Friday, July 19, 2024

Hamstring injury sidelines Partey

Arsenal have confirmed that Thomas Partey will miss Sunday’s clash with Leeds after picking up a hamstring strain against Aston Villa.

The Ghana international was substituted in the closing stages of the 1-0 defeat last Saturday and isn’t in training.

Given the nature of the injury, it would be surprising if he were fit to face Benfica in Rome in a week’s time. We expect Dani Ceballos or Mo Elneny will be asked to fill in next to Granit Xhaka.

The Gunners medical team have also reported that Kieran Tierney won’t be reintegrated into first-team training until next week.

The Scot has been absent from five of the last Premier League games and won’t be available on Sunday.

Mikel Arteta will be able to call on Bernd Leno and David Luiz who’ve both served one-game suspensions for the red cards picked up at Wolves.

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Not much luck with him so far. I think we’d be a lot further up the table had he remained fit all season.

Johnny 4 Hats

So far he’s made both Xhaka and Elneny appear world class.

That alone tells you all you need to know about the man.

Get well soon sir. Let’s just hope the season isn’t pretty much done by the time you return.

Pat mustard

Hardly made them look world class. Less shit maybe.


Possibly not a lot


Oh well. This time next Friday our season may well be over anyway.
Let’s just hope it’s a precaution so he can make Benfica. I hear it’s now on the Moon, get your space suit on Thomas.


Atleast the gravity there will help with all these muscle strains.


Can we take a few moments to appreciate Sp*rs and celebrate two anniversaries with their fans, please. It is a big achievement that they won the League 60 years ago this season, and the FA Cup 30 years ago. They may be upset at losing 5-4 in the FA Cup this season and having a miniscule chance of winning the league, so we owe it to them to be reminded of the good times, as well as the happiness they bring to so many people, due to keeping their incredible run of form going. Happy anniversaries!!!

Paul Roberts

The year ending in 1 my arse!


To dare is to not do.


‘To Do Is To Dare’ 🤣

They must have got that moto out of a home made Del Boy Christmas cracker.


Which total fucking loser downvoted this……?!

I swear this site gets worse by the day. A post taking the piss out of Tottenham – and some cretin votes it down. FFS…..🙄


I think the issue is that the motto is “to dare is to do”, not “to do is to dare”.

I still agree with you though that the upvote / downvote results in the arses is an embarrassment.


I was talking about CB’s post, not mine.

Yes, I did get their pathetic SAS attempt moto back to front.

Shows how much I care about it – and them. The lily white peasants.

The Peter Simpsons

Well said Sir. A Diamond Anniversary is indeed remarkable and I have been taking the time to congratulate my Spurs-supporting friends and colleagues.


Rude not to!

We just need City to smash the granny out of them in the League Cup Final and Wolfsburg to dump them out of the Europa and that’ll be it.

A trophyless clean sweep yet again. (There’s absolutely no way they’ll win the Premiership this season)


*Raises a glass*
Long may this run continue!


Worrying that our 2 best players seem so injury prone


As a wise man said, The more things change, the more they stay the same
Willian is Ozil replacement. And Partey is Ramsey replacement.
One useless, one injured


Comparison a bit harsh? Willian at least keeps playing every week!


Ozil, useless? Such short memories.
Ozil scored goals, gave assists, was an excellent footballer for Arsenal. Comparing the two is idiotic.

And he’s gone. Did you not see that Ozil now plays at a different club? You may as well call Cazorla or Fabregas useless.

And so D-Bag Of The Day award goes to you ASH! And 2d place to Jacques for piling on. Congrats, boys!


I would take Ozil today 100 times out of 100 times over William.


Absolutely. Willian would be a better player for us if he were to stay at home and play Fortnite.


Are you really saying that Ozil is as useless as Willian? Even in his latter days he still offered so much more.


Get well soon mate.


Harsh. We clearly brought him back early vs Spurs. He had a near non-existent injury record at Atletico. Let’s hope we give him the time and slowly reintegrate him and keep him fit going forward.


He’s overworking in north London. In Madrid he had a support team on the same wavelength with him. Can’t say the same about us.


If your manager doesn’t enlist you in the squad, you are useless
If your manager plays you, and you can’t pass or score, then you are useless


If you’re a World Cup winner and one of the best attacking creative midfielders in the Premier League and your manager leaves you out and takes the team to 15th in table, their worst start for 40 years and as few points away from a relegation dogfight, then you’re not to blame. You haven’t played.

Your manager, on the other hand, leaves himself wide open to potential accusations of being useless……


For the love of god stop.!!! you probably have an ozil room in your house like the alan partridge room.


Ozil useless… Arsenal FC ‘ HISTORY ‘ 3rd highest player with the most Assist !!!
( Could of been 1st, if he had decent strikers to play with )


Welcome to Arsenal.

Alex Nagy

Dammit! Why can’t Willian be the one Hamstrung….


That would involve effort, commitment and moving faster than a cruise liner.

Alex Nagy

True, to be honest though, the way he’s been playing he may aswell only have one working hamstring.


The footballing god’s kill us, once again, for their sport

Ordnance Dave

Typical Arsenal. We sign a guy with a near perfect injury record, for him to turn into Billy marshmallow thighs.


First comments section chuckle I’ve had in ages. Bravo

David C

It’s Arsenal! To quote the Mandalorian: “This is the way.”

Cranky Colin

You’re pulling my leg


I wonder if it’s Partey moving to a colder climate which has brought these injuries on?

Sak, Lac & Craic

I’ve lived in Yorkshire, London and Helsinki and I’ve never, NEVER, felt so cold as the winter I spent living in Madrid. Highest capital in Europe.


I wonder if it’s Partey moving to a club that is completely rudderless.


That’s exactly why we signed him. We are not rudderless with him in the team.

Pat mustard

I wonder if you are retarded.


Wow, what a lovely choice of word there.

There were talks of why Santi had managed such a miraculous recovery and be able to get back to playing and it was said that because he was in a warmer environment his body reacted better and this really helped.

But perhaps the people who discussed the Santi situation and of course myself with the comment on Partey are indeed in need of help mentally.

Cheers Pat


Don’t forget to downvote it now. 👍

Crash Fistfight

Can’t use that excuse for Tierney!




I’m worried about Tierneys injury record. The guy has been here for a season and a half and he’s missed a shit tonne of it through injury. He seems a bit brittle to me. It could be an underlying injury, tendon or muscular, but he plays one game against West Brom at full tilt and then he’s crocked for 2 months. As for Partey, I think the leisurely pace of la liga has caught up with him. He cant stroll around the pitch in the Spanish heat, he has to keep pace with a furiously paced Premier league on cold… Read more »




I don’t like indulging dodgy conspiracy theories, but is it time we had an investigation into whether the arsenal medical team is a cabal of cannibalistic spurs supporters? Probably not. I don’t have any evidence to support that, and I’m not going to pretend I have enough evidence to suggest the arsenal medical team is definitely incompetent, all I can do is be honest and say I don’t believe in luck, I believe in mathematics, and I think it’s worth considering that there are aspects that we really need to improve on on the medical front. Damn, double on. Oh… Read more »


That made all kinds of sense to me.


Then I wrote that comment for you just as much as I wrote it for me :).

Yep, still drunk. Have I ever told you how much I love you? Also, we should start a podcast. Anyways. Burp.

Crash Fistfight

Was it better whilst Darren Burgess was at the club and has gone back to being shit, or am I imagining things?

Joe Montemurro reacts to Leeds and Benfica defeat.


You win!


Can we get through one week without controversy, getting bantered or another injury. Just one.

Hope this isn’t going to be a pattern with him.


Where is there controversy?

A Voice in the Noise

With Saliba and the whole video thing.


I thought this was about Partey.

Crash Fistfight

The key word was ‘or’


In a word, no.

Man Manny

I don’t understand why a near permanent fixture in Atletico suddenly becomes a sick note at Arsenal.
Quite frustrating. I have a feeling this is something the medical unit should investigate.


Higher pace of the Premier League and fuck all time to prepare for it?


Then how come everyone else’s squad miraculously avoids the procession of dropping flies that we encounter season in, season out?

It’s our training pitches. They have too much under soil sand content. The turfs consequently don’t absorb enough shock – which can lead to all sorts of fun and games on the medics table.

Crash Fistfight

I thought the training pitches were replaced with more traditional surfaces and it was just the Emirates turf that used that hybrid system now?


It’s a hybrid of real and artificial grass. Why the fuck the players can’t train on real turf is beyond me. New technologies aren’t always the best policy. What we have here, literally, is case of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ In the mid 80’s, both QPR and Luton Town (both then in the top flight) had plastic pitches that were, quite frankly, a fucking joke. The injuries and burns sustained by players from all teams that were obliged to play on them was ridiculous. As any old hipster will tell you, you can’t beat real grass. That’s… Read more »


Stay tuned.

They may find our training pitches at Colney have too much sand underneath them, making the turf harder and absorb less shock. Wenger was warned about it, but chose to ignore it.

Much as I love Arsene, he could be a stubborn old goat and he presided over more than his fair share of injuries…


I played on them training pitches once , no injuries


Oh well, that’s alright then.

None of the hundreds of injuries we’ve sustained in the past couple of decades are in any way related to our training methods.

I’m glad your one game rules this out.

Paul Roberts

I think I might start following a walking football team for less injuries?


We have our moments

Hank Scorpio

Why switch teams? We’re often pedestrian in our play


Tierney and Partey both out – you couldn’t make it up.

ESR and Saka will now require increased game-time monitoring, because if either or both of those pick up a bad one, then we really are up shit creek.

I wouldn’t risk either Saka, ESR, Leno, Pepe or Holding in Europe. I would keep them all specifically for Premiership games. They’re far more important.

Man Manny

The reserve sounds more sensible.
Europe is now our only chance for Europe next season.




Front four v Leeds should be

Martinelli, Eddie William/Pea
Martin o.

Rest for benfica

Pepe Lacca saka

Or Lacca for Auba


He’s certainly looking like he’s injury- prone. What with him and Tierney, we’ll have an investment of around £80 million on two clearly influential players more on the treatment table than the pitch. Ho, hum.

Crash Fistfight

If only we had you in charge of our transfer business.


As much as it pains me too say, but season is a write off at this stage, another awful, miserable season were we will be desperately scrambling to win the Europa league in order to qualify for Europe, fuck me lads its tough


All part of The Process.

Merlin’s Panini

Fucks sake. Give us a break. He’s just constantly been injured since joining. Typical Arsenal bad luck. Get well soon Thomas.

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

It boggles the mind how a player who hardly ever got injured with his previous team, now cannot go a month without a muscular injury.

Some players take time to acclimatise to a new league in terms of form or how they play. Some get injured more often the first season, before they settle. Partey’s in the second group, apparently.


Let’s all hope so, but we don’t know that will be the case with Partey of course. We didn’t have a great reputation – albeit a few years ago now – with players recovering from injury. There was, I seem to remember, an overhaul of the medical/rehabilitation side of things so let’s hope we aren’t slipping back.

Naked Cygan

We must be doing something wrong. How can a guy who barely got injured before he joined us is now injured all the time. This can’t be bad luck or a curse anymore. WE ARE SCIENTIFYLY DOING SOMETHING WRONG AND IT NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m telling you, its those damned pitches at Colney and the Emirates. It’s high time we quit the hybrid fake ‘n’ real mix rubbish and went back to 100% real turf.

We used to get nowhere near the amount of injuries we get now, when we were at Highbury.

Hamstrings, ankles, backs, knees – most of the time it’s tendons and muscles. All shock-related.

Someone at the club needs to conduct an enquiry, because the stats are ridiculous.


Holding mari gabby
Bellerin Esr xaka saka
Martineli auba pepe


Do you want Leno, Holding, ESR, Saka and Pepe risk injury for future Premiership matches…..?

Just asking.


It is a Premier League match. Strange comment.


My bad.

I thought you meant this for the Europa League tie.

Apologies. 👍🍺🍺


……Holding Gabriel
….Ceballos Xhaka
Pepe Odegaard Smith-Rowe


Yep. That’s about the best we can put out to start at the moment. 👍


Enough. What is up with our injuries? Come on journos, do your job and get to the bottom of it.


Blimey, don’t leave it to Fleet Street.

Anyway, they’re far too busy counting our red cards and injuries and praising Wolves and Villa.

Disarmed Gunner

Time to get the placentas out


We are so reliant on a handful of players to get results

We need to become anti fragile asap


During the run between Chelsea and United, I allowed myself a glimmer of top four belief. The latest run of 1 point from 9 on offer has shut it all down for this season. The final 15 Prem matches this year are just dress rehearsals for next season. In truth, watching Hertha, Newcastle, West Brom, and Nice will be almost as interesting as watching the team. Tracking the individual performances of Odegaard, Martinelli, Partey, ESR, Saka, Gabriel, Tierney, and the academy kids—all more compelling at this point than the results of the team for the rest of the season. Still… Read more »


I agree with everything you wrote, except I’m pretty sure Arteta is not my grandma

Tony 2

MA loses TP & KT but DL is fit to return? Every cloud eh? 🙂


Make the most of Calamity Luiz.

He’ll be gone soon. Hopefully…,

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