Joe Willock score after 16 minutes of his debut – for bloody Newcastle FFS. He’s gone now so no help in EL.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Their tactics suit his style of play. Ours don’t even suit any of our players style.


This. This comment is spot on.


because MA is realy not a very good manager. just an average one which is OK since he is still quite inexperienced but ihe is nothing to look forward for the future. we’ve hauled off Willock on loan, a player that bayern was ready to pay 20 mil after seeing him in preseason year and a half ago. we “ll let Balogun and Nelson leave for nothing without giving them a chance and the signs for Martineli under MA are simply not good. AMN will probably also leave for peanuts. everyone talked about how great MA is at improving young… Read more »

El Mintero

These players have a responsibility to take their opportunities when given to them. And they’ve all had plenty and – in particular – Willock and Nelson have done nothing. Such knee jerk bs on here…Willock scores for Newcastle…omg…Willock is now the new Ronaldo…lol. If we could get 20mil for him I’d do it in a heartbeat and throw nketiah in for free.


Willock the europa group stage king.


0/10 for the BT Sport commentary literally cheering on Villa to win in the end. I think about 10 seconds had passed after kick off and Martin Keown started saying ‘it’s a slow start from Arsenal, but then again Villa are so compact, such a unit. Grealish is a magnificent player.’

Original Big Dave

Apparently Arsenal were playing today but you’d never have guessed it. Everything was “Villa unlucky there” “villa good defending” “villa really trying” “villa good effort”. I get we weren’t at our best but jesus, even our keeper couldn’t get a “great save” when they had a shot.,


Keown did he say he played 650 games for both clubs combined

Crash Fistfight

I made this comment the other day, but it applies here: Martin Keown bases his decision on the match up to that point on the previous 10 seconds of play. He’s truly feather-brained.

Have a go at Lee Dixon for being a moany git all you like, but he only moans because Arsenal being shit annoys him. He has much better insight than the crappy co-commentators you get on UK TV (I quite like him and Graeme Le Saux when they both co-commentate for US TV).


I remember them congratulating Grealish for cynically fouling Saka. Applauding him for his ‘excellent defensive work’

Tomaury Bischfeld

I hope there is a decent reason for Martinelli’s game time being so limited. We’ve got one of the best young talents in Europe and Willian gets the minutes. I have been a strong critic of Pepe but have to admit he’s put in a real shift and shone in the last few games. However, I still think he’s limited by poor decision making and one-footedness and that his ceiling is far below that of Martinelli’s. In the long run our investment has to be in him.


No, there is not. MA simply doesn’t trust young players and subs like today where Willian got priority will just make every single young aspiring player at Arsenal to reevalite his chances for game time under MA. Many will leave.


Have you even seen the last 2 games that Martinelli played? He contributed literally 10 secs against man u and nothing noteworthy in the previous game. 5 secs for that cut inside to chip to Lacazette and another 5 secs tracking back to cover rashford


We need negative ratings for Willians involvement.


Just when I thought I was out (of the bottom half) the pulllll me back in!


Absolutely baffled by Smith Rowe getting less than Pepe. He was very good again. He connects everything together. Pepe was so wasteful today


Not sure I agree.


I think Villa identified our recent threat and made sure they tackled (or fouled) quickly.

I did make the comment on liveblog that the difference in tackling threat between the teams was immense.


ESR Passed rather than shot, twice at edge of box imo unselfish but we needed a goal

David Hilliers Arm Cast

I have to agree with all of blogs ratings today, though I still think he looks to favorably on Hector who does nothing well.


Tend to agree, but Bellerin seems one of few that can weight his forward passes properly. Gets burned a little too easy in defense, and rarely drives into the box anymore.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Which used to be his real contribution to the team.

He is negative now compared to how he used to play. Can’t cross and looks to safely go backwards first.


He is proper shite. Can’t pass simple ball, can’t cross and can’t defend. He doesn’t realy combine well with anybody on the right flank when we are attacking (Pepe’s best performanceson the right came when Cedric and AMN played and Hector didn’t. And Blogs comment that he’s been solid in defence is just hillarious. He went missing for great part ofthe game. I even stoped counting how many times Saka, Holding and Partey defended on the right flank and Bellerin went missing. The only 1 on 1 he had with Grealish ended up with Ryan making a Superb save of… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I don’t think he’s been the same player since he had an ankle injury a few seasons ago. The ACL surely didn’t help him, either. People assume he’s good on the ball cos he’s Spanish, but really the main thing that made him good (he was very good once upon a time) was his pace. As btw says, he used to drive to the byline and pull-back his crosses, so they were much more dangerous. Now he’s always crossing from deeper, and he doesn’t get enough curl on them to make them dangerous. It also allowed him to make ridiculous… Read more »

Hail Gus!

Yep, and his vulnerability was affecting Partey’s game imho.

A Different George

I thought Bellerin was excellent today; I am always baffled by the complaints about him. I think it must be things like when one of his crosses is cleared, that shows he cannot cross the ball. (Almost every cross is cleared; it is an unlikely way to score a goal.) I thought between Bellerin’s positioning and Saka’s attacking threat, we basically neutralised the threat posed by Grealish, perhaps the most dangerous player in the league at the moment.


Yep – Grealish was, by this season’s standards, pretty subdued as an attacking platform for them. Given he was primarily Hector’s responsibility, it’s a tad churlish to criticize him. He did a job on a very dangerous threat today.


Grealish could’ve easily been given 2-3 yellows for cynical challenges and talking shit, but he knows he can get away with those so he’ll keep doing it. Konsa should’ve also had 2 yellows. It’s clear what their plan was, foul the hell out of Saka, and it was pretty effective. Also Lacazette should’ve won a penalty with Martinez hauling him down. We continue to have bad luck on multiple fronts. That being said, we had some chances but couldn’t make the final moves click. I’m really concerned that Auba doesn’t fit into how we’ve been playing. He certainly doesn’t fit… Read more »


I think we should sell for big money this summer


Yeah, but who will pay big money for Auba now? He’s been rubbish all season. He’s a one trick pony. There is a reason no team was seriously in for him when AFC bought him – overpaid for him.

I agree Auba should be sold as quickly as possible.

Dr. kNOw

If it’s in the hands of officials, yet happens incessantly, it is not Bad Luck.


HFB anyone? Talking of Chelski rejects, I’d rather have had him back than that not-so-full Brazilian.


Love to know who downvoted this – and therefor, by definition would prefer to have Willian over Giroud… ouch!

Prajwal M Pai

Laca should have been given full 90min. Badly missed his linkup play which is non existent with Auba.


This new string of defeats are sooooo so much more pleasent than the last one, Villa were resolute at the back, but I love the fulid attacking intent at times, just needs persisting with more. Pepe lookes miles better along the left as he can be more direct wich he likes. Auba is a worry for me, there is no role for him.


what the fuck are you on about blaming holding for that goal?
cedfic completey fucked it up is holding susposed to predict the future now


I know. Holding did well to block the shot just unlucky it went in.

Tierney’s Tescopoints

He was unlucky but he should’ve been closer to Watkins. Cedric screwed it up

A Different George

Not unlucky. Horrible defending.


I disagree, in todays blog Arse shows the picture of him standing off Watkins, but if he was closer the winger could have played the ball between Holding and Ryan, and Watkins would have been in from behind.

A Different George

Please watch it again. This is not to excuse Cedric’s awful pass, but when Traore gets the ball, Holding backs up to a position in front of goal several yards away from the completely unmarked Watkins, who is standing directly in front of him (not making a crafty run behind him). It’s almost as if Holding is expecting Traore to try to fizz a cross in front of our goal. It is terrible, terrible, defending.


Bollocks – yes, Cedric handed them the crossing opportunity. But Holding only had ONE player to mark in our entire box… and he went all zonal on us!. That cross should never had reached Watkins. Would have been a routine cut-out for Holding if he’d been switched on to the situation and realised there was only one Villa player to mark.
Instead, he drifted into no-man’s land, doing what? Trying to protect Ryan? He’d have protected him better by marking the only threat in the box, rather than moving away from him!


Holding was stood few feet away from Watkins , should have been touch tight

Crash Fistfight

You mean predicting that Traore would try to play the ball to the one Aston Villa player in the box? It doesn’t exactly take Nostradamus to predict that.


One-eyed perspective mate. Cedric handed them the crossing opportunity but Watkins still had to convert it.
He was the ONLY Villa player in the box… 1m from Holding, who drifts away from him just before the cross into a ‘zonal’ position, rather than opening his bloody eyes, assessing the situation and realising he only needs to close down a fella half his size!
Cedric cocked up but Holding was fast asleep on that cross. If he’s alert, Watkins doesn’t get near the ball.


Can we just terminate willian contract alrd. The longer this goes, the higher my blood pressure is gg to burst.


anyone surprised? are the Arteta fan boys still talking about trusting the process?


Was saving this for an original post, but it seems to fi here. Sadly, not surprised at all. What the actual fuck is MA doing? AFC’s football is terrible. It was today, and has been most of the season, bar what; a good half here and there? We beat Manyoo at old toilet by parking the bus (I love that win, don’t get me wrong; but that’s not good football or the way we used to go toe to toe with far better manyoo sides than this one.) Good managers get the best out of the players they have. MA… Read more »


You’re one of those “supporters” who hope we lose games so you can come out with negativity yes?


no thats not true.Im just speaking the truth. Not every fan buries their head in the sands!


Although I wouldn’t agree with Homer that we were abysmal today (only because I saw us play even shitier this season) he is spot on with every single word on MA and his managerial capacity. Saliba has just been awarded a player of the month award after 3 games for Nice. Nelson is playing for U23 and AMN and Willock were sent on loan while Martineli is nowhere near geting chances he deserves. ESR did not shine because MA pushed him but rather because he had literaly no other option. Add Balogun and waining Nketiah to the list and it… Read more »

The Arsenal

You’re one of those supporters who think its okay for Arsenal to be 10th and Arteta is immune from criticism.

Nobi Micheal

Can’t blame the refereeing all the time…mistakes do happen but where is the response to an early goal…sick of Bellerins sideways tracking back, allowing space to almost anyone who wants to cut in…sick of everything Willian does…. waiting desperately for KT to be back and Soares to displace Bellerin from the starting line up.


That Soares that basically gifted them a goal?


Another shower of shit…


Matt Ryan was good honestly, just wrong footed by Holding for their goal but very good saves throughout after that. But Willian, no man, I think Arteta is trying to prove everybody wrong but the man disappoints him week in week out.

Charles MMM

I think it’s best for the boys to stop passing the ball to him, if Arteta insists on playing him. Just ignore him on the field during play. That will definitely sink in to the stubborn coach

Tierney’s Tescopoints

So it’ll be like playing with 10 men. Oh wait, we’re used to that……


While Tierney is injured, think we should play Saka at LB. I feel like not having cover that has affected are good run of form.

Dynamo bicycle light

Poor start, but incompetent or biased officiating didn’t help either. The last 3 games have seen poor refereeing that has had an impact on potential results. But go again.

Paul Roberts

I’m starting to calm down now and so can bring myself to say Villa’s defence were fucking brilliant! Cunts


Another harsh rating for Lacazette who came off and it was as if no one came on for him. Also sick of seeing Willian. He should never play!!!!!!!!

Tomaury Bischfeld

You wonder who at the moment could come in and play the same role that Laca does? Even if he doesn’t get a goal, his link up play and composure bring others into play and keep things fluid. Auba is great coming in from the left in a game in a game with plenty of space, but otherwise his interplay, ability to hold on to the ball, decisions don’t match Laca’s when he plays at CF. Auba looks without a role at the moment and IMO we have options on the left who offer more to overall team play. Finding… Read more »


Completely agree


Maybe if we stopped pairing Partey with Xhaka he’d not need to be a one man midfield and he might last more than two games without banjaxing himself?


On reflection if Tierney stays injured I would like to see Saka go to left back. I feel this combined with some permutation of ESR, Auba, Laca, Martinelli, Pepe and Odegaard for the front 4 positions would be much more effective.

More than that though, rest up well before Benfica. Don’t really care about league results at this stage


I remember the days of having such depth in the squad and there was always anticipation of what the lineup would be for each match (esp cup matches). Now we are resigned to brining William off of the bench when we need a goal which shows how far we have dropped from even Wenger’s last years.

Hail Gus!

Blame Arteta. Not as if we didn’t have Martinelli on the bench.

Hail Gus!

Pleased for Ryan. As a gooner making his debut just imagine how he must’ve felt after that early goal. Well done!


Whats Auba rating of 5 for? 5 touches of the ball in 30 minutes?

Fireman Sam

Did he touch the ball 5 times even? I don’t remember him doing anything at all.

Tracy Roberts

As far as Holding, he’s average at best, but in no way any fault for that goal. You lot have an issue with your pissin and moaning. Had Holding been on-line with the pass, the pass goes behind him for a different angle and is still a goal. And then you’d blame him for that! By just being the player Arteta chose to play there, his ability to choose how he plays is removed from him because it wouldn’t matter. Nothing short of something world class with every step or touch can ever satisfy you lot. You ever stop to… Read more »

Hail Gus!

Sanctimonious rubbish.

Tracy Roberts

Painful when it hits home, no?


You are spot on Tracy Roberts. I like to read through the comments hoping to find something intelligent or insightful yet most of what I read is unnecessary vitriol. The level of entitlement of many arseblog followers is through the roof. Yeah it sucks when our team loses but it’s definitely not something to angry and nasty about, it’s first world problem at the end of the day.

Pete Plum

Holding was definitely at fault. He left Watkins unmarked. There was no other threat! I like Holding, Cedric and Gabriel but they weren’t switched on there.


Bellerin was epic I thought. He was bullying Grealish and getting up and down the pitch. Be interested to see his more advanced stats for the game.

Tony 2

Agree with most comments here. Willian should not have been sent on instead of Marti. Pea is obsolete to the way the team plays (may have went with both PEA n laca up top) ARTETA still has a lot to learn and would be out on his sorry ass if he was at cfc or a n other club by now. Don’t get me wrong we’re playing nice but it’s a results business and look at our position in the table. Not good enough

Thersiegan Reddy

Arteta should get purely for playing Willian.

Aleksander Włodarz

don’t know why but kind of hate Jack Grealish for the way he fauled Saka…


I think Villa may have developed a new tactic against us because they blocked or intercepted so many crosses, through balls, and shots. Teams often overplay the passing lanes in the middle of the park against us. It felt like Villa overplayed the passing and shooting lanes around the box and we did not adjust. I also thought we should have had two penalties. One on Emi against Laca and the other on the defender who first put his arms behind his back then turned his back so that his arms made him bigger and deflected the ball from going… Read more »

Les mole

We must start using there box and stop all back passes or we lose most of our games


How did Cedric get a 5? Not solely at fault for the goal? Of course he was. Attacking pass cut out nicely by Gabriel, passed it to Cedric only for him to tee up the Villa attack. After that, his passing was poor and crossing even worse. I’d almost be tempted to give Willian a higher rating. Almost…


It was the type of performance you expect after a night on the sauce.


That’s kinda harsh on Holdini, most of his mistakes after the goal were just the way we were playing, i thought his fight and ability going forward was incredible at times, fuckin chuck him upfront if ya gonna take laca off for mr please no lone striker Auba


We miss Tierney and I’m a little dirty at Arteta for his absence. Prior to his injury he played in games he really didn’t have to play him and now we are suffering. Hope he returns soon.


2 losses in another 2 games again & sinking in the league- admittedly one completely undeserved. All the same I so pissed off!!! After the first loss you’d hope to see a reaction from the team, but this was bloody frustrating to watch!!! The Ref was an absolute twat & that didn’t help. As for Willian, the manager should be embarrassed with himself. Edu needs a kick in the nuts for suggesting we sign him to line his mates pockets. I don’t care what people say about what he’s supposed to have done in this last window. Somebody (Edu) needs… Read more »


Poor substitution decisions by Arteta today 1) Should have kept Laca with Auba 2) Should have had ceballos over Odegaard 3) Should have put on Martinelli (if fit) As for players : 1) Ryan – Unfortunate his first touch was the goal. Thereafter did decent blocking and parring off a number of shots including the dink from Traore. One thing to notice is he pushes the ball very far away as much as possible which is a strong positive. 2) Bellerin – not at his best by any means. does hard work then lets himself down with a poor final… Read more »


While I want to hope Willian will turn good, he is completely useless for the time being. Send him to u23 now to recover game rhythm, he makes zero progress in 1st team


I’d like to one day watch an arsenal match where we don’t have a mental mistake that causes a goal or a red card.

These players, with only a few exceptions, are so mentally weak. Constant lapses in concentration. Silly to send away Maitland niles. He’s better than Cedric. Probably now better than bellerin.

Awful in the final third. No composure.

10th is about right for this team.


Good free kick by Xhaka today alas Martinez another brilliant save.


Why is it that every time we loan someone, they begin doing well? Example: Guendouzi to Hertha Berlin, Willock to Newcastle, Elneny to Beskitas, so on.

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