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Odegaard delighted with Arsenal’s fighting spirit

Martin Odegaard says he’s impressed with the character that Arsenal keep showing after the Gunners secured a vital 2-1 win against Sp*rs in the north London derby.

The Norwegian scored his first Premier League goal just before half time to cancel out Erik Lamela’s strike before Alex Lacazette converted from the penalty spot after Davinson Sanchez hacked him down just after the hour mark.

While Arsenal looked nervy in the closing stages, even after the visitors had been reduced to 10 men, we did just enough to cling on for the victory; the third time in the last five games that we’ve come from behind to claim wins.

“[Coming from a goal behind] shows the mentality of the team,” Odegaard told

“Every time we get hit in the face we strike back. It shows the character and the spirit so I’m really happy.

“We just have to keep going, each game, play each game as the last and keep fighting. In the end we’ll see but if we play at this level we can reach some good things.”

A second goal in four days capped off a memorable week for our Real Madrid loanee who was singled out by the boss for his intelligent play.

He seems to be enjoying life in England so far. “It was a dream come true today and also it was a big win in the derby so I’m really happy for the team,” he said.

“This was for our fans and I hope they are happy with us today.

“I think we dominated the game from the start. After the red card the game changed a little bit. It was a bit strange. Until that moment I think we dominated the game completely and fully deserved the win and should have scored more goals.”

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I’m really liking Martin.Hope he gets a song when fans are back in the stadium.Even if his move isn’t turned into a permanent one,he deserves to know how much we appreciate his talents and effort.


Him and ESR were real difference makers not only in terms of possession, but also quality of that possession. They were creative on and off the ball.

Quite funny how people were trying to justify Willian’s selection in games by saying ESR was poor on the wing…lol, yeah right!! The ESR-Tierney combo was electric yesterday.

I also said after the Olympiacos (and benfica) wins…HOW FUCKING GOOD IS KIERAN TIERNEY! He’s already approaching world-class level. Defensively amazing, and in attack he is a game changer. I wouldn’t even exchange him for Robertson


I absolutely agree with you on how good Tierney and ESR are.With Bukayo as well we’ve got unbelievable talent that is still so young.Can only bode well going forward.Great to see so much creativity lately,from where we were just a short while ago.Long may it continue.🤞


I think there might be some other young Brazilian guy around too, am I right? Can’t really remember, it’s been so long.


MA forgot it too.

Ipal Taka

With: Leno – Gabriel (possibly) – Tierney – Partey – ESR – Saka we have some (relatively) young players who could potentially form a very strong spine for some years to come. Of course, in the end there are no certainties in football on how they will do long-term, but those guys are already performing at a high level, so not jus relying on potential there.

An upgrade for Xhaka in midfield and a long-term solution in attack are the pressing issues in my opinion, then we could be a really good team.


I think we need more players like this. We are best with both of them on the pitch and they can’t play every game.

Wenger always had an abundance of players like this in the squad.

Tanned arse

Everything ESR does is precise and intelligent, simple mostly but impactful. There’s a similarity with rosicky where hes always available but when he recieves the ball he injects pace into the game. He never stands still always ‘running’ after playing the ball. Always changing the picture for the opponent. Simple but so undervalued. It’s intelligent passing moving decision making and execution that makes great team players and ultimately enough of them makes a great team. He applies that intelligence to his defending too and not only works hard but completely understands where he needs to be every time the ball… Read more »


Reminds me of Rosicky.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Agree, next summer, there may be rumours that Real or Barcelona want Tierney. That’s where fans and media start calling a player world-class.


Going to vote for
“ohhhhhhh, erdergaar, ode-gard, You gotta know, he the best M, O!”

to the tune of hey baby by DJ otzi


Or, ooh ar,odegaard, ooh ar odegaard.


Or what about,to the same tune you suggest : whoaoooooooooooOh Martin,OhOhOhOhOhOhOhOhOdergaard?😂


Not sure what we could sing but I’d love for him to be singing Take on me sung as sung by his fellow countrymen.

Clock End 20

He’s seriously talented, I’d be absolutely delighted if we signed him.


What are the chances, and how much would he cost?

Arteta's Hair

Sign him, with ESR they are great combo.

Christopher Wreh

Can we keep him please? Thought he was excellent. Passing, decision making and work rate all top notch. Also has a knack of arriving late into the box coming onto cut-backs too which paid dividends yesterday. Really like him, could we look at a season long extension or something?!


Real Madrid: Ok, only because you asked so nicely.


Yeah,I think we all knew of his reputation for being so talented but what a grafter he is has come as a welcome surprise.He suits the high press that MA wants to play perfectly.Hope Madrid haven’t been watching him.If we could find a deal for another year at least I’d fancy our chances of a much better season next year,even before the inevitable arrival or two in the summer.


Maybe thats what Auba heard. Half a conversation….. about arriving late…..

Public Elneny

I think we have a good chance. The signs are Real Madrid want Zidane to continue next season. Zidane doesn’t seem to rate him, Odegaard is fed up with Real putting his career on ice, and they need cash. He’ll be pricey (perhaps up to £50m?) but if we have the funds, he’ll be as close to a sure fire success as you can get. Far better than a gamble like Aouar. I knew he was a technical monster when he signed, but was worried he would lack intensity for the PL. But he’s got that in spades so no… Read more »


Yes, that scenario works but if he continues his excellent form other clubs – here and across Europe – will also become interested (if they’re not already). That’s the Catch-22 we’re in with him. I’m sure we can all think of a few “usual suspects” that could easily outbid us, but also offer additional “perks” we can’t, at present anyway, such as CL football (virtually automatic in the case of some) and regular league and other trophies. Those are also things that particularly young footballers (and their agents) consider. Real Madrid are cash strapped currently as you say (although they… Read more »


Always a danger of other clubs swooping in when a loan player is doing well. But I get the feeling that Ødegaard is tired of moving around and that he might turn down offers from bigger clubs as long as he feels trusted by the mananger at Arsenal and sees potential in the team. Somehow i don’t think he will go simply for the highest wages, but I might be naive.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Martinelli lost his place because MA wanted to play ESR and Odegaard. I did not like the idea because I viewed Martinelli as a future mega player like RVP even Henry. Odegaard and ESR are proving MA half right. He could have been bold enough by playing Martinelli in the last 30 mn of games.


Arsenals fighting spirit – £14.99 Preorder now for Christmas


We should definitely take him on a permanent deal, massive talent, with a very high ceiling


Really impressed with him so far, hope we can get him. He also seems to have an effect on the more technical players around him as well. ESR has struck up a great chemistry already but even watching Pepe you see he seems to come alive when MO is on the ball. He knows he’s gonna see his runs and respond to his 1-2 movements.

Billy bob

Martin Keown questioned why we signed him for half a season loan – the last few games highlights why, without his goals things would be looking somewhat gloomy!!!

Lee mcnicholas

I just think it’s a matter of time before we are challenging for big honours again if we stick with the programme behind arteta… Become consistent…improve our chances created in and around the box there is no reason why arteta can’t get his own version of the arsenal gobbling big teams up for fun… Arteta learnt off to of the greatest managers in the game in Pep and Arsene and was a very intelligent player


And I am delighted with you, Martin. (Is it the right preposition? I’m Czech.

Timorous Me

You got it! And I imagine it’s a feeling shared by pretty much every Gooner around.

H M Yahya

Well done Arsenal for the fine victory. The team can do more than that and there is room for improvement. Fine display by Ordegaard, Smith Rowe, K Tierney and Gabriel speak well of the future. However, there are some weaknesses where one too often there are many back passings which slowed down the attacking momentum. The culprit is Xakha. He seemed to be at ease passing backwards than forwards and could only seen him did the split the defence passing once in a blue moon. He needs to practice more making through ball passes more often.


This Ødegaard boy is a big thing emerging


Arrives late in the box – dare I say it a bit like fat frank used to – and ff scored a hat load from there – with Tierney serving up those dishes – could be really exciting as his timing seems great and very difficult to defend – Pepe has a couple of mysterious air shots from that area recently too

Why does laca dummy those ?
Seems odd ?
What’s happened to Martinelli – not even on the bench ?

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