Monday, June 17, 2024

Schalke: We want to keep Kolasinac

Schalke have confirmed their desire to sign Sead Kolasinac on a permanent basis but it sounds like they will have to perform miracles in the Bundesliga to have any chance of sealing a deal.

Out of favour at Arsenal, the Bosnia international took a significant pay cut to seal a loan move to his former club in January despite the club looking odds-on to be relegated.

Schalke are currently 11 points adrift of 17th place Arminia, who currently occupy the relegation play-off spot, and will need to go on an incredible run to avoid being relegated for the first time since 1988.

Only if they stay up is a deal for Kolasinac, who took over the captain’s armband on his arrival in Gelsenkirchen, likely to be on the table. And even then it’ll be a stretch given their recent financial troubles.

“That is our absolute dream,” said sports director Jochen Schneider when asked by RUHR 24 (translated by Sport Witness) if they’d like to keep the left-back.

“He’s an incredibly good guy, lives for the club, pushes and pulls the cart. Sead embodies Schalke like no other.

“Of course, it is our wish to keep him until the end of his career and beyond.”

Kolasinac will have a year left on his contract when he returns to London Colney in the summer and the Gunners are keen to offload him to make way for a new backup to Kieran Tierney.

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Finally, some good news.

Keep him. Be our guests.

Johnny 4 Hats

Come on now Qwaliteee.

He saved your raison d’ársenal from almost certain theft.


Probably more than that. The scum bag attacking them was tooled up.

A smashing lad, no doubt about it. You have a point.

jerry fallon

tooled up with a knitting needle hardly that scary is it.


They’re almost certainly getting relegated. 1 win in 20! If he stays with them and helps them back up next year that’d be great to see.

Johnny 4 Hats

The great thing about Kolasinac was that he was able to use both feet. His right leg was great for standing on. And his left was the same.

Johnny 4 Hats

Fly like an ostrich, sting like a guinea pig.


I just hope that Kolasinac plays so well for Schalke that even if they do get relegated that another Bundesliga club will come in for him.


I always liked Kola. Good non fussy squad player.


I think he would be needed right now. better option than cedric especially going fwd

Against Leeds we could play Saka left-back and give Odegaard a start.


Got to be Saka

SB Still

Move on the back-up and promptly 1st choice injured.

For that reason we should keep Willian.

Johnny 4 Hats

I’ve always liked Kola. When he’s a safe distance from our squad.


Me too, the problem was he wasn’t on squad player wages (like so many of our fringe players). If he was on a decent wage commensurate to his qualities he is a very solid player to have around. He obviously lacks technique, but he certainly didn’t lack effort and commitment.


A late Christmas present ( possibly). He is one of the remaining players we need to offload so it looks like there’s a chance anyway that will happen. Let’s hope Schalke stay up and that they get their player.


Lollll so called dead wood players gone..
3 games.. 3 losses..


No, that just means that some/most of the current players aren’t performing at present (although they did a little while ago when everyone was praising them, possibly even you – who knows). The “deadwood” that have gone or are going “proved” their status over a much longer period (Mustafi, Ozil etc. five years etc.) and none of them played in the earlier “good” spell, did they!


Willian…. Cedric…. Pablo Mari…. Runnarson… Mathew Ryan… David Luiz… Do you have 5 years to wait & see what they do ? I dont… All average & deadwood players which ‘ Arteta & Edu ‘ has signed…
Not a big difference from Koli & Co..


Mari and Cedric have been excellent in recent matches and are far from deadwood. Ryan looked good as a backup to Leno.


Pablo Mari has not played 3 consecutive games since he has joined Arsenal FC… ( ALWAYS Injured )
Matthew Ryan is a downgrade to Martinez….
Cant you see where Arsenal FC is going with Arteta & Edu ?


Bye then. We won’t miss you.

El Mintero

Last 3 games: 2 defeats and one draw. Don’t let accuracy blight your fascinating insights.


How depressing… when talking about Arsenal last 3 games… 1 Draw & 2 Losses, something to be proud of ???


Exactly people have become accustommed to this mid table dross.
At least if we played exciting attacking football like leeds could we have some excuse alll i see is the process taking place and what an abysmal one at that .

Sack arteta when? After another year of this or now .


#Artetaout NOW 😉

Optimistic gooner

Yea, Arteta out now. The club is going down. Arteta is out of his depth and won’t improve us to required heights. And Ryan is a downgrade on Martinez but he’s not dead wood. Ryan is perfect as no 2, Martinez wouldn’t stay on as no 2 and requested to leave. And Mari is not dead wood. Cedric neither. Perfect first team squad players.

pat mustard

Once fans are back he wont last playing this rubbish football and getting rubbish results.
Think we are stuck with him till christmas at least


It might be a good idea not to sign a free player this time, given how difficult it looks to shift them and their big salary.


It would be better for Kolasinac to leave and play for a club who value him. I like his attitude and willingness to help his teammates who were getting bullied. #best_of_luck

Mick Malthouse

Only down side to Kola was that he wasn’t very good. Away from that he was ideal for us.


Better than Cedric 😉


We love paying average players far too much money

We really need to improve our scouting and recruitment

I get the feeling that it doesn’t matter how much we invest into the playing staff, because the people spending the money aren’t particularly competent

El Mintero

Wrong. Again. Do try harder.


Wrong to you… not to me 😉


The problem has been for some years now that the club has bought and the fans have accepted too many players that aren’t “very good” such as Kola … or downright poor in many other cases. Several of those have gone and there are a few others that may go come the summer, including Kola. Even so, it won’t mean that all is fine and dandy – as our current poor form shows all too clearly – but at least we won’t have the numbers of expensive “passengers” that we did have, and that’s a step or two forward, I… Read more »


Wrong…. Let me give you the current list again.. Let’s choose :
Runnarson.. Mathew Ryan… Cedric…. David Luiz… Pablo Mari… Cabellos and lastly our one only Willian….
GREAT STEP forward !!!!


Kola was in the team of the year when we got him for free. So, it was more to do with our way of playing not suiting him than his ability IMO.


I hope it works out for him there and am glad to hear that they want him to stay. He clearly has a lifetime relationship with Schalke.

Man Manny

Give them a deal they can’t refuse: Sign Kola, get Willian free.
They’d be daft to reject a CL, EL, multiple EPL winner, and a top Brazilian international.


Schalke need someone who can bail them out of the relegation zone they’re in, not a sloth posing as a footballer.

Bai Blagoi

Arsenal: We want you to keep Kolasinac



Arteta-tinted Glasses

Would be great if we can at least recover some of the losses on Mustafi and Ozil.


We’d have to sell an awful lot of Kolas to do that. Mustafi was £35 million and Ozil £42 million, I think – and that’s before we’ve thought about their wages over the five years or so that they were both with us. You’re talking about a total of, what, £125+ million all in I’d guess. We’ll be lucky to get £10 million for Kola in the current market, possibly less with only a year on his contract left.


With Kola and Mustafi in the defence Schalke have a great chance of staying up and being able to finance this transfer. *Cough*

Pat mustard

Imagine bringing in those 2 to sort out your defence. Things must be bad.

Paul Roberts

Oh okay then….


Not the worst of our signings over the last few years.
Hope the club let him go for a nominal fee. He’s a decent guy and deserves a club that appreciates him.
We have been mugged off in terms of money by other players, agents and clubs. Kola I’m sure is an honest guy and means our club no harm.

Pat mustard

Oh do shut up who gives a fuck if he’s a decent guy. Not that you’d know having never met him.


You’ve probably never meet Willian.

Hasn’t stopped you jumping to his defence at every opportunity.

pat mustard

i wasnt really trying to defend him just pointing out that hes your new weird obsession since ozil left. but it seems to have got your attention anyway glad you could tear yourself away from wanking over your ozil posters for 5 minutes

Paul Roberts

Someone’s tired?


Clearly past his bedtime.


Mate you really are a proper bellend


Nice guy? I don’t know, but assume you do from your post. However, if he is a nice guy, and there’s no reason to suggest he’s not of course, it’s his agent that will be doing the negotiating. Now I don’t know who that is, what his reputation is etc. Any ideas?

Naked Cygan

They can only keep him if they take Willian too for free!

Wiltoooooooooord !!!

The headline got me worried for a second, whether we sent him with a ” 30 days – no questions asked return policy”

But seems like a positive news for all parties


@Andrew Minor correction: Arminia is 16th!

Public Elneny

I am sick of the anti Arminia Bielefeld agenda on this site!


Can you see how this plays out…? Kola comes back, we can’t sell him in the summer due to his wages and he leaves on a free at the end of next season.
I hope not for his sake but it looks ominous.


Loans Loans where parent clubs pay a % of the wages Paying deadwood to leave Is now the new normal Who knows when we’ll get people back into the stadiums….. And even when we do, it’ll take years of austerity to undo the financial damage that’s been caused We’re about to see huge deflation in both wages + transfer fees We’ll have a first team squad of 28 this summer, and the possibility of no European football The club is haemorrhaging money, and was even before the pandemic Arsenal are in a position where we can’t afford to invest, but… Read more »

pat mustard

Wenger was right again


He was better under Emery and did his one trick – run forward like a tank and cut it back but not really to anyone. Under Arteta he stopped doing the trick and just became a left side dead end for any move – always pausing before passing backwards. Did my head in. Bit he looked big and tough when he arrived which everyone loved.


So mustafis looking likely to play Bundesliga 2 next year. Strange move. Surely has a relegation release clause.


He’s only there till end of season which means he is a free agent thereafter.


Gwarnn den


So, to be clear, unless Kola leads a charge back to 17th from 11 pts. down, his wages come back to London for another year. Great news!


No way Schalke will survive the drop. It is mission impossible there. Considering we have a lot of gaps to fill, there may be reason to contemplate keeping Kolasinac on a year’s extention as a back up to Tierney. This may be a practical solution particularly if AMN does not convince further. Many like to spout rubbish about buy this or buy that but we are in very weak position in market. 1) We will likely have to pay higher prices for equivalent quality players to other clubs (unless we make europa) 2) We have expended stupidly too much money… Read more »

pat mustard

what a load of waffle.
kolasinac is clearly not good enough to even be on the arsenal bench.
and is on big wages
no chance we will offer him a new contract.

Anthony L Marzelli

I still can’t find that long sleeve warm up he’s wearing and it’s making me crazy.

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