Monday, May 20, 2024

Lacazette starts, Smith Rowe in for Willian: Arsenal v Sp*rs team news

Arsenal take on Sp*rs at the Emirates today, looking for three points against the old enemy.

Here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Leno, Cedric, Luiz, Gabriel, Tierney, Xhaka, Partey, Smith Rowe, Odegaard, Saka, Lacazette

Subs: Ryan, Bellerin, Chambers, Holding, Elneny, Ceballos, Willian, Pepe, Aubameyang

Sp*rs: Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, Wanker

Subs: 7 other wankers

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let’s kill em boys 🙂


“Arise, arise, players of North London! Woodwork shall be shaken, shins shall be splintered, a no-fuckup-day, a RED day, ere the sun rises! … Ride, ride to ruin and the world’s ending!”


I was just reading an article about this speech 🙂


This is great! Where’s it from?

Dark Arts

It’s what Tim Sherwood used to scream on the North Bank.


what should we replace ‘forth eorlingas’ by?
lovely speech tho


“Woodwork shall be shaken”



So much for Willian being first name on team sheet then, but Auba?

Paul Roberts

Sky just said Auba left out for disciplinary reasons??

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Any disciplinary issues with Martinelli?


But, but… Auba does the scoring of the goals!?
Big Call Mikel, lets hope your right! COYG!

Naked Cygan

Sp*rs are going to park the bus and hit us with counter attacks. Laca will cause them problems inside the box/outside the box with his hold up play. Good call IMO.


Auba is sometimes marginalised when it is a physical battle with no space behind.


He’s been dropped for disciplinary reasons. Nothing to do with tactics. Not at all good..

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Typical Arsenal really isn’t it.


Putting him on the bench is not really dropping him. Remember when Arsene “dropped” Alexis, only to bring him on during the match and weaken his authority further.


Guess I better switch my Auba jersey to my Saka one


Have to say I’d prefer ESR Central, Odegaard right and Saka Left, but I’d assume its ESR left and Odegaard central. Bit of a curve ball with Laca, hope it pays off


Totally agree! We get so much more out of ESR with him playing centrally. He’s able to drift to both sides to create triangles.


Exactly. I like Odegaard but he operates almost solely in that right hand channel, whereas ESR is everywhere


Saka look’s too good on the right for me, and you’re best player need’s to be where he can be more dangerous for me.

Forest gooner

Well it all depends on Luiz!


I hope the wanker family don’t turn up!

Baichung Bhutia

Whatever they do they will still be wankers.


Sky saying Auba out for disciplinary reasons – any info?

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Lets hope Jose pulls one of the wankers off early

Once a gunner

I love this lineup coyg


gotta bring st totteringham’s day back!!!!!!!!!!

Der Kaiser

If nothing else, that’s a team that will work hard


Treatment of Pepe is just inexcusable. As is a decision to hire a manager who finds your most expensive ever signing incompatible with his grand vision – a vision that’s good for 10th in the league.


Spot on Charles. It’s not as if he’s not contributing either. He’s changed the game every time he’s played recently


Who should be dropped? Saka, ESR, or Odegaard?


ESR hasn’t looked all that great on the wing, so if the intention is to play him on the left again, I’d say Pepe gets that spot. Saka hasn’t actually looked all that good in the last two games, but I’ll leave that as a judgement call. You need someone in the forwards who’s going to attack the goal and that’s where I think Pepe would really add here.


Personally I would have left Saka out. Rested for Thursday and he has been slightly below his best recently. Cedric works better with Pepe and today would have been a good day to give him that responsibility. He has that chaos factor which I love to watch and defenders hate to face. I don’t understand what Arteta’s problem is.


Best players gets the benefit of doubt with recent performances, very specially in big games


ESR, easy. He’s not been excellent on the wings and probably is missing match fitness – not sure why you bring him into start in an extremely high-intensity match.


Pepe’s been hot and cold, but usually has a role as super sub when not playing. Looks to me like Arteta’s been fair to Pepe all things considered. The 72m price tag is neither Pepe nor Arteta’s fault.


He’s been fully hot to the extent he’s played at all recently and has spent most of the season sidelined to the *checks notes* dazzling play of Willian. Right. Very fair and merit-based.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Spurs will sit back. Pepe’s pace won’t really work in this game. We need the technical ability and intricacy of ESR and Odegaard.


Calm yourself you’d think we had peak Messi sitting on the bench instead we’ve Gervinho 2.0


Great shout on the Spurs squad


I’m amazed that Wanker is playing. I’d have thought that Wanker would be a better option, given our threat down the left.

Naked Cygan

I think going forward Cedric should be our first choice RB for now. I like berrelin but he has lost his pace, power, and accuracy. Not the same player. Good call to start Cedric.


I don’t understand this rotational style of Mikel Arteta🤔🤔🤔


Sp*rs bench worries me.

Toure Motors

Some shower of wankers alright


Yes, that varnish had a terrible finish on it. Really needs another coat.

Hermann Bando

Anyone know why Auba not selected? Purely tactical?

Pepe le Pew

Sp*rs bench looks stronger than usual


We’re definitely winning this one. 2-0 I say!


Just don’t make stupid mistakes boys. I have a good feeling about this one. 2:1 for the Pride of London.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Prediction looking good at half-time….

Granit(e) hard!

😂😂🤣spilled my coffee Blogs, thanks…Spuds line up.. wanker, wanker wanker..yeah, priceless😅


Pepe Pepe Pepe


Auba apparently let off a stink bomb in the changing area at the training ground. My mate is friends with Smith-Rowe and he told me.


that bench is fire


If this is true then Auba needs to sort his head out, there’s no excuse for disciplinary issues from the Captain, when the club has stood by him during his personal issues and difficult times. Hopefully we can mash these spuds without him. Pepe to come on at 60 minutes and bamboozle the fuckers.


Agreed. He really shouldn’t have let that stink bomb off. It’s not big and it’s not clever


Where’s Martinelli?
Promising line-up though!


Auba is on bench because of disciplinary reasons 🤔


“Aubameyang dropped for north London derby due to ‘disciplinary reasons’”.
I mean, wtf??


Arrived late having delivered lasagne to Spuds dressing room.


And a bag of dicks.

Granit(e) hard!

Derbys are never about form or position on tge league table, its like a league cup game, which requires passion, hard work and unique to derbys, the insane desire to smash the enemy, for the fans…so, we can do this, lets go smash the wankers👊🏻💪COYG!


Spuds lineup though 🤣🤣🤣

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

So, as if starting with Xhaka isn’t bad enough, then you add the fact we will always try and help the opposition by passing in our box BUT in a typical Arsenal way, we have a disciplinary issue right before the game wiry our captain. Great start lads.

Dropping Aubameyang for disciplinary reasons is just punishing the whole club. It’s more poor man management from Arteta. Why not just fine him 2 weeks wages and get on with it.

Bizarre, and totally typical Arsenal.

Spurs look better than us in 8 positions (exception Tierney, Partey, Saka) so my head says Spurs win but my heart says 1-0 to the Arsenal.

Kartik Iyer

Still no Pepe! Martinelli not even on the bench. I love Mikel, but I’m afraid he’s gonna alienate martinelli next.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Yeah I don’t really see the point in having Chambers on the bench.


I think I’d rather have holding for some reason with Bale on form. Do not trust Luiz

NigerArea Gunner

What’s up with Mari. Hope no injuries


Arteta has balls, you have to give him credit for that. Massive call from the manager and if things go against us today there will be no hiding place. COYG


Even if we lose there’s no need for Arteta to run and hide because it was the right decision.


We really need to win – and not just because we’re playing “them” (although that’s reason enough surely). Form suggests it’s going to be difficult, but you never know. I think we may just do it.

Billy bob

We are still in it after five minutes 👍🤣

Wilshere was great

Well, as much as it is completely ridiculous to bench our best paid player who is also the captain for disciplinary reasons, it would be just as ridiculous not to.

Billy bob

Well we stayed in the game for half an hour!!! Is this an improvement? Why is Pepe not on the pitch? Blah blah blah

SB Still

Laca having a weird game in the 1st half

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Weird good or weird bad? I think he’s played well…


Weird is too polite for what he’s upto

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

I want Odegaard signed permanently. Bloody buy Real Madrid if you have to Kroenke. Just fucking get Odegaard.

Each goal he scores probably adds 2 or 3 million to his price. I wonder how much Madrid would sell him for. They’ll see we paid £50m for Partey and may ask for the same. Then there’s the fact does Odegaard want to sign permanently or fight for his place at Real.

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

True, but he scored a derby goal, that’s all I can see right now. Logic is passing me over.

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

Partey hasn’t had a very good game.

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

We seem to have a bit of a lag from blogs’ stream. In any case, MA looks like he wants to come on himself.

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

Such a good Gooner is Doherty. Didn’t even try to claim the not-penalty as a penalty, though every other Sp*rs cunt would have.

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

Fucking nervy finish


Foolish Lamela, he thought war had started now seeing Kane had just thrown Gabriel off the pitch rugby style without any warning


Partey is having a terrible game. He can do sooo much better.


Normal. Things are returning to normal. I’m both ecstatic at beating that lot, and yet I remind myself… we beat Tottenham at home. It’s something to celebrate, and … not something to celebrate. It’s just Tottenham. Things are returning to normal. And I approve.


Sp*rs players really lives up to Blogs official lineup….
What a bunch of wankers!

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